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JUNE 2021

Geography 101: “Get Trump an Atlas”. Trump Wants to Bomb North Korea With Nuclear Weapons. Where is the Target Country?

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Written by Prof Michel Chossudovsky; Originally appeared at Global Research

George W, Bush was known for his total ignorance of geography. “Dubya the Geographer: Someone Buy This Man an Atlas” appears in dubyaspeak.comDubya Speaks, We Record the Damage.  

Fast forward to 2017: What about Donald Trump who has his thumb on the nuclear button. What is his knowledge of geography.

Geography 101: “Get Trump an Atlas”. Trump Wants to Bomb North Korea With Nuclear Weapons. Where is the Target Country?

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Nonsense. We know how to target specific areas of North Korea. We don’t even need to use all nukes. Plenty of other powerful bombs can be used for finer targeting.

Pieter Lemmens

Creating a Libya or Syria in the Far East or South America (Venezuela) is the wet dream of every American bible nazi. Isn’t it?



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No, freeing Venezuelans from a communist dictator is though.


Precisely. Military drills have been carried out with B1 bombers, intentionally signaling use of conventional not nuclear weapons.


Exactly, what spot in N/Korea will you drop your nucular bomb on – that it won’t harm/kill S/Korea?

Brad Isherwood


EMP takes down South Korean nuclear reactors….
The back up electrical generators fail….reactors begin melting thru containment like
Fukushima in hours.
The North Pacific Ocean is already Extinction level event ( ENE news website)
4 more Fukushima’s and it’s rush to find living space south latitudes of the planet.

Moon is Taking more THAAD up the kazoo now…..
South Koreans who voted for Moon just got betrayed like everyone who thought Trump pre election promises were real.
Trump can wander off now with Israel waving and pointing “Over Here” …at Iran.


Have you ever looked at the actual number of US bases in countries like South Korea, Japan, Germany and Italy?
Those countries are occupied territory – do they have any options about what USA wants?

They tried Iran just before this one – but Turkey screwed the pooch.
Venezuela might be next…. but with Russian and Chinese interests in the country, they might stick to CIA games.

Brad Isherwood

As mentioned in my many past posts on the History of the Masonic MIC game since
The 1700s
Occupy countries. ..place forts with garrisons, …have standing army battles,
The British and French fought in India when all the various East India trade cartels were there.
Soviet Union were enticed to play this game….Mig jets and T 55 tanks everywhere.
Russia’s MIC Oligarchs made huge profits. .
The Anglo/US side became worried about Russia’s future potential,…so…they couped
That System …leaving the Putin and Jew Oligarchy to oppose them in the great game.
They are all not buddies….they simply, play the great game… knowing full well,
Anyone can betray and follow intrigues/extortions.
Napoleon and Hitler were both played by the gamesters of Triskelion.
The game needs war…
They probably arrange for nuclear weapons to not be used….as future EM phasic
Weapons like we see in Sci Fi movies can replace nuclear weapons, thus negate
The deadly radiation. ….but still get the high destructive power.


That’s a interesting link – even without war that’s 24 coastal nuclear reactors waiting for a tsunami in an area known for earthquakes.


What about NKs other little neighbors, China and Russia? I’m sure they’d be interested in the ‘collateral damage’ assessment. The Orange Buffoon has already been told by China that this is not going to happen. This sounds to me like bluster bullshit for home consumption from the Twit in chief.


It is. He now has to back down because China called his bluff.
But he has make the dumbed-down special people think – “America won!”


China hasn’t done anything, dimwit. China is shaking in their boots hoping that Trump doesn’t drop the hammer on them.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

OK you Oompa Loompa , keep thinking you are in some chocolate factory Charley!


China hasn’t DONE anything – they’ve just told your Mr Trump that if he attacks North Korea they will defend North Korea so your Mr Trump goes running off to France to whine and France says “Phuck you, I’m not going to war against China!”

So now your Mr Trump makes big warlike noises against another defenseless state – Venezuela.

Americunts. Always looking for someone to bomb.


Hey moron, is NKorea threatening US Allies or not? That’s what I thought.

China is now having their illegal trade practices scrutinized. China will lose a trade war, so enjoy.


No. They aren’t. They’re mouthing lots of nonsense at “the greatest nation on earth” because spoilt brat running that “greatest nation on Earth” is mouthing shite at them.

North Korea is not going to attack or invade ANYONE. Here’s why.
They have mutual defense pacts with China and Russia that would be NEGATED if they attacked ANYONE.

Now I wonder why your vaunted leaders don’t tell you that?…???
China will lose a trade war? What trade war??
If the US chooses to sanction China then WHAT will China do?
Just trade with EVERYONE ELSE?

Here’s the thing with that – you stupid cünts farmed out (nearly) all your manufacturing – TO CHINA!


Interesting article….. what do you expect it to do?

Here’s what I see happening
It will ramp up the shelf price on goods from China.
IOW., the American consumer will pay more for the same goods – and your govt will pocket the difference.

It’s a hidden tax – that the American consumer/taxpayer will pay.
And it’s being sold to you as – “Punishing China.”

But other than that – it won’t have any effect on China.
What they don’t sell to you (you buy less now because it costs you more) they’ll sell to Asia, or to Europe, or to Africa. …or the Seychelles whatever.


No, what is going to happen is China is going to fear that the cookie jar is going to close on their greedy fingers and are going to put pressure on NKorea and tell the dictator punk to shut his trap.


That’s wishful thinking Dutch.
The Chinese won’t care – they’ll just sell elsewhere.
It’s just a trick and you’re the vic.

Oh China might um and ah a bit for form – but they won’t give. China ALWAYS calls the bluff and you will not use economics to subordinate their sovereignty. Notta chance!

Here’s how it works (we had this phücking shìte under the Apartheid govt and I remember it well. LOL)

Something comes in and it’s price is $10.
The state puts on a 100% fee for whatever reason.
(For us it was 110% on all electrical goods. Anything that even looked like it smelled like it thought of electricity – even included disks.)

You now pay $20 for the item you used to pay $10 for.
The other $10 goes into the state coffers.

It’s a tax on YOU.
Now. How much do you have coming in from China?
And remember, your “just print more” is running thin. You the taxpayer are going to make up the difference.


“The Chinese won’t care – they’ll just sell elsewhere.”

What a blowtard…yes, the Chinese want to miss out on an 18 trillion dollar GDP country.

*rolls eyes*


Shahna, please flag all of Dutch’s comments. They are a sock puppet and have received a ban from 5 different Disqus sites this week.


Nonsense? Fallout is no nonsense my dear retarded individual. You will have to stick with conventional weapons, even then, the political and economic fallout will be devastating for the USA. GO USA GO TO WAR!!!! I WANT TO SEE THE US TORN APART


pro-war guy.


When we need to defend ourselves.

Langaniso Mhlobo

All wars were cause by old white racist supremacists imperialist capitalist of USA and NATO.


You are another nutjob.


But the real enemy is not North Korea …. But u$ America … More Specifically U$ american Citizens who VOLUNTEER (2,000,000 some leave others join) to Murder, Maim, Rape, Torture unarmed Civilians in foreign country’s EVERY YEAR !!

And those that go to Murder, Main, Rape, Torture and Destroy are Supported by 300 odd Million U$ Americans in U$ America waving their Little Flags and then call these Murderers etc, Hero’s, Patriats !!!


Without America the whole world would be enslaved by nutjobs like you .

Pieter Lemmens

Trump is guided by ultra conservative doom preachers, heralders of a nuclear holocaust that will force their yahashua deity to appear upon a mushroom cloud and pretribulate all the baptist out their bible swamp.

Pieter Lemmens

Trump is guided by ultra-conservative doom preachers, heralders of a nuclear holocaust that will force their yahashua deity to appear upon a mushroom cloud and pretribulate all baptists out of their damned bible swamp.

Jan Tjarks

The issue with Trump is, he isn’t intelligent but smart. The issue with society is, it is intelligent but not smart.


The problem with Trump is he’s not strategically smart. He’s in a business where whoever has the deepest pockets and controls the money makes their own rules. I am a small speciality contractor in the business of contracting on very large construction projects so I know this from being on the other end of this relationship.

Trump reacts and bullies from a position of strength but he can’t see any more than one or two moves ahead. This is obvious from the number of bankruptcies and law suits he’s embroiled in.

Don’t mistake Trumps wealth for smarts. Most of us in the development / construction business get a couple of kicks at the can before age 40 but after 40 …… ever heard of the phrase 40 and fucked…… that’s because bankruptcy after 40 means spending you’re retirement living in a trailer park. Trump OTOH can go broke as many times as he likes, he has his families connections and money to bail him out.

The way Trump practices business if he didn’t have family money to bail him out, he’d be living under a bridge today pushing his shopping cart around threatening every Korean he saw with “fire and fury’ and firing every cop who told him he can’t sleep on the sidewalk.

Jan Tjarks

Well, that he would have more money today if he simply had invested into the stock market tells a lot.

Btw., strategy is part of intelligence. =)

Pieter Lemmens

Trump is the typical representation of the average American baptist: foul mouthed, agressive, uncultivated, greedy and big big headed. Too big headed for their intrinsic value.

Solomon Krupacek

1 year ago he was your hero :)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Actually Trump is Jewish not Baptist his parents were buried in a Jewish cemetery not even good works for Jews can get you into one.


I’m still trying to wrap my head around dropping a nuclear bomb on top of the ground that explodes underground?

…Does it burrow – ‘nucular’ mole style – or something?


Last time US attempted to bomb North Korea was 1994 on the Youngbyun nuke plant when Clinton was president and it backed out of it after a war simulation. That was almost a quarter century ago. People will find out what the US will do this time. US is scheduled to have a military exercise in South Korea simulating an invasion of North Korea this later month and North Korea said it would respond to it. People will find out whether US will go ahead and conduct the the military exercise escalating further and inviting North Korean response. This is the reality on the ground and all BS should be put aside.


There are about 200,000 US citizens including 30,000 US troops living in South Korea. What would they go when bombs start to fall with all sea and air ports destroyed? Would US abandon those 200,000 US citizen?

Bobby Twoshoes

“harmless to the surrounding civilian population because the explosion is underground” WTF? That’s about the level of absurdity I’d expect, how is the tonnes of fallout you get from ground explosions “harmless”? If you want to make a nuke safe for civilians you do an airburst so no fallout is created.

Langaniso Mhlobo

All the countries which were ordered by USA and Nato=UN to removed their defensive weapons were attack afterwards.Afghanistan,Libia, Iraq and Syria.If North Korea does that their will be destroy and devide between USA,South and Japan.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Why do they rely on a contractor for information in saying it’s safe when the contractors are generally on the payroll of these firms sounds like Monsanto having its own contractors say there is no harmful side effects or any lasting harm with their products.

Jan Tjarks

The military is creating its own medals too, like the food industry or any other industry. =)


I can’t see the use of nukes near both China and Russia being recived with a yawn. Who knows what would go after that started. Dropping blocks busters on the undefended is one thing. Slinging nukes is entirely another. I have a feeling it has already slid into uncharted territory. I hope I am wrong.

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