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Ghost Of Army Of Great Turan: Turkey And Uzbekistan Sign Military Cooperation Agreement

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Ghost Of Army Of Great Turan: Turkey And Uzbekistan Sign Military Cooperation Agreement

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Turkey and its president Recep Tayyip Erdogan appear to be hard at work on actually realizing the ambition of the Army of Great Turan.

On October 27th, the defense ministers of Turkey and Uzbekistan signed a military agreement and underlined their will to further cooperate in the fields of military, defense and security.

Following visits to Pakistan and Kazakhstan in the past days, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar arrived at Uzbekistan and met with his counterpart Bakhodir Kurbanov in the capital Tashkent.

“We make efforts to enhance relations in every field. This includes trade, economic, social, political and, of course, military relations. We have made significant progress,” Akar stated.

Kurbanov for his part said: “It is important for us to further military, defense and security cooperation.”

Following a delegation meeting, the two defense ministers signed a military cooperation agreement.

Akar also met with Uzbekistan’s National Security Adviser Viktor Mahmudov during his visit and stated the necessity to continue cooperation in military training and the defense industry.

In regard to Kazakhstan, Hulusi Akar was welcomed by Kazakhstan’s Defense Minister Nurlan Yermekbayev with a military ceremony before a bilateral meeting in the capital Nur-Sultan.

Describing the Central Asia country as a Turkic “fatherland,” Akar thanked Kazakh officials for their hospitality.

“I believe that the existing relations in military training, cooperation, and the defense industry will continue to grow, and this will be very beneficial for our countries and armed forces,” he said.

Akar added that a 2019 strategic partnership agreement between the two countries helped draw an important roadmap for relations.

Yermekbayev greeted Akar with the expression, “Welcome to the fatherland from the motherland.”

“As friendly sister states, we need to further develop our relations,” Yermekbayev said.

After the meeting, Akar stated they had discussed how relations between the two countries and their armed forces can grow stronger.

Additionally, Akar met with Beibut Atamkulov, Kazakhstan’s industry and infrastructure development minister.

“The friendship between the Turkish and Kazakh presidents is known. We need to move forward on the path they blazed and do the necessary work for our countries, armed forces, and nations,” said Akar.

Azerbaijan’s cooperation with Turkey has been fact for a while, and it’s been on board with the plan.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin at a meeting with the Turkish general noted the high level of cooperation between the two countries. Over the years of independence, Turkey has invested more than $ 3.7 billion in Kazakhstan and is among the top ten countries – trade partners of Nur-Sultan.

At the end of 2019, trade between the countries exceeded $3 billion. Kazakhstan’s society is increasingly discussing the issue of closer cooperation and even almost unification with Turkey.

No agreement was signed, and that’s because it already was signed back in 2018.

Following the talks, the Kazakh military department discussed issues related to the implementation of the agreements reached earlier. In particular, the Agreement on Military Cooperation was signed in September 2018 during the official visit to Ankara of the first President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

According to General Akar, the parties agreed on the need to further expand military-technical cooperation between Kazakhstan and Turkey.


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Servet Köseoğlu

Where’s the squirrel? Gotta have a squirrel.Neo-ottoman or Great Turan…Please decide:)))


;) both

Random Dude

Boogieman everywhere


Long lives Oghuz Khagan..

Rhodium 10

Turkey and the Great Turan is nothing compared with the Big brothers ( Russia and China) of Central Asia countries… Erdogan Otomans dream has finished in Syria…where the Axis Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon are under Russia, China and Iran shia control!…also failed in East North Africa ( Libya,Magreb,Sudan and Algeria) under influence of Egypt, UAE, Russia., France.

The Objective

Your usual delusional comments. Branding progress as failure. Why then are your news outlets filled with mentions of Turkey? An insignificant actor deserves no mention.
Turkey didn’t lose in Syria. The war is still ongoing and the Syrians haven’t given up their fight for independence from Russia.

Servet Köseoğlu

trollolo…after breakfast-lun -5 o’clock tea-dinner..he has to write Bravo Sierra like broken records..waste of time and time is precious..


Feelling so weak, Russians started to feel the need of a bigger brother and they found him in China :)

Rhodium 10

NO!..China is above all a good funder&Client for Russia due Western sanctions….but China still needs Russian military tech, the Russian air space, Railways and Sea Artic Route…also need Russian natural resources and antennas bases for China made GPS like USA has in Russia…also need the Russian air space open for ICBM deployed in silos launchers and Mobile in China in case of Nuclear war and the deployment of Nuclear SLBM Subs close to Russia&Bering sea…as you can see the Bigger brother has diminished.


Due to Western sanctions… Brothers in arms :))

With all the sanctions, the trade exchange between China and West is much larger than the whole Russian economy. But yeah, they need Russian natural resources, airspace and maybe the North trade route. But as a business partner? HA HA HA!

Rhodium 10

Russia has built power of Siberia and Yamal LNG…to sell gas to China…trade between them are about 100Bm which is not bad numbers….but the alliance is above all Geopolitical!


Economy is always first, kid. You should have learned that from your TV games.

Me&Myself None

I have predicted that outcome, and more and more countries will follow the steps of Uzbekistan. The defenseless Countries are watching what’s going on lately around the world attentively and carefully. Erdogan like him or not is a decisive, no nonsense leader, and people including myself like this phenotype. Personally I do not agree with all of his moves, but I like his decisiveness, his non passiveness; I am not a fan of those types who like to throw rock and hide their hands. Like Che Guevara said ” It is a crime to declare a war, if that war could have been avoided, but it is also a crime to wait passively and not declare a war that could not be avoided”

Kishan Chali

Those Central Asian countries are making a big strategic blunder if they turn their backs on Russia and China and the BRI program. All of them can prosper if they join hands with China. Turkey is a country with many enemies and an economy that is nearing collapse.

Raptar Driver

The Russians had the Turks under control for quite a while but then different elements got in control. The Turks must be placed back In their cage; you know it is nearing thanksgiving time.

Mr T

This is bull news by pro Russia SF. Why cant they sign a agreements, we have also agreements with Russia.


They sould call it the Turkic Tyrants Club with Erdogan as their furher/sultan. I wonder which lands they’ll soon covet for more living space? They’re already trying take NK, so maybe Idlib next?


The Ottoman Empire will be a counterbalance to
both Russia and China. The relationships underpinning this coalition are natural and extant. China does want Russia’s resources. So ultimately Russia and China have zero sum game contests of interest. In the meantime an Islamic empire running from China to the Black Sea is a reality waiting to emerge. It will be a problem for both a China (Uygers) and Russia (Chechnya). Erdogan is the preeminent rising star of international relations and Turkeys affinity with all the Islamic nations to its East lead to an inevitable conclusion. The Ottoman Empire is back.

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