Germany Begins Withdrawing Forces From Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base


Germany Begins Withdrawing Forces From Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base


Germany has started the process of withdrawing its forces from Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base that had been used by German forces for carrying out reconnaissance missions as part of the US-led coalition’s campaign in Syria and Iraq.

According to the  Germany Defense Ministry, the process of transferring military aircraft and personnel redeployment to Jordan will impact the German participation in the US-led coalition. The German operation will be suspended for two or three months.

Germany force are now redeploying to the Al-Asrak base in Jordan. However, the Jordanian base is not yet fully ready to accommodate all the aircraft used by the German military for operations within the US-led coalition. The Al-Asrak base has to be modified before the German air grouping will be able to use it.



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  • Julius Meinel

    Who cares what this Jewish colony does!? In 30-40 years there will be no Germany left anyway. The crescent flag will flatter proudly over the Reichstag and the new caliphate.

    • Sean Glennie

      I highly disagree with your assertion, things will change for the better before that happens. The public approval ratings of countries throughout North America, Europe (NATO/EU) and Oceania are crumbling like a house built on sand. The last resort will be war or at the very least a series of coup attempts.

  • mhtsaropinigitakis

    why they bother those usless aircraft dont offer anything..they just occupy space in airbases.

  • Daniel Martin

    Auf wiedersehen! :)

    • Julius Meinel

      Aufwiedersehen means in German ” See you again”. No so sure the Turks would want to see the Germans again :)

      • Daniel Martin

        I’m pretty sure they would be glad to see them as ordinary tourists ;)

        • Bison789


  • G Dean VanGaya

    If only they would bomb ErdoGollum on the way out!

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    They all need to go back home and stop fighting for the Jewish-master-race and fight for their own ethnic-indigenous-Japetic-tribal peoples to begin with.
    Let Middle Eastern Shemite kill Shemite. Arabs and Hebrews are the same exact blood line.
    That family always fights, always.
    95% of all Shemites killed are killed by other Shemites.

  • SnowCatzor

    Moving to Jordan instead? How about just go home and stop playing adventurer in the Middle East? Maybe focus on protecting German women from hordes of misogynistic migrants or stopping fascist ‘anti-fascists’ from rioting and looting your cities.

    • Geraldinermccann

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  • Thegr8rambino

    Or they can just go home and stay out of the Mideast forever, that can work too :)))