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JULY 2020

Germany vs. Iran – Has Germany Sold Out to the Devil?


Written by Peter Koenig; Submitted via Global Research

Madame Angela Merkel – the head of Europe’s strongest economy, of the leader of the European Union, said that there was strong evidence that Iran attacked the two tankers in the Gulf of Oman. Ten days ago, German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, travelled to Tehran, officially to “save” the Nuclear Deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – JCPoA), but in reality, to ‘negotiate’ with Tehran ways so Germany and by association other EU members, might still do business with Iran, against some “concessions” by Iran, in order to appease Washington.

Germany vs. Iran – Has Germany Sold Out to the Devil?

Iran’s President Rouhani reacted quickly. FM Maas got the cold shoulder and was dismissed. And rightly so. Maas was not really representing Germany – but the United States. Iran gave the EU an “ultimatum” of 60 days to stick to their commitments on trading with Iran according to the Nuclear Deal – despite the US reneging on it – or else, Iran may bypass some of the conditions under the JCPOA accord. The EU – not being independent and her member countries having lost all sovereignty by submitting to the dictate first from Brussels, second from the tyranny of Washington, didn’t like the ultimatum, and said so in a joint statement. They added a weak and meek phrase, “We call on countries not party to the JCPOA to refrain from taking any actions that impede the remaining parties’ ability to fully perform their commitments;” not even daring calling the country by name, for whom the statement was destined, i.e. the US of A.

Germany’s position is as absurd as it has ever been since Merkel and the entire Bundestag accepted the sanctions imposed by Washington on Russia in 2014 – and replicated them along with the rest of the EU – even to their own detriment and to the detriment of the entire EU. Chancellor Merkel and apparently the entire Bundestag, again, go along with Washington’s equally absurd and false accusation that Iran has attacked the two tankers, one Japanese owned, the other Norwegian. The latter belonging to a close friend of Iran’s, and the Japanese one, hardest hit – exactly at the time when Japan’s PM Shinzō Abe, was visiting the Ayatollah in Tehran to discuss how to maintain the Nuclear Deal – trading – despite the sanctions and threats of Washington, hence, a friendly visit.

A blind person can see that these were two false flags – so thinly masked, with badly fabricated US ‘video evidence’ that even according to CIA and US military brass did not deliver conclusive evidence. In fact, none at all. Madame Merkel – why do you not first ask the obvious question “Cui bono?”— Who benefits? Certainly not Iran – but the aggressor, the US which has been planning and preparing for war with Iran for decades, ever since the first Iraq war under Father Bush, in 1991. At the 2003 invasion of Iraq – Bolton openly expressed his dreams to demolish Iran. He and Pompeo are liars and war criminals, who run the White House and pretend to run the Pentagon – and who act in impunity. Their power seems limitless. Trump – seems to be a mere puppet.

Getting Merkel on board of the flagrant US lie that Iran was attacking two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, is a strategic hit, enhancing the lies’ credibility and, thus, making a US attack on Iran more palatable to the rest of the world. Yet, apparently this was not enough. The Pentagon sent an unmanned high-altitude Global Hawk drone into Iranian airspace, a provocation Iran could not resist and shot the drone down, but not before sending warning signals, about which today nobody talks. The world shouldn’t know that Iran had the noblesse to warn the US about the drone being in their airspace. As can be expected the White House gnomes deny that the drone was invading Iranian airspace, but pretend it was in international air space, when it was shot down.

This raised the ante for Washington to launch an attack on Iran. All was planned to be carried from Thursday to Friday (20 to 21 June), and at last minute Trump stopped it. Is it true? – It could be, because somebody a bit ‘higher up’ than Trump and his warrior minions, must have realized the danger that such an attack may pose to the rest of the world – or actually that it could trigger a nuclear conflict. However, that the attack plan was stopped doesn’t mean it was canceled. Maybe it was just postponed.

In the meantime, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has ordered all US airlines to avoid the Gulf of Oman and the Gulf of Hormuz. And, as could be expected, the airlines of Washington’s “true” puppet allies have followed suit, i.e. Australia’s Qantas Airways Ltd, Singapore Airlines Ltd, Germany’s Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France and its Dutch KLM affiliate, as well as Malaysia Airlines, said they were re-routing flights to avoid the area. Others may follow under direct or tacit pressure of the US. The Japanese airline ANA said they were considering alternative routings. Effectively, the US was able to declare a no-fly zone over a significant area of Iran.

Let’s make no mistake, all the visible key figures at the helm of the White House – are run in the back by Israel, by Netanyahu and the Chosen People he represents, those who also run Wall Street and the western world’s banking and financial system. Israel would like to see Iran in rubbles, or better, in eternal chaos, the goal that was set for Iraq, Afghanistan and that the US was and still is dreaming for Syria. This bunch of evil elite pulls the strings and hopes to soon pull just ONE string for global hegemony, under a ONE World Order.

Back to Germany. Instead of jumping off the sinking ship of Washington and its faithful entourage of the willing, as rats would do, and as the vast majority of the German people would prefer, let alone German and European business, Madame Merkel and apparently all her circles, including Berlin’s Parliament, follow the US flagrant lie propaganda. Why? – Well, this is the deal: There are many ways to “buy” top politicians, with threats or with money or by outright inflicting fear through ‘proxy-assassinations’.

Once Germany is on board – the rest of Europe will follow suit. In that case, Washington – Trump and consortia – think they have Iran totally strangled, by blocking all trade and all financial transactions, plus confiscating Iranian assets abroad – on top of imposing stiff tariffs, so that Iran can no longer afford importing vital goods for manufacturing – or for sheer survival from the west. Once a country is weak, it can be taken over easily. So, the western, AngloZionist thinking goes.

Iran – her Fifth-Columnists aside – is strong and has already proven that it is detaching from the west. Even trying to adhere and fight for the Nuclear Deal which the west, i.e. Europe is incapable of respecting for lack of backbone, is a waste of time. To demonstrate that Iran has alternatives, Mr. Rouhani was attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on 13 and 14 June 2019, by invitation of China, the leader of the 8-member “club”.

SCO stands for promoting peace, trade and a non-aggressive defense strategy (the antidote to the NATO-type military aggression). As of now, Mr. Rouhani is an observer for his country, Iran which is in an advanced stage in the process of entering the SCO as a full member. This could happen later this year or in 2020. Iran would recover her sovereignty, her economic potential and would – and will – be able to detach from the west, pretty much as did Russia and China, the two super-powers under constant assaults of sanctions, denigration and false accusations.

Turkey – is in a similar situation. If Turkey is admitted by the SCO – also very likely – their NATO exit will be imminent. What that will mean for the rest of NATO, at this point we can only guess and dream of, especially since there is an ever-stronger people’s movement throughout Europe to exit NATO. It is particularly strong in Italy and paradoxically also in Germany. The vast majority of Germans want to exit NATO, but the government doesn’t listen. “So far” doesn’t listen. The German anti-NATO movement has been gaining strength ever since the anti-nuclear energy protests in the early seventies which were followed and intensified in the late 1970’s early 1980s against nuclear arms stockpiled in Germany by the US, particularly those stored at the US Air Force base of Ramstein, near Kaiserslautern.

The “so-far” is a precursor to a break with NATO, as the pressure against the USAF base Ramstein, against NATO, is mounting, and that, when Madame Merkel decides firmly to go with the sinking ship – risking to pull Germany and her people down the drain for sheer senseless and outdated obedience to the succumbing tyrant. How absurd!

While Iran is making smart moves, gradually away from western economics, from trading with the west – and moving eastwards – where the future is – Germany backtracks, literally into the orbit of a dying beast, into what is ever-more detectible – a decaying empire.

When will Germany wake up? When the first bombs fall on her cities – a WWI and WWII redux? Except this time, it may not be just the falling of conventional bombs. It may be nuclear meeting nuclear at Ramstein. Madame Merkel, your obligation to the people who apparently elected you is larger than you think and larger than yourself – and much larger than whatever goes on in your mind to follow a defeated warrior and rogue nation into hell.



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  • Rhodium 10

    Gerrmany is building Nordstream 2 in spite of US threat….the problem for EU..is that USA has failed with economic sanctions and military force vs Iran.. so it means an open highway to build nuclear weapons!

    • occupybacon

      That’s why Angela hurries to please Trump, maybe he will forget about the NS2 for a while

  • RichardD

    Would the people who killed 3,000 Americans, attacked the Pentagon, and made a lot of money on Wall Street doing it. Who attacked Afghanistan, Iraq twice, Libya once and are running a terror war against Syria. Start a war with Iran to disrupt the world’s oil supply, starve Europe, India and China into submission, and create a massive refugee problem for Russia? All so that they can consolidate hegemony with the Jew infested US, France and Britain doing their dirty work for them.

    I don’t know. But what I do know is that causing famine and economic collapse in Europe, India and China. Even if it damages the economies of the US, France, and Britain. Might look attractive to them. Not being criminally insane myself I can’t look at things from their perspective. But judging from what they’ve done so far. I think that it’s more than remotely possible.

    My view is that Jews, Israel and Judaism should be extinct. And that the planet and humanity would be far better off for it.

  • Ma_Laoshi

    Germany sold out to the devil when in 2003, when there still was a choice, a certain Angela Merkel wrote (or had written for her) a full-page editorial in the WaPo “War, war, war!”, and the Germans elected this piece of Zionist trash anyway. In other words, there’s little evidence that the good people of Germany deserve better than they’ve got since then.

    Oh and just to be sure, neither the country nor its Reichskanzler has any legal standing as the “leader of the EU”. When they arrogate this status to themselves anyway no matter how much misery it inflicts on the lower races, it builds a case that Germany (still) is the devil, and a good beating is in order to straighten them out for a while. Who was it again that was good at that?

    • purplelibraryguy

      A modern air force really wouldn’t be worth the cost to Iran. They have three enemies–Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States. Neither Saudi Arabia nor Israel are remotely likely to attack Iran on their own, and if they did Iran wouldn’t really need an air force to defend itself against them. Against the United States, any air force Iran could muster would just get wiped out in ten minutes. It’d be just throwing away money they could have spent on the economy or antiaircraft missiles.

      • Ma_Laoshi

        Interesting points; easy to forget that in normal countries like Iran, the military is foremost an instrument of defense. But these do imply that the loyalists’ efforts in Syria are heavily dependent on Russian air power, and the Kremlin isn’t always on the same page.

  • V. Mecki

    Madame Angela Merkel – the head of Europe’s strongest economy, of the leader of the European Union…

    she is not the head but the destroyer of Europe’s strongest economy and the splitter of german society. What the allied forces in WW2 didn’t achieve with their bombings, she did it in a few weeks by treachery and breach of the constitution. She hates Germany and makes no secret of it. You don’t believe it? Look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQB9A6YhSJg

    And I don’t believe that anyone voted for her. The only reason she got chancellor of Germany is because she kissed the ass of George W. Bush, when the former chancellor Schröder refuses his obedience to him (2nd Iraq war).

    You may ask yourselves “and why she is still there?” – Yes! Good question.

    • Ma_Laoshi

      Ha I didn’t know about that video; of a kind with Emmanuel “gens qui ne sont rien” Macron. But that doesn’t prove that nobody voted for her: when I’m talking to Europeans, I see them fighting tooth and nail defending the system that’s destroying their countries. So maybe Eurotrash will (and needs to) get what it deserves for a while longer.

      And boy, is there a lot of underestimation of the enemy in the “alternative” media. Can we at least admit that the German economy ran pretty well in, say, the first half of her tenure? We are who we are: people really won’t mind a little genocide in the the village down the road as long as their own wallets are in good shape. Unfortunately, a lot of it was thanks to the distortions created by the Euro, i.e., at the expense of the European South. This is supported by data which show that the EU is stagnating as a whole, even with a prosperous and dominant Germany. So now a couple of bills are coming due for the Merkel system… interesting times.

  • Educated African

    Does Iran really think Europe is their friend 😂😂

  • AM Hants

    Who invests heavily in the White Helmets?

    No wonder Merkel was shaking, when Ukraine turned up, just recently. Wonder what gifts they gave her from their friends in Washington DC?

  • Leon

    The US blackmail all europeen heads of states.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, the Germs are doing the best they can to undermine everything, and I dont feel any sympathy anymore with this morons, an pussifyed people run by scums of this earth, and this latest spitliking is putting the Germs into an new low, on the scale of political Limbo dancing, how low can you go, Germs, this is an new record, maybe an dimploma is due, for been so pathetic it hurts.

    And confirms, like the rest, incl Norway where the Jugenpress is kicked into warp drive, and serves nothing but lies, they lie about everything, all the time, and I guess the situation is the same in the land of the Germs.
    The ugly truth is, they want an war, 2 FF gone down the drain and you think they have changed their minds, never, and its an understatement to even say Americunts are an people of peace, they never have, it dont help of 5 people arent, when 300 mils do, thats our problem, they have ignored millions dead already, what the f…. is then the problem with millions more, they are isolated thru an ocean, we are not.
    The NATO is gearing up, and now, even Indian shit heads are sucking up to the wankees, and all we need now is another FF, just await, it comes, mark my words.
    It could be anywhere, but its the blame game that sets the premisses for what happens next, and this time I am afraid its going to be ugly.

    And to the attack, well, I read some good coments, and I agree, something snapped, what, we dont know, yet, but we can asume of course, but thats just that, asumptions (somehow, by some weird coincident, I think Iran have thing you dont even know how works, do they) , I also think it was an much larger attack, where the Drone was just one of the objects, an probable Internet attack is also on the cards, what they went for we dont know but military structures are moust lightly, and the P8 was there to test the Iranians simultaniously while attacking several front at the same time.
    This Iran, was an beta test, now the rats are running around to colect suport, thats what happens as we speak, and the idiot propaganda is going thru the roof.
    And then we have the weird obsesion in the banana republic about Bombs, or rather the sice of them, biggus dickus, more bang for the buck, and then the Nukes, witch to me, is just an bigger bomb than what can be done conventionally, what they can do is also limited, its damage is more due to how good is the defence of the attacked, the ability to hide, to bonker down, since some meters with mountain side is sually more than sufficient, and then we have the topography, etc, where if an nuke detonates in an vally, dont have more damage than some few sq miles, and thats it, tacticaly maybe, but then what, the groun is useless, contaminated, the destert storm etc, will push the fall out over large distance and contaminate regions much larger than just Iran, the Black sea, the Caspian sea, the fall out will cover the Saudi-peninsula, etc and the after math regarding people and refugees will be unppressedented in my life time, etc, they know not what they are drooling about, that is what scares me, to much insane people desiding our future.

    And I have abolutelly no qualms wih suporting Iran in this, nor have anything against Iran, nor how they have conducted them self so far, incl some humor, hehe, but this isnt about Iran, this is about Germs, the vassals of the imperial banana republic, the Brits, and above all, the one that have stayed remarkable silent, the terror state ISISrael.
    And we all are now depending on the wims of an insane f…. in the WH, drooling something about obliteration and the UssA goes extatic, everybody wants an new war, just watch the MSM.

    And the despecable theater the rotten to the bone marrow King Bibis delutional reality, whom is yapping the same lame mantra as always, Iran+nukes, yeah, while ISISrael is helping the happy head choppers whom is the babys of Saudi-barbarians, facinating isnt it, and now selling Nuke tech to the founders and makers of the Wahabi sewage rats, yeah, eh……. what could possibly go wrong..


    • Gregory Casey

      Well said.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Why dont their airdrop Merkel in Idlib to shake up HTS Erdogan terrorists.

  • goingbrokes

    It’s always good to remind the leaders of their “democratic” responsibilities towards their people (not that the elites actually give a damn). The trouble is Merkel is a puppet on strings. If you don’t believe, look up an RT video of Merkel shaking uncontrollably in Ukraine. It’s like she is expecting to die from an assassins’ bullet at any moment. “Do this or else…” The truth is she could be assassinated at any moment if she doesn’t play the ball. It’s not like the elites would leave EU’s strongest player without special attention. The speeding bullet type of attention. Merkel is like a dead person walking. It is a miracle if she lives to a mature old age.