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JUNE 2021

FSB Detained 2 ISIS Terorirsts Planning To Carry Out Terrorist attacks In Russian Capital

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FSB Detained 2 ISIS Terorirsts Planning To Carry Out Terrorist attacks In Russian Capital


The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has detained two ISIS members who were planning to carry out attacks in Moscow Region on September 1, the FSB said on Thursday.

According to the FSB, the terrorists were plotting to attack crowded places on Knowledge Day, the beginning of the school year in Russia.

The FSB “detected and suppressed the criminal activity of two immigrants from the Central Asian region, who were plotting to carry out terrorist attack in places of mass gathering on 1 September this year.”

Earlier one of the terrorists published a video in which he addressed ISIS.

“In the address he gave the so-called ‘oath of loyalty to terrorists.’ After that, he planned attacks on civilians with non-firearm weapons,” the FSB said.

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I feel kind a sorry for them…60+ years living and working in SSSR secret services police tout them some fine ways of torture..Thesa asian boys are fucked for good… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Trust me I’m sure they’d much rather be held in a Russian Prison ANYDAY compared to being held by ISIS terrorists. Those mofo’s torture you and then behead you and then have sex with the body. Sick SOB’s


Yes they torture you and then kill you..But rusisan’s let you live!! to torture you again again and again,,,


We are already seeing that the US ‘fighting terrorists’ in Afghanistan is to try to destabilize the immediate region north of Afghanistan, i.e. Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyztan, Tajikistan, and then to trouble China and southern Russia. The US says its fighting Islamic State, likely the commanders airlifted out of Syria by US Deep State were sent there and Libya.

These guys might have a connection.

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ISIS cells attempt an attack in Russia on the Islamic holiday Eid-Al-Adha, most likely to drive a wedge between the Orthodox Slavs and Muslim north Caucasus peoples, as well as a message to the world that ISIS lives on.

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But Russia will be there to foil all terrorist attempts, both domestically and abroad.


Good job FSB!! I hope you lock these bastards up and toss the key. WTF do innocent men women and children have anything to do with their hate.. All terrorists will hopefully die a horrible death


Under the cover of recent US actions, Russia could now easily turn US embassies upside down without too much fuss and most likely discover more of these plots and contacts.

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