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Germans Do Not Believe in Merkel’s Deal with Turkey

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Germans Do Not Believe in Merkel’s Deal with Turkey

Originally appeared at DWN, translated by Karin exclusively for SouthFront

The majority of Germans do not believe that Chancellor Merkel can successfully implement her refugee deal with Turkey. Therefore he Chancellor cannot convince the Germans of another one of her core projects.

The EU-Turkey agreement on the limitation of the refugee influx is doomed to failure from the perspective of most Germans. 59 percent believe that the current tensions with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will prevent the controversial deal from happening. This showed the latest ZDF political barometer on Friday. Only 34 percent believe that the agreement will last. The remainder to 100 percent answered “do not know”.

Overall two out of three Germans surveyed (68 percent) are skeptical towards the Agreement. After the agreed barter the EU sends refugees and other immigrants, who entered illegally Greece since 20 March, back to Turkey. For each returned Syrian refugee another Syrian from Turkey may legally enter the EU. This way up to 72 000 people could find admission in Europe.

A visa exemption for Turkish citizens, which is also part of the agreement, according to the survey is rejected by 61 percent. However, around a third (34 percent) think it would be good if Turks wouldn’t need a visa for travel to the EU anymore.

The survey gets in line with the bad results for Merkel in recent days: The majority doesn’t want Merkel to run again, the CDU has received its lowest ratings.

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This is the UN article on Genocide. It explicitly states that any attempts to flood Europe with non-indigenous personal is indeed Genocide. Merkel shall be hung for crimes of genocide against indigenous populations.

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