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Gaza Ceasefire Under Pressure After New Rocket Attacks, Israeli Airstrikes

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Gaza Ceasefire Under Pressure After New Rocket Attacks, Israeli Airstrikes

An explosion during an Israeli air strike on Gaza, August 8, 2018. IMAGE: Reuters

Early on November 16, Palestinian fighters launched two rockets from the Gaza Strip at a nearby Israeli settlement, challenging the current ceasefire.

The Israeli military said that the Iron Dome anti-rocket system had successfully intercepted both rockets, which were heading towards the southern Israeli city of city of Beersheba. No one was reportedly injured or killed.

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) responded to the rocket attack by launching a series of airstrikes on positions of the Hamas Movement in the Gaza Strip.

“Hamas will bear the consequences for attacks against Israeli civilians … We remain prepared for various scenarios,” the Israeli military wrote on Twitter.

According to the Shehab Agency, the airstrikes targeted four military positions of Hamas near the city of Beit Lahia in northern Gaza. The airstrikes didn’t result in any causalities.

34 Palestinians were killed and over 100 others were injured in the recent round of escalation in Gaza, which ended with a ceasefire on November 14. Since then, the fragile ceasefire has been violated several times by both sides.

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the war against the oppressors will end the day they, the squatters or jews, are sent to kingdom come – like in vietnam or afghanistan, the occupying force can never beat the indigenous people and thus they, the squatters or jews, will either have to be on their way somewhere else voluntarily or they will be slaughtered as if there is no tomorrow. the middle eastern countries plus a few more will make certain of that. e entire

and not one soul in the world will miss them fukkers . you might say dead or alive like a yankee poster for a hard core criminal (bout the same as the squatters – hard core war criminals):


Go clean some toilets, you smell like sheet anyway.


Soon we will chop down Palis like you cut a bread for breakfast. I’m waiting to see my mighty beloved IDF entering Gaza and spraying those madafakas with machine guns like flies. Long live Israel, proud to be Israeli <3

Kenny Jones ™

Zionist dog, what PIJ did last days was not even 10% of their capabilities, while Israel was disrupted and even had to call in reserves. 450 rockets in two days? Nigga that can be shot in 2 hours.


And you think we used our capabilities? as far as I know the IDF aimed to hit unpopulated targets like tunnels or training camps instead of increasing their death toll. What they can shoot in 2 hours, we can shoot in 5 minutes.

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