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Geography Now: Pompeo Divides Turkey Into 2 Separate Parts In His New Twitter Map

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo found himself under fire after he had published a map showing Turkey divided into 2 separate parts.

However, it is not all that bad. Fortunately, the map dedicated to the US regime change efforts in Venezuela at least successfully points out where Venezuela is located.

Pompeo’s map promptly gained a wide popularity among the Turkish audience. There are no doubts that such incidents are not contributing to the improvement of the public Turkish-US relations especially in this complex time when Ankar and Washington have very different views on a wide range of security issues in the Middle East.


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Leaves whole almost entire Asia out of the scope (but leaves Australia in since they’re on his side) -_- well of course he would.


Also the map of Russia is divided, they left Siberia out, that means they want to divide Russia too.


Another faux pas? Sloppy, dudes, sloppy. Who even draws a map like that, except for those Greeks who still dream of retaking Constantinople and West Turkey?


guess that the plan…USA plans to give half turkey back to Greece


Why would they? What’s in it for the US to favor Greece over Turkey? Other then that Turkey occupies strategic real estate on both sides of the country, so its not wise to piss off rump Turkey, what does Greece bring to the negotiating table to warrant being given half of Turkey?

And that excludes the IMMENSE problems Greece will get with being given a massive piece of real estate. Aside the fact that Greece is already up to its ears in debt and incorporating all that new land costs money, what are you going to do with the locals? Ethnically cleanse them? What if they start an insurgency against Greek rule? Give them voting rights? Greek Turks would become the biggest voting block over night. They’d probably vote for ALL of Greece to merge with Rump Turkey again.

Changing borders looks good on internet maps, but they often come with TONS of problems that people overlook. You only have to look at what happened to Germany after German unification to see what kind of fun stuff might await you. Or the split of Sudan? The various shenanigans in the former Yugoslavia? Or the massive problem that Israel has the Palestinians? Where they kinda want to hang on to the Occupied Territories, but they kinda not want to make the people there give full Israeli citizenship, so they kinda don’t know what to do with that problem?


thats a good question…but i dont work for the CIA atm so i cant answer.


Fair enough.

You can call me Al

Look at the map again.

I always knew Greenland was a US vassal state !!!!??.


Elmarie Muller

Clear instigation can’t afford to delever food aid in Syria, Iraq, Libya or Yemen. It is weapons shipment..All USA urgent food aids were always weapons in countries were tension is.Disregarding elected President is USA Nato puppets historical role. Total interference in other states internal elections and affairs.We also want opposition leader in France, Ukraine, UK and USA.


President Maduro does not need you idiot.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The tiny left side of the map is what our Zionist overlords feel the Turks should get. The mega large swath of the right side of Turkey is what Israel and the UK and USSA plan on giving to the coming Kurdish-empire.

Jens Holm

Hard to see that is not a fake map made for dieper jumpers

Bigaess Wangmane

Whole World = EU, US, South American Puppets, Australia, Israhell and… Georgia.

The whole World my ass.

Tommy Jensen

Dont forget Japan, S.Korea and Vietnam minus Hoo Chi Minh city.


Is this Pompeo’s map ? Looks spot on to me !

[Imgur]comment image)

Tommy Jensen

This exactly how the world should look like and will look like within a few years.

Jens Holm

Thats where the walls aming You should be. And If You cross, You should be painted yellow too.

J Ramirez

Strange how they all happen to be NATO states. I smell something fishy here:}

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Slave states always do the master’s bidding.

Jens Holm

Talk for Yourself

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

My birth country of India is till a free state as it has not joined the US Evil Empire. Sadly, the UK has become the prime slave of the US. Truly disgusting example of servitude.

Jens Holm

Strange You dont see Venezuala actually are a part of the western hemisphere partly populated by it too and well connected to fx Spain. Both the Leaders of Spain and the Pope has tryed to make some negosiations.

In trade we see it well. Russians are 0 , ZERO. China in those matters are a little bit more then a dwarf. You are blind for facts.


The smellling fish are You.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

This Pompous excretory hole is a massive ignoranus. I hope he is plugged before he causes damage on the scale of a wmd in Venezuela. How did this excretory solid rise to the top???

Tommy Jensen

As usual Ireland think they can rebel and have their own opinion on the cost of all us others. Northern Ireland first came to their senses after many years of British intervention.
This could also soon be the case for Ireland´s constant disobedience to the International community.

Jens Holm

To me its a fake or some hijacking.

Europeans are divided too. Some tell Maduro to go. Others tell, there as soon as possible should be new elections.

Jens Holm

And most of You eat that map as a fact ???


Pompeo a visionair?

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