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“Get Out Now”: Pompeo Prepares New Sanctions Over Nearly Complete Russia-Germany NS2 Pipeline

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

While it’s the Trump administration’s new punitive measures targeting China which have been driving headlines, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also signaled new measures related to the controversial Russia-Germany Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said a sanctions exemption will be removed for a Russian natural-gas pipeline to Germany, paving the way for new penalties to be imposed on the contentious project,” The Wall Street Journal described of his comments.

"Get Out Now": Pompeo Prepares New Sanctions Over Nearly Complete Russia-Germany NS2 Pipeline
Nord Stream 2 pipe-laying ship, file image.

“Mr. Pompeo said Wednesday that the State Department will lift a proviso that spared the pipeline, known as Nord Stream 2, from a 2017 sanctions measure,” the report added.

Already the major companies laying the massive NS2 pipeline and their executives have been threatened with sanction as of last year, which temporarily halted construction. From there Russia vowed to outfit pipe-laying ships and fill in the gap via its energy giant Gazprom.

The newly announced measures will allow a wider range of punishment options against companies working on the pipeline as it nears completion, which Washington has long been trying to thwart.

“Our expectation is that those who participate in the continued project will be subject to review for potential consequences,” Pompeo announced.

"Get Out Now": Pompeo Prepares New Sanctions Over Nearly Complete Russia-Germany NS2 Pipeline

“It’s a clear warning to companies aiding and abetting Russia’s malign-influence projects it will not be tolerated,” Pompeo said.

“Get out now, or risk the consequences,” he warned.

Pompeo’s Wednesday statement further targeted a separate Russian natural gas project, specifically through Turkey.

The statement mentioned Turkstream pipelines as putting companies “at risk” of sanctions under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act.

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  1. jm74 says:

    Looks like the US are the only country that believes in assassinations; maybe some states should take up the same practice and do the world a favour.

    1. <> says:

      We belive in assassinations too, let it be the mullahs, Nasrallah, Hamas leader or other Islamic terrorist filth that need to die. Assassinations are great, like the bastard Soleimani found out, it should be applied more often. About the project, the U.S has every right to put sanctions on states or entities that support terrorism or dictatorships around the world. Can’t wait for Trump to sanction Xi’s dictatorship country, America made them who they are today and they will return them back to their proper size.

      1. Brother Ma says:

        Maybe the Israelis should be assassinated?
        Soleimani was apparently on a peace mission between Saud and Yemen and the US and Israel knew it well and were part of it . If this is true ,then a hundred curses on those who killed him by such dishonourable means.

        1. <> says:

          We do our own assassinations, like many Hamas, Hezbollah and Iranian terrorists in Syria felt on their skin. Too bad we still have Bibi in power, other leader would have shown all of you what it means to hurt Israelis.

          1. Brother Ma says:


          2. Rafik Chauhan says:

            cowards relay on assassination. bcuz they dont have guts to fight face to face. it has proved 2006 and 2014 war and others. even in syria cowards use Plabe to fight but dont have guts to enter syria now. declare the war and we see who surrvie. fight face to face. not using brainwashed terriost whabhi scum.

          3. <> says:

            I’d love to fight you face to face, but your master Russia is smarter and they know we will clean the floor with you. So calm down Arab and don’t threaten us.

          4. The Objective says:

            Israel cannot win a war with Iran. In fact, if not for the US iran is very likely to have boots on the ground in Israel. Iran has your country almost surrounded: Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas. Hezbollah alone has enough men to cross into Israel when Iran must have put Israel’s airfields out of service.
            The fact is, Israel is currently at a disadvantage cos Iran has ground troops and war machines (Hezbollah, Syrian militias) sitting right on your borders. On the other hand, Israel doesn’t have a similar force on Iranian borders. This is something Soleimani managed to achieve for his country before he died. Israel is currently trying to unravel this noose tightening around its neck, and they want America to do it.
            In my opinion, the Israelis already preempted this war. If the route connecting iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon is cut I have ZERO DOUBT that Israel will initiate a war to destroy Hezbollah, this time with the active participation of the US.
            Unless if Donald Trump loses.

          5. <> says:

            Then we will do the Samson Option, and there it ends.

          6. gryzor84 says:

            You mean nuking every Arab capital AND the European capitals you consider didn’t help you enough in your wars against them ? outright Nuclear Holocaust ? do you realize that’es the kind of apocalyptic religious bullshit that the worst Islamist scum use and that you keep denouncing right ?

          7. <> says:

            It’s very simple gryzor, if we are going down then we are taking everyone down too. Let’s hope we won’t get to that.

          8. gryzor84 says:

            Again, you realize that kind of declaration would trigger a NATO Resolution and outright invasion effort against any country with leaders crazy enough to go public with that kind of plans ? They bombed Libya and Serbia for MUCH less than that xD

            Anyway I’m sure no Israeli leader in the right might would ever go that far, having nuclear deterrence is precisely what keeps a country from actually using it. Trying to nuke everybody will get you incinerated 10,000 times over, the 150 first times by Pakistan. And nobody in Israel wants that. I don’t want that either, for any country or people.

            Only a Rogue State leader would do what you claim.

          9. <> says:

            It is not intended for Europe, everyone knows who is our true enemy.

          10. dinnedup says:

            lives sapped long time ago fom the palestinians mandates an arousal for a face to face with a nuke armed beast, they have nothing left to lose. if dignity itself was taken from them.

          11. dinnedup says:

            Donald MacTenyahu would!

          12. The Objective says:

            I am afraid even the Samson option might not prevent Iran and it’s proxies invading and taking Israel. The best you could do is drop nukes on Iran.
            Like Israel Iran has underground bunkers and cities. Much of the Iranian and Israeli population should survive a nuclear attack if they took cover early enough.
            What is likely to happen is, the US and Europe will dissuade Israel from initiating nuclear war by promising to come to Israel’s rescue if Iran attempts an invasion. Europe is just a cross from Israel. They are the ones most likely to move in and stop any invasion or occupation of Israel by Iran. However, I think this will be the beginning of a much bigger war. European boots in the ground in the middle east will be interpreted by both Shiites and sunnis as a continuation of the crusade, particularly if Palestinians are killed in large numbers by the invading Europeans. The whole region will explode. It’ll be a fight that drags on for years with more and more countries getting involved.
            This is the reason Europe doesn’t support Trump’s policy. They don’t want another salahuddeen-style defeat at the hands of Muslims. Trump is an idiot regarding history, but the Europeans aren’t. They know when Muslims declear a fard kifaya jihad ( scholars around the world declear jihad obligatory on every able Muslim man or woman) the Muslims ALWAYS win in the end, as history repeatedly shows. It becomes incumbent upon God to help them. And one with God is more powerful. Although disbelievers always disputed or doubted this possibility when they have stronger militaries, untill it’s too late, as the 1st, second, sand third crusaders, Ghengis Khan, and others found out the hard way.
            So Europe is wary of America or Israel starting a war with Iran cos that war will surely drag Europe in. And the last thing Europeans want is another region-wide war with the Muslims.

          13. <> says:

            Your scenario sounds very likely to happen, but Iran can not match the IDF on the ground or air. Only their naval power is bigger, but that won’t be enough since the U.S would bring here their 5th navy if needed and every Iranian ship would be sunk.

          14. The Objective says:

            Israel has a far more powerful airforce than Iran, but not ground forces. Iran can mobilize up to 20 million basij forces within Iran alone. Iran has no shortage of conventional military gear, from rifles to tanks. Think of the basij as the hezbollah of Iran.
            Iran can also Marshall hudrends of thousands from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and other places. Israel doesn’t have the kind of manpower. Don’t forget that Hezbollah fought your army really well, and that was in 2006 when they had little experience, dump missiles, less training, etc. The ones of today are far better armed, trained, organized and motivated.
            The challenge for Israel’s air dominance is the proliferation of A2AD weapons to all of Iran’s proxies. I keep telling you about the vulnerability of airforce logistics hubs to precision missile. You seem not to take that seriously. It has the capability to negate Israel’s air advantage. If that were to happen how will Israel fight.

          15. <> says:

            We will see that on the battleground if it comes, I think the opposite. our Air Force can manage even with rockets landing in and around the bases, that is what they are trained for. Regarding their ground forces, most of them would die even before entering our borders from mass carpet bombings.

          16. The Objective says:

            Well qoodluck with that. But I wouldn’t be so confident if I were you. Facts say a different thing

          17. El Mashi says:

            Hezbollah also has the Samson Option too. There are over a thousand missiles pinpoint targeted at Dimona Nuclear Research Lab in the Negev.

          18. <> says:

            They won’t get a chance to do it Mashi, because Lebanon will cease to exist.

          19. dinnedup says:

            here is a stark admission to possessing nukes ! you deserve mossads and cia assassination.

          20. <> says:

            Kiddo, Iran knows why they don’t fuck with us.

          21. El Mashi says:

            Hezbollah already has nukes that are stored in the Dimona Nuclear Research Lab in the Negev.

          22. JIMI JAMES says:

            Funny you mention that,every racist and facist,bigger and touger than you 3 seconds flat or quicker,see ones meakness does not mean weakness,real test in the man is not insomuch as to how supreme one thinks it is,but how it copes in agony,in such situations leaves no time but to do what you gotta do,did your pop bust your rib or part face when you were 5-6?fk no!nor were all they defeated!

            Stick to basics,aim small,think big,trust me!

          23. The Objective says:

            I hope you know Israel isn’t capable of defending itself without the US. Your overconfidence is a sign of arrogance. And God always disgrace the arrogant. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s just not time yet. Read the history of your people. Many times they were driven from their lands and almost exterminated by invaders. The temple of Solomon also suffered destruction severally. That was at a time Jews were very strong and God was on their side. Those Jews were even more religious than the current worldly and secular Jews today who do not obey their Talmud anymore. They do all sorts of sins, from murder to adultery, usury, and pretty much any sin imaginable.
            And you sound so confident? You aren’t weeping for your people?

          24. <> says:

            I have my own faith and trust in God and country, I know what we can do it if comes to an all out war, and it won’t be good to our enemies.

          25. El Mashi says:

            Any Zionist aggression they will returned favor of 3,000 rockets raining on Israel. The days of asymmetry is over. It is now airport for airport, power plant for power plant, arms factory for arms factory, and nuke for nuke. Yes, Arabs have just as many nukes as Israel. They store it in Dimona Nuclear Laboratory in the Negev. That is where Hezbollah stores its nukes.

          26. Tommy Jensen says:

            No, its an old problem.
            When the Zealots succeeded to win two battles against the Romans, in the latest they slaughtered 6000 Roman soldiers, they thought in their arrogance they could conquer Rome.
            This arrogance ended in a disaster for Jerusalem.

            Its the same arrogance Ironzion shows here

          27. Jim Allen says:

            It means you pretenders will cease to squat on stolen land.

          28. <> says:

            Stolen land indeed, we take back what is ours.

          29. Jim Allen says:

            Was never yours pretender.

          30. Jim Allen says:

            Was never “ours” Zionist Khazar troll.
            Khazars were driven out of their country, and their religion stripped for the exact same behavior you’re demonstrating in the stolen lands you squat on.
            The Balfour Agreement is very clear on how this land was stolen, then Gifted to Rothschild. Who owns 60% of that shithole parked on that stolen land.

          31. El Mashi says:

            Muslims will show Zionist what it means to hurt Palestinians.

        2. The Objective says:

          That makes Soleimani an innocent man. I wonder if it has anything to do with hadith of the prophet (saw) which prophesized that among the signs of the great war an innocent man will be killed, hajjis will be looted, a ruler in madinah dies and his people vie for the throne.

      2. The Objective says:

        China is too big for America, but Russia can still be punished. I thought Russia was standing up for the weak, but after reviewing their moves in the middle East and North Africa it became clear to me they are another usurper, probably worse than the US if they had the military and economic muscle. Putin will likely find himself in the cold (pissing off the Sunni Muslim world, the Iranians, and even Syrians) and at the same time rejected by the west.

        1. <> says:

          Russia is doing what is best for them Objective, they don’t care about others. Syria and Libya are just tools, China is also not Russia’s friend but they have common goals against the U.S which they see as an enemy. However, the U.S is still very strong compared to both Russia and China and I don’t think it’s going to change in the coming years.

          1. The Objective says:

            Russia is acting like a hypocrite – neither fully supporting Israel nor Syria and Iran. A dog which serves two masters will soon starve.
            Israel clearly doesn’t trust Russia. I suspect Iran too doesn’t trust Russia. So how does that help Russia in the long run.
            Russia is currently backing dictators in the Muslim world. They are backing the hypocrites that Muslims are increasingly fighting to overthrow. This includes the house of Saud, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Yemen, and Iraq.
            I urge you to take a careful look at what’s going on in these countries currently. Everything happening can be characterized in one way:
            There are two fighting groups in each of these countries. One group is pro-Islamic (regardless of Shiite or Sunni, and this group is also anti-western and their puppets). The second group is of secular Muslims or those backed by the west and are anti-Shariah and pro-western. They include: MBS, El-Sisi, Haftar, Ghani, Rulers of Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain, and the yemeni president in exile.

            Turkey is a leading country in the effort to dislodge theses anti-sharia and pro-western Muslim hypothesis. The battle raged on in Turkey for years and now the true Muslims of Turkey are wining.

            Iran is the second country after Turkey that’s leading the fight against these western puppets.

            The only problem now is with Syria, where both Turkey and Iran disagree. Resolving the Syrian issue should bring Turkey and Iran squarely in the same camp. They already agree on Yemen, Libya, Kurds, and Iraq. The Syrian problem if solved will bring them closer.

            Russia will find itself in the cold supporting people the whole Muslim world view as hypocrites. Muslims are tired of the brutal rules in their country. All that it takes to see the level of Muslims dissatisfaction is just one major middle east war, probably with Iran.

          2. dinnedup says:

            Turkey has the revolting audacity to use the Islamic teachings of wahabbism to achieve its ends

          3. <> says:

            I suspect you are right Objective, an Islamic civil war inside those countries you mentioned is probably inevitable. The only question is which side would win, and at what cost.

          4. JIMI JAMES says:

            Russias backing diligent heterosexuals,why don’t you save your fake democratic doctrine for the gaybars there,they’re more into that dictator assflogged excuses,
            poodle of the servants tyranny affiliated (soros/eu-epp pshyc ops) failed eu-epp!

          5. JIMI JAMES says:

            Usa can’t fight for sht infact you and your kegit tranny/kgbtq army can only be as strong as your weakest links,Russian and chinese armys are 100% heterosexual
            and that is the difference between stronger mindset and far inferior compromised

            also russian + chinese gear is lighter ans stronger and more agile this century!
            The best part about it,war would not last very long,yet usas only stonger with liars,needs to rely on so many other countrys to struggle me’s 5th best military!

        2. JIMI JAMES says:

          Your not getting your war ok!Heres to brexit thus eugeddon then!

      3. Jim Allen says:

        US Government is the biggest terrorist organization in the world, the biggest supporter of terrorism in the world.
        Exactly how, and whom is Russia terrorizing ?
        US Government has NO right to sanction another country. This is an act of war.
        What countries has Russia placed sanctions on ?
        Factual evidence shows that US Government is indeed terrorizing EU, particularly Germany. That US Government treats it’s allies in this manner demonstrates to the world who the terrorists are. By terrorizing it’s own allies.
        Brings cognitive dissonance to a whole new level. Untreated this causes anal-cranial inversion.

        1. The Objective says:

          Your peaceful Russia is also guilty of the same crimes you accuse the US of except sanctions. Russia pushed for the extension of the arms embergo on Yemen in 2018 – a time Yemenis were dying more by Saudi US bombs.
          Russia’s mercs are planting mine in Libyan urban centers. Russia is supporting and arming elsisi who has murdered thousands of Egyptians. Russia is in bed with the UAE, Israel, and Saudi Arabia – all staunch allies/servants of the US.
          So how can you exclude Russia from the list of aggressors?
          Don’t forget Russia refused to veto the UN resolution that killed Gaddafi of Libya. And they now point a finger at NATO for the current Libyan chaos when could easily have stopped or delayed it by a simple veto!

          1. JIMI JAMES says:

            That was the other leader,not putin,usa id far worse + same sex marraige n sht
            which bears more significance than any cia/troll dares to assume,put it this way
            Russia never start sht (period)

      4. gryzor84 says:

        You make no sense here IZ. Russia,China and Europe have every right to trade gas or whatever else in favorable terms over overpriced US gas that the State Department has been trying to shove down their mouth to establish a dominion on the natural resources market and strangle Europe into submission whenever they feel like it.

        And who are you exactly to decide a country’s “right size” considering your own is based on forceful US-aided military expansion and condemned by basically every single country on the planet (bar the US itself and its colonized pro-AIPAC Congress of course) not even recognizing its post-67 borders ? Does Israel and the US care about which other country think about their size and powers when they do everything to consolidate, like every single nation in the world tries to do ? Anyway even the Trump admin didn’t help you in annexing a part of the West Bank,that little show won’t last once both Donald and Bibi are facing the cage for good.

        It is high time that both Europe and the UN start enacting long overdue sanctions on the colonial zionist regime on every barrel of illegally extracted oil and gas from the occupied Golan and any agricultural product coming from the Palestinian Occupied Territories.
        Besides,China didn’t get to where it is “thanks to the US” it got here because of its revolution and post-colonial emancipation from the British that allowed it to enjoy its full potential as a large and educated country after centuries of imperial pillaging from the Crown with puppet dynasties at their service in Shanghai. It worked hard along with Russia its way up modernity and now enjoys a level of homegrown technology prowess that allow it to question the long-established American dominance on the huge worldwide electronics market, and all Washington resorts to in response is unfair ,outright state banditry to desperately keep grasp of its own since it gets beaten on fair trade terms.

        The tremendous pressure they are putting on countries traditionally under their influence to reject Huawei’s 5G tech that is a generation ahead of their own is a bare example to that,and it’s laughable. Ironically, Iran’s telecom infrastructure and its 60 million+ prospective users is hence the prime beneficiary of that since the UK finally bowed as the classic lackey that it has always been. But anyway, despite its best illegal efforts, Washington remains on a losing endgame and can only delay the inevitable. Trump can do or think whatever he wants or daydreams of, he’ll still be dealing with lawsuits post-November once his presidential immunity is toast and his ass kicked-out of office clean.
        Geopolitical times are changing for the better.

        In that regard I can’t wait to see how the 400-billion strategic 25-year partnership finally made official last week after years of secret talks unravels between China and Iran,as it is also high-time that the Persian people start seeing their country function normally away from the burden of all-out American financial piracy of which Beijing just made an absolute mockery,and decide themselves on the longer run what they do with their own regime without either Iranophobe Tel-Aviv or their Salafist friends in Riyadh / UAE, or Uncle Sam think of their future.

        The very inking of that accord, of which Iran is a cornerstone of China’s New Silk Road project and integral part of the belt and Road Initiative, is showing once more that they can absolutely withstand US hostility and aggression on the industrial,military, banking and financial sectors and create their own trade routes and institutions,currency ,along with banking and financial channels outside of the US sphere.
        The world seems to be truly moving towards a multi-polar order where one bully cannot take down a weaker nation and destroy its people with impunity, and such order is a definitive blessing.

        1. <> says:

          China only got that strong because of the U.S economic decisions that has let China rip off the U.S for decades. The U.S and the West are still the main export target for China, if they put sanctions on China then you will see how the Chinese suddenly back down. Their cooperation with the Iranian regime is also hated by regular Iranians that oppose to the mullahs, and you will probably see mass demonstrations against that deal.

          1. gryzor84 says:

            The Chinese are ALREADY, massively sanctioned but they simply don’t care, since the trade war is on and they haven’t blinked one bit, Taiwan and Hong-Kong are hot spots where the CIA actively tries to sow discord and that kind of overt all-out hostility will have the exact opposite effect to the intended goal, US policy-makers are complete amateurs ans it shows. They pushed the Chinese into a corner and rebuffed its every attempt at Detente, now they’re starting to get much more assertive and counterattacked on every front. There is only so much the US can do against their number one trade partner and the inter-dependency renders further aggressiveness moot. That accord is pre-sanctioned massively ! And they just move on without thinking twice. US sanctions diplomacy has reached critical mass man, same with Russia moving in to complete projects left over by Eurovassals. Don’t confuse rising world powers with the likes of France, the UK or slave Germany. Not all people and nation are obedient minions of the WH.

            No, the US moved most of its production infrastructure in China to enrich its own and provide affordable consumer market for its average citizen, and that on the back of millions of cheap child workers at a time when there was strictly no labor laws in place in China. What they hadn’t expected is that this giant Chinese food basket they thought eternally submissive and harmless to their hegemony, would also have the scientific community to learn from their technology, just like Japan did in its time after decades spent at merely copying Western tech.

            Regular Iranians oppose the Mullah AND hate the US like no time in there modern history precisely because they aren’t as stupid as you think nor are they blind to the true motive of Israeli Zionists and most of all Bibi, which is the end of Persia as a powerful and unified, large country. Make no mistake, the day you or Washington finally attack them (if you ever do), you’ll see the kind of patriotic drive that only dead Saddam witness powerless when he too, thought smart of attacking right after the Revolution in 1980.

            What this accord will do is to help them have a decent living anew, and be able to question their regime after they stop starving and struggling in their day-by-day lives.

        2. The Objective says:

          Trump may be in a greater danger than a law suit. I just hope the IRGC don’t end up assassinating him after he leaves office. They seems to have threatened that implicitly with a cartoon of Trump bleeding from the mouth due to a fist blow by hand wearing IRGC uniform. The recent law suit in Iran for Interpol to help arrest Trump is also a sign they are not going to let him get away with killing Soleimani. Seems like it’s personal now between Trump and the IRGC. They might even hunt his family. I hope it never happens like that, but the more I consider the situation the likelier it seems.

      5. El Mashi says:

        Like Israel and Saudi Arabia are overdue for sanctions.

      6. Ivan Freely says:

        Again. Wall Street made China; not America. America had no choice on the matter.

  2. Assad must stay says:

    No fatpeo YOU GET OUT!

  3. Jim Bim says:

    The gangster heads to Denmark next week, the US puppet will be told to repeal Denmark`s latest permission for Russia to lay the last pipeline section of the NS2…..or be sanctioned.
    Denmark a weak but very loyal US puppet will come up with a lame excuse for repealing the permission.

  4. johnny rotten says:

    Americunt have no allies, only vassals who can be betrayed and abandoned, as the whores do after each performance, they will not understand that they are not exceptional even when they are torn to pieces.

  5. Fog of War says:

    Question: Whats to stop the ZioAmericans from damaging the pipeline when its complete ? Its not like Russia, or anyone, else would retaliate.

    1. dinnedup says:

      Oh! How can you be so sure? The war never ceased after the Soviet collapse. Sabotage operations always continue especially so because a country’s ordinary citizens don’t normally want doomsday on their doorstep. Propaganda at every corner, economic sanctions, false flags operations you see almost every week.

    2. Ivan Freely says:

      Nothing really. The only way is to keep a close eye with unknown (to DC) security measures. Evidence of tampering would be made publicly.

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