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JUNE 2021

Germany Signs $6.5Bn Contract For Delivery Of 38 Eurofighter Typhoon Aircraft With Airbus

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Germany Signs $6.5Bn Contract For Delivery Of 38 Eurofighter Typhoon Aircraft With Airbus

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On November 11th, the German government signed a contract with Airbus SE for the delivery of 38 new Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets.

The contract makes Germany the largest ordering nation in Europe’s biggest defence programme. The order, also known by its project name Quadriga, covers the delivery of 30 single-seater and 8 twin-seater Eurofighters.

Three of the aircraft will be equipped with additional test installations as Instrumented Test Aircraft for the further development of the Eurofighter programme.

Dirk Hoke, CEO Airbus Defence and Space, said: “The new Tranche 4 Eurofighter is currently the most modern European-built combat aircraft with a service life well beyond 2060. Its technical capabilities will allow full integration into the European Future Combat Air System FCAS”.

The contract is estimated at $6.5 billion.

“The renewed order from Germany secures production until 2030 and comes at a strategically important time for the program,” the company statement read. “In addition to an expected Eurofighter order from Spain to replace its legacy F-18s, procurement decisions in Switzerland and Finland are imminent in 2021.”

The new batch, to be delivered by 2030, will replace the first tranche, bought between 2003 and 2008, which can only do air-to-air combat and boasts an obsolete radar, according to the German Defence Ministry.

Earlier, on November 8th, it was reported that the German parliament approved the acquisition of 38 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets from Airbus to arm the Luftwaffe, the German air force – rejecting the Lockheed Martin F-35 bid.

Germany’s decision not to buy the F-35 stealth fighter jet was labeled a “retrograde step” that could hamper the country’s ability to operate at the same level as its NATO partners, the European head of Lockheed Martin said in April 2019.

Jonathan Hoyle, vice-president for Europe at the US defense group, said the German decision to exclude the F-35 prompted questions among other European governments.

He alleged that during a recent visit to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization several ambassadors had expressed “disappointment” at the German decision.

“When we go off and collaborate together operationally, if you are flying stealth, fifth-generation jets, you don’t want a fourth-generation jet in the middle of your operations because everyone can see that,” he added.

However, it should not come as any surprise, Airbus is the biggest airliner manufacturer and seller in the world, but it has struggled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, it is no surprise that Germany would also prefer to make a purchase from a European company rather than a US one.

“The decision of the German parliament to buy 38 Eurofighters, known as the Quadriga project, is a very strong message, not only for the German air force but also for Europe, in particular for European defense manufacturers,” said Dirk Hoke, chief executive of Airbus Defense and Space.

“More than 100,000 jobs are based on programs like this.”

Another reason for Germany to choose the Eurofighter Typhoon over the F-35 was the wish to retain intellectual property of the aircraft, electronic systems and weapons within the country.

Back in the spring of 2020, he German Ministry of Defense decided to purchase 30 American Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet fighters and 15 EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft to replace the fleet of obsolete Tornado fighter-bombers in the FRG Air Force, as well as 93 newly built Eurofighter fighters of the Tranche 4 series within the Quadriga project.

On April 16th, the Minister of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany sent to the US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in an e-mail an official request to the US government regarding the purchase of 30 Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet multirole fighters and 15 electronic warfare aircraft and Boeing EA-18G Growler air defense suppression aircraft for the German Air Force.

The final decision to replace the Tornado fighter-bombers in the German Air Force with aircraft of new types will be made in 2022 or 2023. Only then will the German Parliament make the necessary allocation of funds. The aircraft will be purchased in 2025 with plans to replace the Tornado aircraft by 2030.

Now the German Luftwaffe has 233 combat aircraft, including 140 Eurofighter fighters and 93 Tornado aircraft.

The decommissioning of the obsolete Tornado aircraft was previously planned for 2025, but has now been shifted to at least 2030.

The choice of American F/A-18F Super Hornet aircraft to partially replace the Tornado was caused by the need to use them as carriers of nuclear weapons – American B61 series nuclear bombs. It is believed that 20 B61 nuclear bombs are in a US storage facility at Büchel Air Base, Rhineland-Palatinate, where the 33rd Luftwaffe Tactical Aviation Squadron is based, equipped with 46 Tornado IDS aircraft.


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Talk about world recession,who’s idea was it to bump up the costs tenfold last decade or so?
Too many debts.not enough infastructures,no wonder the phaedo reserve trustees are burning:


YEAH! Finally the crooked politicians in the Bundestag did something right..

All the pressure from US to buy US controlled POS F35 was for naught..
Stick this up your ass, US MIC!

Peter Moy

I just have to laugh when I see the words “NATO partner” in any article dealing with an occupied country like Germany. Once again the politicians are too cowardly or corrupt to speak out against this useless spending. Then again, it’s just one big rotten, despicable, wasteful club, and you aren’t in it. Kanzlerin Merkel should ask the increasing number of poor Germans or the ones collecting Hartz IV benefits what they think of this insanity.


Also you have to burst in laughs when you read ‘Russian Kaliningrad’ when everybody knows is Germany still under Russian occupation.

Jens Holm

Yes, Russia moved west all over and its very strange Russia got it. If the total empty Köeningsberg should not have been given to Germany, it should have been shared by Poles and Lituanians.

Many in the world still dont understand how many on that Baltic Sea zone was killed, deported, immigrated and for the jews exterminated.

When people say those small ones are small, they forget they are much smaller then they was before Stalin and Hitler took over.


Yeah, unfortunately EU refuses to consider communist crimes as bad as nazi crimes.


That is because the nazi crimes were infinitely worse in that war. Remember, the Red Army fought a war of revenge with the Germans. They wanted revenge for what Germany had do to the Soviet lands and peoples. The Germans fought a war of annihilation, trying to take take of European Russia, the Baltics, Belarus and the Ukraine, and exterminating or deporting its peoples. 2,6 million Red Army prisoners murdered by the Germans in 1941 alone. In contrast the Red Army misbehaved in 1945, but they weren’t trying to exterminate the German people. Or take their lands.

But if you ask me, the biggest reason why the EU doesn’t care much about communist crimes is that they never happened to the West. Our POV of WW2 is still mostly centered on what happened in the West, not the East. The Soviet archives were off limits after the war and the Germans did their utmost to whitewash what they had done. So it never became known in the established narrative.


Germans behaved different with Western POWs and that with Russian POWs because Russians were considered backward nation. And it was true, when Hitler and Stalin had split the Eastern Europe, Germany started to exterminate specific segments of population and Russians started ethnic cleansing by mass executions and deportation in Siberian concentration camps. In their houses were brought poor Russians. That’s why most East Europeans sided with Hitler because they were targeted mostly by Stalin. I’m saying communism started mass extermination in Siberian concentration camps before nazism started buulding its camps. And most victims were civilians from USSR then it sprwat to the West… So I totally disagree, Nazi crimes are not ‘infinitely worse’.


Germans behaved different between Western POWs and Russian POWs because Russians were considered backward nation.

The extermination camps were already buult and working in Siberia when Hitler came to power. Most victims of the communism were civilians from USSR. When Hitler and Stalin had split the East Europe, Hitler cleansed specific segments of the population, while Stalin killed en masse.

That’s why most Easterners sided with Hitler against Stalin. So no, Nazi crimes were not ‘infinitely worse’. That’s infinite propaganda.

Jens Holm

Most of Your writings is not how we are and what actually happend.

We saw too muh punishment just made a Hitler and learned from that. o more Hitlers. So we by USA raised them as new and made them a state, which made sense for them and us.

Here investments by the Marshall plan was important. All of us grew well and came from a kind of poor bad old days after the 1929 collapse into productivity making wellfare for Ourself.

Thats what we have done among each other, and thats what we as strong in Ecomics give the collapsed ones hope and affiliation by showing them, we wish them well and not being poor as in the Russian plundering Neocolonialisme.

But we also try to learn them, there is no upperstate to command them. The center for changes are them working better, harder and educate for it.

Great parts of the communist not even know what that is. Its a build in in East and also was in at the Tzars as well as the other contries mainly had despotrd too.

Thts what we do. We also make them take jpobs anywhere in EU, so they can send money home.

And dont almost blame us for it didnt happen in the west.most potential socialist joned the Social Democrates(DK 1883). Even we had stubbern king many in the upperclass as well as below made social reforms and took in more as voters too.

So the main reasons for riots like in Russia – and after that defeat to Poland and civile war of the worst kind – we had negosiations among most parts of the polical parties and Your kind was winners and killers nu,ber one.

And yes, many of us has Nato too and because Your punishment bonhead arcitechure should be decimated aming the ones, which ceratinly want and need something better.

Its also very clever of You not mentioning the millions Stalin, Kenin and TRoskij did fx in Ukraine. Milions was lilled there. Millions of jews was killed in those part of Russia too and not evacuated.

You should add those. Its no wónder so many in Ukraine still are Nazis. GET IT. They are CONTRASTS to no more neverland communisme.

Lone Ranger

Because its not the same…
Better Red than dead….
EU is a joke anyways.


The best Red is a dead Red.

Lone Ranger



The best Red is a Brown

Lone Ranger

That’s wacist…

Jens Holm

I dont see that. We are doing better then ever and has less poor then most and live longer too. comment image

The closer to Putin You are, the shorter life You will have.

Lone Ranger

According to soros stats…
Better luck next time Jens…

Jens Holm

We are not like that. We are for including and too much punishment dont do that, so we try to change and vote communists away.

We all know how it was. A friend of mine was marriged to a Pole in Jaruselski Poland. There was teargas and violence in the streets and it was decided hey should live in Denmark.

It took them more then 3 months to let them leave even it was legal to leave Poland if You are married. After that, before that and after that they had to pay corruption money on all levels.

When she came here she afrais of the police and any uniform and crosses the street to avoid any contact. She brought a nice radio being very proud of it. It was expensive, but You could go right here into any radio shop and buy the same stuff for less right away and did not have to wait and be controlled for being an enemuy of the state.

Poles were either Communist or Catholics, so She inisted in hard catholisisme the first many years and they drove hours to go to church every sunday. Even their boy has Maria as middle name. We never give Boys female names, but it brings luck and safety.

She wasnt even in the poor uneducated part but had a good job commi´ng from a big suburb of Warzaw. She an they lived in a tiny flat. They were more crowded then hens are in Denmark.

So we reduce them. We have communists here, but they are in a fraction to the Parlament with other socialists. So their max is 8% and estimated to maybee 4%. Thats how we do sith nazis too. They havnt been in the Parlament since 1945.

We try do do, so we can handle things, so extremisme is not needed.

Its often how we are. Our police are peacefull too and we handle a lot of things police do in other countries with socialworkers instead and try to include most people. By taht we have less people under control by jail – but they are under helpå and administration in stead.


Nice stoty but that was from the last years of communism when things were not as harsh as the first 10 years after the WW2 when there were extermination camps in most countries from the communist blick, not inly USSR. The camps were not for men but for entire family including children, relatives, etc. Unlike in the nazi they were not separated, but they were dying during winter, children first. The guards were criminal convicts just liberated by the communists from prisons, to be loyal and harsh. Some people on the run from USSR, didn’t make it to West, had to remain in other communist countries, changed names, with bribes of course. They said there was canibalism. Now are plenty of doccumentaries with that.

Some people still blame religion for crusades and inquisition but they turn a blind eye to what happened only 50 years ago.

Jens Holm

Thats how it was there. W have to write and debat about bad things, when are hidden or denied. Thats what we can do.


Why would the USSR allow a small rump East Prussia to exist when Poland had already taken the southern half, Pomerania and Silesia? The territory had never been Lithuanian and having it become a separate part of the Russian SSR wasn’t that big of a deal considering its all the USSR anyway. It’s only after the breakup of the USSR that it became this weird isolated part of Russia.

Jens Holm

Ha ha. It was a kind of proposal to give Lituania half or something because they are rather small and might need it more then anyone else.

And who is there certainly dont say Russia should have it. There bever was Russians there until comment image

There never was any Russians there until some few public emplyed lived there after Poland was divided and finallly eliminated as often too weak state in the middle between Tussia, Preussia and Austria-Hungary.

And You are not correct if I insist. Poland-Lituania actually has Lituanian Leadership and almost had land all the way to the Black Sea – some time before that.

The short pop version is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhoP-tqwVAw

I see You only support the Russian expansion all the way west of Berlin, Caucasus and maybee Alaska as well.

Lone Ranger

U.S. occupation*…
Russia went home 30 years ago.


Nope. See if you didn’t like school? Now you have to work hard :)

Lone Ranger



Even if I explain it to you you wouldn’t get it. But I’ll tell you something else. Since you are a commie and you hope capitalism to ‘belly up’ that means you are a loser and your job sucks and you hate your life. It’s obvious.

Lone Ranger

I’m not a commie, and it’s not capitalism but crony capitalism, that’s why the system is collapsing.
Every sane person wants to destroy globalists, neo-trostkyites and fake royality.
They run commies too by the way, just so you know…


I wouldn’t argue against that. One thing you don’t understand is the whole system is made that way, USA falls the last. It’s actually pretty simple to explain but from our talks, I conclude it’s too complex for you.


I’m sure Lone Ranger will understand it, but explain it to me then…. :)


You ara already sure of things so you know it all. No need to pretend.

Lone Ranger

Or for you…
We shall see.


I’m old enough to observe the 2008 chrisis and I’m not fanthasizing.

Lone Ranger

Me too, and trust me we will wish it was 2008…

Jens Holm

I feel fine we are occupied as You descriebe it even if the Zionists and CIA has it. Ha ha.

USA has not collapsed us as the Russian did all the way to west of Berlin.

I will remind You that so many are comming to us and are not leaving even we ask for it. Something You are forbidden to see and reflext about is here.

Angela Merkel and EU does a very good job making many jobs and many of those permanent or temporary ones from Eastern Europe can go home by train or bus at the next departure, if they want to. But they do prefare to have ver low paid jobs instead of none.

The free looking for jobs is decided to devellop the collapsed Russian Neocolonialisme. Soem Putin, Jeltzin, Gorbatjov and old men being winners in WW2 did that collapse. We did not. Stalin was offered Marshal help too, but didnt dare.

And then thare are 50% of the muslims. Even they are helped a lot, the final result is, Germany is not a muslim country in the old days. Most of them had decided to some. Dont blame Angela Merkel for, they dont decide it makes mpre sense to integrate in the much more poor NON devellopment zones, they came from.

Jens Holm

I like that. Its much better then the old versions of the F16s and much cheeper then the F35.

My own oppion for Denmark was same thing. We should not have ordered 27 F35 but less and fx brand new F16s in its newest version – AND fx 10 advanced drones.

None says that when the F35 arrive, they partly can be replaced by drones and for that matter missiles.

We see drones are innovated fast fromlow to high tech.


I remember they said they will buy a couple of F-18 too, better than F-35 imo, they have advanced electronic warfare.

Jens Holm

Idont follow the German decidings well but I do know the F18 should be random bettter. Good idea too.

Lone Ranger

I agree the Super Hornet is a lot better jet compared to the Flop-35, but dont overestimate its EW capebilities, the Growler is still using the venerated AN/ALQ-99 jammers, those things are from the Vietnam era, no match for Russian or Chinese EW suits.
Against third world countries, maybe…


In a war war between Russia and USA that detail doesn’t matter.

Lone Ranger

Thats true.


Also Germany produces good AA missiles, vary hard to jam.

Jens Holm

Yes, many in Europe andother place in the world can make good stuff. Parts of the european weapons industries actually are owned or partly owned by the Americans. Those kind of companies buy each other too.

Damien C

Germans going Euro and F18 because they have zero faith in F35 ever being operationally effective long term ….
Man what a kick in the balls to Lockheed Martin the Germans are saying your equipment is shite only fit for propaganda and oil rich Arab nations with more money than sense

Jens Holm

You are just evil ones laughing.


I fail to see why the Luftwaffe would need to buy American aircraft just because they are the only ones on the market to carry American nuclear bombs. Considering how vulnerable aircraft are to a well organized capable air defense as the Russians currently have that would be the least important part of a NATO deterrent. The US nuclear bombs issued and stored by NATO countries is such an outdated and inconsequential NATO mission that it boggles the mind why these countries place such an importance on them. And its not like they would have any say in its use anyway. They might as well get rid of that task and gain some independence in what aircraft they can buy and use.

Jens Holm

Next we have to ask Putin for more rubels too … snif snif…


So germany has not learnt, they want to carry nooklear weapons and get erased off the map.. Dont surprise me that other countries also want nooklear weapons with such attitudes.. maybe litichestan wants to attack germany and steal their bidets..

Jens Holm

Take a pill. They just replace the capability with new aircrafts.

Lone Ranger

Lockheed trolls will cry and rage ?


and even stoltenberg,, norwegian failure and head of nato, recommended european countries to send the nukes in europe back to the morons in washington dc.

Jens Holm

Hallo dirtbag Verner from some behind smalling bad as brownies mainly does.


So…..$171 million each fighter?

Антон С

6500:38=171 million per 1 plane. Is it golden?

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