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JUNE 2023

Full-scale Ground Offensive in Eastern Aleppo Begins

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Full-scale Ground Offensive in Eastern Aleppo Begins

The Syrian government forces launched a full-scale offensive on the militant-controlled eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city from four different fronts, pro-government sources are reporting.

The government forces are advancing in the Old Quarter towards the Farafra Neighborhood. Reports also appear that the Syrian army and Hezbollah are advancing from the Aleppo Citadel area towards the Bab Al-Nayrab District, controlled by Fatah Halab.

The operation started after five days of intense air and artillery strikes on militant targets in the besieged areas and after previous gains in the Sheikh Sa’eed Neighborhood.

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For sure as the SAA gains ground calls for a cease fire will intensify. In the end such a cease fire would accomplish nothing except giving the ‘militants’ time in which to prepare to break the cease fire. In the end it would be better to push on to a final SAA victory.


In my view, they gave diplomacy a shot. I was necessary to try. Now, just roll and end it. Go SAA and friends.

Daniel Martin

Agreed, no more stopping until they all are dead (terrorists) or surrender.

Fatime Oomyadin

God bless our heroic Syrian Arab Army!


Remember Leningrad? Its a massacre…


I would like to say additionally that it should be remembered that each of these cease fires cost Syrian soldiers their lives. May be the hope was for otherwise but I think the reality is that they only cause more fighting and SAA casualties. I think political considerations have been made too high a priority and now it is way passed time for the high command to do their duty and protect their men.

Sasha Smirnoff

I can hear the howls of anguish – from London, Paris and Washington. Sweet sounds indeed.


You cant thrust western assholes they useing every cease fire to regrup and rearm terrorists just go and finish them

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