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Gaddafi’s Son To Run For Libyan Presidency

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Gaddafi's Son To Run For Libyan Presidency


Saif al-Islam, the son of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, is going to run participat in Libya’s next presidential election, according to the family’s spokesman, Basem al-Hashimi al-Soul.

“Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the former Libyan president, enjoys the support of major tribes in Libya so he can run for the upcoming presidential elections due in 2018,” al-Soul told the Egypt Today newspaper.

Al-Soul added Saif al-Islam would run on a promise to provide “security and stability in accordance with the Libyan geography and in coordination with all Libyan factions.”

Gaddafi’s son was released from prison in June, six years after the NATO-led intervention in the country, which has now fallen into the hands of warring armed factions.

The UN-backed Government of National Accord, based in Tripoli, announced earlier in December it hoped to run the presidential election in 2018 in an effort to push forward with the country’s national reconciliation programme.

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Lazy Gamer

I hope he succeeds. But at this stage, he needs more than political support to unify the country.


I also hope he succeeds. It would be irony indeed for Saif al-Islam to unite his fractured country :)


Indeed! He should succeed, rule Libya with an iron fist like his late father did, give Russia military basis for security guarantees against the EVIL U$ and Nato, start legal proceedings against the pro-ISIS U$ and Nato for destroying his country and for the brutal murder of his father and brothers in the hands of barbaric jihadists backed by U$ and Nato and kick all companies, organizations and agencies from the EVIL U$ and Nato from Libya,

Pavel Pavlovich

Which is something that his father first did and then undid (although I can not blame him for after 1990 but 2012 he made a big blunder).


And of course demand all the purloined Libyan gold is returned by the USA.


Exactly right. No doubt the EVIL empire will panic and will seek ways to assassinate him using their jihadist proxies in Libya and elsewhere in the region.


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Get lost! Google is a part of ‘deep state’ liberal imperialist establishment!


Er…NO! He just needs the same Deep State support his father had before the Deep State decided it had reasons to destroy Libya.


Just exactly where do you get your info? Please enlighten us. So, the Deep State went after Gadaffi for the gold dinar proposal to save the French Franc in Africa, after supporting him? I’ll have to see some evidence of that.

Don Machiavelli

The west knows this very well, there is no Libya without Gadaffi but it is too late now, after brutal murder of Colonel Gadaffi, murder which was done by foreigners… There is no morality and ethics anymore in western politics and very soon there won’t be any in their societies which are brainwashed into submission by propaganda machines owned by zionist scumbags.


Saif will win- he’s obviously the new Deep State candidate. And this is how the Great Game is played. An Empire power, for ‘good’ or ‘bad’ reasons breaks one of its former puppets, then a little later desires ‘peace’ in that colony, and promotes a blood relative of the dead puppet.

This story is proof that the real phase of using on-the-ground wahhabi terrorists is OVER (as a major strategy), and that the Deep State has moved on. While Southfront slept (sadly), a major US airport was placed into blackout for many hours, while a giant jewish transport plane moved something from the USA to Israel. The reason for the blackout seems to have been to eliminate chemical and radiation sensons that operate at all major US airports.

It is speculated that nukes may have been on board, but it is just as likely the plane contained Iranian sourced weapon systems for use in a coming false flag to be blamed on Iran. A missile of Iranian origin that kills the right amount of people in the right place would kick start the Iran war.

PS the recent derailed train in the USA was REAL terrorism. You can tell the real- the press always claims there is nothing to see for it is but an ‘accident’. Putin did the same thing for a month when terrorists used an altitude triggered bomb to destroy that Russian passenger jet out of Egypt. The FAKE terrorism is always described as a terror attack widely in the press within an hour.


First of all the use of Wahhabi jihadists is just beginning . ISIS is in Libya in a big way . Look at Bangladesh , over 550 Wahhabi schools , sponsored by Saudi Arabia . They are preparing their boots on the ground for their war against Buddhist Burma and Thailand . These Wahhabi schools are just the silent point of the spear .
If anyone can unite Libya , Gaddhafi’s son would be the one ,

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