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‘Generation of Conquerors’: Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Denies Links To Gruesome Video Glorifying Its Child Soldiers

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‘Generation of Conquerors’: Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Denies Links To Gruesome Video Glorifying Its Child Soldiers

Screen grab from HTS’ video.

Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has denied links to a gruesome video exposing child recruitment in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The video, which surfaced on several social media platforms on March 31, shows HTS militant training minors on combat operations. The harsh training, which was shot in a dramatic style, included the use of live fire.

The video, dubbed a “Generation of Conquerors,” was not shared by HTS’ official news agency, Iba’a. However, it was attributed to the terrorist group.

On April 1, Taqi al-Din al-Omar, HTS public affairs official, denied to Enab Baladi that the group was behind the shocking video.

“There is no validity to the recruitment of minors in the ranks of HTS or any other faction of the revolution,” al-Omar said, adding that HTS is currently investigating the video.

Al-Omar’s attempt to deny HTS responsibility for the video were quickly foiled by activists, who affirmed that the group was indeed behind the gruesome footage. The activists noted that the up-armored vehicle seen in the video is of the same type made and used by HTS.

In fact, the very same vehicle, which is dubbed “al-Buraq” and carries the serial number “240,” was spotted just last year with HTS militants.

Despite HTS commitment to its radical ideology and practices, serious attempts to whitewash the terrorist group have been ongoing since at least 2017.

HTS is not hiding its ugly face. The recruitment of children is only one of many ways in which the group violates the international humanitarian law on a daily basis. The group is facing very little, if any criticism from the mainstream media.


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Gotta hunt down all those separatists that employ child soldiers.
comment image


I doubt they’re actually soldiers, just kids in training. Whereas we know these HTS/Syrian brats are actually employed as front line soldiers, because many have turned up dead on the battlefields of Syria and Libya.


The trauma of soldiers who are faced by children with guns and with the choice of kill or be killed is a dreadful decision to have to make.

76 mm Super Rapid

You can’t just erase people’s feelings, It’s as if their emotions were lost somewhere hundreds of miles away.ı wish you good hunting Saa animals.Remember one shot:one kill.Never forget the barrel bombs.F.ck Bashar al-Assad,F.ck Hafez Assad’s grave,F.ck Baath regime all the way down.

Jihadi Colin

Best of luck with that.

Why don’t you go to Idlibistan and volunteer your services? I’m sure they’ll find some role for your, maybe as tyre pressure checker.

76 mm Super Rapid

Motor mouth maybe ı am wandering over there once a week eh?


The ruskies will take care of you, inshallah

76 mm Super Rapid

😃 same wishes for you pal,not only for you…


Im sorry repeat again, I dont speak turdish terrorist…

cechas vodobenikov

tratz multiple personality disorder identity at SF after CIA pay Tommy and jens rape super slow learner w 7.6 mm penile implant

Sol Invictus

They are not people – they are head choppers and terrorists, a disease and virus that must be eradicated from Syria along with their sub animal turkish masters. People will never forget countless turkish crimes and genocides – Kurds, Armenians, Greeks and so many others…. F.ck Recep Tayyip Erdogan, F.ck Ataturk’s grave, F.ck Suleiman and Mehmed in heII. And f.ck you.

Sol Invictus

Aww something wrong with your messages lol? Angry little jihadist, don’t bIow your self (bIow your daddy as usual). Fecal bacteria from Erdogan’s anus, eat shiiit and diiie, then eat shiiiit in hell.
200.000 dead jihadists need a virgin like you alahaha.
Here open your mouth for a desert: 💩 with 🍌

Jihadi Colin

They are Certified Good Al Qaeda.

johnny rotten

Until they are useful, the West will use and protect their headchopper farms, then when they become a cost they will splash them away, Isisrahell and his westeners servants have no friends, only useful idiots willing to die for them.


Modern day yeni cheris…


Export product of Turkey and the CIA.

Mustafa Mehmet

angryshitizen very clever of you thanks for the information .. but they are Kurdish propaganda video


turkey and pkk cooperate in syria and iraq to destabilize the region and turkey buys constantly oil from kurdish terrorist groups

cechas vodobenikov

CIA turkey created and funded–cannon fodder used by turkey in syria, Azerbaijan, Libya…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

As shocking as the video is it’s not at all surprising, at least not concerning the underage combatant aspect of the video, we’ve all known for a long time that this has been going on in the rebel occupied territory, the Kurdish SDF are also guilty of this heinous war crime, but what is surprising for me though is just how professional the children are, that’s both shocking and worrying.


Adolescent terrorist recruits – whose future will be inter-factionally fighting each other within confines of Idlib, and then likely shipped off to fight for Turkish interests in some regional conflict. Not much of a future to boast about there. This child terror recruitment, and vast terror base in Idlib, is the direct outcome of the decade long NATO-Gulf State sponsored war against Syria. Try explaining that to US/NATO taxpayers – who funded it.

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