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Gaza Is On Brink Of New Israeli Military Intervention

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The Gaza Strip is on the cusp of a new Israeli military intervention.

In the early hours of October 17th, a rocket launched from Gaza and hit and heavily damaged a house in the Southern Israeli city of Be’er Sheva. Haaretz reported that another rocket landed in the sea near one of the major cities in Israel’s largest metropolitan area. There were no casualties or injuries.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that they struck 20 targets in Gaza in response, including a Hamas attack tunnel in the southern Strip, as well as Hamas military bases and a rocket manufacturing site.

The IDF also released footage of striking a group that was attempting to launch a rocket into Israel.

IDF Spokesman Ronen Manelis said the military holds Hamas responsible for the rocket launches. “Hamas is harming the prospects for an arrangement [on long-term calm] and easing [the situation] in Gaza, which mainly harms the residents of Gaza,” he said.

Currently the Israeli military gives an assessment that if launches from Gaza stop there will be a calming of the situation.

The strikes were carried out by Israeli fighter jets and left one 25-year-old male Palestinian dead and eight injured. According to Gaza’s Health Ministry Naji Ahmad al-Zaneen was killed in the attack on northern Gaza.

Al Jazeera cited Palestinian sources which said that several rockets fired by Israeli warplanes targeted sites south of Gaza City, while another blast rocked the central region of the Gaza Strip. A powerful explosion also rocked Khan Younis in southern Gaza.

Following the incident, IDF’s Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot cancelled his short visit to the US, a planned security cabinet meeting was also cancelled.

At the same time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to call a meeting to assess the situation with Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the IDF’s deputy chief of staff, the head of the national security council, the chief of the Shin Bet and other senior defense officials.

Lieberman immediately ordered a closing of the Erez and Kerem Shalom crossings into Gaza and a reduction in the permitted fishing zone off the coast of the city. According to him, the security cabinet should order a military blow against the Islamist group “even at a price of moving to a wide-scale confrontation.”

This all follows Israeli’s hawkish defense minister Avigdor Lieberman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, among other top officials declaring that Israel will soon consider a large-scale military operation in Gaza. Lieberman said that there can only be peace after Israel delivers a “heavy devastating blow” to Hamas.

After the escalation began, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad released a statement distancing their groups from the rocket launches. “We welcome the Egyptian effort to fulfill the Palestinian people’s demand to remove the [Israeli] siege, and reject any irresponsible attempts meant to incite and sabotage the effort,” the statement read. They also added that they “will always be ready to deal with Israeli aggression,” given they have the support of the Palestinian people.

These rockets are the first since early August that have been launched out of Gaza.

Despite Hamas denying any involvement, Israeli media and the hawkish voices in the Israeli top brass are gaining momentum.

The question, however, stands. If Hamas is telling the truth and did not shoot the rockets at Israel, then who is responsible for the incident? An incident that could quite possibly lead to a large-scale intervention in Gaza.

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whenever the want to intervene in Gaza, they arrange a false flag attack.

Zo Fu

of course, it is not a rocket science.

Lena Jones

neil barron and zo fu: shekeled agents of the terrorist state of israel.

neil barron

Are those white flags of peace ?


haha – penguins; And if they had lived in Gaza, israHell would try to get rid of them too.

H Eccles

Another article from Southfront thats very kind to Israel. From the word
go we get the tired old meme of Israel being under attack rammed down
our throats. Yeah lets gets hysterical over a tin can being tossed at
Israel but keep quiet about the high-tech supersonic missiles that blow
the Gazans and their entire neighbouhoods to smithereens in and instant.
And of course let’s not talk about the last 70 years of occupation and
humiliation that the people of Gaza have to suffer on a daily basis.

Gaza is on the brink of a new Israeli attack..!.. not a an ‘intervention’.

Once again I have to ask who funds Southfront??

Lena Jones

An “intervention”, you’re calling it?!!!!!!! Incremental genocide is “intervention” in your propagandist mind, mister editor?!!!! A disgusting twisting of reality and cover-up of premeditated mass murder on the suffering Palestinians!


spot on

Zo Fu

Well, Palestinians are far to be innocent. Hamas and other Iran backed Shia militias openly declared that they want to destroy Israel, what is firstly wrong decision and secondly they have not any means how to achieve that.
Don’t forget, Israel has long range ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads and effectively is in command of the whole US army and Pentagon. Not mention their air superiority in the whole Middle East.
Palestinians should rather focus on economy and development instead of receiving humanitarian aid and throwing stones on IDF soldiers.
This kind of “fight” is as ineffective as stupid.

Lena Jones

Palestinians should focus on nothing but kicking your ass!

H Eccles

hey Zo Fu… your zoinist worshiping veil has slipped, once again. You’re not fooling anyone here with your fake profile pic.

neil barron

What genocide ? Oh you mean when the leaders of Hamas and PLO send out their people to be slaughtered for their failed ideology of satanic worship.

Lena Jones

“What genocide”?

What holocaust?!

Zo Fu

Well, it makes perfect sense for me.
As long as Israel struggle to continue with air raids on Shia militia backed by Iran in Syria and Lebanon, he must develop alternative countermeasures – for example reinforce IDF positions in Golan highs.
So we can basically expect more checkpoints, more radars, more landmines and more heavy equipment.
And what is the most important, more SSMs to bypass S300 threat.


Yeah, so, to enlighten me, if I invade your house, force you to live in an closet in the basement, and if I am then talking about taking me out, because I have taken your house, slaughtered most of your family members, killed the dog, wacked your garden, and replaced it what I want, do you, uh…… “friends of ISISrael, think I am the evil doer since you refuse to acknowledge the I have infact doe that.
Intresting perspective, only an Jew can find that to be sensible and just, its called Schutzpah for an reason, killing ones parents and pleads for been set free because you have become, an infant, since your parents are dead.
Briliant logic isnt it.

Hamas and the West Bank, have all the reasons for fighting the scums of this earth, with all the means they have, and the other fact is, its an ocean of difference between an Kazam rocket, witch is the eqvivlance of throwing an bucket, and the horro when an Jooo brakes Her nails, yeah, only Jews cant see that, the Palestinians will never, and I fully suport that, never ever have to aknowledge anything about the terror state ISISrael witch is by all means iligale and have no justification anywhere, in fact, there isnt an single bloody potery confriming anything of your sniveling drivel Jewboy, go home, to whereever you came from, huh, Polak, Ukrainia, or Russia.
I dont care.
But to think we are idiots, well, thats your problem not mine.
But, the next war, will be your last one, and its coming, jewboy, and you will loose.
Yeah, loosing Syria and of course they need to let out some steem, right, freaks.
I wounder where the screamers have gone, di you see the latest weapon systems they shoot Palestinians with, since Gazans are become and weapons system taget prectising on live targets, have you, make the children blow up from within, shooting children with MPV armed amo.
And its dead silent and somehow I am an anti-semit.

And drugs make me stupid, what on earth are you sniffing, glue because only that and reading to much MSM destroys brainactivity, no other drug/s do that.


Emanual Macron

you mad bro?

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