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Germany, France and Australia To Withdraw Troops from Iraq, US Moving Troops Out of 15 Bases

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Germany, France and Australia To Withdraw Troops from Iraq, US Moving Troops Out of 15 Bases

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On February 10th, Germany, France and Australia have submitted a request to withdraw their forces from Iraq.

This was reported by a member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Security Committee Bader Al-Ziyadi.

“Three countries, France, Germany and Australia, submitted a request to the Joint Operations Command to set a timetable for withdrawing their forces from Iraq,” said committee member Badr Al-Ziyadi, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), noting that “all coalition forces stopped their operations as a first step to withdrawal.”

Al-Ziyadi added that “the next government is responsible for setting a timetable, whether for the exit of foreign forces or the presence of military bases in some areas, especially in the Kurdistan region,” noting that “there is no movement or sorties of the coalition forces at the moment.”

Germany has a training mission in the country and its defense chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer visited Baghdad on January 15 in a surprise visit to meet with Iraqi military chiefs amid uncertainty over Berlin’s military presence in the country.

With regard to the presence of the Turkish forces in the city of Mosul, Al-Ziyadi explained that “the Turkish forces are not within the international coalition and there is no strategic military agreement with the Turkish side, and to remove them from Iraq is the responsibility of the next government,” noting that “the next government is obligated to take measures to remove those forces That exceeds the Iraqi border.”

Arabic Media also reported that US troops have started withdrawing form 15 bases in Iraq.

In the end of January 2020, the US House of Representatives passed two measures, one of which was focused on repealing Congress’s 17-year-old Iraq War authorization, which the Trump administration cited as a legal basis for assassinating Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

However, the resolution needs to pass through the US Congress, and it’s controlled by the Republican party, so it is unlikely that it will.

Currently, Iraq is about to have a new prime minister – Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi. He is supported by influential Shiite Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who is strongly in support of an independent Iraq.

Iran also supports Allawi, since if he works towards an independent Iraq, that would mean it would cooperate more with regional actors such as Damascus and Tehran, rather than allow Washington to use it as a proxy.


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Zionism = EVIL

With a major war of national liberation coming in Iraq, the rats are deserting the Americunt arseholes and they don’t want to die for Jew scum or have lifelong headaches after Iranian missile strikes.

Assad must stay

hahahaha that is too funny, I have never heard of people getting headaches from missile strikes until recently, too funny!!!!

Zionism = EVIL

The fucking Jews planted the Coronavirus in China too, even BBC is alluding to it. The Americunts and their Jew masters are rushing towards their demise and have gone crazy. They will need more than aspirin to deal with what’s coming their way.

Assad must stay

Yea I hope so

Kilgore Trout

God willing!

Ivan Freely

BBC?! Do you have the link?

Bill Rood

Your comment is demonstrative proof that Zionism and Israel are bad for Jews worldwide, because you seem to have accepted the conflation of Jew = Zionist. Righteous Jews had better get their act together before it’s too late. The same must be said for us Americans. It’s human nature to blame an entire group for what its leaders do. Germans were held in contempt long after WW II and are still paying the price in reparations.


I understood that the International Criminal Court recently indicted and Convicted ISRAEL as WAR CRIMINALS and as such can they NOT on leaving ISRAEL be apprehended and brought to the HAGUE for TRIAL????

Jerry Wayne Carver

Here is a post that agrees with you, more to follow on Thursday afternoon.



Yes but US soldiers are different they are quite delicate, need counselling & therapy because they arent used to receiving what they dish out to others.

Moses 'Maximilian' Ogharanduku

oh no! those entitled americans, the lord’s chosen people, the city on a hill! how dare those lowlife Persians attack us and give us headaches, oh the agony! ?

Assad must stay

yes hondred percent true


Then you know nothing about war.
The pressure wave makes the brain trauma. It may only be a small trauma, being gone after some days/weeks. Or may be fatal.
But it is absolutely the normal outcome of any bomb exploding to near to a soldier. As any soldier knows.


My father fought in North Africa and Italy, where was wounded at Anzio.

He never mentioned mass ‘headaches’ :)

Assad must stay

hey pal just because i didnt know that doesnt mean i know nothing about war, you dont always have to serve to know something about it

hahaha! that’s if the scum is not actually using that as a cover for ‘dead bodies’. headaches would be the least of their problems when Iran goes rogue on them.

Xoli Xoli

It is because their were never attack before. It is only USANATO and Israel who attacks.This time their have notice that it is serious when a missile falls close to you.

Assad must stay

Thank the Lord there is a God!!!! I have been praying for this!

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, the Iranian headache inducing missile strike did it as the cost of aspirin was getting too much. These NATO poodles and Aussie arselickers have no defence against rising attacks in Iraq. They have small ill-trained units that are spread out and simply can defend themselves and Iran and its allies have given warnings for all foreign illegal occupiers to leave or suffer lifelong migraines, aspirin not provided.

Damien C

Shouldn’t have fucking been there in the first place


Great news. The US should start withdrawing from Syria. They aren’t going to support the Zionist Kurd traitors from Al-Tanf.


Trump killed Soleimani so he can withdraw faster from Iraq


With regards to the Russians saving Erdogan, they may have done something. But the fact of the matter is, that only a few days after the coup, the head of IRGC said during an interview, that Erdogan was ready to defect to Qatar, and was contacted by IRGC while in his plane. He was told where to land and whom to contact and how to organize his forces and even what to say! According to IRGC, they orchestrated the whole thing directly from Iran. Here is an interview with a Turkish analyst, who is saying, that it in fact was General Soleimani himself, who organized the response and neutralized the coup:


Peter Jennings

If soon to be President Mr Allawi isn’t persuaded to be a nato puppet, he will need to watch his back. The US/nato and their fellow conspiracy admins want the whole area in perpetual turmoil, for profit and training purposes. Friendly relations with Iran will not be permitted. Mr Allawi should know this already. He will need to have a plan because the US and nato surely have one.

Since France, Germany and Australia haven’t had a lot back for their involvement, it makes sense for them to go home and stop bothering the Iraqi people. The gold is long gone and the oil is becoming harder to pilfer.


Isn’t CANADA NOW a USA TERRITORY and will the CANADIAN Contingent have to wait until their masters tell them they can leave????

Samuel Vanguard

of course US forces will not be leaving the “OIL” TRUMP has reiterated that point!!


Not much oil in Syria. Trump will eventually figure it out.


It has been reported discovered a large oil source in Syria Eastern where USNato occupied. That’s reason US refused to leave.


Most likely relocating to Syria and/or Jordan. Terrorizing Iraq, Iran and Syria hasn’t finished.

Doctor Attitude's Wrestling

My thoughts exactly. The US has just recently built a new base in Syria.


Good. Now US will have to go, sooner or later. A year max. Pentagon knows they can be there against the united will of Iraq, Iraqi militias and insurgency, and even NATO “partners”.
Even though the Donald is still delusional. His Zionist donors must be quite mad with him. :)

Xoli Xoli

The greedy infidel dogs are runing away.If USA withdraw completely then Erdogan and Satanyahu will try to make peace with neighbors.


of course not – erdogan hates netanyahu and would give his right arm to have him beheaded and israel fail and and cease to exist – erdogan would never allow the jews to even come close to occupy any areas in syria, iraq and jordan or lebanon – he’s much more likely to join up with Iran in order to squash the illegal settlement called syria to friggin pulp. in erdogans view israel has been a pain in the neck for turkey during the last 100 years and he seems prepared to do something about that itch – at least someone is prepared to do something since israel is the worst possible geopolitical solution and the easiest redress to that issue is to finish off israel once and for all.



You can call me Al

Is that you Morpheus ?.

Assad must stay

hahahaha yea, but i wish that was not the case with my relationships with girls :(

Xoli Xoli

Germany,France and Australia are not withdrawing. In the first place their have infiltrated Iraq and Syria. Now their are fleeing back to were their have come from.

Harry Smith

It can not be so easy for Americans to withdraw. Do not think it’s true.

You can call me Al

hahahahaha – now fuck off Yanks.


It might be a deal with Iran that either these invaders leave in their “dignity”, or face a full attack from Iran’s proxy war to flee like Vietnam war.

USNATO choose the former. They are there only because of USM guaranteed no enemy attack. Now that USM bases are been hit openly by Iran without retaliation, all become empty talk.

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