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Gibraltar Authorities Release Iranian Supertanker Grace 1

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Gibraltar Authorities Release Iranian Supertanker Grace 1

Super Tanker Grace 1. IMAGE: Tony Hogwood/MarineTraffic.com

Gibraltar authorities have released the Iranian supertanker Grace 1, the Gibraltar Chronicle newspaper reported on August 15.

“The Government of #Gibraltar has now received formal written assurances from the Iranian government that the ship will not discharge its cargo in Syria … On that basis, Gibraltar’s Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has decided to lift the detention order and allow the ship to sail,” the Gibraltar Chronicle reported.

The newspaper noted that it is not clear at this stage when the vessel will sail from Gibraltar, or whether the US will formally apply to the court to detain it before that happens.

A detachment of the Royal Marines seized Grace 1 on July 4. Back then, Gibraltar authorities claimed that the Iranian supertanker was transporting oil to Syria, which would represent a violation of the EU’s sanctions on the Damascus government.

Iran responded to the seizure of Grace 1 by capturing British-flagged tanker Stena Impero in the Strait of Hormuz on July 19. The tanker was reportedly violating safety measures.

The fate of the British tanker remains unclear. However, the release of Grace 1 will likely encourage Iran to release it very soon.

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Lena Jones

The UK gov is such a freaking weasel! Weasel-weasel-weasel lol!


Stinky Brritz


The British government has done piracy in international water which is a very cheap action. The British government should write a statement that next time they will not involve in any sort of piracy or any other illegal activities in international water and British government will mind his own business and will not interfere in other countries trades and businesses.

Jacob Wohl

big mistake. UK should have listened to the US, handed over the ship to US, and stripped it of all oil and confiscated

Jacob Wohl's Nose

your nose should be confiscated and donated to Science. holy shit it’s so vast it can blow away a hurricane


Why an I reminded again of that Woody Allen movie about the Leader’s nose?

Zionism = EVIL

Must be hard for a Jew troll fraud to be blocked constantly :)


What claim does the US have to the ship? None. US doesn’t have any jurisdiction. The tanker is a charter Iran is not the owner only the oil cargo is belongs to Iran.

Luke Hemmming

Your nose is so big it has its own zip code and ecological system ie bacteria ponds inside your nostrils. Bwahahaha

Gary Sellars

Nah, its big cuz his BF uses it to gain some relief..

Gary Sellars

Fuck off inbred moron.

Sorna Karbaschi

The White House stooges , facing humiliating defeat after defeat against IRAN! and this one will add one more to their collections!

Harry Smith

From now, everyone knows what is the only language UK elites understands.

Zionism = EVIL

Even the controlled British Jew owned media stated that the limey gits are in no position to take on Iran militarily in the Persian Gulf. Britain has a small third rate military of barely 125,000 and a few rusted ships and hardly capable of bobbing up and down the Persian Gulf for ever. Brit economy is up the creek and they are broke as the Jews and the parasitic Rothschild house of Windsor has sucked them dry. The ugly “prince” pervert Andrew has enough problems screwing under age girls with his pimp Epstein.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

bout time they are sent to the garbage heap of history for good lol

Zionism = EVIL

The Brits are historical low lives and have stolen from anyone they could. The poor Indians and Africans suffered the brunt of limey looting.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

and from iranians too, they are of no use to the betterment of humanity anymore i feel

friendly anon

How are EU sanctions legally binding for Iran?
Are there UN approved sanctions, that China and Russia didn’t veto?
This looks like piracy by corrupt EU elites to me.

Zionism = EVIL

The fact of the matter is that the devious limey gits were literally testing the waters and had no stomach for a costly confrontation with Iran in its own backyard of Persian Gulf. Iran acted with prudent strength and the only option left for the deadbeat limeys was either escalate and lose or backdown and save face. They chose the more rational course, Americunt arseholes are just sore losers. In any case Iran does not need to send oil to Syria in a tanker, enough trucks are now going to Syria by land and carrying just about everything.


Iran is that the country on the eastern shore of the persian gulf or where would you have it – on the western side or or

Zionism = EVIL

According to your GPS it is everywhere :) The limeys have also lost their bearings. Why would a ship be taking oil to Syria via Gibraltar? when Russia can supply via the Bosporus and Iran via Iraq. It is a 14 hour trip from Crimea, so why would Iran send a ship around the coast of Africa to ship 2 million barrels of oil to Syria, it all a mega sat nav failure :)


2mb is some 300000 tonnes and try to squeeze that through the suez if you can and moreover while passing suez in a suez max sized vessel the unhinged states would force egypt to sequester it and you would never see the oil again.


Fair winds and following seas to the sailors, Iran should do his part ASAP


Smart move, UK, and get the f…. away from the Wankeees, whom is on an downward course, slipping and sliding, economy is becoming what we all have know for years, an scam, and now, after years of injecting monetary heroin, the body starts to stink like an week old cadavre, fakes stats, and fake mooney, and an central bank on prozac, dragged the entire banana republic into an alternative reality and now even the equally stupid Brits is realising Trump is an dead star by Him self, unreliable, and unpredictable since whatever they sign under isnt worth wiping your ass with, and threatens everybody, fall behind my ass or face sactions, yup, the Mafia style, He learned that from His masters, the gratest mafia org ever, the Kosher Nostra as a buttboy and a pissbucket carrier, it shows, and lleads an country where the majority is even dumber, yup, what could possibly go wrong.

The second thing is whom is yapping behind this freak Trumps back, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, had uh…. secret meatings with the insane UssA Gov. and they want to be a part of the force invading Iranian waters, what Iran have done, is of course coming from the same scumbags whom lied about everything for 18 years, bombing 7 Islamic countrys as we speak, incursions in total 17 different countrys as the French coup in Mali, witch is of course never writen about.
Norwegian MSM is howling for blood, in the comentary field they are extatic in seeing another slaughter of more Muslims, in this times where the same MSM whines about terror act against an Moske, yup, the Shoah must go on.
Likewise the Sweds, weird isnt it, how staggering false they are, claiming the right to do whatever they want, and if you dont wanna be bombed back to the stone age for demonCrautics and humanity, you are an terrorist suporter.
We all know the FFs was done to make this happen, never think there isnt an long term plan behind this, like Afganistan, planned years before 9/11 where they got the blame for something no Afgan did, and yet the western MSM lies about that, and in Norway, they simply either lie, fake or hide, but never debate anything, in fact, nothing, incl Libya.

Yeah, even the larger EU countrys sobered up, but not the NorDicks, weird isnt it, and as I have tried to explain it to you, the reason is simply, we are run from the Imperial banana republic, told to do whatever the Pirates on the Potomac tells our Gov, in the District of Criminals in the UssA.
Led by something witch everybody, even non-PC TDS infested snotheads can see an bloody idiot and a rotten POS.
Intresting days indeed.



UK handled this whole situation very poorly and now has lost all credibility as even a marginal power.

Xoli Xoli

Dont let go British oil ship unless Britain writes a formal letter which promises not to pirate any Iranian oil ship.Make sure wither the oil is not contaminated by British terrorists.

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