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In Furious, Bizarre Tweetstorm Trump Slams Leaks, “Amazon Post”, “Failing NYT”, Hillary, GOP Senators

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Trump may have broken a personal tweetstorm record on Saturday morning, when starting shortly after 6:30am, in a furious blast of ten tweets (and still going), Trump lashed out at the “Amazon Washington Post”, the “failing New York Times”, touched on his right to pardon, questioned why the Attorney General isn’t looking at the “many Hillary Clinton or Comey crimes” and the “33,000 emails deleted”, asked “what about the Clinton ties to Russia including Podesta Company, Uranium deal, Russian reset, big dollar speeches”, compared Donald Jr.’s email disclosure to Hillary Clinton’s email deletion “and acid wash” of her 33,000 emails, slammed “dead ObamaCare”, and finally (at least for now) slammed both Republican senators who must “step up to the plate and vote to Repeal and Replace”, as well as Democrat Senators who are “obstructionists, no ideas or votes.”

The tweet that has attracted the most media attention so far, is Trump’s assertion that he has “complete power to pardon” following reports that he was discussing his ability to pardon people in the ongoing investigation into ties between his campaign and Russia. “While all agree the U. S. President has the complete power to pardon, why think of that when only crime so far is LEAKS against us.FAKE NEWS.”

The WaPo reported last week that Trump’s new lawyers are looking into his authority to grant pardons in the special counsel’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The Post also said that Trump has also talked to his advisers about his ability to pardon his aides, family members and even himself in the investigation.

One adviser who spoke to the newspaper said the president’s inquiries were merely made out of curiosity. “This is not in the context of, ‘I can’t wait to pardon myself,’” the adviser said.

Meanwhile on Friday, the White House on Friday would not rule out the possibility that Trump would issue pardons in the investigation. “The president maintains pardon powers like any president would,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, but added that “there are no announcements” about pardons at this time.

Additionally, in one of the more bizarre tweets, Trump alleged The New York Times “foiled” a U.S. attack on the leader of the Islamic State, Al-Baghdadi despite conflicting reports over the past two weeks that he may have been killed in a Russian air strike, suggesting the paper has a “sick agenda” that hurts national security.

It was unclear why the president held the Times responsible or what attack he meant. On Friday, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that he believes al-Baghdadi is still alive. The NYT quoted Mattis telling Pentagon reporters that “I think Baghdadi’s alive. Until I see his body, I am going to assume he is alive.”

Ironically, while Trump slammed the “failing New York Times” on Saturday, and many times in the past, it was the NYT that Trump recently gave a rare wide-ranging one-on-one interview in the Oval Office.

As for the rest of his tweets, here they are in all their bizarre tweetstorm glory:

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ZeroHedge?There’s your problem.

Rodney Loder

My informant in Heaven said that she saw Brother Baghdadi two days ago with a couple of young ladies that were in his company, may Allah raise his status, and grant me the same occasion.

John Whitehot

he he, are you sure they were females? because if that is the case, it’s not very likely that the aforementioned individual was actually the one known as “Al-Baghdadi”.

And LoLs, Mattis even said he doesn’t believe he’s dead !!

Rodney Loder

Mad Dog doesn’t know skin colour from politics, and my post wasn’t meant to be funny, I call it Heaven up there because I want to include everybody that Allah takes a shine to, I’m not judgmental my informants are real they all call it Paradise, for sure he is dead or I’m not Jesus Christ literally.

John Whitehot

then accept my apologies.

Rodney Loder

Accepted , aggressive policies befits us all , in actual fact there is only one commission to bring about peace , the ability to retaliate.


is your informant sure those 2 ‘ladies’ weren’t transgender Bieber fans?

Rodney Loder

If this wasn’t Southfront I’d be very upset that someone would deliberately infuriate the Apostille and Prophet of God by addressing such a wicked comment to me, no wonder there are a lot of headless corpses out there, however we all need to love something inside of ourselves, whether it’s perversion like the Christians or a Muslim feeling that comes from things or people needing us, this is a decision that we all have to make, I notice you have a great need of something or someone to need you in order to overcome your perverse attitude, I think you belong in a reeducation camp.


Get a life Rodney. You should be ashamed of yourself at your age fantasising about young virgins.

Buy a ‘ Blow up doll ‘ instead and do us all a favour :)

Rodney Loder

A fantasy is a false representation of Existence which the homosexual Sid Loder indulged in assuming that he had control of the Telepathic Reality that I represent, of course he was only being led down the path of seduction by satin, now my intellectual property is acknowledged to be firmly in my grip, I’ve been celibate for 40 years except for suffering sexual abuse from the wife which ended 16 years ago, all praise be to Allah, it looks like something is going to break, all I’m saying to my Salafist Brothers is that, if you want me to get married again for proprietys sake I don’t want another mole.


Rodney, are you posting on the wrong site in error as your ramblings are more suited to Hollywood Science Fiction movies or even US State Dept Briefings ? They really are on a different planet from the Idiot Constellation.

Also, if you became celibate after being abused by your wife , can you explain why you want to be with a lot of virgins in death ?

Rodney Loder

I didn’t say I wanted a lot of virgins, the Qur’an is perfectly clear Sura 4, it’s only necessary to have more than one wife if you can’t be descent with only one, I don’t need any, but likely my supporters will insist, all sex is indecent to a Prophet of God, that’s because it is a part of our instinctive behaviour developed by nature before Civil Society was entered into by humans, Civil Society and decency is actually a development of Allah Himself if it is successful, which it must be, because of the Paradigm Prophecies made at the beginning of every Universal Creation in collusion with Fate, Islam is the fail safe device if man’s Religion turns belly up which it has.
I’m willing to help salvage what ever I can.
If my narrative was fictional I wouldn’t be on the Net, I name individuals doctors and officials as complicit in crimes using my innate intellectual property to bolster and support israel, as well as to destroy secularism, but these jew Christians can’t affect my Salafist Brothers in Religion, they are the fail safe device.


So your ‘supporters’ will insist that you have at lease one virgin Rodney. Could she be a convert from, say, Germany or America ? Or would she need to have been subjected to a 7th Century way of life as in Saudi Arabia ? Could she choose you or is it your religious right to take her against her will ?

Rodney Loder

The plan is for me to live in Damascus where most Muslims believe Isa Son of Maryium will surface, Assad is the key, but it’s whoever controls Damascus decides peace or war with my Salafist Brothers, my Religion failed I don’t argue too much with the preservers of the Faith, I have all the credentials to be Isa only one more hurdle remains “thought they killed him not” , I’ve always been secular and would only ever have paid lip service to Religion that’s because the proof was so overwhelming from the start, it’s philosophic deliverance would probably destroy the purpose of temporal life so this virgin is destined to die, but we don’t know for sure.


Do you take mind altering drugs Rodney ? I was only asking as the Salafist’s in ISIS take rather large doses of captigon.

Rodney Loder

FlorianGeyer you sound female, is that a question, a personal question? if ts all right for you to ask me a personal question, ect.
No I don’t except for 500ml. of Mother every day, I’m having a “kicked apple” right now, I usually leave it to later but I think it’s a bit too windy for me to go work in the fields today I’ll use it to help with my exercise routine, the night is turning light, the animals talk to me when I’m out in my paddocks I live on the Blessed Mt. Scanzi, me and my son own the highest cleared field on the Mountain, we have a spring fed dam up top that the animals tell me is filled up with gold but we only use it to irrigate Kiwi Fruit, I figure if Allah gets the animals to converse with me He will do the same for with my Salafist Brothers.


” I figure if Allah gets the animals to converse with me He will do the same for with my Blessed Salafist Brothers.”

mmmm, If you say so. Are you sure your spring water does not contain a psychotropic substance if some sort?

Rodney Loder

You have transgressed all bounds, but I’m planning a trip into town tomorrow and I never condemn people just before a trip into town, I used to, but since I quit doing that I find my money goes further.


Have fun on your ‘trip’ and don’t spend too much money in the pub.

Rodney Loder

Thanks for reminding me, as soon as possible I’m going to take legal action against Penrith Panthers Leagues Club for being complicit to infringing my rights, that was the last time I ever visited a pub, that was 1988, if you want to know the story then try to be more Civil, now I must make a donation to SF, I’m a patron as well.


Listening to your testimony would certainly be a revelation and an education . Sadly it is too far for me to travel :)


I notice that you have a great need to get laid but your own religious programming is making you believe that acting like a puritan toff who can’t get a joke will somehow get you ahead in the next life.


I think Trump is mad because people are talking about his son. Just my guess.


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Real Anti-Racist Action

His son is so/so.
His son in-law Kushner is scum.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Trump is a thief. If he and his pals can steal a few more health care dollars, then nothing else matters.

Bio_ Hazard

If a media outlet like the NYT could find the story then you know your government sucks at protecting secrets. This guy is more clumsy than Obama.


I honestly don’t care whether trump stays or goes but he sounds like a man living on a board time the more he speaks and tweets. The impeachment case brought to the congress has gotten to him


Hook into em Trumpy Trump, hurry up and drain that swamp.


I can’t believe after all this time people who are upset at Trump’s tweets haven’t read a book on personality types. Trump is an extreme extrovert. These type of people exteralize their thought process. They don’t think quietly and contemplate a problem. This behavior is what probably drove his parents to send him to military boarding school. Twitter apparently further allows Trump to think out loud. Anyone working with him needs pretty thick skin.

AM Hants

He has got a new face running his communication programme. The MSM are not going to change script, so how many people can President Trump reach out to, and how long does it take to send a tweet, that has already been typed up and ready to go?

Then he can get back down to business, whilst the Dems and MSM go into meltdown.

Carol Davidek-Waller

It’s absolutely no fun to live in a country where all the people with power are dead wrong and the 99.9% and the know what’s necessary to create a humane society are dying to prove it.

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