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Fun fact: US SOF Soldier Wearing Patch of YPJ – All-Female Kurdish Militia

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It looks US special ops forces know nothing about the Syrian Kurds…

Fun fact: US SOF Soldier Wearing Patch of YPJ - All-Female Kurdish Militia


The Women’s Protection Units or Women’s Defense Units (Kurdish: Yekîneyên Parastina Jin‎, YPJ, pronounced Yuh-Pah-Juh) is an all-female Kurdish military organization.

Fun fact: US SOF Soldier Wearing Patch of YPJ - All-Female Kurdish Militia

On May 26, SouthFront reported that US special operation forces are participating in the clashes against the ISIS terrorist groups, wearing  patches of Kurdish organizations. Thus, the Syrian Democratic Forces’ offensive on Raqqa looks in a new strategic perspective.

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He may be having some “confusion” as to what gender he is lol. We seem to see that problem sprouting up all over the u.s. to hear corporate media carry on about it. Thanks for pointing that out.


Average American is totally ignorant of the world.


Yes they are but some are slowly getting less ignorant. Around where I live us foreign policy is getting more unpopular. The vast majority though are ignorant, arrogant, self centered idiots that could not care less about the rest of the world as long as they’re fed and have whatever vice they prefer. To me these “special” forces are some of the worst of them since they enable criminal acts of the us government and completely turn their backs on the oath they took. If they upheld their oath they’d be in dc doing something to stop these criminals instead of wherever the dc crime ring is trying to exploit and control.


It means either they aren’t talking to the groups they support, or the locals are shunning them as they know who supplied the chemical weapons to Saddam, and likewise they therefore have no idea what patch means what.

Gabriel Hollows

Why are the Kurdish women fighting ISIS? Where are the men? Are they seriously so cowardly as to send their wives and mothers to be turned into sex slaves by ISIS?


Why don’t you walk up to a Kurdish women and tell her she can’t fight for freedom. Then we will see who is the coward.


US military is totally ignorant and their own interest is to prolong the terror in Syria. US is not interested in fighting their Wahhabi proxies.


Those are some SF troops fighting with the SDF which includes the YPJ. They are currently fight their way towards the ISIS capital of Raqqa. They could be as little as 15 km from the city. This is what real progress against ISIS looks like. That is probably what had you confused. SF has a long tradition of wearing the paths of the groups they are working with as a way honoring them and showing solidarity

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