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Germany And China Clash Over Hong Kong And Economic Issues


Germany And China Clash Over Hong Kong And Economic Issues


Originally appeared at TASS; Translated by AlexD exclusively for SouthFront

Germany and China quarrel over protests in Hong Kong and investments in the Old World economy

Relations between China and Germany are being tested. After German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas held a meeting with Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong, Beijing accused Berlin of “disrespect” towards it. Mutual discontent has not been so acute since 2007, when Chancellor Angela Merkel hosted the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama XIV. Since then, however, economic disagreements have been added to political ones. Germany has blocked the sale of Leifeld Spinning Metall to China and makes it clear that it fears further penetration of Chinese capital into its market. European authorities also take a cautious position in relations with Beijing.

Pull the dragon’s whiskers

Joshua Wong’s visit to Berlin on September 9-12 revealed the irritation that had built up between the European Union’s first power and the leader of the Far East. From the beginning of June mass protests have continued in Hong Kong, escalating into clashes with the police. Soon after they began, China asked the EU not to interfere in their internal affairs, and on the eve of Wong’s arrival recommended Maas not to meet with him, but all in vain: Berlin decided otherwise.

China’s reaction was sharp. The German Ambassador was summoned to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, where Maas’s actions were called an “act of disrespect”. At the same time, Chinese diplomats held a press conference in Berlin. The meeting between Maas and Wang, according to Chinese Ambassador Wu Kon, will not go unnoticed – it will have serious “negative consequences for relations between the two countries”.

Germany, in turn, went on the counterattack. “When our Chancellor goes to Beijing, she meets with human rights activists there. When I go to Beijing, I do the same. And if I stay in Berlin, I do exactly the same. In this regard, nothing will change in the future”, Mass countered China’s accusations. The head of the parliamentary Free Democratic Party, Christian Lindner, accused the government of not paying enough attention to Wong. According to Lindner, Germany could accept it at a higher level than the Foreign Minister. The politician himself took the opportunity and personally met with the opposition leader, about which he left a detailed message on social networks.

In the German establishment there are those who are ready to continue to quarrel with China. The Green parliamentary faction is convinced that Hong Kong activists in Germany may be in danger. Party spokeswoman Margaret Bause called on the authorities to take steps to protect them. The Greens asked the government to confirm whether China was attempting to “influence the inviolability of demonstrators and freedom of expression in Germany”. The Cabinet replied that such attempts were “known”, but avoided further discussion of the topic.

We don’t need your money

Trouble never comes alone. The incident with Joshua Wong is set against the background of growing German suspicion in relation to Chinese investments. Berlin very reservedly accepted investments made by Geely from China in the German automaker Daimler. The German openness “should not be considered as an entrance door” for the interests of other countries, said the Minister of Economy and Energy of Germany Brigitte Tsipris.

In the summer of 2018, Berlin exercised its right to cancel the purchase of large stakes in leading firms by a foreign investor: a Chinese firm with close ties to the Chinese government was not allowed to acquire the machine tool manufacturer Leifeld Spinning Metall (LSM). The products manufactured by this company are used in strategically important sectors of the economy, including nuclear power and the space programme. After weighing the pros and cons, Berlin simply refused to hand over the LSM to China.

In Germany, they fear that the Chinese economic penetration can lead to the production of technologies that Germany would not want to share. The talk may turn to the growth of political influence by the Celestial Empire. After all, it is well known that states that have accepted massive Chinese investments tend to support Beijing’s line in the political sphere as well.

Chine is seeking friends

In Europe, there are more than a dozen such countries among the EU state: Greece, Portugal and Hungary. After the 2008 crisis, their governments welcomed Chinese investments that promised new jobs and repairs to worn-out infrastructure. In Beijing, investments were made with a strategic goal: to link the transport flows of Asia and Europe into a single logistics system that would simplify and reduce the cost of shipping goods from China to the EU.

As part of the ambitious plan, the Chinese company Cosco acquired two-thirds of the shares of the port of Piraeus in Athens. Brussels and Washington were wary of the project. However, under foreign control, the sea harbour came out of decline, becoming Europe’s first port of call for passengers. The Greek government, pleased with the results, has become an ally of Beijing in the foreign policy arena: Athens is trying to soften the accusations of human rights violations against China.

At the other end of Europe, Portugal took massive Chinese investments. Chinese companies have acquired large stakes in the main local electricity producer EDP, the largest private bank BCP and the leading insurance company Fidelidada.

It is logical that, as in Greece, the Chinese are interested in Portuguese ports, through which the Chinese goods can quickly and at lower cost arrive in Europe. In Eastern Europe, the number of countries that gave Chinese business the green light reaches a dozen. China is building relations with them through the 17+1 format. The summit meetings, China and friendly countries of the Old World, have been held since 2012 and are a source of pride for Beijing, which has managed to establish itself as a global player, especially for which a special international format has been created.

In the EU, China’s success is viewed differently. China is accused of the fact that almost all companies making investments in Europe are owned by the state, not by individuals, that there are critically few Europeans in the top management of firms and that Beijing is overly interested in new technologies that it can acquire in the EU, and not just looking for opportunities to benefit.

Fear Overrides

Since 2018, the European Commission is officially developing measures that, if there is political will, it can be used against the PRC. On March 12, 2019, they were presented to the public. At Brussels’s initiative, it is proposed to strengthen control over foreign investments in strategically important industries and expand the possibilities for imposing sanctions against companies from undesirable countries, that is, those who have not sufficiently opened their markets to foreign business. Behind this formulation is a direct accusation against China, within which many European firms feel uncomfortable.

Beijing has a counter-proposal for Europe – not to diverge, but to get closer. Against the background that the US threatens sanctions against EU states and China, the Celestial advises Brussels a strategic alliance to protect the multipolar world and the global economy from protectionism. Premier Li Keqiang put it this way at the end of 2018: “Meet challenges together”. However, judging by the continuing deterioration of relations, the EU and its main power Germany are not ready to heed this call.



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  • V. Mecki

    The chinese government should travel to Germany and contact the AfD, the most hated party by the established parties. And ignore all the official representatives.

  • EveryoneIsBiased

    Heiko Maas is one of those “politicians” that were breeded by NATO foundations and think tanks.
    Just like Ursula von der Leyen, those are firstly loyal to the US. No wonder they now act like good US puppets.

    • AM Hants

      There are so many of them around, including in Westminster. Professional politicians, with no experience of anything.

  • Charles Homer

    Here is an article that looks at recent developments in China’s missile program:


    China is well on the way to creating a scenario where it will be increasingly difficult to remove the nation as a world power.

    • Gary Sellars

      Sorry, but “remove” them? You mean commit unprovoked aggression by attacking them without cause….

      • Justin

        No! We mean, tarriff the fuck out of them, start getting critical rare earth minerals from Australia and India instead of China! Bring all our industries back home OR switch them over to thailand, Vietnam, Guadamala, Al-Salvador etc!
        Strengthen the fuck out of Taiwan! Give them F-35’s, THAAD and anything else they want!
        Strengthen India and give them the Industries that went to China!
        Have the EU join forces with the USA and semi sanction China’s ass!
        Literally bring China’s economy to its knees (because they are so corrupted by 20 x more than other nations)
        Disable them from getting oil from Venezuela, Iran!
        Let them buy it From Russia but push oil prices up to $100 per barrel!
        China devaluing its currency means they pay more for oil! Oil rich nations will benefit and it will kill China!
        Allow Hong Kong to show the rest of China how to protest! When the Chinese govt push hard like the tiananmen square masacre….. push global sanctions upon them!
        Bring them to their knees!
        Allow india to become a super power and the neighbour from hell!
        fund revolutions in China!
        Allow Japan to become a Military instead of a defence force!
        USE all the allies in the region to enforce open seas in the south china seas and enforce the destruction of the new Chinese islands!

        By the way this is all going to happen!

        So what me mean by “remove them” is to remove them from the equation! Like the Soviet Union was removed (even though the Soviet Union is 100 x harder to remove than China)

        We mean, send them back to being peasant farmers!
        They were back stabbing cunts who were given the opportunity to be a part of this World Trade Organisation and instead, they stole technology and pushed even greater tyrannical laws! They implanted spy tech into the very systems we allowed them to manufacture!

        Fuck these cunts!

        Remove them!

        You heard me Gary….. they are being removed! And guess what? Australia and India are now going to export heavy rare earth elements and start to manufacture electronics for military, space and industry!
        The deal is done!
        if u dont already know this then start ur research!
        China is being shown the door! They are out!
        Whilst we lose China as a trading partner in commodities, we gain from rare earth minerals!
        We are getting a space base Gary, maybe a few! We are going to start manufacturing for Apple and samsung just like Taiwan does! We get the industries gary, we get the exports! We get the jobs!
        u gotta be happy about that Gary!
        Come on mate, tell me u are happy! its been announced and the reason we just got a state dinner at the white house!

        Gary u love it yeah? Good news for Australia!

        Or do u love China?

        do u want Huawei modems in your home and in your 5G networks?
        u like getting those Chinese scam calls to your phone that embed spy software?
        u like that Gary?

        Did you know about President Xi’s brother was caught running a money laundering scam in Melbourne Casino (and others)!
        His own fucking brother Gary!

        The more you know Gary! Who’s side are you on?
        didnt you say that Mao killing 80 million people was a lie?
        i screen shot that Gary remember?

        pull your head in Gary! Youre wrong!

        • Gary Sellars


          Idiots like you are a dime a dozen, too stupid to realise they are being lied to by our establishment propagandists, and too arrogant to realise that our self-proclaimied exceptionalism is a steaming crock of shit. Reading your Sinophobic speel simply makes me snicker. You have NO FUCKING IDEA about how the world really works, and judging by your puerile hissy-fit, you’re simply too close minded to get it.

          Watch and learn buddy :-)

          • Justin

            Gary, Germany are going to sanction China! Germany (by themselves) just discovered that China stole their tech (that they allowed China to produce) and now are producing this tech themselves at half the cost!

            GARY….. YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE!!

            Look at the Military tech they stole from Russia!
            do not sit there and tell me china doesnt steal!!!!




            Look Gary!! Dont believe your lying eyes?
            Are these photos Western Propaganda too Gary?
            Do u know why the Chinese bought 24 SU-35’s Gary?
            They only wanted the engines but Russia told them they had to buy the planes!

            They want to reverse engineer the supercruise gary!
            RUSSIA SAID THIS!!!

            Even Russia says they Copy but u say they dont!
            So all that shit we buy in Thailand isnt a copy made in China?

            Gary youre a fuck head!

            FUCK YOU U SCUM CUNT!

          • Gary Sellars

            You’re a fucking idiot… Germany are gong to sanction China?? Give me a link or else fuck off.


            Regarding the J-11 they bought a Su-27 from Ukraine (not Russia) and reverse-engineered it. Given it was Soviet era tech they appropriated, the Ruskies have a right to be upset, but they should be more upset with the Ukraine… which of course they are.

            The Ruskies have sold the ChiComs some Su-35S which are light-years aead of any old Soviet-era junk that the Ukropis might have, and China has given them iron-clad assurances that they will respect the IP (though they will of course inspect every inch of the plane and learn what they can, just as everyone does)

            FUCK YOU U SCUM CUNT! ??

            Back at you buddy. You’re a great example why brothers and sisters shouldn’t marry X-D

          • Justin

            oh so buying something and then copying it doesnt make it COPYING?

          • Gary Sellars

            Of course its copying…. so what? Everyone copies to some extent. The J-11 is still indiginously engineered using Chinese tech and manufacturing methods, so its hardly identical to the Su-27.

          • Justin

            so now u making excuses!
            i suppose all those “Kelvin Cline” copies in thailand (and hundreds of others) are not copying either? Dude they have NOTHING they wont copy! NOTHING and thats why they are being tariffed (sanctions coming trust me. due to election inference)

          • Gary Sellars

            Yes, they copy stuff. And produce quality arrticles for a fraction of the outrageously inflated prices that Western comanies market.

            BTW its the Chinese companies that MAKE the goods that Western brands sell. The Chinese make the goods, them ship them oversea where the labels get attached by the brand owner. Then they get imported back to China and sold at hugely inflated prices. Some Chinese spend the coin to buy the originals, but many choose to buty the “factory surplus” from the original makers. Meh, it happens, and everyone gets what they want. Western brand makers get a ton of money, and Chinese (and poor Westeners) get their hansd on knock-offs taht they could never afford otherwise.

            Maybe premium Western brands should lower their proices and be more incluisive rather than pandering to toffy-nose elitist scum?

          • Joe Kerr

            “election inference”? Who’d trust a dumb-ass like you? Go try Breitbart or CNN, they like morons.

          • Justin

            The production floor for German company Leifeld Metal Spinning, whose technology has been used on NASA rockets. (Photo courtesy of Leifeld Metal Spinning)

            GOOGLE: Leifeld Metal Spinning
            This is a military tech company!
            China just got busted stealing their tech (within the last 7 days)!

            Germany is now looking at sanctioning China on such tech! (which is more than half, because everything Germany produces is in the bio tech and weapons tech (metals)

            look it up ya dumb cunt!

          • Gary Sellars

            The Germans nixed a purchase on national security grounds. Thats not “stealing IP”.

            Its also not the same as sanctioning. They are many reasons why Germany shouldn’t sell stragetic companies, so its hardly a surprise the gov said no.

            The only dumb cunt around here is you mate…

          • Justin

            i said THEY ARE GOING TO SANCTION!!
            READ U DUMB CUNT!

          • Gary Sellars

            Do you realise yer caps key is stuck on?

            Dumb cunt..

          • Justin

            tapping someone on the shoulder doesnt always work, sometimes u have to hit them over the head with a sledge hammer!

            That would be you Gary!
            yes u, the idiot who thinks 80 million murders was fake!

          • Joe Kerr
          • Justin

            going to sanction! READ!

            its coming! Its even been said!
            In fact, memes have been created over it!

            im always right! Everything i have been saying for the past 2 years has come true because nobody on this site has any clue whats going on!

          • Justin

            READ YA DUMB CUNT!
            “With governments from Japan to Canada and Australia taking a harder line on China as President Donald Trump steps up his trade war, Germany too is toughening its policy toward China on matters such as investment or intellectual property”


          • Joe Kerr
        • Joe Kerr

          Get ready to eat your coal, fart-brain.

          • Justin

            in the last 24 hours my shares in Arafura Resources Ltd just doubled from 6cents to 12 cents!
            Australia is the new rare earth minerals TRUSTED exporter!
            We have 6000 times the concentrated elements china has and we have only explored 20% of the nation for these rare earths!

            And when u are the nation holding the rare earths, u end up being the producer of the tech too (like taiwan is)!

            We get the Sundae Joe! Thats why Trump just gave his second White House State Dinner to Australia and literally sucked our dicks! We are the only nation to have zero tariffs with the USA (Trumps words)

            U should listen to the news and look at the stock exchange! Maybe u will start to understand whats going on! everyone on this site is a dumb cunt!

          • Joe Kerr

            Ok, you can have your 12c shares for dessert, or eat your rare earths for breakfast and have a rainbow coloured crap.

    • Tommy Jensen

      That’s why we need to act now, and the sheeple need to wake up.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Europes globo-homoes fumbling around again again.
    Incredible EU and Germany openly will continue this outdated undermining third nations by funding stupid regime change operations and meetings on false accusations of human rights………………..LOL.

  • Marillion

    Best to ignore the globalist compromised regime in German-istan.

    Mama Merkels CDU shill party has nothing conservative or Christian about it anymore. But rather a front for Bilderberg/Jesuit/Davos globalists to rule via a puppet party.

    • Tommy Jensen

      I had forgotten Merkel was conservative christian. I actually thought she was the exact opposite, a liberal leftish LGBT freak.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    merkle may be a decent politician, but she is a poor leader; she has weakened Germany economically and spiritually

  • JustPassingThrough

    german sock puppets.
    their country is falling apart big time
    but they’re going to solve someone else’s problems.
    hey, human rights.
    how about human rights for DE citizens against hordes of africans that your monumental stupidity unleashed.

    maas, murkel, mega mental midgets.

  • Joe Kerr

    “When our Chancellor goes to Beijing, she meets with human rights activists there. When I go to Beijing, I do the same. And if I stay in Berlin, I do exactly the same. In this regard, nothing will change in the future”, Mass countered China’s accusations. Yeah, right… that’s why Merkel avoided meeting such “activists” during her last China trip this year, preferring instead to visit two tech unis in Wuhan.

    No surprise that these German hypocrites and slaves to zion have fallen into line with the blame Iran story of the S. Arabia attacks, without evidence.