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Gains And Setbacks Of Syrian Army In Greater Idlib: February 24 – March 5, 2020 (Map Update)

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Gains And Setbacks Of Syrian Army In Greater Idlib: February 24 - March 5, 2020 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at gains and setbacks of the Syrian Army in the region of Greater idlib since February 24, 2020.


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There must be found solution, for these “set backs”. They obviously need helping hand. Since they obviously doesn’t have enough men… not enough good quality soldiers to keep what is liberated.

They must liberate areas with all those Turd check points – “observation posts” They are precious hostages to be kept just in case things turn very ugly.


We don’t know what happen for the set backs everybody is saying that SAA was not good enought but you have to remember that they are in front of djihadist into drug how want to die with full suport hardware and intel of NATO !!!! and direct involvment of turkey with air support !!


you exaggerate obviously

“direct involvment of turkey with air support” Syrians have downed 19 Turk drones already! And now those drones do not fly over the sky during the day but only during the night and trying to avoid Syrian BUK and Pantsir systems … So not much pressure from them if any at all. That is hardly Turk “air support” since Russians and even Syrians are back in bombings with no more Turk attempts to shoot Syrians down (too dangerous because they can hit Russian airplane unintentionally and they they will have war with Russia “full suport hardware and intel of NATO” What the hel is NATO “full hardvare support”?!??! Whatever it is the answer is NO ! Turks have ammunition from USA as “hardware support” That’s all for the moment.


1 the only set back SAA made was when they get huge loss from drone flying freely during daylight and russian air force stop aerial support, it’s pretty logical 2 in the rank of djihadist you have occidental “spy” working 3 turkey give nato hardware tank ATMG and MANPAD to djihadist 4 turkey during 2 days at least used all is strengh to gain these setback at this time SAA diden’t get air coverage, now the situation became normal again


You didn’t read my comment or what? 1) 19 Turk drones destroyed so Turks have retreated and fly only occasionally during the night !!! 2) OK, I doubt that there are many of them if any at all, so what? 3) ATGM and manpads true I agree, but you have said ALL hardware… 4 we agree here situation is “normal” again = Syrian SAA has upper hand


we are in the same side and actually i like your comment but here i desagree with you on some point the huge set back of SAA was during the time no drones was destroyed in the first hour of turkish direct involvment for this you have 2 possibility russia was surprised and need few hour to bring solution and new hardwear to counter turkish drone or they let turkish drone flight freely for some hour i think the second theory is stupid … 2 trust me djihadist get military formation money drugs and intel and all of this thanks to MI6 CIA and other organisation ( timber syncamore james lemesurier …) 3 you don’t buy millitary hardware in supermarket with bananas they get OTAN weapon thanks to OTAN paid by emirats and saudi arabia


I know that we are on the “same side”

but I was just in stupid mood to argue…. Now I am not any longer so you WIN ! Bravo :)

Mack Dane

SAA is a joke. Military professionals around the world have been laughing at the cowardice and ineptness of the SAA for the past 9 years!

Horace Lacondeta

You are contradicting yourself in a single statement. “9years” and still winning…


hahaha think this if you want i am just looking facts, in the last years IRAK has fall in 3 month lybia also egypt 1 years and half , and Syria? Baschar is still smooking hookah in qassium mountain …

Wahid Algiers

Take your little toy and break your own nose.


Visit Syria if u can.


Looking pretty good though but terroristler is a little too close to m5… if I were driving a truck north outta Saraqib there would be boo coo pucker factor in effect.


Poor Turkler soldiers stranded way inside Syrian territory.

Wonder if Erdogan will find a way to pull them out before the 659th annual grease wrestling championships in June of this year?

War is just cruel.

Xoli Xoli

The best help for Turkey is to get rid of Erdogan or else face the chaose not only in Syria. But in Libya,Greece. and in Qatar,Bahrain from USA. Cyprus illegal drilling will also bring serious consequences.

Shang Tsung

The article is not correct, according to multiple sources Afis is already in the hands of SAA, only outskirts are contested https://twitter.com/DocPakistan/status/1235485874495856640


And Amiqah in Al Ghab plain too

Constellation 2023

Puta Putin has no choice but to urge the butcher Assad regime and its terrorist civilian murdering militias to retreat to the Sochi Agreement lines. Better lose one battle but save a more profitable relationship based on win-win commercial gains.

Porc Halal

Are you a retard?…you live in your own bubble after severe indoctrination…i feel sorry about you

Tudor Miron

Get lost ukro troll


What Turks and Americans trying in Syria? Candy shop or Oil and other natural resources from Syria.U are just little noob without brain.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Russia could always negotiate a removal of the jihadists with Turkey to Al-Tanf.


haha nice idea or to send them in alaska it’s better


This was last week.


Can anyone explain why there are Turkish observation posts in SAA (red) controlled territory, e.g. on the road to Hama? Surely they have to dismantle and retreat to rebel territory / Turkey once behind SAA lines?


People in the world have been oppressed for so long, our lives was turned into such a misery by now that the Light of the Victory of the Syrian Alliance gives new strength and hope. We can let our voice be heard. Sites like SouthFront and Sputnik are the perfect places to went our rage toward the Rot-hschild Banker ISISraHell Conglomeration and their Babylonian Money Magic System enslaving the world.

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