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Gas Pipe Explosion In Syria Causes Blackout, Blamed On Terrorist Attack


Gas Pipe Explosion In Syria Causes Blackout, Blamed On Terrorist Attack

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In the early hours of August 24rd, an explosion took place on the Arab Gas Pipeline in Syria, which led to a blackout in Damascus and other cities and towns.

The explosion was reportedly a result of a ‘terrorist attack’, according to Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ali Ghanem.

Ikhbariya TV channel showed footage of a large fire after the explosion, which officials said occurred between the towns of Ad Dumayr and Adra, northwest of the capital of Damascus. The channel later said the fire had been extinguished.

“Assessments show that the explosion … was the result of a terrorist attack,” state news agency SANA quoted Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ali Ghanem as saying. He did not provide further detail.

The explosion damaged a stretch of the Arab Gas Pipeline between the towns of Al-Dumayr and Adra in Damascus governorate, leading to a pressure drop and cascading shutdowns of the country’s power stations, according to Syria’s Electricity Minister, Mohammad Zuhair Kharboutli.

This is the sixth time that stretch of the gas pipeline has been hit by an explosion over the course of the Syrian conflict, Kharboutli added, refusing to speculate about possible causes of the latest blast.

The electricity minister said that power was gradually being restored to the country’s provinces. A resident in Damascus said power had returned in the capital.

Entirely in the area of speculation, a US convoy passed into Syria on the evening of August 22nd, it came through the al-Walid border crossing from Iraq. The aim of the deployment is unclear.

The area of the gas pipe explosion is also rather far from the al-Walid crossing.

The Arab Gas Pipeline system extends from Egypt into Jordan and Syria.




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