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Germany Sends Intelligence Data To Ukraine

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Germany Sends Intelligence Data To Ukraine

BND was involved in the transfer of intelligence to Ukraine

As a result of an investigation conducted by the publications Zeit and ARD Kontraste, it was revealed that Germany had handed over satellite images and radio intercept data to Kiev. Apparently, this mostly concerned information regarding the deployment and movements of Russian military equipment taking part in combat operations in Ukraine.

According to the results of the investigation, in May 2022, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz approved the transfer of the intelligence, while noting that the FRG is still not a participant in the conflict in Ukraine. However, it is clear that the FRG will continue to assist the Kiev regime by supplying military equipment, ammunition and training Ukrainian soldiers. The close cooperation between the special services of Germany and Ukraine is proven by the fact that shortly before the start of the war the president of BND, Bruno Kahl, had a meeting with the head of Ukrainian intelligence Kirill Budanov and was urgently evacuated from Kiev after the invasion began.

Germany Sends Intelligence Data To Ukraine

Satellite data and radio intercepts were to be transmitted

There is no doubt that Germany, as well as its NATO allies, actively supported Ukraine during the military counterattack in the Kharkov region in September 2022, when Russian troops were pushed back to the state border. This refers not only to satellite images and intercepted telephone conversations, but also to a significant number of foreign mercenaries, although their involvement in the official military organizations of Western states is thoroughly denied by U.S. and German officials.

At the same time, Moscow’s reaction to Scholz’s aforementioned actions remains a unclear. At the present moment, no one can say where is the thin line between the country’s transition from supporting Ukraine and being a direct participant in the military conflict? According to an investigation by German journalists, the BND conducted a judicial verification of intelligence transfers to Kiev, which concluded that Berlin was not directly involved in the war against Russia.

However, the main question is whether the results of the verification will satisfy Putin and lead to a full-scale European war.


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German under Regime of USA

John Tosh

Does not matter… the Prostitute (CIA) is about to be exposed.

“They will tear her flesh she will be exposed”

Ukraine is a king installed by the CIA and only has a biblical “one hour” short time to live.

The empire of the beast with seven heads (G7) and Ten horns (countries like Ukraine, Poland etc) is coming to an end.

The whole world should celebrate this!


More hits needed


Germany shot itself in the foot because its leaders are under usa toes Stitching up the wider population who will pay for the war in higher prices same for the whole of Europe USA pushing Poland to be the leader of the new European plan


There no germans in Germany anymore only foraigners ,Afrikans, Tali , polaks, Paki and many others

Vlad from Romania

And Romanian depressed hungry frigid prostitutes.


yeah and no one seems to understand this simple fact

if Erdogan gives the order, the millions of turks living in Germany will just topple the government and things will change with the flip of a switch

this is why Putin is so cozy with Erdogan, he understand very well that the turks have the EU by the balls

jens holm

Turks are not as primitive as You indicate.

They vote as Germans in Germany, whats best for them in Erdogan.

In Turkey most of them voite for Erdogan because it seemes best Erdogan is the runner there.

It goes for Denmarl as well. It might change. We have many very old Turks here. They came from almost nothing there. Parts of their children are now educated and more danish according relations to Tirkey/Erdogan. We will see,

Lord Humungus

This is how I feel. Countries with a great historical past, Italy, Greece, today are just a thought. There is some entity calling itself by the same name, but that is where the historical comparisons end.

jens holm

I agree. You cant just compare like that.

Italy is very new as a State by Garabaldi as Dicatator in 1860 by internal war between several states there. .

Old Germany actually was a big very looses state constructionj, where Preussen took over the Leadership. Germany was born as real State by Hitler in 1933.

I support EU because we reduce the confrontations by being open helping each other. To me its a kearner from WW1 & 2 and Empires outdating.

Russia in this is the last outdated Empire.

One Flew Over the EU Cuckoo Nest.

EU is a manicomio. They help each other in insane asylums too.

jens holm

Its 25%.

The German GDP pr capita is almost twice as much as for Russia. The German GDP is more then twice as much as Russia.

Russia in GDP is like South Korea, Caanada or Italy. So they must be something right.

Sweden and Germany took in too many from Syria. Its not solved well yet.

Lord Humungus

How does the US exercise such complete control? All these years since 1945 and not a hint of sovereignty. By the way, that is the fate that would await Russia if she yields. In fact, it would be worse. Russia would not exist. It will be blown up to a dozen or more statelets.

jens holm

USA decided to invest in us to be partners by the Marchall plan. It was the opposite of the fiaco by punishment and peace in Our time.

People did remember how so many was poor and unimployed before WW2. The war also added a lot of destructions and many graves.

People here mainly use the word control as something bad. I will say USA by that control a system of doing things because its doing pretty well.

BUT the system control itself and has its own life. Best known is producing best to the price. People here forget USA want people to run states and NOT the Goverment. Its ignored USA even has armed their citicens to the teaht to protect them against the State. USA also is 50 UNITED STATES.

They and we by that are not like Communisme in the dirty Russian version at all.

By that we might bew many states, but we also own each others by companies and invetsments by the stockmarket. So people in USA own corners of Denmark by that – BUT – we own parts of USA as well.


Correct,that why losing in Ukraine is just not an option for Russia.they have to win and win big,otherwise they will be enslaved by the American Reich.

jens holm

You write a Russian sciénce fiction. It do make sense that if Nato has added East Our defende lines moved East too.

If Putin and Your kind decided Nato was someone with bow and arrow in England. If You want less troops in fx Poland, it would be a god helpt to remove Your behinds in Ukraine OUT.

MMMM, Finger Lickin' Gut!

Germans are American toe pickers. Then they can the toe jam and sell it as a delicacy.


Wait for winter! and clouds No more satellite imaging. If Zelensky doesn’t negotiate now, the steppes will be free, with a safety strip on the west bank. A year later, if the Kiev clown is still there and has not signed peace and 100% disarmed, Russia will arrive at the border, but not the one imagined by the Nazis.

jens holm

So funny. The nazi border was Ural mountains and the river.

It also was a permanent people reduction into what was needed. The war now in those matters is too slow even Russian dies fast.

Z for Victory

Holm, you are just so stupid.


Germany is absolutely a direct participant in the Ukraine war against Russia the intelligence information alone being provided to the regime in Kiev that enables it to carry out murderous attacks against civilians in former eastand southern Ukraine proves this. This current German government and their agencies need to be held responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people in the Ukraine conflict and the destruction caused as a result of German involvement in the war. Should events escalate then Russia has the right under international law to respond by any means in order to negate whatever threats Germany may pose


With the history of Germany in that part of the world from WW2 there is something rather nauseating about Germans one again killing people there,they did the same with the Nato gangster attack on Serbia bombing it for 78 days,the German luftwaffe took part in that war crime,some of the ruling elite in Germany have not learnt their lesson,if the have to be taught the lesson again i think Germany would be totally annihilated.

jens holm

Thats babling non sense. Germany never has denied their help by themself as Country and Nato in those matters.

We and Germany has not invaded Ukraien. Your kind has not keeping what was signed in 1991 makingthings even much worse.

And Yiu are right. Russians and no one else should die for this. Russia instaed should devellop their own country, whci now almost has its correct seize.

USSR made Ukraine as a malfaction of 3(or more) very different parts. Now they even cant leave those people alone. They even destroy an already very pooor part.

Vlad from Romania

Germany is a shithole of abussive sadistic degenerates. Germany must be cleaned of Merkel and Scholz and Annalena ilk.

Last edited 7 months ago by Vlad from Romania
jens holm

But we elect them Ourself. They are not elected to take well care of You. Germany is no Russian childcare center. They must be something right.

You have no real Leadership but some kind of non updated Win95.

jens holm

I will mot comment Romania much. It has its own life. If people want to devllop very slow and is fine with that its fine with me as long as they keep the EU credentials.

If I was a citicen there I would improve the living standards by needed changes but smaller ones.

Bigg Chungus

Merkel was not bad. She knew how to cooperate with Putin when it was important, and that’s why the NSA tapped her phone.

Lord Humungus

We feel less sorry for Germany now.

jens holm

Germans has not to be felt sorry for. They are doing fine. If they need it about gas, we will help them.


Germany like SouthKorea

jens holm

South Korea didnt make WW2. They were taken by Japan and later on liberated by USA.

jens holm

Thats not even news.

They have detailed pictures of Putin spanking himself in his behind, so he look more like the old russian flag.

Close up pictures from a mini nazi satelite seemes to indicate, he soon will have a moustache. That goes for his daughters as well.


The GESTAPO of Germanistan, (keystone clown of Natostan) and puppet master slash paymaster of the evil EUSSR, is waging war on its own peasantry and all Euro peons by default. Now that USSA has blown up the energy life line with Russia how long more will the regime in Berlin manage to keep its covaid$ death squirted populous under control? What about “saving granny” now?

Hunger and freeZing temperatures will definitely test the control of Germanistan’s Atlanticist oligarchs over their sullen PfiZer posioned herd in the months ahead.

Meanwhile in the real world Mr Bear is getting ready to obliterate all that remains of rump Ukropland as an air force armada prepares to rain down death on USSA’s useless idiot. Rumsfeldian “Shock and awe” was for pussies in comparison what is yet to come for the neo cohen’s Ukrop “miracle”. The gloves are coming off and Natostan is about to feel the teeth and claws of a very very angry Bear. In the coming years, if not months, the Pentacon mobsters will be routed from Urup or Urup will be “glassed over” as Hillbilly Klingon was wont to say back in the day with that foul hag was threatening Iran with genocide.

My how the worm has turned in Slumville proper!

Gerry Bell

‘According to an investigation by German journalists, the BND conducted a judicial verification of intelligence transfers to Kiev, which concluded that Berlin was not directly involved in the war against Russia.’ – WELL THEY WOULD, WOULDN’T THEY?


Its clear Russia must ht the interests and assets of those criminals even if they don’t hit Germany,that could involve siezing ships and aircraft etc and any business they may still have in Russia.

Florian Geyer

Arguably, the Russian Federation could attack ‘ Western terrorists ‘ wherever they are. This precedent was set by NATO, LOL.

Slava Rossiya.

Real Truth

German nazis helping their nazi ukraine brothers is no surprise.

What is a surprise is that the filthy jew is supplying weapons to ukraine nazis.

only joking- we know jews are evil rats that support both sides of all wars

Garbage In, Garbage Out


First you have to find an intelligent German official.

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