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German think-tank proposes “Muslim cities” in Europe

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German think-tank proposes "Muslim cities" in Europe

Original published by niezalezna.pl; translation by J.Hawk

Due to the growing migration crisis and the difficulties in accommodating the many thousands of refugees, the European Democracy Lab proposed that the refugees be provided land in Europe in order to be able to recreate their homelands, reports the German weekly Focus.

The idea belongs to EDL head Ulrike Guérot and the Austrian writer Robert Menasse in an essay published in the German version of Le Monde diplomatique. According to the authors, instead of financing integration and language courses, border protection and walls, and security enhancements, Europe ought to help the migrants by allocating a certain amount of capital and land for habitation and construction. Then the migrants would be able to take care of themselves and start building cities.

These cities, something akin to New Damascus or New Aleppo could become a solution to the problem of integration, according to Guerot and Menasse. With time, the authors assure the readers, “the new arrivals would naturally intermix with the inhabitants of the old cities.” The refugees “will look for work in Berlin, while [German] students would be looking for inexpensive apartments in New Damascus. Full integration would occur with the third generation of immigrants when the grandchildren of the first wave master the language of their new home country,” argue Guerot and Menasse and cite towns established by German colonists in the US in the 18th and 19th Centuries, such as New Hannover or New Hamburg. The project suggests that, in the new cities, the migrants ought to have their own schools, theaters, hospitals, radio stations, and newspapers. “Syrian doctors or Kurdish teachers ought to be allowed to work in their professions at once, without the need to get the necessary permits from the German administration.”


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Aleksandar Tomić



If Germany were a person it would be in a straight jacket and in a padded cell.

fabiostop100 .

and ‘impossible, the idea of European integration and’ very different


great idea, wonderful

Бели Орао

То само може неписмена коза да изјави. Немојте да ммислите да вас нико не чита.


New User

Treachery… No other word for it.

Alexander Malinowski

There is something into it. The new quarters shall have clear walls around and gates.
I would presume quite quickly there will be missiles launched.
We could than bomb them.
Let us start from the beginning call them Gaza solution.



Бели Орао

Немаш мојма. Већ годинама окрећете главу од нарастајућег исламизма. Ви сте једна неписмена нација којима ће исламисти доћи у кућу, а дошли су. Спаваће вам и спавају са женама, а ви ћете окрезтати главу. Кад вам буду напали децу схватићете неписмене кретрнчине. Срам вас било.
I now dirty english but I don`t want to talk in it.


My god, Europe they r killing each other, you do know that one day Syria will not be in war, and all is supposed to go home! No let’s not keep this idea, let’s give them other people’s land, and have a mile deep foot entrenched in European soil foever! Mass suicide thinking. Has to be merkle…
And if I was Poland I would be happy to be suspended permanently! Du is nuts!


So u do realize there r two main sects that hate each other, the whites and Sunnis, the Saudis hate the Pakistani, the Kurds hate the Turks, the … Oh just take my word for it, they would start killing each other….. Wait.. Hmmm that just might work, let them kill each other, Palestine them all, never to be let out to Jerusalem, oops I mean eu


Now where have I hard that idea before? My mistake, it was Jewish people going to nice ‘work camps’ where they had fun and sat around doing knitting.

Zuzana Rehakova

believable idiots. the third generation of turks is here and it is so bad, that this 3-rd generation goes and fights in Syria/Lybia.

full retarded idiots.
am very disaponted, that you pay attention and publish this.
As you are probably not aware, whose cities EXIST already.
Brussesles has 60% mohamedan population, mohamedan mayor, such cities exist in each big german, dutch, or austrian city.

Jacek Wolski

I think the German ‘think’ tank thinks too much!!!


step 1, take a part of Europe that has the most bordering country’s. Make all those countrys donate a small portion of land, create the District of Brussells.

step 2 ?

step 3 profit


Dear Europe, if you don’t have the courage to keep your land, and culture it will all be taken from you. You Europeans are a defeated race, and your fate shall be slavery, and death.


Germany now, is like Kosovo in the 60″

Daniel Martin

The elite aka the “German” government together with the Khazarian Euro Bolshevik mafia, are creating conditions for a civilizational clash in Europe with a demographic engineering process underway as we speak. They are importing people from the ME on an industrial scale, people who are openly laughing at the stupidity of the “naïve” political leadership of Europe who want to integrate the same people in the European societies. People who neither want or will integrate them selfs in European, culture as they see it as weak and self destructing with it’s decadent post modernistic, post Christian society. You really can’t blame them for the lack of interest of integrating themselves, as they see their culture, religion and demographics as superior to the European one, and as the European elites who suppose serve the interest and security of the European peoples are doing exactly the opposite and putting the entire European continent in harms way, by opening up the European societies to hostile people from totally different cultures who are only out for favorable economic conditions ,with no what so ever intention of integratimg themselves in to the culture and societies they are coming to. All with the help and tacit approval of those who suppose to protect our countries.


That’s an old thing already implemented in Europe: it’s called GHETTOIZATION. And there will be no integration, but constant conflict. Future looks grim.


so create independant entities (well, the tax payers of the EU will be footing the bill for that, so not very independant) free of EU laws that will be plotting to take over the rest of the EU? sounds like the People of the EU better get those traitorous politicians out of office by either the ballot or a rope. your choice, because they are selling you guys out.

Lord Lemur

We’ve already seen these Muslims fail to integrate and now we’re going to actively encourage them not to. Also ‘integration’ is too weak. You need to ASSIMILATE, ie completely breakdown their cultural identity and replace it with the German one.


I have an empty cesspool tank in my back yard that could double as a think tank if some such group is in need of a place to meet… Very ropos IMHO!

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