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Frontier Of supernatural Sciences

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Frontier Of supernatural Sciences

By Mikaprok for SouthFront

2013. Arlington, Virginia. In the hotel’s conference room, near the US Department of Defense building, is a crowd of posh dressed scientists. They are followed by a few hundred more viewers, thanks to an online broadcast.

The ceremony is announced by the (then) President of the United States, Mr. Obama.

A small step for the accidental head of the White House and a giant event for humanity.

A month before, Mr. Obama signed a decree on the creation of an over-ambitious state project, comparable in scale with the flight to the moon. This time there is some clear goal for the national economy.

Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) is designed to offer methods and technologies for the treatment of neurological, genetic diseases, brain trauma, and to promote all research leading to the restoration of normal functions of the nervous system.

The initial contribution of the state to the pocket of academic personnel until the end of 2014: $ 1.3 billion. More than reasonable, given the budget of the Mr. Musk empire.

List of involved located on the three pages. Of course in the forefront: the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Kavli Foundation.

Regarding the former. It was at the meeting of the Kavli Foundation in the UK that the idea of research was formulated: to fix the signals of the maximum number of neurons and to simulate their work.

It looks like a pure academical problem, but turned out to be more than practical.

The project’s leader – experienced Spanish neuroscientist Rafael Yuste, who recently has attempted to get a grant for similar purpose through Columbia University.

Frontier Of supernatural Sciences

The first step of the research is mapping the brain with new methods. Within the framework of BRAIN, an appendix Brain Activity Map (BAM) was opened.

Who allocated the biggest portion of money from subsidizing organizations for “medical” purposes?

You will be very surprised, but this is DARPA.

The first results were announced in a year and 2 months – in July 2014.

I think we would never have known about them, but state had to publish the results of the grant drawing from the budget money. In this case: $ 37.5 million.

“Nature” published a short note on the sensation. In fact, the equivalent to Mars travel.

Within the framework of the BRAIN project, the agency decided to share a grant between two groups of scientists who suggest doing a brain implant that helps memory routine.

This is the official wording.

Frontier Of supernatural Sciences

If you read carefully, it turns out that the implant does not help, but restores memory and treats the post-traumatic syndrome of veterans.

How is that?

Its device implants before the onset of unpleasant consequences, writes everything and at the right moment it activates and restores individual fragments of memory (!).

If the brain tissue is not damaged, of course.

Grant delivery opened the doors to the DoD test ground.

There is no up-to-date information, but we must assume that the work was carried out successfully.

Because this passive technology in two years moved to be active.

The DARPA team, chaired by the notorious Edward Chang (Google AI, HTC Big Data), presented at the regular meeting of the American Society of Neurosciences a device for the treatment of epilepsy and motor disorders.

This is another implant, but with a qualitative difference in performance.

Frontier Of supernatural Sciences

In the “learning” state the device functions like the previous one, but in the active state it controls the feelings and behavior of a person through microelectric impulses.

ow exactly does the device understand that it’s time to act?

The answer is: the algorithm (AI) records a typical card for the functioning of the patient’s brain (BAM) and aligns its signals in the event that something goes wrong.

It has a function of mobile control. Just in case, for emergency shutdown.

The device is ready in the experimental assembly, we begin to test on the fighters.

It is need of 300 people for the field trials.

Frontier Of supernatural Sciences

Meanwhile, the detailed roadmap of the BRAIN program is built until 2025.

In my opinion, the series “The Black Mirror” lost its relevance.

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Tudor Miron

Another step to NWO gang dream – global work camp with chipped slaves under total control.

You can call me Al

and if people don’t agree, tick a box on a computer screen and the chip “educates” them from within.

Pave Way IV

And if the digital re-education doesn’t work, then tick the next box labeled ‘terminate’. Or else just write a surveillance and control program to do both steps for you – automated state tyranny. What a time saver!


Like FB, which is a wonder spying device, where data doesn’t have to be collected by third parties but people volunteer everything about their life to be inspected online.


The Matrix described it quite well


This is the word of Landru!

“You will be absorbed…your individuality will merge into the unity of good.”


Metaphysics means beyond physics. Over time some has been proven as science and technology has advanced to understand what’s happening, some has been disproven as being false pseudoscience, and some remains unproven. My research into telepathy for use in ET/ED contact work is ongoing. I’d like to use it to get on the starships and travel the universe, timeverse, and multiverse. To the extent that it’s safe to do so.

Icarus Tanović

This ain’t sci fi forum and news.



If you don’t like the topic, then why did you read the article and related comments?

Icarus Tanović

I was refering to your comment. I love sci-fi, but based in that sci.


Why are you trying to suppress on topic comments like mine?

Icarus Tanović

Based on your works on “telepathy”.


Why do you have a problem with comments mentioning telepathy on an article about the brain and the frontier of supernatural science? It seems perfectly on topic to me.

Icarus Tanović

Present us your works or findings in that field. It isn’t even a sci-fi. It’s pseudoscience. Show us those gadgets that one can implant into brain, and communicate with others via that device. Where’s that? In Return of the jedi only. And stop interrogating me, with that kind of arrogant tone. Prove it!


Why are you harassing comment board members making on topic comments about the articles, trying to suppress their comments:

“This ain’t sci fi forum and news. … I was refering to your comment. I love sci-fi, but based in that sci.”

The article is about:

“FRONTIER OF SUPERNATURAL SCIENCES” and the brain. Supernatural science is also known as metaphysics, as I described in the comment that you replied to. Telepathy is part of that. If on topic comments about the matters that are being addressed in the articles on the site bother you. Then my suggestion is don’t read them and don’t harass the people making them. Or else grow up and deal with life as it really is.

There are a lot of things that science and technology can’t explain. And until they can, supernatural science and metaphysics are used instead. Pseudoscience is something that has been disproven by science. Telepathy hasn’t been disproven, it remains unproven. That’s a big difference.

Icarus Tanović

Telepathy has been discovered only in sci-fi films. It is prime example of pseudoscience. Nor that phony ‘supernatural science’ has explained anything, ever. Are you religious fanatic or just plain superstitious idiot? I said what I wanna say, and I don’t give a fucck what you gonna say, nor I don’t give a fucck about your opinion.


Pseudoscience has been disproven, telepathy hasn’t been disproven. Your being rude, ignorant and antisocial only proves that you’re an idiot.

Icarus Tanović

No, you’re not very intelligent, you are antisocial, and you are a barbarian.


You’re a truth hater trying to suppress it with your lies and obnoxiousness.

Hide Behind

If they can implant such devices that can not only control brain functions and where is the limits to Those devices not being able to communicate between all objects Animals can be added to esser human functions, neural implants. If telepathy is thought of as unspoken communication between two or more sentient beings then it would seem such devices fulfill that definition. Imagine many such implanted devices a’ll focusing with almost max energy upon a singular project but one with many parts,. As each finds data truth it connects to all who gain and not waste brain energies on wondering how their bit fills in the whole. The capacitu and capability of human mind to assess darts is unknown, as are it’s total storage capacity.that somehow even while loading the physical cells still retains. Consciousness redefined. From of individual to many. So telepathy is not paranormal but will be Superior tonatural; Supernatural.


(BRAIN) is designed to offer methods and technologies for the treatment of neurological, genetic diseases, brain trauma, and to promote all research leading to the restoration of normal functions of the nervous system. ——————— My 1st thought was – or how to destroy or control them. Then, a few lines down, I read …. DARPA.

These people are truly mad.

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