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Germany’s Rheinmetall Unveils The Lynx CSV, Developed And Made In Australia

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Germany’s Rheinmetall Unveils The Lynx CSV, Developed And Made In Australia

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Germany’s Rheinmetall Unveils The Lynx CSV, Developed And Made In Australia
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Germany’s largest weapons manufacturer Rheinmetall unveiled a brand-new version of the Lynx Combat Support Vehicle (CSV).

The company did so during an event at the company’s Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) in Redbank, Australia.

The CSV is proposed as a replacement for the Australian Army’s aging fleet of armored personal carriers.

The Lynx CSV development was kept secret until now and it is one of the most “sophisticated” military machines to be built in Australia.

“The Lynx CSV was designed by Australian engineers and manufactured at MILVEHCOE using Australian steel and our industry network of more than 100 partners,“ said Gary Stewart, Rheinmetall Managing Director.

“It is uniquely Australian as a ‘work horse’ vehicle, even taking on the distinct function of a ute,” he added. Thus, the aim is for it to be a vehicle that can be used in a variety of situations, with many different purposes.

According to the developers, the Lynx CSV provided significant flexibility in how soldiers operate in the field, the type of equipment they can carry and the combat support roles they can perform.

The Lynx CSV is a game-changer for armies and would enable soldiers to complete a range of missions while fully protected. With the CSV, soldiers can perform recovery, repair, maneuver support and support logistics using a vehicle with similarities to the existing Lynx IFV.

The similarities between the usual Lynx IFV and the new CSV make it more efficient and straightforward for soldiers to simply receive the vehicle and use it, and that is applicable to armed forces across the world that use the system.

The Lynx CSV featured additional onboard fuel capacity to support refueling other vehicles in the field; a roof top mounted crane capable of lifting more than five tons, allowing it to pull other vehicles utilizing the crane, interchangeable power pack; and excavation attachments including a clam shell bucket and rock breaker.

The modular remote weapon station can be configured with a range of weapons and ammunition from 7.62mm, 12.7mm up to 40mm grenade.

Australia has rapidly began modernizing its armed forces. In addition to improving the army’s hardware, it signed the AUKUS agreements with London and Washington and is beginning work on nuclear submarines.

The deal with France was abandoned, but the rushed militarization continues in the face of the perceived threat coming from China. With US President Joe Biden promising to rush to Taiwan’s help “if China attacks”, Canberra may have to also mobilize its forces in the case of a significant escalation.

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China will never need to attack Taiwan, as China’s economy grows Taiwan will look at it, and will want a piece of the pie, and a deal will be worked out so it becomes like an off shore Hong Kong, and after a period of time they will be reunited.


Taiwan economy is mostly dependent of chinese market.

Arch Bungle

Typical Ozzie technology. Built for the last century’s wars to deliver too little at a cost that will never be viable.

Christina Frey

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Last edited 20 days ago by Christina Frey
Icarus Tanović

SF Rhinemetal Aussies and army.

Aussies and army=no go. If Americans think that tiny Aussie army will shred their blood for American interests, they’re totally wrong.
And anyways, what is this funky stuff?
And Rhinemetal isn’t really any close to biggest German military manufacturers.

Last edited 20 days ago by Icarus Tanović
Robert Capa

They already have in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. And, an Australian military aircraft based in Iraq was even involved in the unlawful NATO attack on the strategic Syrian town of Dier Ezzore. A sustained bombing and strafing attack directed against the defending hold-out SAA garrison, that was besieged by ISIS. That hour long NATO aerial attack took out the SAA’s vital entrenched artillery positions, on two hills in front of the town, and opened a frontal assault pathway for ISIS to breach the defenses, and attack into the SAA held remote eastern town. As a result ISIS very nearly cut the town’s defending garrison into two separated pockets, however, eventually after suffering heavy infantry losses the SAA garrison would be reinforced and prevail.

Back in late 1960’s the Australian government had a slogan about its commitment to US’ Vietnam War – ‘All The Way With LBJ’. That, of course, turned out rather differently, as in all the way to defeat and withdrawal with Nixon. Afghanistan didn’t proved much different, and yet again, the Australian government refuses to publicly acknowledge or accept that the personnel sacrifices were all in vain.

Last edited 18 days ago by Robert Capa

They have been in all american wars, why should they stop being vassal´s new?

Karl Wolfe

Well, we know that Australia is no longer interested in being a Western style Democracy so what is there to “defend”!when they treat their own people worse than the North Koreans do?
They will most likely use it on Australian citizens who don’t appreciate the notion of living under a totalitarian dictatorship.

Robert Capa

Australia – in its current political form – was originally founded as a British Imperial penal colony. As a result, built into its DNA, it has always been subject to both paternalistic governance and over regulation – as both colonies AND prisons are. Historically, this was seen in heavily governing regulation, varying from media censorship to business operating hours. In the original New South Wales mainland colony the Royal Marines were the police – a military penal force – and they basically ran the show, through combination of brutality and corruption. This is not necessarily the healthiest of beginnings for a ‘western parliamentary democracy’ and many of the past colonial political and cultural traits were naturally carried over into the post-colonial, federalized, Australian Constitutional Monarchy state (the political legitimacy remained based on the British Monarchy – hence the term ‘Crown Lands’ for all Australian government owned territory).

Last edited 18 days ago by Robert Capa
Robert Capa

At least, in this rare case, the Australians weren’t pressured into buying US military hardware – which would have been the mediocre performing Bradley, or far worse, the notorious topple-over Stryker!

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