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Germany may use its full force against Daesh

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If current efforts against the terrorist group are not enough to eradicate it, Germany doesn’t discard the possibility to increase its involvement in the conflict.

Germany may use its full force against Daesh

German troops receive instructions before boarding an Airbus A400M (pictured in the back) at the German military base in Jagel, Germany on December 10, 2015. EFE

German Vice Chancellor and Economy and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel announced during the annual federal congress of the SPD (Social Democratic Party) that Germany could be directly involved in the fight against the Islamic State (IE) if current political and military efforts against the extremists fail.

Part of this possible German strategy in Syria would be the deployment of troops on the ground, a demonstration of a broader involvement in the battle against the terrorist group.

Last Friday Bundestag (German Parliament) approved a plan made by Chancellor Angela Merkel to send 1200 troops, a frigate and six reconnaissance jets to take part of the international coalition struggling against the expansion of Daesh. It must be said that the cited deployment comes against the opposition of Syrian government that has continuously claimed its skepticism about the effectiveness of the airstrikes made by the so-called US-led coalition.

Experts like Aiman Mazyek, head of the Central Muslim Council of Germany consider that Germany’s latest involvement in Syrian conflict won’t have positive results alleging that existing terrorist groups in the Middle East are the result of very badly implemented war policies.

Germany got involved in the fight against Daesh after the series of terrorist attacks of Paris happened on November 13th.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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