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Global Economic Collapse Reveals the Complete Failure of Neo-Liberal Capitalism

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Global Economic Collapse Reveals the Complete Failure of Neo-Liberal Capitalism


Written by Dr. Leon Tressell exclusively for SouthFront

  • Fitch Ratings, ‘Unparalleled Global Recession Underway’
  • Economist Sven Heinrich, ‘Central banks are weapons of economic mass destruction.’

As each day passes by data pours in revealing the immense economic damage caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Most politicians and economic pundits will put the blame for up the economic hurricane, blasting tens of millions into unemployment, on Coronavirus lock downs. Fitch Ratings has given a brief snapshot of the unfolding economic catastrophe which it predicts will last well into the 2020s:

“World GDP is now expected to fall by 3.9% in 2020, a recession of unprecedented depth in the post-war period. This is twice as large as the decline anticipated in our early April GEO update and would be twice as severe as the 2009 recession.”

“The decline in GDP equates to a USD2.8 trillion fall in global income levels relative to 2019 and a loss of USD4.5 trillion relative to our pre-virus expectations of 2020 global GDP. Fitch expects Eurozone GDP to decline by 7%, US GDP by 5.6%, and UK GDP by 6.3% in 2020.”

Yet at the beginning of this year the financial media and political classes around the world were making rosy forecasts how we were going to experience moderate economic growth this year built upon solid economic foundations. There was no cause for worry or alarm just let global capital work its magic and trickle-down economics would ensure living standards would rise for all.

Fast forward 4 months and a global health pandemic has revealed how shallow, brittle and unstable were the economic foundations of the neo-liberal economic order that has been heralded as such a success since the Reagan-Thatcher era of the 1980s. These foundations were built upon infinitely low interest rates, an exponential rise in debt both public and private (sending global debt over the $250 trillion mark) and a massive increase in social and economic inequality. Alongside this, has been the intense exploitation of nations in the developing world and the use of regime change wars as naked resource grabs which cement the neo-liberal economic model in position.The world economy was slowing down during 2019 and heading towards a global recession. Japan’s economy had already entered recession territory in the last quarter of 2019, meanwhile PMI data from China and Germany indicated that they were hovering just outside recession territory.The global economy at the end of 2019 was teetering on the brink and just needed a catalyst or pin to pop the everything bubble which has seen massive inflation in the prices of paper assets across the globe ranging from stocks and bonds to derivatives such as collateralized loan obligations.

The anaemic economic growth experienced by global capitalism since the last financial crisis, which was a mere 12 years ago, has been based upon a gigantic expansion of the global money supply as central banks and governments mistakenly believe that the only way to sustain our debt fuelled economic system was to create ever more debt.

The last 12 years since the 2008 global financial crisis have witnessed an unparalleled wealth transfer from the working classes to the billionaire class which wields immense political influence over governments across the world. Central bank stimulus programs i.e. quantitative easing together with historically low interest rates fuelled a speculative bonanza which has pushed financial markets to all-time highs across the globe.

Meanwhile, governments across the world have sought to give the hard pressed billionaire class a helping hand by cutting capital gains, income and corporation taxes across the board. President Trump’s $1 trillion tax give away to the economic elites in 2017 is the most egregious example of this phenomena.

At the same time, wages for billions of ordinary people have stagnated or fallen whilst welfare benefits and health care have declined. We now have the utterly surreal situation whereby 26 billionaires control as much wealth as the poorest half of humanity amounting to over 3.8 billion people.

The working and middle classes together with the underemployed poor of the developing world were made to pay for the costs of the 2008 global economic crisis. Once the Coronavirus pandemic has finally burned itself out the working people of this world will be confronted with an economic depression which will rival and indeed may exceed in severity that of the 1930s. Governments across the board will once again seek to make ordinary people pay for the cost of the gigantic debts incurred by government and central bank bailouts.

In a desperate effort to prop up their system and protect the interests of their own class central bankers and corporate politicians across the globe are presiding over yet another wealth transfer that benefits the richest 1% in society. Bloomberg has noted how over $8 trillion has been printed out of thin air by global central banks and governments to prop up their debt fuelled system. The bulk of this horde of fiat money has gone to service the needs of Wall Street and its counterparts in London, Paris Frankfurt, Shanghai et cetera.The Wall Street Journal has openly acknowledged this truth in an editorial:

“The Fed may feel all of this is essential to protect the financial system’s plumbing and reduce systemic risk until the virus crisis passes, but make no mistake the Fed is protecting Wall Street first. The goal seems to be to lift asset prices, as the Fed did after the financial panic, and hope that the wealth effect trickles down to the rest of the economy.”

As the 2020s progress massive wealth and health inequalities, hunger and poverty will lead large numbers of people to question the hyper financialised economic system whose sole motive is to protect the interests of the 1%.

The American dominated monetary system which gives preferential treatment to the empire and its allies is in decline. Its decline will be exacerbated by the twin hammer blows of the Coronavirus pandemic and the global economic depression now unfolding.

During the coming decade the make the world will become an even more unstable place as the hegemonic power of our era seeks to maintain its dominant position in the global economy at the expense of other nations. The contradictions and tensions between the United States and its rival China will be greatly exacerbated during the next period. As we saw in the 1930s once these economic contradictions and tensions reach breaking point then the superpowers of the day have few course of action open to them beyond war or appeasement of their rival.Yet during the 1930s there were instances where the onward march to war could have been averted. If Republican Spain had defeated Franco’s fascist insurgency then the momentum towards war would have been slowed. It would have greatly strengthened the Popular Front government in France and halted the appeasement policies that allowed Nazi Germany to grow in strength like a cancerous tumour.
During the next decade there will no doubt be other such instances where the onward march to war can be averted.

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That is the real case aka pro eu-epp beurocratic,fake bonds manipulation schemes which compliment the us-neo-liberal and corrupt (fake republic/nazi bush) operatives,which started right after the demise of the soviet union,how time reveals the turning of the tide,proof that usa/nazi policy fell on its face!too bad ross perot wasn’t voted in 92,otherwise usa would not have been in such a tragic mess,let along the rest of the world whom suffered in their uttermost hegemon stupiditys in both relevant centurys:

No wonder most companys decided to go to china,it wasnt so stupid before 1992 was it,no it wasnt!


I think you dignify predation, greed, malevolence, stupidity, and panic by affixing labels such as neo-liberal economics and global capitalism. The political elites of the Western world decided to grab what they could any way they could and took no care for the welfare of the nation or its people. The worship of foreigners and minorities figured large in the list of our problems. You’re trying to put lipstick on a pig.

Zionism = EVIL

The glaring is that neo-“liberal” Zionist capitalism has been a disaster for humanity as the cunts have exploited the poor and Bilderberg Jew parasites and the Bilderberg 500 corporations has accumulated 99% of the global wealth while impoverishing, suppressing and marginalizing 8.2 BILLION humans. This destructive and soul destroying “capitalism” is a caste based evil system enforced by a global police state run by Jew cunts who want to scaremonger and control people. The insane lockdowns during the coronavirus hoax are a case in point. The worst aspect of this neo-Zionist imperialist order is that it was created in tiny Britain and exported the dumbest fucks on earth calling themselves “exceptionalist America”. The rotten foundations of United Snakes of Americunts based on thuggery, slavery, whoremongering, racism and exploitation ensured that this insidious model failed. The sad part is that Socialism offered a great hope but was misused by a few and that gave the evil of capitalism a life it does not deserve. Now we have come full circle and if humanity is to preserved, the world requires a more egalitarian humanist system that provides some modicum of dignity for the majority and meets basic human requirements that food, clothing and shelter and access to basic medical care. The Americunt arseholes and their Jew parasitic masters are an affront to humanity.

Tom Tom

….they’re not neo-liberal. Clearly,

Zionism = EVIL

More like neo-Nazis, no wonder they are called AshkeNAZI.


So after last month when you had strong evidence that the American virus hit Italians because they have common genetics with Iranians, now Coronavirus is just a hoax for you. Nice you figured out.

Ashok Varma

Neo-Nazis and Neo-imperialists.


Herein are displayed the “rungs” of both the Zionist and Protocols ladder … a preconceived plan to be put into motion by controlling the levers of international politics.


Jewish supremacism and in-group cooperation has proved to be a system that gradually concentrates wealth in Jewish hands and excludes non-Jews. The situations described by Douglas Reed have their analogue in the US now. The influence of billionaire Zionist Jews on American presidents is a disgrace. Whatever “exceptionalist America” means to you it is, in fact, Jewish-controlled America not a healthy capitalism that enabled millions of decent people to make nice lives for themselves. I think you see the nature of the distortion of “capitalism” but still seem to equate the diseased state of capitalism with real capitalism.

You think socialism is benign and holds out some kind of hope for mankind as THE solution yet you clearly see that it has been “misused.” Capitalism has in fact done more and is more just and benign than socialism yet you appear to deny that it too can be “misused.”

It is in the nature of ALL human institutions to be susceptible to corruption. The Bolsheviks were financed by Max Warburg and Jacob Schiff and they proved to be just as much of an “affront to humanity” that you think America is. It is now but it’s just a perversion of its healthier self. Virtually ALL Western nations are in the grip of elites who hate the nation and its people.

Zionism = EVIL

Very good comment. You are certainly stating historical facts. The Jews are real insidious parasites and worse any virus as they even eat the host. Even Anglo authors like Shakespeare centuries ago defined the evil Jew Shylock in the Merchant of Venice who used to take a pound of flesh from the poor gentile goyim if they did not pay the high usury on time. The Jew cunts historically pitted gentiles against gentile as we saw in WW1 & WW2 and then Arabs against Arabs and in desperation tried to pit the Christians against Muslims after their 911 false flag, but that failed as Christianity and Islam, especially the Orthodoxy are very similar in values and traditions, so next phase that we are now in is the Jew virus that was spread in China and beyond to control global populations by taking their civil rights and turning the whole world into a global gulag like Gaza and Occupied Palestine. The world will never see humanity, decency, justice and peace as long as the Zionist parasites are allowed to survive. Their control of finance and media must be put an end.


Thank you. Also a good comment. Paradoxically, I knew an Orthodox Jew some years ago and there was little we disagreed on as I recall. We didn’t talk about Zionism perhaps because I had no interest in Israel at the time, other than nursing a considerable hostility to it because of the Liberty and, possibly, Pollard if his case had already surfaced.

There is segment of Jewry that I can’t satisfactorily define that is either religious or secular and is infected with their poisonous supremacism and hatred of non-Jews. They are the ones who filled the ranks of the Bolsheviks, the CPUSA, the civil rights movement, the suborners of the Constitution, the promoters of mass immigration and “diversity,” and now, the those who mount the massive attack on free speech and the garbage about “anti-Semitism.” Along with the patriotic Jews America also imported a great many Jews with an amazing malevolence toward white America and a sick allegiance to a rotten enterprise in Palestine, one founded on deception and violence and maintained now with the disgusting phenomenon of the IDF sniper and the malevolent settler. It is hard for live-and-let-live Christians to understand this malevolence that this category of Jew feels toward them and to grasp their fanatical unwillingness to look at their behavior as a source of non-Jew disdain and alarm.

It is coming out now, however. The “contradictions,” as the communists like to say, are growing and metasticizing. Israel — and the US — are now in panic mode because what they are is unsustainable.

I don’t understand Islamic orthodoxy to be anything but unadulterated salafism. I have seen some startling examples of Muslims talking absolute sweet reason and showing an honest assessment of the ills of the Muslim culture, but they are rare, much like patriotic, realistic voices in the desert of Jew-owned media monopoly.


………..There is segment of Jewry that I can’t satisfactorily define that is either religious or secular and is infected with their poisonous supremacism and hatred of non-Jews…………

unfortunately, its all of them or at least 99% the miserable supremacist who hate everyone and the warmongering pyschopaths are complimented by a larger majority almost secular tribalist that recognize the racism, are aware of the usury, even question the cruelty but at the same time fully enjoy the benefits of jewish power at the expense of humanity and would never to do anything to rock the boat because in the end they are equally supremacist


The truth of what you say can be inferred from The Great Silence, a variation of Sherlock Holmes’s dog that didn’t bark story. The execrable Barbara Spectre announced that Europe is too “monolithic,” by which she meant white and that Jews would be resented for their leading role in making Europe more “multicultural.” I know of only one principled Jewish gentleman who publicly speaks of his fury at her position. Jews are silent on the issue of their central role in American communism, the “civil rights” attack on traditional America, flooding America with third-world immigrants, and making public life not only Christianity free but a place of vicious hostility to Christianity. Remember the Inquisition!!

Diana West wrote an excellent book, American Betrayal, but there is only one reference to the Jewish Daily Forward in her index and the communist betrayal of America at every opportunity appears to have been something that sprang out of some kind of a vacuum. I’ve not finished her book so will gladly amend these statements if needed but it still was amazing to see the hostile reaction she got from Horowitz and Radosh defended by her on the grounds that her scholarship was sound. It was, just incomplete. My theory is that H&R were the vanguard of Organized Jewry who decided that she needed to be discredited lest the cattle connect the dots from betrayal back to Those Who Were the Communist Magnetos in the First Place.

It’s the same on other issues. USS Liberty? A mistake! Jewish Bolsheviks? Minor role. Jewish role in WWI and WWII? What role? Jewish declaration of war on Germany in 1930? Wha . . . ? Intellectually dishonest basis for the theft of Palestine? You anti-Semite! Jewish role in mass immigration disaster? It’s not just the Jews. AIPAC a foreign agent? Anti-Semite! ZOG? A fantasy. Jewish predominance in the Harvard student body? What could be more normal or just? Jewish dominance in the media? Nothing to see here. The dancing Israelis? Don’t be pathetic. Jewish mega sell of Naziism as the supreme evil? Right!! And do NOT talk about Bolshevism. Jeffrey Epstein a Mossad agent? Now you’ve gone too far!!! America fights Israel’s wars? Preposterous. It’s about the pipeline and OILLLL!

Apart from Ron Unz, Gilad Azmon, the younger Menuhin, Brother Nathaniel, Israel Shamir, Norman Finkelstein, Paul Gottfried, Lawrence Auster, what Jews can one name who speak critically about Jewish supremacism, in-group loyalty, and economic tactics? Which Jews defend free speech before the assaults of the Jews who press for hate speech laws and exercise the most egregious private censorship on their Google, FB, Amazon, YouTube, and publishing platforms? The don’t.

The OJ position on the debate about Jewish power is that there will be NO debate about Jewish power. Shades of Joe Sobran, RIP.


the sad truth can be simply described as multi-generational hatred or in more erudite terms as defined by Kevin McDonald, “group evolutionary strategy”. On this planet we have an ethnic group that sees itself as the eternal victim and has spliced that perspective into its religious DNA so that successive generations of young and old repeat the same mantra, carry out the same acts of evil, and project those crimes onto its victims. By enshrining and espousing the hatred of Christ and Christianity into every facet of its being the group has become the personification of its belief, i.e anti-christian, anti-christ, Satan, a logical progression. Who needs god in Heaven when a group can be gods on earth, with all of its diabolical possibilities,

Whether stated in “Two Hundred Years Together” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn or in “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years” by Israel Shahak, the story remains the same.

Kenneth Lowndes

ALL economic systems must have capital to operate. Communist claim – falsely – to be “against capitalism,” yet they in practice, use even human beings as state-owned capital. By far, they, in practice, are the “Ultimate Capitalist.”

It seems many people do not understand the Reality and are Clueless~!!! In great End Times delusion.


These are indeed times of great delusion. Though I’m not a believer I have to say that there is, however, abundant evidence of the power of Satan. The rapid destruction and decay of one of the great civilizations of all time can ONLY be explained by the existence of a powerful, controlling evil. Variations on this hypothesis are welcome here!

It is true that any enterprise requires an investment of capital and labor but “capitalism” is not dismissed so simply. In its healthy form there is capital that is required and provided, yes, but it is utilized in a different way because of the inducements and punishments of effective or ineffective management or understanding. That difference in the manner of utilization is crucial. It makes for much more efficiency in the capitalist approach.

I wonder if it might be better to say that communists are the “Ultimate monopolists” as to whom efficiency is a minor consideration when you can throw capital at any problem and still maintain yourself in power with abundant physical force.


Funny how this article lambastes the neoliberal system, but concludes by promoting a ‘what-if’ scenario whereby the neoliberals’ predecessors win the Spanish civil war.

Maybe it’s just a brain exercise to get us thinking about ways to abort a coming war between Murika and the ChiComs, but it’s telling how people (like the author) can be imbued by pervasive neoliberal values while consciously opposing other aspects of neoliberalism…


Yeah, I also thought the ref to Spanish civil war was a bit phoney.

Lone Ranger

Fall of the U.S. Empire…


eu first,usa next,fake bonds,petrodolla,there will be freedom at last to chose to trade without the incumbent blackmail and retarded sanctions and more focus towards nationalists wealth!

Zionism = EVIL

Let’s hope, the insidious bastards are not going to go down that easily as they have everything at stake. That is why is important for the non-Jew controlled world to unite in defeating these neo-Zionist inhuman savages.

Ashok Varma

Empire built on genocide, racism and slavery, had to fail.


Genocide yes, but the other two no. US was a backward country until they gave up on slavery! I doubt there is any more of, what the marxists call, racism than most other places. The extensive and accurate statistics do not support the usual racism claim.


consider the word “race” in the first place. It is a social construct not a biological construct. There are hundreds if not thousands of ethnic groups, which is a beautifully thing, but biologically speaking there is only one race. The Genome project went one further and showed that not only are all humans alike (i.e. no racial difference) but they are, genetically speaking, surprisingly close cousins to the fruit fly and other animals.


Indeed, there is only one race. And even if we considered that people with different skin colours were different “races” (which I don’t), any ideology based on that would be based on making the DNA of supreme importance, which is essentially what the nazis did, and that puts marxists in the same category. Kinda ironic don’t you think…


Ask which countries maintain and practice their humor and you will be naming the countries with the greatest stability of law and institutions with little need for a Human Rights Commission. Sadly the reverse is also true. Monty Python, Faulty towers, Yes Minister and the Goon Show were conceived during a golden period in English humor which mostly began during Harold Wilson’s time or the 60s era up till the 80s. Suddenly politicians became very careful to avoid policies or material that could lead to satire. Today look to a humorless USA and imagine what Monty Python, Yes Minister or the Goons would make of one of Trump’s briefings or Joe Biden’s sentences. Joe and Donald, both would ‘sentence’ you but one cannot finish a sentence and the other cannot make one complete without using ‘fantastic’, ‘amazing’, ‘incredible’ or ‘greatest’ attached to the first person singular. Such a fertile garden full of radishes and turnips yet sadly there is no comedy on any of the major US networks. Is it true that a diet of carrots and drinking only white turnip maliu float has the side effect of hormonal imbalance as well as an increased desire for light bulbs and cameras, which as we all know is a persistent danger to all politicians in the US. https://youtu.be/6Y4PEqvk0Jg This is a discussion of standard excuses from ‘Yes Prime Minister’. It would seem Jimmy Dore is the only spark on that somewhat barren horizon. What does that say about the ‘greatest, fantastic, most incredible’ country ‘ever’ as Mr. Trump would have everyone believe? Perhaps that in itself is the humor as it is intrinsically without subtlety or intelligence. Something a clown might say when referring to his circus.


do not underestimate the power of the state at the time and the equally powerful hand of Jewish Groups. It is true that the Goons and Monty Python and any number of sketch comedy troupes could skewer politicians but there were limits to their subject matter. Consider the well proven stories of child abuse carried out by leading politicians, businessmen, clergy, judges and military officers, which were completely taboo even when it was out in the open, Recall, the notes of Barbara Castles included typewritten minutes of meetings that had been held at Westminster in support of a pedophile agenda. Unusual sexual habits or the power of a familiar group using the very effective technique of black mail

Nick Nightingale


Make room for the NWO’s next project.


Doom Sternz

Its completely obscene that millions of everyday workers are being laid off by corporations which are in turn receiving trillions in taxpayer funds. Many of these corporations have stashed trillions of dollars away in tax havens and have contributed nothing to the public good. Yet they are being bailed out by corrupt bought and paid for politicians, total abuse of power and completely beyond the law.

Arrest them all and throw them in jail where they belong, if the legal system wont deal with them then we will have too. Tear the system down and rebuild it.

Harry Smith

The author of this article probably is commie.


Communism,not the fake us left aka ebu (european buerocrat union) is the peoples party, all for one,one for all,however of the respective individual nations,how nations developed tpo be frank,infact going by real world credentials and achievements complimeted capitalists far greater than the post 92 socialist hijacked aka zio/nazi eu/us freelance fake bonds corporation

The only way usa can get back on the rails is to go back to the basics of restructures,because the other version simply has no future nor factual revenues to deal with repayments,hence the fall of them non nationalist globalist/nwo freelancers like fake x musk,branson,soros etc!

Never forget too,it was the cccp whom paved the way to allow for freedom of choice,too bad in the end the demise of the cccp was also the beginning of the end for usa known petrodollar! China,Australia and russia are factual economys which dwarfs the fake bonds + debts, The good bit is to see how these fake billionaires like branson who owns the wa airport 16 million have 4 of its jets blocked from leaving Australia,untill or if he can come up with cash?

Government’s in the stronger financial freedoms regardless which wing are in the stronger position to oust them overseas corrupt invenstors of non gold backed currencys,which is why it is prefered hetre on in to trade with the real wealth aka backed by solids than those phoneys whom only achieved nothing ,not even for themselfs,but I guess time will reveal!

Smart economics suggests now is not the time to raise taxes no matter what during the critical rebuilding of each nations infastructures,so much for cia trolls suggesting higher gsts Ir can also be reiterated no capitalist system has ever saved the others from overinflations!

Harry Smith

Yep. SF sometimes amazes me with their choices of articles to publish. Maybe they are trying to collect more donations. Sooner or later they have to understand that the World entered another era and crowdfunding is not the best funding form for their project. On other hand I am here because these guys at least are trying to be independent.

Harry Smith

Really good point. Please pardon me but I think you are wrong. Leaders are born and acting inside the system. They are not independent in their decisions.

Harry Smith

It’s all about nation’s consciousness and not economic system, I think. BTW Soviet communism was not so bad as it is described in western media. It was more like society in the Demolition Man movie. I were born in 70s and I lived part of my life in the USSR so I can say how it was.

Harry Smith

COVID is just a coverup action, I think. Just want to say that, at my point, quarantine was the only way to deflate the bubble in the USA economy.


There is alot of good,sadly not intentionaly for the deep state players of the nwos matters not which country or political views,but the covert hitler buearocracys will fail!

Harry Smith

No buddy they won’t fail but will get more power, at my point.

Ashok Varma

It is global surveillance police state agenda to control populations as the west implodes.


William D

what are the solutions? what does the author suggest we do to achieve stability? Covid has shown everything is brittle, especially our lungs, that is life, a swift kick to the groin and our perspective changes


The current crisis is a well orchestrated tactic to shut down the global economy because the US/EU are in serious financial trouble. Most of the elite and those in power will benefit at the ordinary citizen’s expense. One doesn’t see the rich and powerful in any discomfort and throughout this process the restraints will remain and a loss to your identity and freedom will take a serious downturn.

Zionism = EVIL

When most people realize that useless exploitative cunts like Gates, Bezos, Soros etc are plundering the planet then a change will come. The Jew media is the worst of the lot in keeping humanity down and brainwashing the dumbasses walking around with headphones and a butt plug lapping up all the fake news and propaganda. No wonder the moron Trump wants them to inject bleach and shine a UV light up their dumbarse..

Dick Von Dast'Ard

How do the mega Corporations manage to profit without customers that can afford their wares?

The anti China politics of the U.S. is all well and good, but unless the U.S. Corporate world can have access to China, the futures of those companies are obviously stunted with a domestic market saturated with debt and experiencing wage contraction through unemployment.

Tom Tom

No one in the west is actually neo-liberal. LOL. “Neo-liberal” does not entail HUGE amounts of debt. Nice straw horse, you BMW-driving pseudo- marxist.

Pave Way IV

Imagine this guy, Ticked Off Vic, with a gun. Now imagine 100,000 well-armed US citizens just like him. The US government should never have gone full Kazhar. Now it’s probably too late. Good luck, kids… [warning: adult language]


David Parker

Obeying the scum who call themselves “government” at all when they have no lawful authority whatsoever was the first mistake. Governors and cops who obeyed their masters should all be sued for everything they personally own. Just for the record, I went right on doing everything I usually do except stepping inside Fastenal to get some bolts because those corporate sheep shut their doors.


Protocols of Zionist Elders to destroy western societies and assert control over them.

Ivan Freely

Oh, there’s a heck a lot more than 100K well-armed citizens. Well trained? Sure. Thanks for posting this.


The only thing “trickling down” is urine

Zionism = EVIL

and Jew media BULLSHIT!

Ashok Varma

This exploitative failed neo-liberal model is a mere euphemism for neo-imperialism and colonialism where developing nations are used as slave labour colonies to produce cheap trinkets. India has paid an immense price with growing poverty and income disparity, luckily China is powerful enough to have reversed this horrible exploitative model on the western perpetrators whose indebted economies are now imploding with unsustainable cost of neo-colonial failed wars.

Nick Nightingale

It’s not failed. It was designed to work that way.. exploit, loot and conquer. As you said.. a mere rewording for colonialism and imperialism.

Don’t get fooled with China. It’s their long-time next project.

“In mid-1913 the United Kingdom became the first country to promote the use of the yuan in Europe. Germany, France, Switzerland and Luxembourg entered the competition through the installation of OCB to facilitate the use of the «people’s currency» (‘renminbi’). Nevertheless, none of these constituted a serious threat to the United Kingdom. The City of London has more than half of operations denominated in yuan in the European continent.”


1913 also happens to be the year they created the “Federal” Reserve. They have played all sides. All the time. The rise and fall of the USA and China isn’t natural but designed.


The economy already colapsed for the poor Russians


Russia needs a real pogram to get rid of Jew toxins.


Theodore Herzl:The Jews must acquire economic power sufficiently great to overcome prejudice against them and assert control over western nations.

David Parker

The “damage” was not caused by the corona virus: It was caused by people stupidly committing economic suicide at the orders of the scum who call themselves “government”.


This bizarre episode in human history will be judged by where it goes from here and what the end results are. The visus is an obvious scam that was used by NATO countries to commit economic suicide to implement draconian economic, political and social repression.

Weakening the NATO Zionist Jew world order hegemony drive forever war against humanity and replacing it with an SCO led economic development of the planet without Jew world order predation is a good thing. That will stabilize population growth and raise standards of living. And hopefully put the Jew world order hegemony drive forever war behind us so that we can have peace and prosperity from here forward.

Which will put us in a much better position to normalize relations with positive ET civilizations and become one ourselves.


“In January and February 2020, during the height of the epidemic in Wuhan, about 5 million people in China lost their jobs.”

– 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic in mainland China –


Jean de Peyrelongue

The objective of the “New World Order” with the central banks is not to save the system but to pave the way for the system’s implosion which will trigger enough turmoil to generate many local conflicts and get rid of a large number of people. They hope that the world being plunged into nightmare wil call them as the Messiah. Them they will instaure an official communist world government, a large people vaccination program and medical control (Bill Gates), digital currency (New Monetary Theory) and social passeport as in China today. The kind of perfect world thought by Thomas More in Utopia

Nick Nightingale

Yes. Order Out Of Chaos.

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China https://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/the-true-agenda-of-the-who-a-new-world-order-modeled-after-china/

Nick Nightingale

Funny how the world thinks Neo-Liberal Capitalism just didn’t work.

When it was designed from the get-go to work a specific way.

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