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German Stats Show Surge of Sex Crime Rate around Refugee Centers – Report

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According to interactive maps of a group of German activists, the proportion of sex offenses increases closer to asylum reception centers.

German Stats Show Surge of Sex Crime Rate around Refugee Centers – Report

Photo: Flickr / Credit Takver

A group of German activists, called XY Einzelfall, created an interactive map of all crimes, supposedly committed by immigrants, the Journalistenwatch news portal reported. The group used the Google Maps web mapping service for its work. As a result, the researchers concluded that rates of sexual offenses significantly increase in the areas of asylum reception centers.

The activists use data of police and reports of media for the project. The map shows cases of sexual violence, theft, murder and other crimes – totally, about 10,000 incidents for this year. At the same time, the platform shows a city, where an incident occurred, but does not indicate an exact location of the incident.

Map of reported crimes in Germany in 2016

In addition, the activists also created an interactive map of camps for refugees in Germany. According to the article, comparison of the two maps shows interrelation between presence of reception centers for refugees and the number of sexual crimes, happened near them. Thus, the maps appear to show that the proportion of sex offenses declines further away from asylum reception centers.

Map showing location of Germany’s asylum reception centers

As the activists of XY Einzelfall told the Sputnik news agency, they created the maps because “the German press is staying silent, they are only reporting selectively, not the whole disaster.” The main goal of the initiative group is to inform Germans about danger of the migration policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“We want to inform people, show them how Germany is being changed by Merkel, show them that women are in danger everywhere in Germany, not only in Cologne. But not only women, also the elderly and children,” the news agency quoted the words of the activists.

German Stats Show Surge of Sex Crime Rate around Refugee Centers – Report

This chart shows the incidence of sexual crimes and its relation to the distance in kilometers from asylum centers (Photo: journalistenwatch.com (Click to see the full-size image))

German police also noted that at first glance, there really is some connection – crimes are committed at the areas of location of refugees. But policemen still have to find out how much this is true. German police stressed that the project is private – the activists’ data are distributed only on the Internet.

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Valhalla rising

Thats only because german nazi white males rape female refugees out of hate and bigottery.

Joseph Scott

Ironic that as an East German, Merkel doesn’t realise that unpopular governments shouldn’t alienate their own police and security services.

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