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MARCH 2021

FSB Prevents Terrorist Attack In Khabarovsk Amid Anti-Government Protests


FSB Prevents Terrorist Attack In Khabarovsk Amid Anti-Government Protests

A screenshot from the video

The Federal Security Service (FSB) prevented a terrorist attack in the Russian city of Khabarovsk, which recently became the point of anti-government protests in Russia’s Far East.

On July 17, the FSB press service announced that its forces detained a citizen of one of the Central Asian countries that was preparing an attack in places of mass gathering of people (i.e. during protests).

“A citizen of one of the Central Asian republics, born in 1988, was detained, who was planning, on the instructions of the leaders of international terrorists, to commit a terrorist act with the use of incendiary devices in crowded places,” the FSB said.

Security forces seized ready-to-use petrol bombs, knifes, the flag of an international terrorist organization. A video of his so-called oath of allegiance to the terrorist group and correspondence with a discussion of the planned terrorist attack were found in the phone of the detained person.

According to the FSB, the detained person was planning to travel to the war zone in the Middle East to participate in the activities of terrorist groups in the future.

The terrorists are trying to exploit anti-government protests, which were staged in Khabarvosk after the detention of the province’s governor under changes in the organizing of murders in 2004-2005.

Elite groups affilated with the detained official, Sergei Furgal, seek to use the protests to pressure authorities and influence the outcome of the investigation. This artificial political instability has already drawn attention of international terrorist groups.




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