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JUNE 2023

Gaddafi Can Run For Libya’s Presidency. Coup De Theatre In Tripoli

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Gaddafi Can Run For Libya’s Presidency. Coup De Theatre In Tripoli

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Written by Pierro Messina

Coup de theatre in Tripoli. The judiciary changes the decisions of the electoral commission. Thus, Saif Al Islam Gaddafi will be able to participate in the December 24 elections for the presidency of Libya. The incumbent prime minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah will also be able to compete. Nothing to do, however, for General Haftar. Three weeks after the vote in Libya, the courts of the courts partially overturned the decisions of the High National election commission, which had excluded the three big players from the elections.

According to data communicated by Hnec, almost 2.5 million Libyans, out of a total of nearly 7 million inhabitants, have registered in the electoral system to receive voter cards. Voters can only vote using their voter cards.

The decision to readmit Gaddafi to the electoral competition was made by the Sebha Court of Appeal. The court session had been delayed for a week after armed groups / militias / soldiers identified as being aligned to Khalifa Hafter had initially prevented the case from going ahead. The judges accepted Saif’s appeal against his disqualification by the High National Elections Commission (HNEC). The court was surrounded by Saif’s supporters who celebrated the court decision.

HNEC had disqualified Saif on 24 November (along with another 24 applicants) from standing in the presidential elections by virtue of articles 10/7, for having a previous final conviction of a crime, and 17/5, for failing to obtain a certificate for no previous judgements.

Meanwhile, detailed information on foreign support for Gaddafi’s candidacy arrives. According to the reconstruction of the Al-Araby Al-Jadeed website, Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi visited Egypt on November 14 before announcing his candidacy for presidential elections, adding that Gaddafi had met with President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Egyptian Chief of Intelligence Abbas Kamel.

The sources said the visit was organized by former Libyan-Egyptian coordinator Ahmed Gaddaf Al-Dam, saying the meeting was expressive of which candidate Cairo would support in Libya elections on December 24, and that it was very vital in putting Gaddafi back on the list of candidates after being disqualified by the High National Elections Commission.  Thanks to the verdict of the courts, Mission accomplished.

It seems that Egypt has decided to focus on the son of the former Libyan dictator, abandoning dialogue with Khalifa Haftar, the strongman of Benghazi and commander of the Lybian National Army. This could also explain the decision of the Tripoli court which decided to exclude Haftar from the elections, rejecting his appeal and following the decision of the Zawiya court, the first court to accept the appeal against Haftar.

Also from Tripoli comes good news for Prime Minister Dbeibah. The Tripoli Court of Appeal has examined the appeal brought against the current prime minister by Fathi Bashaga. The appeal of the former Minister of the Interior called for the exclusion of Dbeibah from the electoral competition. The judges rejected Bashaga’s motion. Dbeibah will be able to apply. The decision of the Tripoli Court, its lawyers explain, is final and cannot be appealed.

Meanwhile, the boycott front is growing in Libya. It is a front fueled largely by the Muslim Brotherhood, which does not recognize the validity of the elections. For Hanan Shalouf, a boycotting Parliament member, “there are no elections in Libya in December 24 on the international community’s agenda”. For Mrs. Shalouf, “the current electoral scene is merely a show with no beginning or ending and The countries participating in the Paris conference failed to reach a consensus in the final statement, and this was a definitive declaration that there would be no elections in Libya in December. ”


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Libyans should vote for Gaddafi Jr. and fu#k Muslim Terroristhood, Turkey, Qatar, USA, EU and Saudi Israelia!


Whoever is the next president of Libya, he’ll most certainly establish relations with Israel.


Good luck Saif, hope he wins so he can avenge his father, damn shame how those Western trained savages did him, but Saif will triumph hopefully and hunt down all those C.I.A. scum including Haftar.


anus you are 100% right he should win with your support


I hope that French establishment which overthrew Gaddafi 10 years ago will lose many resources and much influence there after this election. Make Libya for Libyans.

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