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MAY 2021

German Foreign Minister: NATO Bombing Of Yugoslavia Was ‘Right, Responsible Approach’

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German Foreign Minister: NATO Bombing Of Yugoslavia Was 'Right, Responsible Approach'

AP Photo / Dimitri Messinis

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas says that the 1999 NATO bombing of then-Yugoslavia was the “right” move.

“I still believe that Germany’s participation [in NATO’s military operation] was caused by a responsible approach [to the situation]”, Maas told Germany’s newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten.

He added he believes that a military intervention always remains a “last resort” when it comes to defusing tensions.

“At the time, we witnessed massive violations of human rights, right up to mass killings. I think the NATO intervention was right. I do not want to know what else would have happened if this [interference] did not take place,” Maas stressed.

In 1999, NATO started Operation Allied Force on the territory of then-Yugoslavia under the pretext of stopping the killing of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. Serbian authorities insist that about 2,500 people were killed and 12,500 more injured in NATO air strikes in 1999, which were conducted despite not being authorised by the UN.

It should be noted that in the light of the German foreign policy the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia may have really been a ‘right decision’. Then, the appearing EU bureaucracy, the US and Germany had a kind of joint interests reagarding the situation. At the same time, Russia of 1999 was not an influential player of in both European and global standoffs.

Another fact is the incoherent policy of Slobodan [dalliance with the US and its allies, a very limited support of Serbs in nearby enclaves etc] Milosevic undermined the power of Yugoslavia and set conditions for a possible foreign intervention.

In the current situation, appearance of a strong Balkan state is out of the interests of the US and its allies. Taking into account that such a state can be created only around the Serbian core, it’s easy to explain constant attempts to eliminate the Serbian culture and national pride as well as the ongoing pressure on Serbia as a national state.

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You were lucky drunk Yeltsin was president back then in Russia. With Volodya at the helm you would not have been able to pull this one off and get away with no punishment!


but they got away with Libya with Putin’s blessing but then they upped the stake and breached every undertaking given (to putin). so no more un-backed interventions on putin’s watch.


Undoubtedly Donald Trump and Israeli thugs and child butchers are not Semites. All Arab native citizens are Semites.

Peter Bozich

Pity Russia didn’t have the nukes in World War 2 that it has today, a moronic German foreign minister would not have been able to make these comments like he did, as Germany would have been a smouldering smoke pit forever, pity.


USSR has lost 5 times more people than Germany in WW2.
Nothing can bring back those who died.
If ever “history repeats” itself, Germany will be completely destroyed as country and as nation.

Peter Bozich

How the Germany of today puts up with politicians such as Merkel and this moronic foreign minister is staggering.


Well the the carpet bombing of Dresden was also a responsible act from the allies? Shit for brains is Maas.

Brother Ma

Useless dumb and most -likely blackmailed politician. Maybe gay or child -raper on films held in Washington.


Indeed. EU/UN/NWO has addled the brains of most politicians, and it is the sloshing around of the liquid we hear. How many of these dumpsters have to hang from the lamp posts when we take our world back?


“Allies” had regular declaration of war.They have responded to the aggression on Poland as motive for WW2 at least (unlike NATO) .
Unlike 20 NATO countries that have attacked Yugoslavia for no reason, or real justification.
They had NO justification for their attack on Yugoslavia at all !
“Humanitarian” crisis (that was used as an excuse) was 100% staged by CIA and Western MSM (US & UK propaganda mainly)
“Massacre” in Racak was STAGED by CIA and was typical special ops propaganda campaign.
Clinton lied about “10 000” “massacred” Albanian civilians on Kosovo before he gave order to start bombing Yugoslavia.
Just like Bush&Co lied about weapons of mass destruction or “babies thrown out of incubators” before Deseret Storm.
So WW2 was justifiable for allies (but not all acts, Dresden included of course)
Yugoslavia have never attacked anybody specially not a NATO country.
Yugoslavia was victim (of war crime) of (20 countries) NATO aggression.
Germany was directly involved in destruction of Yugoslavia ever since Yugoslavia was created to the last day of her existence.
That was always the same Germany policy.
Also it is always German policy to defend NATO wars and “humanitarian” “interventions” when it is in German interests…
So as German official he can not possibly say anything else differently.


But slaughter of Serbs in “Storm” operation, 1885, quite well-documented, friend Zelko (met in Prague) left Croatian Army at this time.

John Whitehot

i was having similar thoughts

Real Anti-Racist Action

We know we know what policy drives all the politicians.comment image

Lazy Gamer

Atrocities on ALL sides should have been handled by bringing every field commander to justice. Not break the state.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

US/EU/NATO gangsters played the old divide and rule tactics to spark the civil war to dismember Yugoslavia. Funny how many of the bits of Yugoslavia have been swallowed up by the EU/NATO monster like a python.


There were no “atrocities” in Kosovo.
There were no “10 000 civilians killed on Kosovo” like Clinton has claimed.
Like there were no “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq and no “babies thrown out of incubators” in Kuwait.
They create MSM special ops propaganda campaign create false “humanitarian”crisis motive (to get public support) and than NATO & stooges destroy country.
They did that in Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria… and Venezuela is probably next.
Softer option is “color revolution”


Well, the only consolation I have is that the head choppers are multiplying in Germany. Piss on the politicians in Western Europe that allowed this to happen.

I hope Clinton rots in hell for this.

paul ( original )

Sadly the guilty politician will be the very last ones to ‘get it in the neck’. More likely they will just jump on the bandwagon and choose the winning side. In the end they stay on top.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Once a Nazi always a Nazi. Bomb around the clock! Germany with that vile Hans Deitrich Genscher recognition of Croatia, their old stooge state during WW2, started the dismemberment of Yugoslavia. Shame on all Germans who went along with this. But then they played the same game with Ukraine and the Maidan coup in 2014, to their eternal shame.


German policy was always anti-Serb (anti-Yugoslav) and anti-Russian.
in destruction of Yugoslavia Germany was fighting for spreading German zone of influence to the Balkans (that was old German and Hitler’s ambition also)
The same goes for Ukraine (Ukraine as country was Germanic creation)
In all that business Vatican goes hand in hand with Germanic plan that lasts for centuries…
So policy is simple = anti – Slav Orthodox.
In Ukraine they have attacked Orthodox church also. So it is the same scenario like in Yugoslavia.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

You describe a truly disgusting plan by the Germans. They really deserve all the refugees they get for supporting all the US/EU/NATO wars of destruction including Syria and Libya. Couldn’t happen to a nicer country.


The Roman Catholic Church, ruling Germany.
The Zionists ruling America.
The Wahhabi ruling the Middle East.
Those three hold the use of force is allowable to achieve their goals.
Those three need to be exposed and reigned in.


Germans like many other big nations (in certain periods of their existence) had (and still have) territorial and colonial ambitions….
I don’t know how to call that,… it is simply part of human nature unfortunately…

Harry Smith

Pardon me if you already knew that, but the hole goes deeper.

The papacy planned to found a new bishopric in Northwestern Rus’ with Pskov as its center. The main role in the realization of these projects was to be taken by the Livonian church and the Sword Brethren, whose prospects were improved by a Lithuanian offensive against the principality of Polotsk and the rout of the Russian troops by the Mongols in the battle of Kalka. Letters of Pope Hon- orius III addressed to the Christians of Russia (16 November 1224) and the kings of Russia (17 January 1227) called on them to adopt the Latin faith in order to support the struggle against the pagans. In his second letter the pope had in mind the princes of Novgorod, Pskov, Smolensk, and Polotsk, but it went unheeded.

The whole story is here:


Excellent historical write up, thank you.


Thanks for the explanation and the link.

Ishyrion Av

Germans have an historical frustration over Serbs. The bitter WW2 is still fresh, when Serbs inflicted huge causalities to german army, during the invasion and the occupation, even with the treason of Croats and Bosnians.

Panthera Pardus

An aspect which is often forgotten is that Heiko Mass is a member of the SPD so the Socialist Party of Germany which first ousted Gerhard Schröder ( their own chancellor ) and then transformed itself in the carpet used by Merkel la Kulona ( fat ass) to rule over the German.

The so called conservative like Merkel ( former member of the youth movement in the communist DDR) Schauble ( who confessed having taken illegal part funding – schwarzgeld Affäre / CDU-Spendenaffäre … now he is president of Germany, sounds legit ? ) do not need to get their hands dirty to make the dirty job, they use the so called “socialist” the one who allegedly should care about justice and weaker part of the society ).

Still do not believe me?
Check out the financial policy of Olaf Scholz, another SPD who I hope will burn in hell.


*KLA=Kosovo Liberation Army

“Although NATO called the KLA “the main initiator of the violence” in Kosovo and blasted “what appears to be a deliberate campaign of provocation” against the Serbs, the Clinton administration was nevertheless determined to attack the Milošević regime. US intelligence confirmed that the KLA was indeed provoking harsh retaliatory strikes by Serb forces in a bid to draw the United States and NATO into the conflict.”

“The United States was initially very honest in its assessment of the KLA*. Robert Gelbard, the US special envoy to Bosnia, called it “without any question a terrorist group.” KLA backers allegedly included Osama bin Laden and other Islamic radicals; the group largely bankrolled its activities by trafficking heroin and sex slaves. The State Department accordingly added the KLA to its list of terrorist organizations in 1998. However, despite all its nastiness the KLA endeared itself to Washington by fighting the defiant Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milošević”

“From 1992 to 1995, the Pentagon flew thousands of al-Qaeda mujahideen, often accompanied by US Special Forces, from Central Asia to Europe to reinforce Bosnian Muslims as they fought Serbs to gain their independence from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The Clinton administration armed and trained these fighters in flagrant violation of United Nations accords; weapons purchased by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran were secretly shipped to the jihadists via Croatia, which netted a hefty profit from each transaction”



it was moronstan’s plan to break up the last part of what was the soviet-bloc and thus cia instigated and fomented unrest and riots in such crucial parts of jugoslavia that serbia could be blamed and blamed it was.

we’ve seen the same thing in syria and in number of places around the world, to name a few – ukraine and xinjiang in china and we will soon see unrest caused by cia in uzbekistan, tadjikistan and so on. belarus next?? wouldn’t surprise me!

Xoli Xoli

Germany and Japan is USA and Britain slavery countries.Their Damn scared of USA terrorist’s regime.


No justification for NATO to attack Yugoslavia, no justification for Serbia to atttack the other Yugoslav nations (a few years earlier)…

Dušan Mirić

I suppose that in his monster mind every murderer thinks he’s right. German trail stinks with inhumanity.

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