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JULY 2020

German Neo-Nazi Kills Two After Failing To Enter Synagogue To Kill More


German Neo-Nazi Kills Two After Failing To Enter Synagogue To Kill More

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A German Neo-Nazi shot and killed two while attempting to carry out a synagogue shooting in the city of Halle.

The shooter from Halle filmed his attack and streamed it on video game streaming platform Twitch, using a GoPro camera on his head.  Before he shot, the shooter said in English: “The essence of all problems are the jews.”

He also gave a brief speech into the camera, railing against Jews and denying that the Holocaust happened.

The shooter was identified by media as neo-Nazi Stephan Balliet, 27.

In his stream he spoke to his audience, apologized that he was unable to enter the synagogue and kill more people. Approximately 2,200 people watched the livestream before Twitch removed it.

The shooting that left a man and a woman dead, and two more injured took place during Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. He said he deliberately chose Judaism’s holiest day Yom Kippur for the attack, arguing that “even ‘non-religious’ jews are often visiting the synagogue” on this date.

He used firearms and homemade explosives to try to blast his way into the building in Halle, northwest of Leipzig, and attack the estimated 50 people inside. When he failed to break through the security defenses he went on a rampage. Wielding at least two firearms he killed a woman outside the neighboring Jewish cemetery shortly before midday and then shot dead his second victim at a nearby kebab shop.

Today’s attack echoed the March mass shooting of Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand — which was streamed on Facebook Live.

The video has been removed from Twitch and other platforms, and it is still accessible in some Telegram channels. Extremism researcher Megan Squire reported that the video was also spread through the encrypted platform Telegram, with clips being viewed by upwards of 15,000 accounts.

Apparently, similarly to the Christchurch shooter, the Halle shooter also had a manifesto. “I originally planned to storm a mosque or an antifa ‘culture’ center, which are way less defended,” he said in the manifesto posted online on the internet.

“A recording of the stream, which was automatically generated based on the account’s settings, was viewed by approximately 2,200 people in the 30 minutes before the video was flagged and removed from Twitch,” the platform, which is owned by Amazon, said.

Inside the synagogue, worshipers watched the attacker’s attempts to penetrate the building on the security cameras.

“We barricaded our doors from inside and waited for the police,” Jewish community leader Max Privorotzki told Stuttgarter Zeitung. “In between, we carried on with our service.”

After he failed to enter the synagogue, a woman passed by him, almost unfazed and rather surprised at how he was dressed. He lets her pass and then shoots her in the back with his improvised automatic weapon.

After that he goes a few streets down and sees a kebab shop.

“Doener. That’ll do,” he said.

He tosses one of the bombs inside, firing a final burst with the automatic before it jams.

From the shooter’s perspective, there is more wrestling with weapons and cursing as he attempts to harm the men cowering at the back of the shop, who are pleading for their lives.

After briefly stepping outside and scaring pedestrians, he returns to the shop where he executes one of the men at point-blank range with two shotgun blasts, cutting off his cry of “No!”

“At least I’ve demonstrated how useless improvised weapons are,” he mutters to himself and the camera.

The police cut off his first attempt at escape in the car, and he exchanges fire with them before being shot and falling to the ground. He then gets up, laments being shot and saying he’s bleeding after being struck in the neck.

“Sorry guys, that was it. A total loser…” he said, before throwing his broadcasting smartphone out of the window.

A spokeswoman for the Halle municipal government said one shooting took place in front of the synagogue on Humboldt Street and its accompanying cemetery, while a second burst of gunfire targeted the kebab bistro in the city in the province of Saxony.

Police had said in the early afternoon that two “perpetrators fled in a car”, urging residents to stay indoors and closing Halle’s main strain station. Almost six hours later, police lifted the lockdown, assessing that there was no longer acute danger. German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer also indicated the attack had been done by only one person.




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  • Saddam Hussein

    So this retarded neo-nazi ends up killing two innocent white people and jews take all the sympathy as usual?

    • Petar Kovincic

      There was no need to point out that he was retarded, all you anti-semites are.

      • Ziønist šhill

        Hilarious coming from a duplicitous hand rubber such as yourself

        • Petar Kovincic

          Duplicitous? At least I don’t hide behind a virtual avatar like you litle nazi bitches.

          • AleK

            Petar Kovincic Joined Nov 24, 2017
            7 comments (including these two)

    • Tommy Jensen

      It happens every day in front of all synagoges.
      Neo-nazis goes into a supermarket, buy a gun, goes to a synagogue and begin to shoot people sinking they are Jews.
      Only because we have such a free weapon law and the sheeple refuse to wake up and do something about it.
      If all weapons, bows, swords, Gillette and knives were banned and GPS chipped, nobody would die.

      • Barba_Papa

        You forgot cars. Remember those things that ISIS wannabes used to drive into people the last two years? Why we have road blocks these days at major events? Let’s ban those two. And pots and pans, you can use those to bash people’s head in with. Fender Stratocaster guitars. Because as the saying goes, you can use those in a bar fight and still come out, and still be able to play them. Just to be safe ban those too. And papercuts can be very nasty. Paper and cardboard on the list too.

  • Mike

    To bad this guy didn’t plug a few rounds in to toronto tonto.

  • Gabriel Hollows

    Should’ve gone for the antifa niggers. Synagogues are too well defended.

  • Barba_Papa

    National Socialism is socialism too. Lets use the correct terms here. This guy belongs to the extreme left. There is no extreme right wing. There are libertarians, but considering that governments have been growing and growing and growing they are basically as relevant as flat earth believers