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JUNE 2023

Gains And Setbacks Of Syrian Army In Greater Idlib February 23-27, 2020 (Map Update)

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Gains And Setbacks Of Syrian Army In Greater Idlib February 23-27, 2020 (Map Update)

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Since February 25, Turkish troops and their friends from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and other al-Qaeda-affilated groups have recaptured the towns of Nayrab and Saraqib in eastern Idlib cutting off the M5 highway in this point. At the sane tine, they have lost a large chunk of the area in southern Idlib.


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Rhodium 10

Without IRGC&Hezbollah…SAA are unable to defend any areas when terrorist lauch offensive….thats why ISIS never was able to launch offensive to retake lost position in Iraq where Iraqi PMU forces were deployed!

Wahid Algiers

I like Hezb very much but do not ignore that the enemy still has thousands of fanatic and well equipped fighters who are supported by Turkish invaders with all they need. In 3 days you will be lucky again.


Even fanatics can see their morale tank. They are energized now. But not for long. The SAA is probably making some adjustments. By the end of next week things will be different.

Wahid Algiers

https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/syrian-army-launches-counter-offensive-in-eastern-saraqib/ – counter offensive started.

Rhodium 10

they launched 3 similar attacks and failed when Tiger forces were deployed there!…but when just only SAA conscripts are deployed…its a highway for terrorist to retake lost territory!


I think you’ll find that it is easier to attack than to hold captured territory. The Sultan has rearmed the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers and slavers so they are having a modest revival, it won’t last long because they are leaving the M4 wide open behind them.

Jens Holm

Thats right. Keep is the important part. SDF had great problems according Khabour Hasaka and east to Iraq.

The terrain was too big to control well, because ISIS could panetrate as they wished. But ISIS did not take back any terrain. They lost all control a little by a little still being able to make some nasty counterattacks.

Its often an art to keep.

I have another one. Its said winning a war is easy. Making the peace is the difficult part.

Not a single one here EVER talk about that. I dont understand that. Its about Assad in power no matter what. Very much like prefaring being unproductive bums in ruins.

Whats the progress??? Building houses. Flowers for the graveyards and construction is the future ???

Or Erdogan doing it instead. Kurds certainly not.

Wahid Algiers

Once reaching the M4 in the next few hours SAA should take the plains west of Idlib City and cut off the criminals in and around Saraqib from returning to Idlib City. These actions a) will open only one broad corridor to the border with Turkey for fleeing subjects to get them later on by airrockets and b) give the possibilty for special treatment for each of the terrorists who are actually celebrating the M5 breaking.

You can call me Al

We could do with SF putting a distance scale on the map. Yours does seem a decent plan.

Wahid Algiers

https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/syrian-army-launches-counter-offensive-in-eastern-saraqib/ – fine


SAA is just shortening the frontline, I think the objective here is to isolate Jisr al-Shogr. Battle of the heights, Kabani has been a thorn in SAA’s backside for a very long time. They are purposefully not shutting the Bala al-Hawa enntrance/exit.

It is very likely that after they reach M4 and cut it, the front west of Aleppo will be reopened. It is moving so quick on the ground! Saraqib falling should have been expected by SAA, they were too close to Idlib city and does not fit in with their pincer principle. The question here is how deep they are willing to allow Al-Qaeda and co to go. This is SAA’s battlefield and they set the rules!

Wahid Algiers

https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/syrian-army-launches-counter-offensive-in-eastern-saraqib/ – great, crush the criminal now!


akhbar jayida 3allah y9nblo dak sara9ib mzian

Cheryl Brandon

indeed or, they might have to surround them , or take them out from the south>?

You can call me Al

Send the Iranians in to take out the vermin on in Nayrab and Saraqib, they would both appreciate and relish it. PS Turn the S-400 units n and bring down a few flying yids.

Jens Holm

You might send some money. Like shooting sparrows with canons.


Russia needs to eliminate Turkey artillery right away, stop pleasing Turkey.


I dont know what to think anymore.How can one be so stupid to loose Saraqib!?They even lied to Russian MOD and Tass about how they still controlling it as militants were capturing Dadikh.They were so fucking ashamed.Russians take a town and as soon they leave those idiots loose everything.

Jens Holm

You are the stupid one. Number one should be knowing Your enemy. You dont.

Id they were as You assume in Your limited narrominded censured world or a mister Nilling Nullingworth You will know those Jidadists all are the best veteran soldiers, You can have agains them.

They do have great losses, but they are gainst a big airforce and artillery.

You are typish ME attitude. You dont know the soldiers for Assads, Iran, Hesbollah and soldiers often is much lower quality, becáuse You are told they are top top.

I am sure several 1000 forced Assads will die for nothing before anything is over. And off vourse You dont care about the 800.000 refugees. Even the babies wear white helmets and are spendables too.

You probatly even deny or laugh, when UN and others are worried. You only wonder from Your totally lowered perspective that so many are against Assads.

The great majority is against Assads. But Assads is back and can continue good old days of his father.

You ven expect thet should be better then the good old days after Islam was started …

Hard for me to see. You both represent same thing. Well armed Leaders and often not even representing the majority run things by bajonets and fear – And You let them.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

What the f*ck are you talking about? Most of those brainwashed terrorists are foreign and have raped and murdered their way across Syria. They are dangerous and must be eliminated. Hell, even most Americans realize that and are now pulling for Syria and its people and not some psychotic religious nuts. You’ve lost. Accept it. People will never tolerate your kind. We’ve had it with your extreme religious shit.

Wahid Algiers

Jens Holm is a great supporter of the Kurds. That’ s all…

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Hmmm. Ok. Odd name for a Kurd.


So much crap written so little to say, now fuck off Danish eurotrash.

Jens Holm

The Damaskus Tourist minister: We eduate Our guids well. This region has the smallets ruins in the whole Country. No people can live ther, but we will try implement some Australian camels there as Refugium. They might fit. Many has been burned here and there and we have seen one having only 3 legs. They even speak chinese.

Raqqa is nothing.


Jens, your humor is so bat that is actually good :)

Jens Holm

Yes. I forgot some ammo actually has nitrogene in it and can regain as fertilizer.

Thats why opium grows well in Afghanistan.


Your fucking idiot.


Pathetic, jihadi-loving scum. Go inhabit some other site where your illness is established.

Josiah Isaboke

The only reason things are going so bad for the SAA is because it’s the politicians that are running the war and not the generals… 1) Any general would never have allowed those Turkish posts left behind with drones observing every movement the SAA makes 2) No general would allow the enemy to get a free pass resupplying the enemy with 1000s of troops and supplies on endless kilometres of convoy undisturbed like they are going for a tailgate party. 3) No general would stand by and watch his troops being annihilated by artillery and just laugh it off as if they are going to change all that…Over 500 SAA have been killed or maimed so far from that direct involvement of those Turkish artillery 4) And this is the crazy part:TURKS have formally requested the RUSSIANS to let their ARMED DRONES PATROL THE SKIES OF IDLIB! And my guess is Lavrov will smile and shake hands with his Turkish counterpart over it. 5) Now i understand how the Russians lost the cold war and are getting pummeled by the US/NATO all over with sanctions. They are VERY TRUSTING and act like they can make friends with their enemy. WHY DOESN’T THE US JUST SELL IT’S WEAPONS TO ANYBODY IT DOESN’T TRUST…That technology can be easily transferred to the enemy…RUSSIA’S S-400 TECH IS GONE! 6) Why are the Russians patrolling together with the Turks in the North when they are practically at war with them in Idlib….Anytime now expect a Russian plane to be shot down by the Turks and you will see them celebrating on National TV like the last time and Erdogan will brag about it for days and still get invited to Moscow for a handshake and coffee 7) CRAZY INSANITY

Jens Holm

No General should ever run things. Any armed force should be made and controlled by public elected politicians. Syria dont have that.

The regime forces of Damaskus refect Syria and its culture and religíon very well.

As long as its like that. You have the same bad politicians forever as well as more or less indepndent part of the military forces.

The money control is by corruption too.

Syria has no tool for any progress. Its a one string competing among fat men system, which in its finest could be very well for Emirate seized being a bad or good Dictator system. Bad people in armed forces are not replaced with the more quilified ones. Its nepotisme and trade of the worst kind.

Progess could be made if Syria was divided into smaller much more independent “Emirats”, where the Leaders can see all corners. That how more advanced countries are. We put out local powers out to local parlaments, where those smaller units decide most local things themselves and take in their part of the tax too.

Corruption can be kept down by that too.

Only the PYD/YPG by SDF ha sproposed that. Its should be done for all Syria. Its an ilusion some single person and a grapping non productive Baath party can do things well.

I allow me to ass, that Assads has had decades to show that.

Those made that violent opposition making it possible for foreigners to go in and arm any against Assad. 50% unimplyment did it. No reforms against people leaving the dry and primitive countryside in stead of making it fertile fx for export to the many poor in ME importing food.


That load shit that means nothing, is that retards way of pretending you have anything to say, seriously you wasted your time writing that wall of text.

Jim Bim

Russian Defense minister would never allow the Turks to have access to Syrian airspace, nor would Lavrov, he has lately been very critical of the Turks. The problem has been Putin, he caved in to all Erdogan`s request. All the ceasfire`s , the Turks posts, the DM zone…all in the Turks and terrorists favor. It`s at least a good sign that Putin does not want to meet with Erdogan, their friendship is toasted.

Josiah Isaboke

You might be right…I have heard Putin’s meet the press interviews at times and i always hear that “Our Partners this our partners that” and has even suggested Russia joining NATO! I like him as a person but at times i think he lets his emotions get in the way of his judgement. Turkey?NATO will never be Russia’s friends…PERIOD! They can do business and that’s it…Just the same way we never mix friendship with business should be the best example for Putin. At this point he had better listen to his generals because it’s just a matter of time we hear another Russian jet downed

Jim Bim

yes the Russians after the Sovjet fall, wasted many years wanting to be like the west and be their buddies, while the west only was interested in robbing Russia for its resources and making Russia even weaker.


“Now i understand how the Russians lost the cold war…”


hopless nation

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Well I’m no military expert, but looking absolutely dire for the Turk terrorists. The Syrians are absolutely steam rolling through territory to the south east of Idlib. Big gains.


Hehehe! Excellent SAA tactics. Poor TurkISIS will be out of Saraqib in no time, after they are surrounded, because SAA is clearly going for that tactics. :D

Arbaches Glaukus

Shortening the front lines and narrowing the operation area is the good news. Not being able to hold in the liberated area it is a bad news. Turkey with Total military personnel: 743,415, Total aircraft strength: 1,018, Fighter aircraft: 207, Combat tanks: 2,445,Total naval assets: 194, Defense budget: $8.2 billion is the number eight military power in the world. As long as Turkey army has invaded Syria, then they are able to crush the Syrian army at any time. So everything depends on decisions taken behind the closed doors. Syria is a place where the geopolitical interests of many powers collide, and Syrians are paying the price. Syrians are tribal, heterogeneous, not patriotic, and I wonder if they would be able to hold the integrity of Syria for a long time.

Cronos Sin Apellidos

Don`t overexagerate the fall of Saraquib. The big picture is more importan. Right now the turkish forces went all out in that city, than is 3/4 surrounded by SAA and their suply lines is completely at range and view of airforce and even artillery.

It could become a draining point of turkish money and army, and SAA can work in others sectors. Erdogan said it would intervine in force. Draining his army now could be very practical, IF SAA controls enemy suply lines. It will take time.

Still, M4 will take some days to control.

Johny Flodder

Good tactic SAA! Saraqib is about to become a very hot chauldron, inside of which all those rats will likely be burn to the last one.

You can call me Al

Another 36 hours and the SAA / Russians can take the M4 and M5 back. God’s speed, strength and our prayers.

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