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JUNE 2021

FSB Arrests ISIS Members Who Planned Terrorist Attacks In Moscow

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Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) detained four members of ISIS “sleeper cell” in Moscow.

ISIS members arrived from the city of Noviy Urengoy in Russia’s Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region with a goal to carry out “high-profile” attacks in Moscow, the FSB’s press service told Russian media on April 26.

According to FSB, the detained ISIS members had received instructions from Syria through Telegram messenger.

The security services clarified that searches and detentions had been held in Novy Urengoy. In the course of special operations, 20 people were rounded up in the city. A large number of religious extremist books, as well as “communication facilities used for contacting foreign emissaries” were seized.

On April 21, FSB killed an ISIS terrorist who had plotted an attack on administrative buildings in Stavropol. Security forces recovered a firearm, explosive components and ISIS flag.

In a separate development, large-scale counter-terrorism operations were staged in Derbent, in the Russian republic of Dagestan on April 21 and 24. During these operations, eleven terrorists were neutralized, Russian news agency RIA reported, quoting FSB report.

On April 24, 14 leaders and more members of the Hizb ut-Tahrir organization were detained in Tatarstan, Ulianovsk and Omsk regions.

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Trut Tella

Excellent. Russia does a very good job of cracking down on those faithful Muslims who seek to enact the tenets of their ‘religion’.


I would think that the security services will now be tracking the sources of the terrorist funds :)

You can call me Al

I think that we could tell them or at least show them a list of the 5 most probable sources.

I go……

1. CIA or another US vassal acronym
2. MI6 or another US or UK vassal acronym
3. Both the above combined
4. CIA with the help of The Ukraine
5. Hooked nosed retards with the help of all those mentioned above.


You make a strong argument Al :)


U forgot Mossad! I got my money on Mossad! Who has the most to gain and lose in Syria? KSA and Israel!
Who is causing head aches for those who invested in this war? Russia is!

An attack on russian soil is no different to a drone attack on the russian airbase! Drones and muslim extremists are plausible deniability! yet we all know they are funded and controlled by enemy states!

The CIA is not the same anymore! The NSA has taken over the CIA and rid it of its deep state operatives!

We can be sure this is an Israeli operation!

You can call me Al

Excuse me Justin……in this case, I have to defend myself as I covered them by using their alternative name of “Hooked nosed retards”.


hahaha, ure right! my apologies! You actually called them by their real names! my bad!

You can call me Al

lol, I fell or the same thing a week ago…..sweet hey ?. Try it to others.

Have a nice weekend.


Wonder if info prompting these raids (see also recent Dagestan incident) is in any way derived from Syria (as in, ISIS Ru-contact files) following military advances there by SAA?


Wow, that is incredible how many of them their are. I suppose all of them working at a hardware store would give them a smokescreen for accessing materials to build explosives.

Roger Snellman

Have to love Putin for taking out a chunk of ISIS. Had hoped this common ISIS enemy would bring US/Russia cooperation to the next level. Time will tell.
Time to start an ISIS pool… when will the last ISIS member in Syria bite the dust? Respond with your date choice to win bragging rights. My guess is Trump will pull out all the stops to wipe ISIS out of Syria before the midterm elections. My date pick is 9/11/2018.


ISIS will end when the US, UK, France, Israel, SA stop funding them. Until then, they will be re-branded many times.

Roger Snellman

Do you agree Victory Over ISIS in Syria will be declared before US midterm elections?

I agree the mercenaries will fade into the desert as ISIS fighters and re-emerge fighting for the highest bidder.

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