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Germany Hints At Possible Sanctions On Nord Stream 2 As A Result Of Navalny Situation

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Germany Hints At Possible Sanctions On Nord Stream 2 As A Result Of Navalny Situation

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On September 6th, the German Defense Minister and Foreign Minister both hinted that sanctions on Nord Stream 2 could be possible as a result of Alexei Navalny’s alleged Novichok poisoning.

Berlin is attempting to increase pressure on Russia, warning that a lack of support by Moscow in the investigation could “force” Germany to rethink the completion of Nord Stream 2.

“I hope the Russians won’t force us to change our position regarding the Nord Stream 2” pipeline being built under the Baltic Sea, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said.

Maas also said that “if there won’t be any contributions from the Russian side regarding the investigation in the coming days, we will have to consult with our partners.”

He did not exclude possible sanctions against Russia, telling the newspaper that such measures should be “pinpointed effectively.”

Maas admitted that halting the building of the nearly completed gas pipeline would harm German and European companies.

“Whoever demands this has to be aware of the consequences,” he said. “More than 100 companies from 12 European countries are involved (in the construction), about half of them from Germany.”

“We have high expectations from the Russians to bring light into this severe crime,” Maas said. “If they have nothing to do with this attack then it’s in their own interest to put the facts on the table.”

Separately, German Defense Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s protégé Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said she was ready to discuss sanctions against Russia on the Nord Stream-2 project over the poisoning of Alexei Navalny.

“I’ve always said that Nord Stream 2 is not my favorite project. “It has always been obvious to me that it is necessary to take into account the legitimate security interests of the countries of Central Europe and Ukraine,” said the Minister of Defense.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer stressed that Germany would take further steps depending on how Moscow acts.

“The proven use of chemical weapons raises very serious questions for the Russian leadership. The world is waiting for answers to them,” said the German Defense Minister.

Merkel herself, however, said that it was wrong to link Nord Stream 2 with Navalny.

The head of the parliamentary committee on foreign policy, Norbert Röttgen, called for a reconsideration of gas supplies from Russia to Germany and a refusal to complete the construction of Nord Stream 2.

France also suggested the possibility of sanctions if Moscow fails to quickly respond to European demands for answers about Navalny’s poisoning.

“It’s a serious situation. It’s serious firstly because it’s the poisoning of another opposition figure. And it’s serious because the substance that was used, Novichok, is banned,” said French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

″The Russians must now tell us the truth so that we can act accordingly … When we say quickly, it’s quickly, that’s to say a week, now. It’s a traumatizing event for everyone, it’s astonishing for everyone. So the Russians must take the necessary action and I hope they will,” he said.

Moscow denies all of the allegations. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reiterated Moscow’s claim Sunday that Germany hadn’t provided any evidence since Russia requested it in late August.

“Dear Mr. Maas, if the government of the Federal Republic of Germany is sincere in its statements, then it should itself be interested in preparing a response to the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia as soon as possible,” Zakharova wrote in a Facebook posting.


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These “Novichok poisonings” seem like a false flag operation by MI6 and CIA. :/


yes, and obviously there is a will to destroy economies by there own governments


Every victims of this very deadly novichok are magically survived and always left all the evidence to the russian. Those victim must be very luckyor this smell foul play.

King Cliff

The German government are born puppet, the Russian wouldn’t poison that idiot. The people who back him poison him,why would the Russian careied out such act when they know the United States of America is looking to destroy what ever relationship they have with Germany. If the Russian wanted that guy dead,he would have been dead.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

If Russia accepts this nonsense from senior German government officials, then Russia may as well hang out the bunting for NATO troops to walk all over Russia.

The Russian government are the ones who should be shown proof of any crime, so the Russians should tell the Germans to retract their allegations, or no more energy products goes to Western Europe.

If Russia wants to be taken seriously as a major power, then no other course of action is open to them than complete dis-integration with the German industries. The Germans need to be reminded who lost the war, and for what reasons.


Spot on,there is nothing more grotesque than a German threatening Russia after what they did in the War,seems there are still many Nazis under the surface in Germany,if i was Russia i would tell them if there is much more of this nonsense all the gas gets switched off,in fact i would be tempted to freeze Nordstream 2 right now.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

The Russians have to do something ffs, its embarrassing how a shite “nation” like Germany speak to their conquerers, who were kind enough to leave German territory after the German genocidal attacks on the Slavic people.

The USA are still there, and the Germans shit themselves of those pussies who turned up in Germany after the Soviets had done ALL the hard work.

Jim Allen

Two completely different subjects. The Germans learned the hard way the costs involved in having Nordstream sitting idle. This is a distraction, to divert attention to this sensationalized bullshit that can’t possibly have the slightest effect on completing the project. Germany, and EU are leveraged by their debt to Central Bank. The Globalist’s hate Russia, give zero fucks about Germany or any other country that’s not Khazaria. Keep your eye on the Zionist.

Band Itkoitko

This is effectively what’s happening just in a less abrupt pace and without too much noise. Russia is a huge country with large resources and great culture, experiences, and people. They can afford to act slowly, smoothly, strategically, and without too much noise, emotions, or anger.

The connections with the West are decreasing, as well as the energy products for the West (at least relatively). Russia doesn’t even need to to anything extreme for that and explicitly burn any bridges. Just leaving the West to its own wickedness is more than enough. The West cannot do anything at all but to cut the branch they are sitting on and crash by their own doing.

All Russia needs to do is “not pick up the phone” when the West is calling, since the West explicitly and spitefully claims that it doesn’t want to be in a good relationship with Russia. This is enough to send them in disarray. The Westerners are too spoiled, dependant, and used to a comfortable lifestyle. Just the though of losing that freaks them out.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Russia has been supplying Europe with energy for over 50 years, since Soviet times, and have always acted responsibly through its dealings with Europe.

I feel that the time is right for a public statement to Germany from Russia where the Russians would ask the Germans to either put up, or shut up. The energy taps should be turned off immediately if a negative answer is given, and Russia should then cut all contact with EU powers. The Chinese, Japanese and Koreans would be delighted to have such a proven, reliable energy supplier to boost further there already impressive economies.

Let the German politicians deal with their cold and unemployed citizens after that, along with Britain and the other vassals of Europe.

Band Itkoitko

We may witness some stronger, while balanced, statements in the coming weeks and months, since some might be even public (I’m sure there are a lot of extra things happening in the non-public sphere). We need to account for the specifics of Russian mentality and Putin is a representative of that mentality. Russians act extremely strong and everyone that faced them knows that no-one beats you as good as Russians do, but they do that when it becomes really necessary. Russian people wouldn’t be greatly happy to throw Germany (or even the US) in destruction and poverty, independently of the West’s absurd actions. However, if Germany insist on getting there, no-one can stop them from self-destructing.

See how weird it may seem from western perspective that Putin, knowing that there would be a meltdown and propaganda, still was willing to give Navalny to the “care” of the West. We all have seen how a group of small dogs jump around a big strong dog, trying to intimidate it, while the big dog just walks undisturbed and seemingly ignoring them. The little ones may feel cocky and empowered following the call of their primitive nature, but deep inside they instinctively realize that they are at the mercy of the large dog. That’s also the case here. Everyone loves to “bark” against Russia, but at the very moment Putin just decides to show a bit of his large “teeth”, they get pale and start to shiver in fear. No, the West does not interpret Russia’s actions as a sign of weakness, but they would still test the boundaries. Maybe they haven’t had their dosage of good beating for too long and they long for it…

rightiswrong rightiswrong

I’d have no doubt that there is a lot more being said behind the scenes by the Russians, but perceptions here in the EU is skewered against Russia, since birth for most Westerners. I started to doubt the narrative quietly while a young man myself, it seemed that no one would live there if things were as bad as the West made out, especially border guards. “I’ve learned to hate the Russians, all through my whole life, If another war comes, it them we must fight, To hate them and fear them, To run and to hide, And accept it all bravely, With God on our side”.

Then you start to think differently, when you realise that British influenced nations, do this to all their citizens. Then it becomes obvious, no Russians ever attacked our nations, while Western history is that of conquest and division.

Band Itkoitko

“With God on our side” is where the deception is rooted.

There are strong indications that this would not go on much longer and the West’s thousand-year old attempt at self-justification is soon to come to an end. It won’t be pretty but I think truth will rule again in the west and your thirst for justice will be satisfied. After all, western people are not intrinsically evil by nature, at least not different from eastern people, and they cannot live in lies forever.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

It was for sure the root of our problems for centuries, but there’s no one killing for God these days, the banks and financial leaders have taken his place for sure.

I don’t hold much hope that the people will get rid of the oligarchs, as one of Henry Fords buddies said, he could get half the poor people, to kill the other half. Might have been Firestone who said that, but looking at the ultimate bankers tool, the Nazis, he was right. Those same forces are rising again, without the openly crazy leadership they used in the 30s.

Jim Allen

Russia is acting more quickly than it appears. It’s never really been given to impulsive, emotionally driven responses to stupidity. Also, I think the Bear likes being poked to a point. It eventually annoy’s the Bear when there’s no reason behind this erratic, poking with no purpose.


What are they supposed to investigate if they have no information beyond unsupported political screeching Merkel was a Physicist?

I say let die Frau Publish her Data to support this theory or Halt die Klappe.


You fucking pathetic AmeriCunt PUPPETS !!! You have no spine to even defend your own interests, you fucking ringworm’s !!!


Russia should make that threat right now,it may concentrate a few minds in Berlin.


What threat?!

I think they know perfectly well what they are doing. If they really want to renounce North stream 2 and suffer heavy economic losses nobody can stop them. On top stopping of North stream2 will stop Turk stream and force Russia to apply her sanctions as an answer

It is up to German idiots if they want to shoot their own foot and reject much cheaper Russian gas! There is no way in this world that Russia could force them into something if they do not want it because obedient like slaves and refusing to follow their own interests.

Jim Allen

Russia isn’t in the habit of making threats. That’s a Western trademark. The arrogant sociopaths appear to have confused kindness with weakness. Zionist Khazars simply can’t help themselves, their arrogance has traditionally been their undoing.

Potato Man

The timing of this events tho….it is very nice for some people. Remember that Zion, Greek, Egypt gas and oil deal?


Be serious, that has nothing to do with North Stream 2 or attacking Russia ! That gas will not be delivered before undersea pipelines are built . And they will have to wait another 5-10 that gas exploitation and gas pipelines are built ! And EU needs more gas NOW!!! EU needs for gas are huge and growing every year! US wants to impose their 30% more expensive gas and ruin EU while grabbing lots of money!!

Potato Man

No I don’t want to be serious, they (EU) are acting like clowns.


israeli gas through the east med is a pipe dream never to be fulfilled. basic fact of life!

Tommy Jensen

Russia should also answer why they have not made NS-2 green ecology? The German population have voted 25% of Die Grüne eco-fascists into the German parliament and they dont want heavy polluting industry as the Russians are having it. They want a clean lebensraum. Answer that question also! Why?

Servet Köseoğlu

common project and sanctions???…stupid lgbt countries..ı even dont want to comment anything…


When Germany will become the slave of NATO and the EU and pay for both of these organizations without the option of complaining they will regret not working with Russia. They will become poorer and possibly go toward another self destructive dictatorship which will be destroyed again by the mighty USA. They will bite their tongues. But it will be too late.

Tommy Jensen

This German lady here is about to raise a €1 trillion fund to destroy all industry in Europe with green projects. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/30ca8f6b77b24872c26f3c96a4cfe7d54d6cfbf75468bad321cb3821d53bf727.jpg


She is showing the length of her GREEN dildo (project) and saying that she would never ever use any other color. That is why she is elected to be a head of EU and why EU is failed organization

Peter Moy

Yes that Ursula von der Leyen is a real scumbag. She was bad enough as the German colony defense minister. Only people in highly paid government jobs can be this bad.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

It was the Red Army who steamrolled the Germans.

The Yanks were chasing English crumpet for most of the war, then turned up in Germany to set up their brothels for the long stay in a defeated state.


unrelated issues though

Lone Ranger

German cucks. How long are they willing to duck Uncle Sams pee pee? Ifvtgey dare to fold Russia should stop all gas and oil deliveries to the EU. Let them eat cake… Lets see how much the U.S. will deliver and at what cost. EU is digging its own grave financially. Crumbling U.S. Empire wants to take EU and China with them to the grave.

Joao Alfaiate

Gas from the USA after compression, shipment, etc., etc. will be about 2X Nord Stream delivered to the proverbial “city gate”. That’s just simple pipeline economics. If the Europeans want to commit economic suicide, let them.

Albert Pike

Angela is MI6 – so what they are sucking is… aaa …long live the Queen…


Are the Germans going to sanction themselves.


Thats what it would mean,but wouldn’t surprise me after all the lunacy i have seen for years.


Makes one wonder if Germany is using this incident as a prextext to provide them cover if they do decide to cancel Nord Stream 2, oh it wasnt us it was Russia.

johnny rotten

Imagine if Russia also closes NS1, what would become of the German economy? luckily for the Germans, not everyone is stupid in Germany.


I hope most are not stupid,but they were stupid enough once before to turn the Country over to Hitler,so i wouldn’t rule anything out.

Jim Bim

It`s laughable how Germany keeps threatening and accusing Russia while not sharing their findings.


Thats because the findings don’t match the propaganda,but give it time they are probably talking to the CIA to fabricate some evidence,i believe the Russian kept all the medical data from when Navalny was in Hospital,simple job to compare it with the German data.

Jim Bim

+ Russia has so far collected 400 pieces and CCVT, regarding Navalny`s wherabout, from his hotel – airport-plane- Hospital.


It’s just to show just how the US still has some pull in Germany. Some Germans are still being brainwashed by Pompeo and the EU who are very pro USA no matter what they say. The Navalny thing is just another CIA/MI6 false flag attack to be blamed on Russia. The US tried everything to stop NS2 and failed so now they are using this as a tool to push others to side with them. This is so simple…no proof? No case!

Fog of War

When will Russia ever learn ?


Learn what?


Youhooo…what’s that smell? Is it fear?

carlo cozzarin

Maybe it’s come the time for Russia to poison some opposition assholes in the UK and sanction Queen Elizabeth

Albert Pike

Why opposition and why only some – MI6 is not opposition controlled…


Get off the sex change tablets,soon the queen will put nazi eu-epp and you soros trolls in place!

carlo cozzarin

Go out the box and stop take of your tablets, prince Philip, soon your wife, the queen will kick off you nazi and of course your Schwartz trolls on the water while your friends Antifa will make you a Joker face smile!

cechas vodobenikov

expected from an amerikan colony—I suggest they pay double for amerikan gas


Let Russia-approved German medical experts come to Omsk and examine the retained Navany blood samples — Germany reciprocates by providing the very first blood samples immediately taken on Navalny’s arrival at the hospital to Russian experts.


the north stream 2 will be completed, like it or not trump. germany can’t do without it and will prefer to take the american sanctions against the auto industry and rebuild markets in russia and china and southeast asia and africa and the yankee-twats will have to make do with their own seriously crappy cars (which by the way are a joke and should be laughed off the court).

Icarus Tanović

Crap. Germany doesn’t give a fuck about Navalny. Smoke screen.

Jim Allen

The “victim” has come out of his coma to announce he was not poisoned by this substance that was never produced in Russia in the first place. The Russian scientist that developed this, defected to US, and the chemical weapon was first produced there. Germany seems determined to step on it’s dick in it’s golf shoes. Germany has far too much invested in Nordstream, and sustained endless abuse, from it’s NATO ally causing the loss of billions of Eurobucks and delays in completing this necessary project. All the “concerns” stated by the Krauts are bullshit.

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