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JUNE 2023

German Lawmakers Threatened with Murder after the Recondition of the Armenian Genocide

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German Lawmakers Threatened with Murder after the Recondition of the Armenian Genocide

Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SotuhFront

Last Thursday, the German parliament overwhelmingly voted for the recognition of the mass killings of the Armenian population, as well as other Christian minorities 100 years ago in the Ottoman Empire as genocide. The reaction from Turkey followed quickly: there are already threats of murder agaist eleven German MPs of Turkish origin. Speaking on German media, MP Ozkan Mutlu from the Green party talked of a new threat against him and others since the vote took place.

Turkish President Erdogan criticized the resolution of the German Bundestag for the recognition of the Armenian genocide: “Hey, Germany, I will say it again, give a statement about the Holocaust, make a report about how in Namibia you have killed 100 000 people. You’re the last country that can accuse Turkey with the Armenian genocide” stated the Turkish President Erdogan in his speech at a Graduation ceremony at a private university on the outskirts of Istanbul.

In the wave of Erdogan’s indignation caused by the resolution and position of Germany something else appeared: he directly attacked German MPs of Turkish origin in the Bundestag, such as the Green party Bundestag deputy Cem Yuzdemir and other politicians of Turkish descent because they consented for Germany to recognize the Armenian genocide: “Some know-it all who prepared something and offered it to the German parliament shows up. A Turk, some say. A what ?! A Turk? Your blood must be tested in a laboratory” commented the angry at Germany, Erdogan.

In the German Welt am Sonntag, Yuzdemir admits that he has never received so many death threats. The Federal Criminal Police Office will provide personal protection of green MP, who stated: “Unfortunately, there is also a Turkish Pegida.”

The MPs of Turkish origin in the Bundestag who have voted in favor of the resolution for the recondition of the Armenian genocide, are 11 over all from four different factions. In recent days, these deputies have been seriously attacked by Turkish media and government. On Saturday, Erdogan stated: “No one in whose veins runs the blood of this nation, can blame her for genocide.”

But Erdogan is not the only one outraged by the MPs of Turkish origin in the Bundestag. In the social network Twitter, the Minister of Justice of Turkey was also furious and with a patriotic indignation stated: “People with tainted blood and tainted breast milk can never represent the Turkish nation.” Interestingly, Erdogan himself used the same words for “tainted blood” when talking of the pro-Kurdish party, who wanted to complain about the removal of their immunity, but were rejected by the Constitutional Court on Friday. Erdogan also accused German MPs of Turkish origin that they serve the ideas of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and its long arm in Germany.

In a statement today, Angela Merkel advocated in favor of the MPs and rejected categorically Erdogan’s attacks. German government spokesman Steffen Seibert stated: “For us it is completely incomprehensible if they start to view individual members of the Bundestag as terrorists”

“Tips for family planning and for Ramadan”

The Turkish president’s Sunday did not end with the violent tirades against the traitors of the otherwise perfectly normal modern democratic Turkish state. Once he vented through his speeches regarding their treasonous nature, Erdogan had to open the new building of the “Association for Women and Democracy” in Istanbul. The topic he had chosen was very intriguing: family policy. “A woman can not be so successful in her professional life, if she give up motherhood and abandons her housework. That would make her inefficient and incomplete.” In Sunday’s speech, the Turkish President did not fail to advise women, that it’s good to have at least three children: “I am not saying these words, this is the order of the Prophet, our God.” Women who don’t have children because of their career, are “giving up their femininity” according to Erdogan.

At the same place Erdogan also had a speech regarding the beginning of Ramadan: “Whoever violates the fast and goes to five-star hotels is running from the rules of Ramadan.” According to the Turkish Constitution, the president has the right to perform ceremonial functions, but religious issues are not within his competencies.

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A complete nutter. He has some roos loose in the top paddock.

Zaphod Braden

(1) America should already have KILLED Erdogan because he is a providing material aid and support to ISIS. (2) Armenians DON’T COUNT because they are CHRISTIANS. (3) U.S. President Obama will refrain from naming the 1915 Armenian HOLOCAUST as “genocide” SINCE AMERICA WILL NEED TURKEY’S SUPPORT FOR Afghanistan policy, -But talk about the ULTIMATE HYPOCRITES —- Thursday, May 04, 2000, Israel told the Turkish Foreign Ministry that there was no policy change on its side over the so-called Armenian genocide, saying that it is up to historians, not politicians, to discuss the issue, Turkish Daily News reported on Wednesday.

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