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German Ambassador To NATO Gives Reunification Speech, “Forgets” Soviet Union And Gorbachev


German Ambassador To NATO Gives Reunification Speech, "Forgets" Soviet Union And Gorbachev

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On October 2nd, Permanent Representative to NATO for Germany Hans-Dieter Lucas gave a speech to commemorate Germany’s Reunification that took place on October 3rd 1990.

In his speech the ambassador made three main points, according to his personal opinion.

First of all, he congratulated “the courageous people in the GDR, Poland and Czechoslovakia who brought down the Communist regimes stood up for freedom, dignity and respect for human rights, not for their nations’ superiority.”

He praised the protesters in Berlin, Leipzig, Prague, Gdansk and many other cities who wished for there to be a greater Europe “based on freedom and democracy.”

He then recalled that the vision of peace and freedom is further away in 2019 than it was in 1990.

The ongoing conflict in and around Ukraine or the end of the INF Treaty show how far the crisis in European security architecture has advanced. Another fundamental shift also worries me, namely the fact that the rules-based liberal order has come under enormous pressure. It has become popular once again to try to turn countries into fortresses. Multilateral cooperation and partnership are being dismissed more and more.”

He then, indirectly dismissed what Trump said at his UNGA speech two weeks earlier: that globalists aren’t the future, but rather patriots are.

According to Lucas, the opposite is true.

“But history teaches us that nationalism or going it alone do not offer a plan for a sustainable and peaceful future. In a world characterized to a far greater extent than in the Cold War era by immense strategic uncertainty and unpredictability, we need more, rather than less, global cooperation.”

The second point he tried to make is that diplomacy is still as important as ever, despite its devolution into a Twitter flame war in most occasions.

“Those years were a time of immense upheaval, and a lot could have gone wrong. Indeed, many things do tend to go wrong when regimes fall. It was different in those years thanks to the courage of leaders like the Hungarian Government, who opened the border in September 1989 for GDR refugees, and the responsible conduct and the wisdom of the politicians and diplomats of the time. We also owe it to them that the division of Germany was overcome peacefully within less than a year following the 9th of November 1989 and with the agreement of all our neighbors. This truly was a masterpiece of diplomacy. Courage and diplomacy based on trust and mutual respect can resolve even seemingly intractable problems. Seeking cooperation and striving for political solutions are among the core principles of our Alliance as well.”

His third point was that the world currently has regrettably become quite dangerous.

“Indeed, looking at the many crises in our neighborhood one may come to the conclusion that the world is out of joint. The history of German unification shows that it pays to stay the course even in stormy waters. So let us not follow the doomsayers or those who preach simplistic solutions ostensibly in the name of the people.”

In conclusion, he thanked the NATO partner countries and Europe for allowing Germany back, despite the crimes that Nazi Germany committed, reminding that this is the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II.

“This anniversary reminds us Germans that it was by no means self-evident following World War II and the horrendous crimes committed by Nazi Germany for our European neighbors and our partners across the Atlantic to accept Germany back as a member of the international community and as a free and sovereign country.”

He spoke shortly and praised everything done by NATO and the European states, but he missed one significant part, as has become customary when the Washington-led establishment speaks regarding history in recent months: the role of the USSR and its leaders.

The Soviet Union is completely unmentioned. Mikhail Gorbachev, who led the USSR when it approved a reunification of Germany, was also completely unmentioned.

History of 30 years ago is being completely remade to make it seem that any sacrifices and diplomatic successes were only made by the European countries and that the Soviet Union, on the other side of the Cold War made no compromise, or even barely took part in the process of bringing stability to the globe.




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  • JustPassingThrough

    This clown gives one a good idea why DE is in the terrible shape it is in today.
    This “curry wurst” is a ready-made fool for the western establishment and a definite ass – et to NATO (which seems to have a propensity for collecting idiots into its ranks).

    His command of current DE history is an abomination when he makes statements such as “The history of German unification shows that it pays to stay the course even in stormy waters.”

    The history of german unification has been such a success that the SPD and CDU are losing theirs collective a**es to the AFD in the old DDR.

    It’s going to take some time to clear the decks of fools like this.

    • Redadmiral

      Fully appreciate your dismissal of Herr. Hans-Dieter Lucas. Unfortunately, he is not a fool and neither are his colleagues in NATO. They are lock,stock and barrel; quislings, fascists and sycophants, predicated on opportunistic greed. Of course, he omitted the USSR and the Will of 17 million GDR citizens who had another vision for their future. History is only ever recounted by well paid Liars.

      • Ace

        I don’t think the citizens of the GDR had any kind of a coherent vision for their future. The GDR had failed and, if there was such a vision, it was simply to return to some minimally rational economic system far different from the command economy.

        That said, the alternative system of which they became a part has proved to be utterly poisonous. The communists were vicious and economically idiotic but they didn’t make it a priority to destroy the country culturally by importing millions of third-world primitives. That the “alternative system” has done in spades. amounting to the greatest betrayal of the a civilization in the history of the world.

        Too, as it has progressed, the post-war Western world has proved to be a totalitarian as the former Eestern bloc. Clearly, popular sovereignty and elections are a hair’s breadth away from becoming a complete joke in the face of electoral control by massively wealthy individuals and a corrupt and controlled media.

  • Rhodium 10

    Since then…Germany have to feed all east Europe beside Ukraine and Georgia…also have to feed Inmigrants( included radical muslims)…all in exchange of US bases in East Europe!

  • AM Hants

    Atlantic Council NATO Think Tank, which is reliant on the kinder fuhrer and the children/grandchilden of the Bolshevik elite. NATO Ambassadors and check out their family history and connections to Allen Dulles, Reinhard Gehlen and Earl Browder. No wonder he could not bring himself to mention the Soviet Union.

    Remind me, what was WWII all about and what was Hitler after, at the end of the day?

    • Redadmiral

      WW11 was about the destruction of Communism. Hitler was after Soviet Oil for corporate Germany. Shortly after WW11, Yanki War Dogs had plan B on the table in 49. Nuke 300 Soviet Cities, which had to be put on the back burner as the Soviets were now producing large numbers of Mig 15s and had 5 operational squadrons by that summer. They also carried out their first nuclear test in August. So it took YWD another 40 years before they were able to drive their diamond wedges into the hairline fractures that had been manufactured from war. The Soviets very nearly destroyed the US economically in Vietnam as well as managing to get Arab nations to launch an oil embargo in 74 after the US had fully supported IsraHell in the YKW which they would have lost without Yanki intervention.

      • Concrete Mike

        Its goes even further, WW1 was about stopping russia from.becoming an industrial power, and the destroyed germany at the same time. For the anglo’s this was a double whammy, insert bolchevik fidth column and the rest now makes sense.

        • goingbrokes

          Germany first, check out Cecil Rhodes and his cronies.

        • Ace

          The Bolshevik fifth column is key. It’s been the gigantic invisible body exerting immense gravitational distortion in the Western world. Ditto for the machinations of Zionists and organized Jewry striving with all their resources to innundate the West with third-world immigration.

  • Gary Sellars

    What a grovelling lick-spittle of a sock puppet. Just plain disgusting.

  • goingbrokes

    Globalist claptrap. Compared to globalism, nationalism is easily the greater force for good.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    what a homo fag

  • Bailey rd

    Russia made a huge mistake surrendering East germany.Russia will never have true friends in the west

  • Ace

    The Russians, Syrians and Libyans must be weeping tears of gratitude
    to be reminded of the importance of a “rules-based liberal order.” Oh, frabjous joy!

    As for NATO “[s]eeking cooperation and striving for political solutions [being] among the core principles of our Alliance,” kindly wait while I rush out to purchase some barf bags.

    That rush to expand NATO to the Russian border and hold military
    exercises there must really strike the Russians as real evidence
    of NATO’s ardent search for political solutions.

    Maybe, just maybe, the world is now “characterized to a far greater extent than in the Cold War era by immense strategic uncertainty and unpredictability” because the perfumed saints who run NATO, the E.U., and the U.S. empire don’t care beans about the “rules-based liberal order.”