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Frontman Of Hong Kong Protesters Meets Leader Of Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets


Frontman Of Hong Kong Protesters Meets Leader Of Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets

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Hong Kong protest “frontman” Joshua Wong attended the Bild 100 party in Germany.

During his visit, he met some controversial individuals such as Chairman of the White Helmets Raed Al Saleh, Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, and Mina Ahadi (the main founder of the German Central Council of Ex-Muslims).

Essentially, the photo presents a nice overview of recent color revolution faces, from Syria, Ukraine, and Iran.

During his visit, Wong also urged Germany to stop supplying riot weapons to the Hong Kong police, and to support the protesters.

In addition to meeting some of the experts on false flag attacks and carrying out US agenda, he met with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, which China strongly condemned.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China was “extremely dissatisfied and resolutely opposed” to German allowing Wong to visit and to allow him to meet the German foreign minister.

“The German side allowed a Hong Kong separatist to enter its territory and engage in anti-China separatist activities there, and Foreign Minister Maas blatantly approached him. The Chinese side deplores and firmly opposes that. We lodge solemn representation with the German side.

Let me stress this again. Hong Kong affairs are entirely China’s internal affairs. No foreign government, organization or individual has the right to interfere. The words, deeds and attempts to brown-nose some Western forces for separatist purposes are doomed to fail. It is utterly wrong for certain German media and politician to put on a political show by newsjacking, which shows their disrespect for China’s sovereignty and interference in China’s internal affairs.

During her visit to China last week, Chancellor Merkel expressed explicit support for “one country, two systems” and opposition against violence. We cannot help but ask this question: what is the German side’s intention to allow Joshua Wong’s entry and activities in Germany and his meeting with Foreign Minister Maas at this particular time? We urge the German side to honor its commitment and not to send wrong signals to the radical separatists in Hong Kong. We also urge Foreign Minister Maas to observe international law and basic norms governing international relations, and to contribute to rather than undermine China-Germany relations,” Hua Chunying said.

The German Ambassador to China was summoned by the Chinese Foreign Ministry to express protest.

Wu Ken, from the PR Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, confirmed that Beijing had officially summoned the German ambassador in protest, a fact that was also confirmed by Germany’s Foreign Ministry.

“What happened now, I unfortunately have to say, will have negative consequences on bilateral relations and the Chinese side has to react,” said Wu.

Wu claimed foreign forces had been involved in the ongoing protests in Hong Kong and reiterated his calls for foreign politicians to back off, saying: “China’s sovereignty and security must be respected. I therefore advise politicians against covering up violent crimes and meddling with Hong Kong’s and China’s internal affairs.”

While in Berlin, Joshua Wong made the grand statement of saying that “Hong Kong is the new Berlin in a new Cold War.” Further claiming it was the only thing standing between a “free world” and “Chinese authoritarianism.”

Before flying to Germany, Joshua Wong was held at the Hong Kong International Airport for 24 hours, since him leaving the country was considered a breach of bail.

Wong was previously arrested on August 30 on three charges of organising, inciting and taking part in an illegal assembly during a siege of the police headquarters in Wan Chai on June 21st.

Even before this event, Wong was seen speaking to some notable US officials such as:

Marco Rubio:

Current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met him back in 2015, when he was 18 years old:

And most recently before the Bild 100 photographs, he was seen meeting with the political chief of US Consulate Julie Eadeh.

Chinese media and even the foreign ministry claimed that this was evidence that the US was orchestrating the protests, which is becoming more and more apparent.




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