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Gabriel: Merkel’s austerity plan on France positive for the National Front

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The leader of Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) accused Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday of powering support for France’s far-right National Front by insisting on tighter budgets during the euro zone crisis.

Gabriel: Merkel’s austerity plan on France positive for the National Front

Marine Le Pen, head of National Front

Sigmar Gabriel, head of Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) and Vice Chancellor of the country stated that he has always warned Angela Merkel against trying to impose this austerity path on France, adding that it was clear as long as two years ago that the National Front would gain. Gabriel added that it’s a shame for European conservatives – and for Germany’s CDU – that they allow this

Also Gabriel criticized Merkel’s CDU party for not pressing its French conservative ally Nicolas Sarkozy to join the Socialists to keep the National Front out of power in regional councils in France, where run-off votes will be held on Sunday.

“These movements run counter to everything we stand for and everything we represent,” Gabriel stated. “Let’s decisively oppose these enemies of Europe and these ideas against freedom; that’s the most important job of all European Social Democrats”, he added.

German Vice- Chancellor urged his party to push back against the rise of the far-right in Europe.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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