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‘Gay Sailor’ Defense System Does Not Work. ‘Russian Submarines’ Continue To Threaten Sweden

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Sweden once again claimed that it discovered a “Russian submarine” in its territorial waters.

The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported that a craft that was perceived to be a submarine had been observed inside the Stockholm archipelago in the summer of 2018.

The Swedish Armed Forces investigated the incident; however, the reports were classified.

It happened on June 28th, when three instructors from a sailing school were putting out buoys off the northern Lidingö near a facility belonging to the Swedish Sports Confederation.

The Swedish Armed Forces didn’t perform any actions in the area on that day.

I saw bubbles form in the water, it happened behind the boat, so I thought it was a roaring motor,” an instructor told Dagens Nyheter.

The instructors themselves didn’t report the event though. The Armed Forces were informed by an officer who is an acquaintance of one the instructors and learned of their observation.

On July 4th, two Armed Forces officers went to the same place with one of the instructors.

“We can confirm that we have received information about an alleged observation in this area at the specified time. I can also confirm that we have spoken to the informant,” Jesper Tengroth, press officer at the Swedish Defense Forces Headquarters was, cited.

Ola Oskarsson, an expert on underwater surveys, said the photographic documentation of the purported submarine was “very good.”

“These are the best pictures of what might be a suspected submarine that I’ve ever seen,” he was cited as saying.

A subsequent survey also showed “visible imprints” of a submarine ten weeks after the observation. As reported by Sputnik, retired Commander Nils-Ove Jansson said that according to his assessment, this was a “probably submarine” that could be classified as number two on a military scale, where one stands for “confirmed submarine” and five for “non-submarine.”

Sweden has a history of discovering foreign and mostly Russian “submarines.”

In October 1981, a Soviet S-363 submarine ran aground near a Swedish naval base in Karlskrona. Interestingly, it was not detected by the Swedish radars and it was discovered by fishermen.

Since then there were several submarine scares. Most notably in April 2011, a possible foreign submarine was reported in Baggensfjärden in Nacka. The Swedish Armed Forces’ Naval Tactical intelligence service, MTS-M2 investigated the incident. Later it was confirmed that the object was really a raft frozen in moving ice.

In the same year, but in September an eyewitness contacted the Swedish Armed Forces after seeing something outside the harbor of Gothenburg that possibly could have been a foreign submarine. The Swedish Navy deployed several surface warships in an attempt to locate the unknown object. The search led to nothing.

The culmination came between October 17th and 24th, 2014 when a large military operation was launched to search for an allegedly damaged submarine in Kanholmsfjärden in the Stockholm archipelago. The operation to search for submarines in 2014 cost approximately $2 million.

The “Russian submarine” concerns had their first conclusive result in 2015. Swedish forces discovered an actual Russian sub. However, it was from pre-Soviet times and had sunk in Swedish waters in 1916.

On April 27th, 2015, the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (SPAS) took matters into its own hands and undertook to protect its country from the “Russian submarine threat.”

The society launched their own defensive network – the Singing Sailor Underwater Defense System, better known as the “gay sailor.” It is a neon sign with a half-naked dancing sailor surrounded by hearts. It has a written message which reads “Welcome to Sweden: Gay since 1944.”

'Gay Sailor' Defense System Does Not Work. 'Russian Submarines' Continue To Threaten Sweden


In case the Russians do not understand, it emits a Morse code signal in English and Russian which states: “This way if you’re gay.” It is also a stab at Russia’s criticized “anti-LGBT” laws.

Unsurprisingly the 2018 “Russian submarine” scare met with a skeptical reaction from Swedish netizens on Twitter.

“So, the parasites in the Swedish fleet are out to get more funds again,” Maria Engström tweeted, to which another user replied “And certainly the sub is a Russian one.”

“I’ve solved the mystery for you completely free of charge. Clearly, it’s a sauna raft,” another user chipped in, posting a video of a “submarine-like,” further claiming that nobody would take the possibility of a foreign submarine hovering around an island such as Lidingö, which is famous for its wealthy residents.

The above tweet poses the question:

“Was there a suspicious submarine seen in the Stockholm archipelago? No, probably merely a torpedo from the underworld.”

This is a lighthearted incident that has not led to any repercussions. However, even this shows the evident MSM hysteria caused by constant finger-pointing at Russia, without the provision of any evidence whatsoever.

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