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Furious China Accuses US Of Fabricating Threats, Slams Huawei Boycott As “Hypocritical And Immoral”

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

The U.S. (and other countries, ahem Canada) have not presented any conclusive evidence that Chinese telecom giant Huawei threatens their national security and are merely stirring fears out of self-interest, a Chinese government spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

According to Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, Huawei’s critics are conjuring up threats and misusing state power to “suppress the legitimate development rights and interests of Chinese enterprises” and are “using political means to intervene in the economy.”

Hua continued his slam of the US saying that “all countries should deal with relevant matters in an objective, comprehensive, rational, and correct manner, rather than fabricating excuses of all kinds for one’s own pursuit of interest at the cost of others, which is quite hypocritical, immoral, and unfair.”

Needless to say, Hua’s comments – coming just as US trade negotiators are in Beijing with president Xi unexpectedly set to join the discussions – at a daily briefing were “some of the sharpest yet” in the growing feud over Washington’s drive to convince other nations to shut Huawei out of their markets due to national security concerns, Reuters reported.

Huawei – the world’s biggest supplier of network gear used by phone and internet companies and the leaders in 5G technology – insists that it is independent and poses no threat to the security of others, but has long been seen by some as a front for spying by the Chinese military or security services. It’s also why the United States, Australia, Japan and some other governments have imposed curbs on use of Huawei technology, including smart phones.

US warnings about the risks of Chinese telecom technology come as governments are choosing providers for the rollout of 5G wireless internet, where Huawei is among the global leaders.

Escalating the growing boycott of Chinese telecom, on Tuesday in Poland, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo repeated a warning that the United States may be forced to scale back certain operations in Europe and elsewhere if countries continue to do business with Huawei. Pompeo said the U.S. had strong concerns about Huawei’s motives in Europe, especially in NATO and European Union member states, as well as its business practices.

“We’ve made known the risks that are associated with that, risks to private information of citizens of the country, risks that comes from having that technology installed in network systems,” he said.

The US has argued that under Chinese security laws companies such as Huawei or ZTE could be compelled to hand over data or access to Chinese intelligence. However, Hua responded that such concerns were based on provisions of China’s national intelligence law that differ little from similar legislation in other countries.

“It is an international practice to maintain national security with legislation and to require organizations and individuals to cooperate with national intelligence work,” Hua said.

And, in the angriest retort to Washington yet, Hua accused the US of creating “conspiracy theories” backed by nothing but hearsay, and that lacking solid evidence, the U.S. “keeps making up crimes and churning out various threat theories.”

“We believe that this is very hypocritical, unfair and immoral,” she said. All nations, Hua said, have an obligation to “abide by the market principle of free and fair competition and truly safeguard the market environment of fairness, justice and non-discrimination.”

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Pave Way IV

US Government: We have a right to listen in on every form of communication by anyone, anywhere for any purpose. People could be talking about anything! Give us your source code, the encryption keys and backdoors to all Huawei gear (and add this little bit of code for us – it won’t hurt anything).

Huawei: No. F*ck off, psycho…

US Government: Wh… wha.. what did you just say??

comment image


The Chinese are not normally slow learners like the Kurds.
It’s heartbreaking to discover you have been played, you are expected to be objective and fair, but the US is allowed anything immoral and unfair.
If China does not back Venezuela, very importantly Russia, and stand up for Yemen.
We; Mankind are finished, done.


Exactly the opposite, the US always goads its target into responding, and then like the Jews they are, they claim to be the victim to win support.
One by one countries are turning away from the USA in disgust, the Americunts are doing exactly what China wants them to do.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Remember Edward Snowden who showed us that the us National Security Agency (NSA) spies on everybody in Europe and all of the US citizens. Recall my post showing that the US Lawrence Livermore Lab reports their intelligence skills for the US-to spy on everybody for high technology.

Concrete Mike

Yep i’m thinking the same thing. There already spying on us…


I think Americas problem is Huawei won’t install NSA spying devices on their gear like Intel Apple Microsoft etc do.


Edward Snowden just a couple of weeks before Sabrina, Huawei’s CFO was arrested in Vancouver made that exact claim.


Direct from the horses mouth.

(37) How NSA Tracks You (Bill Binney) [improved audio] – YouTube


Edward Snowden’s gut wrenching revelations have all disappeared down the memory hole – very conveniently, the MSM pretends none of that happened. Every last thing, and more – that the US accuses Hauwei of doing – it has been doing for years.

Titel Gogurion


John Whitehot

“hypocritical and immoral” should be adopted as the standard definition of every US action since 1946.


Admittedly I’m bit conflicted on this, but part of me says serves China right for having been much too soft on the US for a long time. Often China has been fence-sitting, content to play Russia and the West off against each other a bit. But it doesn’t really work that way, you can’t escape Uncle Sam’s attention for very long by playing nice with him. As far as the Dark Throne is concerned, China simply won’t be allowed to become an independent hi-tech power that could rival the US. If China nonetheless wants its rightful place in the world, they’ll have to make a stand now and then.

Probably just a naughty thought: instead of letting your spokeswoman make “serious representations” to this trade delegation, how about arresting them and trading them for Ms. Meng Wangzhou? Not claiming to oversee the consequences, but you’ll surely communicate to Washington that you’re fed up with playing by their rules.

Parisa Zoorgoo

i think that by continuing to respect internatioal law , the lesser countries will eventually get to try and judge and condemn and fine the bullies and thiefs, eventually down the road!


Exactly even Australia and Japan know it’s just American BS, but they don’t have the balls to say no to the Americu*ts.


I think you will find that the Chinese position is not what it appears.
To win this war, in fact any war takes a lot of money, so China is getting as much money as it can, whilst doing its utmost to bankrupt the Usa.
Yes they are extremely cautious and are taking a long time to make their move, but thankfully the cucks in Washington are forcing them to go now.

The Us has been demanding this that and the other, but China has only given them crumbs.
When Trumps March deadline passes, Trump and his syphilitic nation will be exposed for the impotent cucks they truly are.

Concrete Mike

Hypocritical is quite true. Ask frau merkel how she enjoyed being spied on, by the exact same means usa is asserting huawei is doing.

Bullshit to the “n”th degree.

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