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FSB Foiled Ukrainian Intelligence’s Plot To Carry Out Terrorist Attacks In Crimea

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FSB Foiled Ukrainian Intelligence's Plot To Carry Out Terrorist Attacks In Crimea

Col. Oleg Akhmedov. Click to see the full-size image

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) detained two individuals in Crimea suspected of spying for Ukraine’s military intelligence service, the FSB reported on April 15.

“The Russian Federal Security Service in the Republic of Crimea has thwarted the activity of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry aimed at plotting and carrying out acts of sabotage and terrorism, stealing state secrets and recruiting Russian nationals,” the FSB Public Relations Center reported, according to TASS.

Accoring to the FSB, the detained agents were recruited and led by Col. Akhmedov of Ukraine’s military intelligence service in Kherson. The group consisted of a Russian servicewoman, who is suspected of sharing state secrets with Ukraine’s military intelligence agents in 2017-2018, and a Ukrainian national, who allegedly spied on the orders of Ukraine’s special service.

During the search operation at the home of the detained persons, FSB officers found banking cards and a contract for military service with Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

Aurhorities opened two criminal cases into high treason and espionage against these individuals.

According to the FSB, the exposed cell had been created by Col. Oleg Akhmedov, who headed a unit of Ukraine’s military intelligence in Kherson, southern Ukraine. The suspects’ alleged espionage activity was revealed as part of investigating a criminal case opened this January.

One of the suspects in this investigation was a Russian national, who had created caches in Crimea with rounds of ammunition and explosives, which he had brought from Ukraine’s soil, on Akhmedov’s order.

The FSB says “the Ukrainian military intelligence conspired to carry out several acts of sabotage and terrorism at the facilities of critical social and military infrastructure on our country’s soil.”

The investigation is ongoing.


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Jens Holm

Both of You are mad. Can I and any believe any of that at all or is it propaganda. No offence but Ukraine has old rusty iron themselves.


You obviously didn’t read the article. Or your reading comprehension is as bad as your writing.

Icarus Tanović

Wonder where is Jens to defend Ukrainian Fascists? Maybe bussy painting swastikas in Denmark…if punk is really from there, and if that is screwheads real name…


Soon the world will be informed that they were “journalists” innocently doing their jobs.
Or maybe activists, or AIDS researchers or environmentalists; or, If they have a second British passport, chances are they suddenly become diplomats. Take your pick.

Like our collection of American drones, we also have a collection of those.

Neo Onh

All of Novorossiya and Malorossiya will be liberated from the Kiev nazi regime!

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