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JUNE 2023

German Intelligence Service Report Presents Sputnik and RT As Security Threats As Significant As ISIS And Al-Qaeda

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German Intelligence Service Report Presents Sputnik and RT As Security Threats As Significant As ISIS And Al-Qaeda

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On June 27th, the German intelligence service – Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV) [Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution] released its annual report on “Protection of the Constitution.”

“The Report on the Protection of the Constitution provides information on the nature and scope of anti-constitutional developments, on organizations and groupings pursuing activities that are directed against the free democratic basic order, on espionage against Germany, and on proliferation. The individual events have been analyzed and evaluated under ideological and strategic aspects. Due to the re-orientation of the offices for the protection of the Constitution, this report focuses on violence-oriented activities. The Annual Report on the Protection of the Constitution significantly contributes to raising awareness about the level of the threat posed to state and society.”

Briefly it focuses on several things:

  • Politically motivated crime – be it right- or left-wing extremism, and it appears to be on the rise;
  • Then it specifically focuses on right-wing extremism, worrisome in this regard was “Anti-Semitism” which “continues to be an area of agitation and ideological identifier for right-wing extremists.” However, other hostile stereotypes are also coming into focus, instead of the Jewish in 2018. “Right-wing extremist propaganda is currently dominated by other issues and hostile stereotypes which right-wing extremists believe are more likely to be taken up in the public discourse. These hostile stereotypes include “foreigners”, in particular asylum-seekers and Muslims, but also policy-makers. Right-wing extremists focus on what they consider excessive foreign influence and an imagined threat to national identity”;
  • Following is the category of “Reichsbürger” and “Selbstverwalter” (literally, “citizens of the Reich” and “self-administrators”) it is a wide-ranging group of people, all of which are deemed “hostile to the state.” They were predominantly males, between 40 and 60 years old and had “affinity for weapons,” many of which were seized in intelligence and security service operations;
  • Left-wing extremism is also an issue, having even more supporters than right-wing extremism in Germany. “The reduction in left-wing extremist criminal and violent offences is primarily due to the fact that there were no major events relevant to left-wing groups in 2018 comparable to the G20 summit in Hamburg in 2017or the opening of the new headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt (Main) in 2015.” According to the BfV the left-wing extremists typically reject any form of outside control;
  • In terms of Islamism and Islamist terrorism, there has been a shift towards “the violent and/or jihadist field” in recent years. A comparison is made between the report covering 2016 and 2018, and the numbers appear more or less the same;
  • A significant security threat are foreign extremist efforts, excluding Islamism, many of these are left-wing. Specifically mentioned are the outlawed in Turkey – Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), as well as K), the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party – Front (DHKP-C), and the Ülkücü. “KK because of its violent actions it undertook also in Germany in the past, DHKP-C for its overt commitment to armed struggle in Turkey, which is aimed at destroying the Turkish order of the state by replacing it with a new socialist one, and finally the Ülkücü movement due to its racist ideology”;
  • In the espionage and other intelligence activities things get interesting. “As Russia’s relations with many Western countries have cooled, intelligence gathering has become more important.

Russia, of course, as per the narrative is an important part of those threats:

“Russia is focused on politics, business and industry, research and technology, and the military. It is especially interested in possible negotiating positions of Germany and the West and in what kind of political or economic steps they might take in response to Russian moves. In 2018, additional specific intelligence targets were the tense relationship between the EU and Turkey and the resulting potential impact on the accession negotiations and the future of the EU – in particular after the so-called BREXIT vote – and the orientation of the Common Foreign and Security policy.”

Naturally, Russia has alleged attempts to increase its influence in Germany, according to the BfV that is primarily through RT Deutsch and Sputnik.

“The Russian government is expanding its media offerings in Germany in order to increase its influence. State enterprises are disguised as independent media to hide the fact that they belong to the Russian state and to exert subtle influence on the public. The most important of these are the Internet channel RT Deutsch and the Sputnik news agency,” the report said.

The report fails to mention that both Sputnik and RT have never hidden the fact that the Russian state funds them.

The report further alleges that Russian intelligence agencies “make extensive use of cyber-attacks to gain information and occasionally to spread disinformation and propaganda.”

“Cyber spying by Russian intelligence services … continues to be a major threat to German security and constant challenge to counter-intelligence,” it added.

There were no examples provided or anything of the sort.

China was also mentioned as a security threat, and primarily focused on “political espionage.”

“Intelligence targets continue to be business and industry, research, technology and the military. The same applies to the popular movements which the Chinese authorities call the “Five Poisons”, fearing that they threaten national unity and the Communist Party’s monopoly on power.”

Another intelligence threat are the Iranian intelligence services, which “continue to spy on and suppress opposition movements at home and abroad. In addition, the services gather political, industrial and scientific intelligence in Western countries. The main organization behind activities targeting Germany continues to be the Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS). The Quds Force, a special intelligence unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, is also active in Germany.”

The Turkish domestic and foreign intelligence services are also briefly mentioned, but it’s said they only focus on organizations that Turkey deems extremist or terrorist, and aren’t really a threat per se to Germany.

The Scientology Organization has its own section as a security threat in the report.

“The SO continues to be guided by the writings of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, which make clear that a society based on Scientology teachings would not guarantee essential fundamental and human rights.”

Several campaigns that the Church of Scientology leads are mentioned, which offer alleged social aid.

In essence, the report lists some very clear points and claims, which most of the time are substantiated by numbers and evidence. In terms of intelligence activities, the claims regarding Russia and China are mostly a result of the necessity of the Washington-led establishment to propagate the narrative, rather than an actual security risk or threat.


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nothing much surprising since security personnel tend to be recruited from the right to crypto-right where russophobia is name of the game so they won’t have to be seasoned before put to work. thus the anti-russian stance is a certainty just as much as incompetence is the second leg they stand on, the intelligence community that is. hep

Rhodium 10

Of course! as NATO supported Al Qaeda in Lybia and Syria…

AM Hants

Didn’t they create Al Qaeda/ISIS/White Helmets, or whatever they call themselves today?

Shell Game – How President Obama and Hilary Clinton Created ISIS


AM Hants

Aren’t they a branch of the US intelligence services, which outsource over 80% of their intelligence to the private sector, which relies on social media?

How much does Russia spend on media services?

How much does the US spend on media services?

Why do those, who fund the Clinton Foundation, also fund the BBC and also ‘The White Helmets/ISIS/Al Qaeda/Ukraine Nazis and soon to be IRA relaunch’?

Russia and US Media Funding


Additional Contributors for the BBC


Integrity Initiative and those involved


Overseas Clusters of Integrity Initiative



White Helmet/ISIS/Al Qaeda/Ukraine Nazis and new launch of IRA fund raisers





Thank you for your most comprehensive post ,AM.

Although the NATO nations expenditure on media outlets far exceeds that of Russia, I have found that those of us with an open mind prefer the quality of news and current affairs reporting provided by RT and Sputnik.

The ‘Common Script’ style of fictional and non-fictional preaching adopted by the NATO nations ‘news’ outlets is dominated by political propaganda and trivia.

I have introduced many to RT and Sputnik from all walks of life in recent years, and even card carrying libtards privately accept that RT and Sputnik give a balanced and informative reporting of many issues that affect us all today.

For the German Propaganda Agency to flag up RT and Sputnik as a threat to the NATO narrative, is in fact a testament to the fact that fewer and fewer EU citizens believe what the High Priests of NATO say anymore :)

AM Hants

I seriously find it funny, that I started, back in 2013, commenting on ‘The Telegraph’, over in good old civilised UK, the bastion of free speech:)) Funnily enough I got banned, together with a ban from The Independent and also a ban from the Guardian. Not owing to being impolite, but, just not buying their take on the various stories, where Russia was concerned. The Daily Mail, is ‘hit and miss’, with the majority of my comments ending up in the rubbish bin. Plus, so many ‘free speech’ sites in the UK, no longer accept comments haha.

With Russia Today or Sputnik, you can voice both sides of the argument. Which is what upsets the 6 corporations, running international media. I still cannot get my head around a publisher, running ‘Common Purpose’, or UK alternative Government, in control, and his brother, an ‘advertising executive’, who set up Bell Pottinger, ‘spinner of evil’, to keep us sweet and supportive, with regards various wars and bogeymen. Funny, how so many, made it to their positions of power, starting off in the ‘post rooms’ of some corporate giant, back in the 60-70s and that includes Brother’s Bell and even Simon Cowell. Or how the media controls this stage of WWIII.




There again, the CIA were set up, to carry on the Nazi ideology, and to this day, still use the scripts of Goebbels and not forgetting the actions of Mengele, so I really should not be too surprised, with regards the Weapon of Mass Destruction aka Western Media.


yep msm don’t want the unvarnished truth so expel any comments that are outside the approved narrative, guardian, independent und zu weiter.



Hasbara Hunter


AM Hants

‘Operation Gladio’ lives on, just, we are not meant to notice.

Hasbara Hunter

That is why I keep repeating the same Thing over & over again….

AM Hants


Toyota, is also a fully signed up member of the Council of Foreign Relations, that is backing them all.

Council of Foreign Relations Corporate Members

Founders Bank of America Merrill Lynch Chevron Corporation Citi Exxon Mobil Corporation First Eagle Investment Management The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Google, Inc. Hess Corporation Huntsman Corporation Investcorp International, Inc. JPMorgan Chase & Co. Moody’s Corporation Morgan Stanley Nasdaq PepsiCo, Inc.

President’s Circle American Express Applied Materials, Inc. BlackRock Blackstone Bloomberg Philanthropies Bridgewater Associates, LP Credit Suisse Dell Technologies Deutsche Bank AG DXC Technology Eni General Atlantic Generali Glenview Capital Management GoldenTree Asset Management Infor Lazard Mastercard McKinsey & Company Newmont Goldcorp PayPal PGIM Reliance Industries Limited S&P Global Shell Oil Company Soros Fund Management LLC Standard Chartered Bank Terna Thomson Reuters Toyota Motor Corporation United Technologies Corporation Värde Partners Veritas Capital Fund Management LLC Warburg Pincus LLC

Affiliates Allen & Overy LLP American International Group Amgen, Inc. Apollo Management, LP AT&T Baker, Nye Advisors, Inc. The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation BASF Corporation Bessemer Trust The Boeing Company Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. BP p.l.c. Centerview Partners Chesapeake Energy Chiomenti Chubb Limited Cigna Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, LLC CNA ConocoPhillips Company Corsair Capital Covington & Burling Craig Drill Capital Corporation Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank Deere & Company Deloitte. Energy Intelligence Group, Inc. The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. EY Geostrategic Business Group Facebook FedEx Corporation Fidia Holding SpA First Republic Bank Fitch Ratings Freeport-McMoRan Inc. Guidehouse Harman International Industries, Inc. Hellman & Friedman Hitachi, Ltd. Houlihan Lokey IBM Corporation Indus Capital Partners, LLC Invus Group, LLC ITOCHU International Inc. Jacobs Asset Management, LLC Johnson & Johnson JunHe LLP Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. LionTree LLC Lockheed Martin Corporation MacAndrews & Forbes, Inc. Mannheim LLC Marubeni America Corporation Merck & Co., Inc. MetLife Microsoft Corporation Milbank LLP Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas) Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc. Moore Capital Management, LP Navab Capital Partners Northrop Grumman Oak Hill Capital Partners The Olayan Group Palantir Technologies Pfizer Inc. Rassini Raytheon Company Rubicon Global salesforce.com, inc. Siguler Guff & Company L.P. Silver Lake Partners Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP Standard Industries Stone Canyon Industries Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Suntory Holdings Limited Tishman Speyer Properties, Inc. TOTAL S.A. Unipol Gruppo S.p.A. U.S. Chamber of Commerce Vornado Realty Trust Walmart Wells Fargo Western Union White & Case LLP



That’s a long list to boycott,AM . Thanks.

AM Hants

Even a little at a time, goes a long way haha.


Can’t, they make good business in Russia


Britain supported Head Choppers with a softer image though.The White Helmets humanitarian headchoppers and human organ ‘recyclers’ tick all the green boxes, excepting their use of old and polluting UK diesel ambulances.

I would of thought that Electric Ambulances (troop transports) would have been provided by the UK taxpayers to the Oscar award White Helmet winners for acting in Syria.

I must write to my libtarded MP about it immediately.


The Donbas terrorists are as bad as ISIS, also their media outlets like RT or Sputnik, all those journalists propagating terrorism should be arrested before hiding in Russia.

Hasbara Hunter

They should put all Hasbararats in front of a Wall…bring in a Firing Squad & Execute them….


Anglozionato created DPR/LPR terrorist groups?

Hasbara Hunter

They are Freedom Fighters which is their good right….they do not want to belong to the UkroNazis….who are Financed by Soros & Friends…



LOL This photo is in Moscow, idiot! They are Russian Nazis.

Hasbara Hunter

Nope they are not…. they are UkroNazis…you try to divert again…you like my pics?


HAHA the flag on the left is Russian

Learn the fucking flags, before posting them, moron!


Hasbara Hunter

You are one smart False Flag Faggot….

Here I got some more hidden False Flags for ya….see if you recognize’m

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b78cf7b2ca2053cd1ac99c08eb1207d5f39f5712890627a08951ec995e822ba6.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2d5eb83644b074bc16232207f6adb2b9fce8ec0c139f4fb1e5e10c2318e8151c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f84f35d6f6bb63d9d24812402194a9ba6fbe3748d5493e413ccb504640928544.jpg


Then replay the question moron: Are these Ukrainians or Russians ?



you mean the Azov brigade of bandera braindeads right.


Azov battalion doesn’t hide behind elder women and children like DPR/LPR terrorist rats


the azov is a pile of dog-shit sponsored by zionist oligarchs to terrorize their own people. welcome to the dark ages, you silly juvenile.


Zionist oligarchs are in Moscow, leeching Russian people with help from Putin


the azov is a pile of dog-shit sponsored by zionist oligarchs to terrorize their own people. welcome to the dark ages, you silly juvenile.


Copy pasta your own comments? Are you eating your own shit too?


that’s all the time you get, juvenile. go back to pounding your bacon.


Try copy paste something smart instead of sucking your own dick


my,my does your mommy know you talk like that you acne brained juvenile. lmao

Hasbara Hunter


https://youtu.be/zwQvinmry5U https://youtu.be/DPgOnD0n9uw https://disobedientmedia.com/2017/01/us-supported-syrian-white-helmets-involved-with-war-crimes-committed-by-rebel-groups/




White Helmet Funding Hide — uploads.disquscdn.com

Hide — uploads.disquscdn.com

BBC Funding Hide — uploads.disquscdn.com

Other connections Council On Foreign Relations Hide — uploads.disquscdn.com

Foreign Nations Investing In the US Government Hide — uploads.disquscdn.com

Media Links To Council of Foreign Relations Hide — uploads.disquscdn.com

Hide — uploads.disquscdn.com

Hasbara Hunter





Dick Von Dast'Ard

I thought part of the German Intelligence services were Al Qaeda and ISIS.


It is, Dick. German Intelligence is a Democratic Organisation that encompasses all of the very diverse German Community’s. :)

Tommy Jensen

If we didn’t protected our Constitution, we would all live in soil holes in the wood. Therefore its important the sheeple wake up.


a lot of you are already living in soil holes in the cities. the sheeple will never wake. if they did they would not be sheeple.


Hehehe, its in fact hillarious reading, and for the love of God, this must be writen by an Moronikan shithead, aka the Goons from the Penta, or Al-CIAda, its a bit to stupid to be British/French, etc, since it reaks of bullshit, and of course, not an word about what Germany have done or is doing, and I dont bother to go back further than the war on Afganistan to the present Syria. The weird thing is, how deep have the Germans fallen, self-mutalied with sactions, self-castrated thru a invasion of monkeys and rats, and above all, no spine anymore, its like they love to humiliate them selfs, is it what, an nation becoming sadomacocistic, or is it more like The Stockholm syndrom, huh, been under the boots of Uncle Scam for so long its nothing left, Germs. Just spineless amubeas floating around. This shows nothing but an delutional Gov. whom isnt able to do anything for the people, but ends up as an riddicilous mouth piece for the Imperial Banana republic Moronika.

I dont even bother to deduct anything, other then I hope people links this further, so the rest of the sane world can watch idiots in real time, poor f…. needs somebody else to blame, yeah, after pissgates an mass we are stil on the starting line, after fake news, lousy False Flags, stupid military moves and selling weapons to the scums of this earth whom is as their Wahabi brothers in another country the Germs like to deal with in Saudi-barbaria, ISISrael, yeah, wacking Palestinians is just Ok, right, eh…. non ractsic, no jewish hater, not nationalistic, etc German Gov with Mutti Morekill, the nutt for the East. This is nothing but, an row of pathetic drivel.


Real Anti-Racist Action

The UK empire cut the cables that connected Germany and the USA so they could not talk or communicate. This is the way dictators work. Had Germany and the USA been able to talk in 1914, then peace would have been made the the UK’s war plans would have been put on hold. Germany is owned and run by Mi6 and CIA and Mossad. They are trying to cut the cord between the German and Russian peoples so the UK’s war plans may commence. http://ihr.org/ https://dailystormer.name/


naming names russians, turks, iranians, etc, etc. didn’t see the nazi word used. didn’t see the cia word used. didn’t see the soros word used. must be an oversight.


Obviously the ‘intelligence’ report was written in haste with little substance, probably to use for a crackdown on freedom.


If RT and Sputnik are security threats on the level of ISIS and AQ, it is because ISIS and AQ are not that much of a threat, being western proxies. The statement just looks bad but is actually very mild. Still, state-sponsored or not, free media is a threat that the Germans have to take seriously. State sponsored seems to have a new meaning – if the state supports a venture, it is state-sponsored, but if companies have moles inside the government who direct funds toward the company or charity/NGO (or the moles go on a plundering spree of state tax coffers) it is called independent. It is a deceptive definition. We should call them all state-dependent companies.

Black Waters

So now they went full totalitarian, they start censoring all types of information in order to fill the minds of their citizens with propaganda.

Centurion Alejandro


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