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G7 Steps Up Cold War Propaganda Against China, Ignores War Crimes Against People Of Tigray

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G7 Steps Up Cold War Propaganda Against China, Ignores War Crimes Against People Of Tigray

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Written by Dr. Leon Tressell.

The Ethiopian government is committing massacres and other crimes against humanity in different regions of the country. At the recent G7 meeting in Britain over 1,000 protestors marched outside calling for urgent action to prevent more killings of civilians in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. The United States and its allies ignored this.

Instead, they repeated their claims that China is guilty of massive human rights violations in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. This reveals their fear at the threat posed by China to American hegemony over the global economy.

Last November Ethiopia’s army launched an invasion a devastating war on the Tigray region that has led to the deaths of tens of thousands, mass ethnic cleansing and weaponized rapes of women.

Both the ineffectual UN and pro western human rights group Amnesty International have called for urgent investigations into the waves of violence directed against civilians in the Tigray region.

Goytom Teklu writing for the online journal Ethiopia Insight has pointed out the horrors facing the Tigrayan people at the hands of Ethiopia’s army:

“Thousands have been killed, millions displaced, cities demolished and looted, and millions are starving and suffering from a lack of essential services. ‘’

Since then the central government’s bloody repression has triggered another civil war in the Oromia region which wants independence for its region.

Investigative journalist Rene Lefort has commented:

“While more than half of the country is under a de facto state of emergency managed by martial law (“Command Post”), basic order is still far from prevailing in these [non-war] zones. Barely a week passes without a massacre, or pogrom, with dozens of victims.’’

Ethiopian journalist Gebrekirstos Gebremeskel has declared that the international community needs to take decisive action to prevent the Ethiopian government committing further crimes against humanity:

“The conditions for genocide against Tigrayans are ripe, and there really are intentions and deeds to destroy Tigray, and cleanse and exterminate Tigrayans. International intervention is needed to avoid a 21st century genocide of Rwandan proportions and a silent massacre of millions of Tigrayans by starvation.’’

The civil wars engulfing the country also encompasses the Oromia region where the Oromo Liberation Army has advanced to the Shewan part of Ormomia near the capital Addis Ababa. This is in response to civilian deaths caused by the violent repression of the Ethiopian army in the region.

The US and its Western allies claim that China is guilty of genocide in its Xinjiang region without producing any solid evidence to support these claims. Meanwhile, they ignore the atrocities being committed by the Ethiopian government on a daily basis. The hubris and hypocrisy of American imperialism and its allies knows no bounds as they step up their Cold War propaganda against China and Russia.


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americans should fear China. Secondly, why don’t the “g7” discuss the genocide against the people of Yemen by the ignorant saudis and uae?

jens holm

G7 is no organ for that even its true some think with their behinds. Its an organisation for industrialisation.

Even fearing things they has to be handled. They as man others do. As USA we now tax stuff and service from there to avoid the economical cheeting. We also try to avoid importing copy products. We dont want lectric things bursting i flames, clothe which dont fit or for that matter dedicine, which is only 10% and by that can kill so many.

So we dont fear. We try to handle.

Your version on whats going on in Yemen and Saudia Arabia is very high biased and partly wrong too. G7 would love to devellop Yemen, but there is war there since before I remember and so many are against any devellopments.


your mental illness advancing—u and USA produce nearly nothing “industrial”===all your clothes made in China—not avoid but to ensure “economic cheating”
g7 is like jens in group counseling session with 6 other junkies


professor night porter w advanced degree in word salad—claims g7 has not issued a demand for china to permit new investigation of covid origins? in dimark covid is industry

Raptar Driver

I will say it again; All governments are criminal enterprises.

jens holm

Not at all. It also makes no sense not defining or explaining what “criminal enterprices” are.


rat driver govt criminal—greatest wealth income disparities of all advanced economies except Uruguay
so sexually repressed and uncivilized USA afflicted w most violent/non-violatn crime rape per capita of any nation


They never present any evidence.

jens holm

They see´mes to have been censured away from where You live. Try searhing instead of communicating with Your TV.

You are a very good example for how You make Your own total lying quagmires even blaming us for making deep dark state or states.

Much of You beliefs seemes to be produced under Your bed blanket not even watching with a flashlight or something.


jens beliefs derives from CIA and LSD

jens holm

G7 has not ignored anything in Tigray. Its not an organ for that.

Dr. Leon Tressell must be a kind of Witch doctor ignorting so much.

Why are the chinese and Russians not there. The G7s or several of them again and gain are blamed to invade this and that. Now they are blamed not to.

And what about the facts. I know them. Ethiopia are restructuring from old tribe mode, so Tirgray by that will have influence according to seize.

Thats would the influencers in Tigray not accept and tryed to avoid it even they knew they have so many real enemies around them.

None can stop the barbarisme done by their enemies. The Tigrays started it

It seemes Dr. Leon Tressell is for some small elite in a corner of a country even they are few shold run things as they still are rank number one as old tribe.

Thats no civile war at all


jens study history in lego ghetto with junkies
USSR stopped barbarism by nazis after u cowards submissively were occupied….jens started crack cocaine and night porter drug counselor called police had jens sent to rehab

Tommy Jensen

Its a proof they live in complete denial.
Fumbling around in a mental fantasy world where they imagine they are still Global Masters of self-importance, and think they can continue to lie right up in people’s face with no one on the planet to dare to challenge their bs.

Last edited 1 month ago by Tommy Jensen

g7 now resembles group therapy for ex-junkies like jens, rat driver, corrupt shithole, Diana cornolm, kabob wohl, chess clown, occupy blyat, fag of war

Djibril Al Kamylles

Fuck off I canot be everywhere. Bashar first, whithout him no islamic state

Bruno G

Mr Tressell’s strange reasoning seems to be that because (he thinks) the G7 ignored the atrocities in Tigray they had no right to speak about the atrocities in Xinjiang. Well, it seems he is not very well informed; they did make a clear statement about Tigray:

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