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Gains And Setbacks Of Syrian Army In Greater Idlib Since February 23, 2020 (Map Update)

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Gains And Setbacks Of Syrian Army In Greater Idlib Since February 23, 2020 (Map Update)

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Since February 23, units of the Syrian Army have liberated over 10 settlements from militants in souhern Idlib advancing in the direction of Kafr Nub. At the same time, Turkish-led forces (mostly Hayat Tahrir al-Sham members) have re-entered the village of Nayrab amid an intense fighting with the Syrian Army.


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Next move for the SAA and Russia will be securing the M4 Highway I guess – Good Luck and Godspeed


LOL. Mustafa Mehmet is downvoting you.. Funny how the Turkish trolls now are so damn silent. It MAYBE possible the reason for their silence is shame of the abysmal performance and slaugther of the Turkish troops.. ;) Or maybe they have gotten a collective stroke when the reality fucked up their delusional propaganda.. ;)

Rhodium 10

Next move is to cut M4 highway near Ariha and retake Idlib capital…thats would be the end for terrorist.

Porc Halal


Porc Halal

I think for turkish jihadi terorists (i.e. Turkish regular army & militants) the lost of Saraqib was something mindblowing, unacceptable and produced something like a short circuit in their primitive brains so they are only focusing on retaken it back from Syrian legitimate authority over Idlib even if they lose more teritorries in the south…

Wolfgang Wolf

which brains?))


It’s obvious that rebels aim to retake Saraqib. I don’t understand why SAA doesn’t take this situation serious and send some reinforcments, cause their frontline is breaking.


SAA ground troops alone can not do anything. Russia air force is fundamental for any SAA advance on Idlib. Russia air force can by itself get rid of these terrorists.

Gary Sellars

Utter nonsense. Air power by itself cannot dislodge a determined enemy. Boots on the ground are required and Russia isn’t going to commit tens of thousands of troops to save Syria from the terror gangs and Wahabbi/Turkmen maggots. Syrians need to do (and are doing) that job for themselves.

Gary Sellars

Correct. You don’t understand.

Seriously, the SAA have been rolling back the jihadist scum for years now. Why the heck do you think you have a better idea of the required strategy than they do???


RuAF and SyAF must be more cautious from now on because Turks have provided manpads to jihadists or they may use them .

Karen Bartlett

Go, SAA and allies, and God go with you!

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