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General Command Of Syrian Armed Forces Officially Announced Liberation Of Al-Bukamal (Video)


General Command Of Syrian Armed Forces Officially Announced Liberation Of Al-Bukamal (Video)

A screenshot from the video

On November 9, Syria’s General Command of the Army and Armed Forces officially announced the liberation of the strategic city of al-Bukamal from ISIS.

The statement put an end to rumors that al-Bukamal is not liberated spreaded by opposition sources.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) entered the city on November 8 and established a full control over it by November 9. Now, the SAA and its allies are working to secure the area and to remove IEDs.

The general command’s statement also epmhasized an importance of al-Bukamal as a logistical hub between the “allied countries”. This clearly refers to Iraq and Iran.

Overview: Syrian Army Operation To Liberate Strategic City Of Al-Bukamal



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  • Spectator


  • Barba_Papa

    Just to pre-empt my fellow Dutch national, anyone can declare anything. George Bush declared victory over Iraq on the deck of an aircraft carrier, remember? We all know how that turned out. I want it to be true, I hope its true, but I remain cautious.

    • Trustin Judeau

      The announcements Syrian MoD does in 99 percent are accurate with no mistake.Second we talk about town called Bukamal not country.There is difference between announcing control over one town and announcing victory over whole country like Dubya did.

      • Ronald

        A buffer zone is a priority , especially on the east side of the river .
        A week before the Iraqi government reclaimed its control over Kirkirk , the Iraqi and Iranian armies did a joint exercise along their common border. At this point in time , while the Syrian and Iraqi armies are together , what do you think of them performing a similar exercise along their common border ?

      • Olayinka Abdulgafar

        Splendid explanation, thanks.

    • dutchnational

      As am I.

    • Turbofan

      There is no doubt in my mind that Abu Kamal is under Syrian government control…

    • Blucross

      same same

  • Trustin Judeau

    Very good news. The liberation of Bukamal is important for both Syria and Iraq.Now buffer zone must be created around the town. I think TF will soon start their ops to capture Mayadin – Bukamal highway.

  • jason sixx

    Lol i dont understand arabic but good one. Pics and/or vids would be nice from the saa for confirmation though

  • gustavo

    Congratulation to Syria-Hezbolah-Iran-Russia gorund troops and Russian aerospace force. This is an important victory, and it was fast and well done. Let us see now whether or not SAA will cross Euphrates river, or it will do the same as Deir Ezzor and Al-Mayadin.

  • Gabriel Hollows

    Say it with me lads,


    • Thegr8rambino