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Future And Present Of Russian Navy. What Was Shown At 2019 Navy Show


Future And Present Of Russian Navy. What Was Shown At 2019 Navy Show

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Originally appeared at TASS; Translated by AlexD exclusively for SouthFront

TASS – some new products and promising developments in the field of domestic [Russian] shipbuilding and naval equipment

The International Navy Show (INS) in St. Petersburg is rightfully one of the three largest world marine exhibitions of military materials. The main topics are shipbuilding, naval armament, combat control, navigation and communication systems, ship power engineering, naval aviation, fleet basing and support infrastructure and advanced technologies. A total of 353 participants, including 28 foreign companies from 19 countries, took part in INS 2019.

In the open areas, at the mooring walls of the sea station and the waters of the Gulf of Finland, one could see all the new things that Russia’s military-industrial complex is proud of.

Future And Present Of Russian Navy. What Was Shown At 2019 Navy Show

Petr Kovalev/TASS

There were a total of 17 ships, boats and vessels of the Russian Navy and the Border Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia, among them, the frigate of Project 22350 “Admiral Kasatonov”, the corvette of Project 20380 “Persistent”, the small rocket ships of Project 21631 “Mytishchi” and “Serpukhov”, a small landing hovercraft of Project 12322 “Eugene Kocheshkov” and a few others.

Traditionally, a number of new products for foreign customers are presented at the INS. So, they were introduced the “Rubezh-ME” coastal tactical missile system. The Russian military is interested in them as well. After all, it is known that in the development of this complex, the ideas laid down in another coastal complex, which has been in service for many years and is being successfully used in our army, “Ball”, were further developed.

Future And Present Of Russian Navy. What Was Shown At 2019 Navy Show

Coastal missile complex “Rubezh-ME”. IMAGE: Nikolai Novichkov/ТАSS

“Rubezh-ME” was created on a single KAMAZ-6560 mobile all-terrain platform, which houses both the launch module itself with four Kh-35UE cruise missiles, and the radar station for over the horizon detection of surface targets, fire control equipment and combat control equipment. The missile is able to bypass obstacles, the enemy air defence zones. Rubezh-ME will receive an unmanned aerial vehicle as a means of reconnaissance and targeting.

Future And Present Of Russian Navy. What Was Shown At 2019 Navy Show

Maquette of the tactical anti-ship missiles KH-35UE. IMAGE: Petr Kovalev/TASS

The range of the complex is 260 km; its locator is either passive or active. It can travel on public roads according to its transport dimensions. You can combine up to eight machines in one division; they exchange information. As the “Ball”, the volley is 32 missiles

Andrei Petrakov
General Director of the Kaluga instrument-making plant “Typhoon”

Incidentally, at the exhibition it became know that by the end of the year, tests of the ground version of the anti-ship missile Kh-35UE intended for arming mobile coastal missile systems will be completed. “This is a completely new product that differs from the previously developed Kh-35E missile in a radical way. It has a new engine, a homing head and a number of other components, this is an absolutely new weapon,” Boris Obnosov, General Director of the Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation, told TASS.

Another interesting new product at the INS is the unmanned underwater device “Alexandrite-ISPUM-E”, designed to equip the ships with mine defence of Project 12700 (code “Alexandrite”). According to the developer, GNPP “Region”, the new integrated mine search and destruction system is designed to combat sea mines at depths of up to 300 m. It can be used in sea waves up to three points. Its speed is about 3-6 m/s depending on the operating mode.

Future And Present Of Russian Navy. What Was Shown At 2019 Navy Show

Unmanned underwater vehicle “Alexandrite- ISPUM-E”. IMAGE: Dmitri Fediushko /TASS

The Roselectronics Holding (part of Rostech) presented an integrated communications complex with artificial intelligence. The control system itself adjusts the equipment to work in the required radio network and switches to another type of communication if necessary. The communication system allows for radio communication between surface ships of the Navy of any rank and command posts, other surface ships, submarines or aircraft.

It is noted that in the coming decades, it will become the basis of communication systems of the Navy. To date, it has already been equipped with a number of ships of various projects, as well as contracts for future deliveries.

The Nevsky Design Bureau (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, USC) presented the large landing ship “Cayman” of the updated Project 11711E with increased displacement and landing capacity.

Future And Present Of Russian Navy. What Was Shown At 2019 Navy Show

Model of future large landing ship “Cayman”. IMAGE: Nikolai Novichkov/ТАSS

According to the manufacturer, the displacement of the ship will be about 8000 tons, the maximum length is 150 m, the autonomy is about 120 days and full speed is about 18 knots. The crew of the ship is about 120 people. It will be able to have on board up to two transport and landing or search and rescue helicopters, as well as six to ten assault boats, placed on davits.

At the INS it was possible to see the new generation non-penetrating type periscope “Sail-98” developed by the “JSC Elektropribor” Concern.

Future And Present Of Russian Navy. What Was Shown At 2019 Navy Show

Non-penetrating periscope “Sail-98”. IMAGE: Nikolai Novichkov/ТАSS

According to TASS first Deputy General Director Aleksandr Sokolov, the submarines for the Pacific Fleet of Project 636.3 will receive these new periscopes, built at the “Admiralty Shipyards”, with which submariners will be able to conduct round-the-clock surveillance in adverse weather conditions, receive signals from satellite navigation systems, detect radiation of radio equipment of surface ships and measure the distance to the observed objects. The updated version of the periscope has a high-definition TV channel. In addition, the laser range-finder is completely redesigned and the computing system is changed.

But the main highlight of the exhibition, which attracted the attention of absolutely everyone, was the newest nuclear aircraft carrier Project 11430E “Manatee”. The model of the ship was shown in the pavilion at the Nevsky Design Bureau stand.

Future And Present Of Russian Navy. What Was Shown At 2019 Navy Show

Model of the nuclear aircraft carrier “Manatee”. IMAGE: Ladislav Karpov /TASS

The displacement of the ship, which will receive a nuclear power plant, will be 80-90 thousand tons, the maximum length will be 350 m, the autonomy will be about 120 days and full-speed will be about 30 knots. The crew will be 2800 people.

The air group will consist of up to 60 aircraft, including heavy and light fighters, naval helicopters and long-range radar detection aircraft. It also will provide for the basing of up to ten drones. It can be equipped with several types of acceleration devices for ship-based aviation actions, including a springboard, two electro-magnetic launching systems and four aerial arrester systems.

According to the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Nikolai Evmenov, the future of aircraft carriers is in the hands of Russia, which will develop their construction on the basis of existing capabilities. “We will build them, but perhaps now is not the time. The time has come to restore the technical readiness of what we have and to lay the groundwork for the future. There will be a nuclear aircraft carrier, of course, but not in the near future,” he said.

Future And Present Of Russian Navy. What Was Shown At 2019 Navy Show

Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Nikolai Evmenov. IMAGE: Petr Kovalev/TASS

Specialists and technical competence for the construction of an aircraft carrier of the dimensions of which we spoke exist. As soon as there will be a signal “On your marks”, right there we will start this work

Aleksei Pakhmanov
Head of United Shipbuilding Corporation

Guests of the show could also see in the waters of the Gulf of Finland the high-speed hydrofoil boat VIP-class “Sagaris”.

Future And Present Of Russian Navy. What Was Shown At 2019 Navy Show

Hydrofoil VIP class “Sagaris”. IMAGE: Petr Kovalev/TASS

The boat, which can reach speeds of up to 120 km/h, is a long-awaited continuation of the line of high-speed vessels built according to the projects of the Central Design Bureau for Hydrofoils R.E. Alekseev. It is designed for five passengers and is intended for boating or service and traveling purposes.



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  • Toronto Tonto

    HA HA HA Russia has a navy , that’s bullshitt. That’s what they call it EH .

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Maybe it’s funny for a troll to exhibit the repugnant Machismo Culture,
      but the Student always surpass the Professor !

      Beware of Zircon and MACH 27 Avangard (hypersonic glide vehicle)

      Russia is to build 12 ships for Zircon hypersonic missiles

      Each of the ships will carry 48 missiles – the type that no present-day missile defense system can stop.

      Will see which one is the last to laugh !

      • Nod

        the rich will be in underground bunkers with nuclear power to pump the water, clean the air and grow the food. They will laugh last, and then they will wait for generations to create a new world order.

        we, and ours, will die. This si why I think that nuclear war is an option for the rich. They can survive under most circumstances.

        • AlexanderAmproz

          Many super rich have Gulfstream 650
          and Haciendas in New Zealand they can joined
          with non-stop flight !

          Underground bunkers aren’t fashion anymore
          since neutrons bomb were invented….
          The Swiss Army sold out 2000 bunker forts in the Alps
          for that reason !

          If a nuke Apocalypse occur,
          the Planet could have a hundreds years Polar night,
          nothing will grow !

          • Mike

            Exactly, some posters a really giving to much god like status to the world elite, as if they are so much in control. That they can not only escape the consequences of a Global Nuclear War, but that they can re-emerge wealthier and more powerful then ever to set up this mystical NWO BS.

            How are they going to do this in an irradiated earth going through nuclear winter, short on manpower for labor, or labor to maintain machines, agriculture which would be devastated by again nuclear winter. Or man power to enforce their will such as soldiers and a security apparatus, most likely any surviving soldiers would eventually kill their soft political and CEO lords as they roam the devastated Earth in warlord bands.

            So no in such scenario of WW3, there will be no escape including for the elite of its consequences, and there will no new order. The elite are not that powerful and are not immune to something as devastating as this, and if they believe this conspiratorial poppy cock then they are as delusional as some NWO conspiracy posters themselves.

          • AlexanderAmproz

            Any Nuke System has to be banned from the Planet !

          • Mike

            True that.

          • Nod

            And we all need lollipops and sunshine. Too bad real life isn’t like that.

          • Nod

            All you did there was babble opinions, without objective reasoning.

            “That they can not only escape the consequences of a Global Nuclear War, but that they can re-emerge wealthier and more powerful then ever to set up this mystical NWO BS.”

            I did not say this dimwit.
            “How are they going to do this in an irradiated earth going through nuclear winter,”

            ignorance is not knowledge. Underground bases or small cities resolve these issue completely.

            “short on manpower for labor”

            speculative bullshit based on ignorance of real capabilities and technological advances in food growing techniques.100 years ago it took 100 times the men to grow the food grown by one man now.


            “or labor to maintain machines”

            once again , laughable specualtive bunk. . There is plenty of labor in government agencies to maintain machines. And technology. . And as a matter of fact, we are now seeing machines capable of maintaining themselves, and creating copies of themselves.

            “Or man power to enforce their will such as soldiers and a security apparatus, ”

            You mean people who will be happy just to escape the death and devastation with their families, to be allowed to survive. You think they will rebel against that privileged, while you and yours are getting fried outside ?

            Soldiers obey dimwit. That is what they are taught to do from day one.

            “most likely any surviving soldiers would eventually kill their soft political and CEO lords as they roam the devastated Earth in warlord bands.”

            more fairly tale, speculative, meaningless, horseshit. They can rove the planet all they want. Until they die of radiation, starvation, bad water or the cold. The comment I made was with respect to underground bases which exist, because I served in one, are warm, have plenty of power and tech to survive unlimited amounts of time.

            we, who are stuck outside, will die. For obvious reasons.

            “here will be no escape including for the elite of its consequences, and there will no new order.”

            more speculative ignorance as knowledge. Contrary to the factual possibilities or clean air, clean food, and clean water underground. By people with all the debt in the world to pay for it.


            “and if they believe this conspiratorial poppy cock then they are as delusional as some NWO conspiracy posters themselves.”

            And finally, the ad hom which comes at the end of any ridiculous rant, in case the person being ranted to is not stupid enough to eat the horseshit you try to feed them

            Not the sharpest knife in the drawer are you boy

          • Nod

            Light is easy to create. I’ve grown everything imaginable under indoor lights. Power is easy, water is abundant, technology is advanced enough to live underground, and we know nothing about the tech that is out there.

            on a balance of probabilities, I think the elites have that covered.

            And a neutron bomb is a low yield bomb. Perfect for those willing to wait it out underground. And a bunker, is not a deep underground base. Those which do exist. And the bankers and their ilk have unlimited fund with which to build whatever they think they will need.

            Sure might be cold out there for a while.But the frost line ends are a meter or two.

          • AlexanderAmproz

            Neutron bombs didn’t destroy anything but kill all,
            inside bunkers too…
            Nuclear waste is an unsolvable problem for the moment !
            Solar, windmill, tide and current hydro turbin, hydrogen etc…
            I didn’t worry, there is as many technologies solutions,
            as we want, but Oil and Nuke lobbies are still too strong…
            Organic agriculture well run is more than enough…
            A simple life preserving the Environment is the most comfortable,
            peoples have to learn to walk and take times to enjoy life !

            Never enough Consumption race is a maelstrom sickness folly

            Few top Elites are casual long time friends, nothing to do with
            what we see on tv or movies, all humans are the same,
            scoundrels and nuisance rates. The worst one have to be “Neutralised”, rich or poor

            The basic rule should be everybody should have access
            to a decent life !

          • Nod

            “ut kill all, inside bunkers too…”

            once again, we are not talking about bunkers. And no, they would not take out, and kill all the folks in underground bases. These are built to avoid that possibility. I have served in one of them, have you ?

            Please provide some evidence to prove this, because it doesn’t fit logic or experience. Underground bases, not bunkers.

            “Nuclear waste is an unsolvable problem for the moment ”

            Indeed it is, but when the world is a nuclear wasteland, that wont matter will it. Neither will the rest of it. We will mostly all be dead.


            And of course, we agree on the rest of it.


            Fact 1, the technology and actual examples of nuclear proof underground bases is public knowledge. Technology exists to clean water, air and provide indoor growing environments for food.

            Fact 2,. if I owned trillions in debt, I would have started building one a long time ago, how about you ?

          • AlexanderAmproz

            In 1974 I have seen a good movie about a shelter live
            “Le troisième cri”
            If you can see it you will love it,
            and loose the envy to live in a shelter… (lol)
            I lived once month, mostly at night in a ugh Army fort.
            To reach the quarters was 1km walk, some said there
            were 400km gallery at the top(one thousand meters higher)
            there was marine cannons, 500 meters lower a modern
            hospital… It’s very boring place, I love elements, mountain
            climbing, Alpinism, extreme ski. At that time my dream was
            to be Mountain Guide and ski teacher.
            Luckily I was able to make enough money and spend my life
            traveling World wide with the wind alike a bird,
            and did maybe 500 dives a 40 metres in RP

            I can tell you, to live in a shelter isn’t for me

          • Nod

            Nor for me either friend..

            But living in an underground base can be quite comfortable.And with trillions, you wouldn’t even know you were underground. And surely better that glowing in the dark huh…..

          • AlexanderAmproz

            And trillions, what for ?

            In the “Troisième Cri”
            when they finally were able to get out of the bomb shelter,
            it was to discover the World has change and they were in the Sea
            on the middle of nowhere !

          • AlexanderAmproz

            The today news speak about deep underground
            40 meters scrapers buildings,
            with farm integrated to replace the Skyscrapers ….

            Do we are replacing Martian’s and ET
            with phantasmagoric Zombies ?

        • Mike

          Then who going to grow the crops or build the cities and the wealth for the super rich in post apocalyptic radio active waste land. Where money will have no value and who is going to enforce the will of said super rich, no one is going to escape the consequences of a nuclear war no one.

          • Nod

            whats the alternative? give up on their globalist plan? These men are twisted…And they say they can win a nuclear war.

          • Nod

            And I did not say they would escape the consequences, I said they can manage them. RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME.

    • AkiHimura

      You do realise that you’re laughing at the country with the most nukes right?. Canada’s military might is insignificant compared to Russia.

      • Hist 83

        Damn Canadian Bacon, look at their military, ain’t nothing.

      • Toronto Tonto

        I bet most are unstable and ill maintained like all their junk .

        • grumpy_carpenter

          The last guy who underestimated the Russians like you do was Adolph Hitler. He said “kick in the door and the whole rotten edifice will crumble”. He kicked in the door alright then got his ass chased all the way back to Berlin and ended up a charred corpse in a shell crater.

        • AM Hants

          LOL, which is why the US is freaking it, owing to not only Russia’s nuclear warhead superiority, but, also the hypersonics, which are in active service.

          Russian weapons and systems of the 21st century, have simply made all that NATO member states have, obsolete, including the US.

          • Joseph Scott

            Interesting you should say that, because both the USMC and the Royal Marines have just announced their intention to stop operating from large ships, and instead have landing forces dispersed in small vessels, precisely because of the threat of Russian and Chinese anti-ship missiles.

            In the case of the Royal Marines, that has gone as far as operating in 12-16 Marine teams, and operating from chartered merchant ships to avoid being noticed. Since Royal Navy ships have better anti-air and anti-missile defence than US ones, it says a lot that they think it safer to use the disguise of a civilian ship than to be protected by the fleet.

          • AM Hants

            Not forgeting, we have no ships left, that can transport the Marines.

            I remember HMS Fearless, the purpose built amphibious assault vessel. She was retired, around the same time they were spending £millions on refits to the aircraft carriers, prior to sending them to the Turkish Scrap Yards. She was then replaced by HMS Ocean, which I do believe we have sold to Brazil. Back in 1995, I remember the HMS Ocean her being launched. We do not have anything left for the Marines to use, so no doubt, the little boats, are the only solution to the problem.

            Must admit to laughing, that the female marines, are not up to carrying the standard back pack. Despite being a female, now who did not consider that to be a major obstacle, where females on the front line are concerned?

            I wonder, with regards using the small boats, if it is owing to watching how Iran operates? Do you remember when a very small Iranian patrol boat, intercepted the UK sailors? Were they transporting one of the ISIS Commanders, or was that when they intercepted the US sailors, using just a small patrol boat?

            Welcome to the ‘Common Purpose’ British Armed Forces, whether it be ‘RAF’, ‘Royal Marines’, ‘Royal Navy’ or ‘British Army’. Not forgetting, haven’t we taken out parachute training, from the Parachute Regiment?

        • Mike

          Again solomon kupek your ant-russian diatribes are pathetic, get over it Israel lost in Syria. Trolling about Russia doesn’t change that fact, also its getting old quit pretending your a canuck.

      • grumpy_carpenter

        I’m Canadian and I used to work in the shipbuilding industry. Back in the day we had a robust naval and commercial shipbuilding industry. When I was there in ’75 we were building oil tankers for private corporations like Exxon profitable. Today the industry is on life support with the only work being government make work programs. We do build naval vessels however the design is from US or British plans ( latest project is being done by Lockheed Martin) the engines are from the USA, Korea or japan and the weapons systems are British or US. We just weld shit together.

        The cost of these vessels is astronomical with a small frigate sized ship costing upwards of $4BUSD/ea. meanwhile Russia is able to build Admiral Gorshkov-class frigates for $230mUSD /ea. Between the Irvings who are bulding them and Lockmart I get the feeling the Canadian taxpayer is taking it up the ass on this deal.

      • Mike

        I found he is not a canuck, he is an Israeli troll who has used many different aliases here, his original was solomon kupeck. He keeps posting these anti-russian tirades because, Russia ruined his settler Zionist state plans in Syria. He has used many different names, but this pathetic rat is like broken record, and eventually gets sussed out.

    • Damien C

      You’re only displaying your inept knowledge of the Russian Navy and the Russian armed forces in general.

      Best Air defence …………… Russia (s500 s400 s350)
      Best Tank ……………………..Russia (T14 Armata)
      Best IFV ………………………..Russia (BMP3)
      Best Fighter …………………..Russia (Su 57)
      Best Torpedo …………………Russia (Poseideon)
      Best Missile ……………………Russian (Zircon)
      Best glide vehicle ……………Russian (Avantgard)
      Best EW ………………………. Russian (The full array suite)
      Best Helicopter ……………… Russian (KA52)

      • Toronto Tonto

        You drank the Kool-Aid eh dumbazz , best at failure that list is .

        • Tiresia Branding

          I like so much this old video ❤️

          • AM Hants

            Never get tired of watching the Russian military videos. Ironically, I find them strangely relaxing.

            Just watching your link, as ‘big beast’ comes to mind. Wow, cannot believe what I am seeing, a helicopter lift another helicopter. You seriously have to hand it to the Russians.

            Sweet story.

            US man fulfills childhood dream of flying in Russian MiG-29 jet… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQAWORF9Vbc

            Look at this little beast, I wonder what the Canadian Air Force, has got, to compete with her?

            MAKS 2019 ✈️ Sergey Bogdan Steals the Show with the Su-57 – HD 50fps… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iVLLTlviQU

          • Zarathusdra

            World record for heaviest helicopter in the world, though that might be changing sometime soon.

          • Tiresia Branding

            I’ve listen of a new version, but I don’t know the specs

        • RichardD

          Get real, the Yinon plan is failing. Syria is winning. All of you lying and insanity doesn’t change that.

        • Damien C

          So refute me, this is my forte so let it the facts fall where they may

          • RichardD

            He’s a flamer. His debating skills are non existent.

          • Nod

            he drinks fluoride…

        • AM Hants

          Reverse blame/mirror transposition.

        • Mike

          Again solomon kupek got anything better to post, I mean its more then your pathetic excuse of an Israeli navy there kupek.

        • Nod

          Actually it are Canadians who drink the kool aid. You drink a neuro toxin, that causes brain damage. For your teeth, when drinking it does jack shit for your teeth. Your comments support this fact.

      • democritos

        Armata is not the best. It is also too expensive or russiam MoD. It is stopped the buing.
        Pantrsir is not the best

        BMP3 is shit
        su57 is shit with this engine and bever will be the best. moreover, is planed only some dozens. nothing for such big country
        avantgard is ONL on papers
        best EW – LOL

        ka52 is very good. but probebly not better then the concurrency


        • RichardD

          You need to do a reality check. Russia backed NATO and the baby rapers out of Syrian airspace and their Yinon plan regime change terrorists out of Syrian territory with superior equipment. If it was inferior that wouldn’t have happened.

        • Damien C

          The BMP3 has completely and utterly destroyed everything it is matched against in trials … Even when the deck was stacked against the BMP3 it still romped home, so please stop talking shit.

          The Russian EW is 10-15 years ahead of the West (take that as informed fact)

          The Pansir s1 is not the best close defence mobile unit! Are you insane? What even comes close?

          The T14 is the best tank, the problem for all tank systems is the advancement in anti tank missiles making them expensive coffins. That said the fact stands it is superior to anything else in its class

        • PZIVJ

          Your post is very weak.
          So what is better than Pantsir and Russian EW, how many Tomahawks made it to targets in Syria, ??

        • Mike

          Learn how to spell and punctuate before posting, you idiot.

          • democritos


        • John Vishnevskaya

          Gosh Democreten, you really know your stuff don’t you. I can’t wait to learn more from you,

        • Zarathustra

          Max range is 4,000m for 100mm HEAT ammunition and 7,000m for 100mm HE-FRAG ammunition. 4,000m for 100mm 9M117 ‘Bastion’ ATGM and 5,500m for 100mm ‘Arkan’ ATGM.

          Air-deployable BMD-4M for the VDV (paratroopers) has the same turret (Bakhcha-U), BMD-4M2 has the ‘Sinitsa’ turret (same turret, replaces foreign-made components with Russian parts).


        • Zarathustra
      • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

        Just ignore it, it is a troll not worth your time and effort.
        Toronto never replies with good arguments and facts, its all BS

      • Rhodium 10

        Best air to ground missile…..Russian Khinzal.
        Best cruise missile…………….Russian KH 101.
        Best assault Rifle……………….Russian AK 107.
        Best ICBM………………………..Russian Sarmat.

        • Zarathustra

          *AK-12, AK-12K, AK-15, AK-15K, Saiga AK-15, AK-203, AK-308, RPK-16, A-545 (based on AEK-971).

      • Zarathustra

        * Kurganets-25, Zircon is a cruise missile. What about A-235 PL-19 “Nudol”?

    • AM Hants

      Didn’t Canada purchase the old Upholder class submarines from the UK? How did that work out? Remind me, how many submarines has Canada got and what class?

      Russian submarines, and they have at least 60, with a range of classes, including the new Boreii II balistics and the new Yassen class, which combines standard missiles with cruise missiles, according to what is needed.

      Boreii II – do believe Russia has 3 of the new balistics in active service, with more in various stages of build. The US and UK, will not be replacing their balistic class submarines until at least 2029, and that is if the boats come in on time, on budget and in full working order. Which has not been the case with their weapons and systems of the 21st century, now has it?

      The same with the new Yassen class, they are rolling off the conveyor belt, with a couple in active service, I believe, and many more in various stages of build.

      Ships in Service:

      1 Aircraft carrier
      2 Battlecruisers
      3 Cruisers
      12 Destroyers
      10 Frigates
      78 Corvettes
      20 Landing ship tanks (LST)
      32 Landing craft
      15 Special-purpose ships
      2 Patrol ships
      42 Patrol boats
      46 Mine countermeasures vessels
      11 Ballistic missile submarines (SSBN)
      8 Cruise missile submarines (SSGN)
      17 Attack submarines (SSN)
      21 Attack submarines (SSK)
      6 Special-purpose submarines

      Not forgetting, this lovely video, of the little Corvettes, that were operating over in the Caspian Sea.

      Russian Navy’s Caspian fleet joins in on strikes against ISIS in Syria… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U037tcEhv5I

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Dumbass Uki moron, it is eh! you are too stupid to pass for a Canuck even! LOL

      • Mike

        I’m sure he is russophobic Israeli troll, that used to be known as solomon kupeck, who has used many different names before. He is pretending now to be canuck.

    • Mike

      Your boring solomon kupek.

  • Boycott-Israel!

    Aircraft carrier is obsolete, so I do not think the project will get its funds soon.

    • AM Hants

      They are building two helicopter carriers, over in Crimea. No doubt, using the plans of the Mistral, which France provided, together with full refund and bonus, when they sent the Russian order to Egypt, back in 2014.

      Will be interesting to see how Russia has adapted the designs, following knowledge gained from Syria.

      I remember when the UK used to have the Festival of the Sea, shows, when we once had a Navy. Seems so long ago, but, used to love going to them. You even had the Russian tall ship, arriving for the events.

      • Boycott-Israel!

        Thanks for the insight.

      • Zarathustra

        They said a long time ago they’d be using a different design, these are Lavina and Priboy. They also have two Ivan Gren class amphibious assault carriers, each with 1-2 helicopters and 31 BTR-82s or 13 T-72s.

        • AM Hants

          Meanwhile, over in the UK, where we spend around the same amount on Defence as the Russians do, we scrapped our one and only amphibious, assault carrier, and then sold it’s replacement to Brazil. We scrapped Fearless, around the same time, that we carried out £multi-million, refits on all the aircraft carriers, prior to sending them to the scrap yards.

          When you compare what Russia has, in her arsenal and how highly trained her military personnel are, it does make one wonder why the MoD, over in the UK are so good at getting it all wrong, whilst having a similar budget, as Russia, to play with.

          • Zarathusdra

            It’s in part due to corruption, but mainly because ZOG wants to put the west at a numerous disadvantages because they plan on culling non-jewish races with an average of three digit IQs.

  • Mike

    Solomon kupeck no I mean toronto tonto posting anti-russian diatribe in Russia article, is more regular then bowel movement and smells twice as bad.