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From ‘Riots’ To ‘Armed Standoff’: Black Armed Protesters Challenge White Militia At Confederate Monument

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Update (12:40ET): Listen to Not F**king Around Coalition’s (NFAC) leader Grand Master Jay describing his group’s overall mission:

* * *

The group, known as Not F**king Around Coalition (NFAC), marched through Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta on Independence Day, calling out white militias, along with protesting one of the largest Confederate monuments in the country, reported Reuters.

From 'Riots' To 'Armed Standoff': Black Armed Protesters Challenge White Militia At Confederate Monument

Hundreds of heavily armed NFAC members, predominantly African Americans, were seen dressed in black combat gear with military-style rifles – quietly marched up a road in the park in two columns.

From 'Riots' To 'Armed Standoff': Black Armed Protesters Challenge White Militia At Confederate Monument

One clip shows what appears to be an NFAC leader directing a right and left column of heavily armed members up a road.

Another video shows the group coming to a stop on the road with an unidentified man shouting into a loudspeaker challenging white militias.

“I don’t see no white militia,” he declared. “We’re here. Where … you at? We’re in your house. Let’s go.”

Here’s more video of the NFAC march.

John Bankhead, a spokesman for the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, said NFAC’s demonstration was peaceful and orderly:

“It’s a public park, a state park. We have these protests on both sides of the issue from time to time. We respect people’s First Amendment right,” Bankhead told WXIA-TV.

From 'Riots' To 'Armed Standoff': Black Armed Protesters Challenge White Militia At Confederate Monument

“We understand the sensitivities of the issue here at the park … so we respect that and allow them to come in as long as it’s peaceful, which it has been,” he said.

The park had just opened after being closed for virus-related issues. Around Saturday afternoon, park officials allowed the group to enter the park from the West Gate. They marched to the lawn area of the park, in view of the confederate memorial carved into granite on Stone Mountain.

From 'Riots' To 'Armed Standoff': Black Armed Protesters Challenge White Militia At Confederate Monument

“Stone Mountain has long held symbolism for white supremacists. The Ku Klux Klan, a hate group that was formed by Confederate Army veterans and has a history of lynchings and terror against Black people, held its rebirth ceremony atop mountain in 1915 with flaming crosses.

From 'Riots' To 'Armed Standoff': Black Armed Protesters Challenge White Militia At Confederate Monument

Klansmen still hold occasional gatherings in the shadows of the edifice, albeit now met with protesters behind police tape. Many of those cross-burnings took place on or around July 4,” said Reuters.

Readers may recall, we noted on March 29 that “the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic could be a flare-up of social unrest across major Western cities as millions have lost their jobs, economies have crashed into depressions, and the military is being called up to maintain order.”

And, boy, were we right…

We quoted Peter Turchin not too long ago as saying with the coronavirus still worsening the wellbeing of the country and millions out of work, and this could certainly “escalate all the way to a civil war.”

“Things are not as bad as they can be,” Turchin warned.

The socio-economic implosion of America, resulting in both black and white militias to enter city streets this summer – could be the goal of the political elites to spark chaos ahead of the election.

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Zionism = EVIL

LOL, the white racist trash is dressed in black, so the blacks should dress in white hoods. AmeriKKKa is a total freak show and let’s hope a real race war breaks out soon, that is a win-win for the world.

Lone Ranger

I only feel sorry for avg Joe.

Zionism = EVIL

To be honest no, they are hatefilled racist warmongering trash and have been killing millions around the world for their Jew masters and now the cunts are facing doom and far worse is to come. It is called cosmic KARMA!

comment image

Lone Ranger

There are millions of Americans who were against this.
Many are pro Russian as they see their own establishment has betrayed them.
Many Patriots were killed during the years who dared to stand up against the cia dictatorship.
Dont underestimate them, these people can be valuable allies.

AM Hants

Well said.

Zionism = EVIL

Just because you are nice guy, I will give them the benefit of the doubt :)

Lone Ranger



A race war between backs and whites with not one surviver would not change a thing because the elite at the top Do not belong to any white or black groups So they would win again this is not about race it is about class but the MSM The elite will not tell you this they always need a scapegoat it is called divide and conquer The rich always start the wars but it is the poor who suffer the most fighting it out. Americans need to wake up because it is obvious whats happening. They all need to come together and topple all the elite at the top that has voted where blood has been spilt for profit every guilty greedy person ever involved needs to be brought to justice for their involvement in crimes against humanity. Only then would the world become a better place

Zionism = EVIL

That is true, by “elite” you mean the Bilderberg Jew cunts and the WASP shitheads. Just wipe them out then and do the average doghouse redneck trash a favor. This is just the beginning of the Americunt unraveling though. Lot more entertainment to follow.


Yea, while you sit behind your keyboard and spout stupidity. At least the KKK put up resistance after the war to try and stop the raping and pillaging of the South. While your people just allowed them to reek havoc and defile your women.
Keyboard coward.


You are an idiot. What “white racist trash”? Stupid Jewish trolls like you should just shut up. All you do is spout Jew disinfo to try and further the Zionist cause.
You obviously either do not know American history or are just a propaganda mouth piece for the Yankee Jewish elite.


No, zionist, it is not. Only your tribe works hard to make people kill each other, be it Muslims vs Christians, Catholic Christians vs Orthodox Christians, Arabs vs Arabs, blacks vs whites. This would be “a win-win” for your tribe, no one else. zionist evil troll 100%


There can’t be a “race war” as in white v black, majority of white and black people are not racist, it will basically be racist white militia vs non racist white black Mexican Arab Americans. We know when loses. This would be stupid.

Lone Ranger

So its the black KKK…
Taxpayer money well spent by the CIA and papa soreass…
Thats why ond should never lose the moral highground, U.S. is eperiencing thd same they have done in other countries.

AM Hants

Well, the K K K were a Dem creation.


search the internet: sanitary commission reconstruction union/loyalty league

And read several sources.

AM Hants

Why? Did the Dems create the K K K? Yes or No?

Wayne Nicholson

It’s been argued that the KKK supported the Democrats and KKK members probably voted Democrat but it’s a leap to argue the Democrat party created the KKK.

It would be fair to say that members of the 3%ers support Republican causes and most likely vote republican but to say that the GOP created the 3%ers is also a leap of logic.

AM Hants

Check out the history of the K K K and the Democratic Party.

In 1865 it was founded and by 1870 it was running in every Southern State. It became the driving force for White Southern Resistence to the Republican Party. Who, at the time their policies were aimed at establishing equality for black Americans.

The members of the K K K waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at Republican Leaders, all colours.

Now remind me, but, who funds BLM and Anti-fascists and where do the donations go? As history just keeps repeating itself, century to century, as we regress.

Wayne Nicholson

I support both fire departments and libraries however that doesn’t prove that fire departments created the libraries does it?

Do you have a document stating that the democrat party started the KKK? The minutes of a particular meeting? Corporate filings? Record of a party vote?

I don’t have a dog in this race …. I really don’t care for either the democrats or GOP …. they are 2 sides of the same coin IMO. It seems to me that your evidence is circumstantial and an effort to turn the obvious support the Trump administration is showing white supremacists on it’s head by showing the democrats to be more racist than the GOP.

AM Hants

Darling I do not care what a paid troll thinks. The fact is the K K K were set up by the Dems, in order to cause violence and mayhem, to prevent the bill of black equality going through. Easy to check up, if you were interested,. Which I doubt you are, but, others maybe.

Ironic, the Dems used exactly the same script with BLM, that they used in the 19th century. You would have thought they would have progressed in the 21st century, rather than regress.

AM Hants

Just had a look at one of the sites. Finding myself interested, owing to the fact it reminded me of the similarities between the US nursing union achievements and what Florence Nightingale achieved. With the US Sanitory Commission Reconstruction Union set up during the Presidency of the Republican Lincoln. Didn’t he do a lot to abolish the slave trade?


First, thank you for and respect for taking a look.
Second, Lincoln in his 1st Inaugural indicate no objection to the Corwin Amendment (a proposed 13th amendment at the time). The Federal government, Constitutionally had the authority to do something about the slave trade on/after 1808. A law passed in 1807, to take effect in 1808, prohibited the importation of slaves.
And, therein lies the complications of history. Federal government having no authority to do anything about slavery inter/intra State and no authority to force a State into union. Again, Lincoln’s 1st inaugural, threatened that if no federal taxes were collected he would invade. As slavery … whatever.
Reread the “Emancipation Proclamation.” A wartime edict only applicable to areas not under Federal control (after a certain date). The adopted 13th Amendment was what really did away with slavery.
Are you familiar with Gen. Fremont’s Emancipation in Missouri which was reversed by Lincoln? The general was sacked, BTW.

AM Hants

To be honest, it does not interest me as I have other interests that take priority. It is only where they overlap, that tweaks me into noticing.

I am a firm believer of we have been played from century to century and running exactly the same script.

Ironically, over here in the UK, they are just investigating the 21st century slave trade, operating in Leicester. Human trafficking and slavery, in factories, paying £3-4 per hour, working without social distancing or PPE, making clothes for believe it or not, the fashion sector run by non-Whites. The irony of it all, when same crowd are behind dismantling statues, allegedly connected to the slave trade.


Understood. We all have a life to live and must make choices of how to spend our time.
On top of 21st century slave trade there is the horrible pedo grooming scandals.

AM Hants

No doubt if they go looking into it all, they will find it all links together. However, sadly the victims of the grooming gangs have more chance of being locked up then believed.


Real History for the rulers of all nations is often a problem.
The ruling classes prefer a sanitised history combined with lies and ‘Bread and Circus’s’, im my opinion.

It’s far easier to control people whose knowledge is limited to, Who won a football match or how to boil an egg on prime time TV.

AM Hants

Must admit, never know football results or how to boil an egg, since salmonella and Edwina Currie confused me, ha-ha. Always knew those faults would come in handy one day, plus, nobody has ever been able to control me and funnily enough, do believe that is owing to sibling rivalry and Sunday afternoon footie on the TV, whilst a child. Good for tantrum training.


Hi, AM.
‘dontlietome’ sent me this Tru News video link that I know you will be interested in. It makes perfect sense to me.


Are you fully recovered now. I do hope so.


AM Hants

Was listening to the link with interest, but, owing to time, going to come back to it later, whilst doing the ironing.

Have you heard about Major Eric Joyce, the Army Major and Labour MP? What is it with Scottish politicians and kiddies, including year old babies? Surprised he was not on a short list, of UK approved NATO Leaders.

Health, not helped by healthcare lockdown. As there was no healthcare post hospital discharge. Body is so not liking medication, so covered in bruises, for some reason. They seem to spread on sleeping, so guess it is a way to wear my Rainbow interpretation with pride. Plus, keep forgetting I am meant to be recovering and so when I over exert myself, wonder why so tired and breathless. My logic is, blood supply is now turned on, so why am I not fully charged, haha and has been that way since I received the stent. Rather than allow myself to gently get back into things.

Ralph London

Anne-Marie, I’m not a doctor but I think having a look at Jon Barron’s health website should hopefully help you wrt your heart:

‘Magnesium supplementation can change the shape and condition of heart valves.
B vitamins can help rebuild the heart.
CoQ10 can reenergize every single cell in the heart and can literally remold the size and shape of the heart after the onset of congestive heart failure.
The use of Omega-3 fatty acids can help in reversing heart damage caused by NEFAs.
Proteolytic enzymes can provide nutritional support for your body as it works to clean out the coronary arteries and repair damage to epicardial tissue surrounding the heart.
The use of heavy metal chelators such as cilantro and chlorella can reduce the risk of an acute coronary event.
Regular supplementation of a tonic made with cayenne and Hawthorne berry can rebuild the strength of the heart.’ Etc.

More here, and also browse his website: https://www.jonbarron.org/heart-health-program-learn-how-reverse-heart-disease-problems-naturally


AM Hants

Cheers Ralph. What I find strange is the fact it seems to be working a lot less than it did before the heart attack. Just assumed it would happily be pumping, owing to now working on all cylinders.

Must admit, did wonder about Co Q10 and there is also a herb I was recommended, which is all singing and dancing, with regards thoroughly cleaning out the old pump.

Will try Jon Barron as not a fan of cyber Cardiac Rehab. Thank you.

Ralph London

I forgot to mention resveratrol. See: https://jonbarron.org/herbal-library/nutraceuticals/resveratrol – He’s NOT a doctor but has over 40 years of research experience.
NB. Make sure you ask your doctor/medical specialist about taking anything which may ‘interfere’ – or rather, the other way around – with any medication you are taking. Most natural stuff doesn’t.

AM Hants

Cheers. First time in my life I have bothered with prescription drugs and will stay with them, whilst the stent settles in (for the next year). I was reading up on Resveratrol and wondering if it would work against the anti-platelets, owing to doubling the dosage. I already look like a rainbow, courtesy the bruising. However, will check it out.

Again mega thanks.

Ralph London

If you can’t get in touch with your doctor etc, you can always try a pharmacy or 2 or 3.
I went to the pharmacy the other week and asked them a simple question about magnesium citrate. He couldn’t give me an answer, so he tried his computer to try and find the answer. He still couldn’t, so I left.

AM Hants

Local pharmacy and Doctor’s, come to that, provide zero faith. However, do find the pharmacyst in Tesco seriously helpful. Will ask him.


I had not heard about Maj Eric Joyce, but little surprises me anymore with regards to the numbers of degenerates who are willfully employed as tools of the state.

AM Hants

It was last week his case went to trial. Think his Times Journalist girlfriend found it hard going. What is it with various Times publications and being seriously Pedo friendly?

Bet he was good mates with Blair’s good mate and ex-NATO member, George Robertson. Who was also good mates with that other Scottish pedo, Thomas Hamilton, aka Dunblane Massacre. What is it with Scottish politicians and young kids? In fact, all parties in Westminster and children? Why did the late Jo Cox’s husband get thrown out of ‘Save The Children’ and why did her memorial fund donate over £4 million to the White Helmets, shortly after her ‘false flag’ death?


Such depraved people and groups have all too often been the overseers of all nations, Old England and Britain included. Royalty has been the traditional catalyst for such sociopathic and moral decay, but pseudo Royalty dressed up as Military, Religious and Political movements ( Communism and other ‘isms’) all play their part in the domination of ‘ideas’ that are used to titilate or frighten the majority into submission, in my humble opinion. :)

AM Hants

Your humble opinion appears more than accurate.


I am even more humbled by your opinion:)

In Exile

You can boil an egg?


My servant does that :)


My point with respect to the Loyalty League was to show that the original KKK, regardless of what it became, was a reaction.

AM Hants

Who creates the reaction?

Move forward to 21st Century version. Who created BLM? Was it just a few fed up citizens coming together or a crowd financing the movement and pulling the strings? Just like in the 19th century, when K K K was created.


The original KKK was a reaction to protect their families and what was theirs. The BLM movement is to take what is not theirs and create unrest.
There is a stark difference.

AM Hants

Who created the K K K? Who created the 21st Century version B L M?

They use exactly the same script form century to century, to play us all. Sadly it still works.


You are talking about the “resurgent” KKK, not the original.
There is a stark difference between trying to protect(KKK) and trying to steal and destroy(BLM).

Tommy Jensen

The do-gooders. The do-gooders are behind the most nasty atrocities during history.
The Catholic Pope who burned alive, prisoned, banned people, who claimed the earth was a globe during 350 years, while claiming he was Christ’s representative on earth…………………LOL.
The Anglo-Democrats who created and paid for KKK.
The Anglo-phil Obama (D) who created, paid and invested in ISIS.

AM Hants

Agree with you Tommy.


You are hilarious as always, IMHO. To “protect” against blacks that looked less and less like objects that could be owned treated, and disposed at will (aka “slavery”, look it up on Google), and more and more like actual human beings able and willing to defend themselves against continued oppression, both physically and legally, and also push the bar as far as willing to earn property as well within the same book that the whites used so far. Interesting to note your take on the concept though. You might have missed a few episodes of American history though to qualify their KKK manifesto as anything to do with “defending” themselves. The only thing they “defended” was their hegemony over black people and went counter to the path their society was taking regarding that fact. BLM might be violent but it’s a reaction, it bred out of abysmal injustice and generations upon generation of tragedies. Push a people enough and long enough they’ll end up revolting en masse and in all directions, America is certainly no exception. While its actions today might not be all justified and I’ll be the first to denounce some of its tactics and speeches, it nonetheless makes them entirely different from their former white owners and the militancy they explicitly created to keep them quite literally on a leash and/or in chains. Equating them is an intellectually bankrupt approach already, you pushed the bar even lower with your KKK > BLM equation.


You apparently have no clue as to what went on after the war. Just look what they did to Germany after they were defeated. I guess you think that was no big deal either.
BTW, slavery was NOT the reason they went to war, the north still had slaves during the war, blacks owned slaves too and only about 5% of people ever owned slaves in the first place.
You have bought your elitist masters propaganda hook line and sinker.


I have no master,I wasnt born black in the US. So the unfairness of the 1918 armistice justified Hitler’s genocidal quest in Europe and beyond,congrats for adopting his rationale. That parallel is moot anyway, as unlike post-war Germans,black Americans remained sub-citizens and mistreated for decades upon decades after slavery was legally abolished. And the fact that they weren’t all slaves in the first place doesn’t make it ok one bit for condeferate nostalgics to continue killing them like cattle. Their whole economic model was based on free labor and they lost, while fighting tooth and nail to keep.their right to exploit, period. Deal with it. Even 0.5% of slaves is too much in any society.And one should oppose it as a concept, not a statistic ,but I guess that’s too much asking from a simpleton such a you.


You obviously follow the propaganda of your masters. And apparently you have no reading comprehension since you cannot understand the simple comparison I was making. There is no use in arguing with ignorance. What you say is just the same racist drivel that I hear every day.
But I will say this. The war between the states was not about slavery and it did NOT end slavery. But I doubt you could understand that since your indoctrination seems thorough. Especially since you just echo the same embellishments and Hollywood propagated B.S. as all the other drones. Your description of things proves it. Perhaps you should stop trying to understand history and just look at today.


About that “masters” and conspiracy obsession, I see which line yours have been busy imprinting on you and that frenetically copy-paste to start your every post. I guess you were actually referring the German multi-kulti policy ? well that would also be typical, still believing you’re unique when you’re just another backward xenophobe using every decontextualized excuse to support your thesis while calling us slaves of a liberal illusion blah blah etc…

You’re quite the open book tbh… nothing really standing out even for people of your league. The core of your approach is an emphasis on structured, pseudo-organized historical denial on widely documented and verifiable world events and tragedies. Questioning slavery both as a concept and as a practice is a well-known and perfectly expected angle as they fit the very same ideological lines. Living in denial and permanent revisionism is your mantra, and the current generation and its decomplexed fake denunciations allow you to freely express that latent hostility to every people you don’t like and call it “pragmatism”, you’re just another clone from a vocal horde of nostalgics struggling to fit in the current order and still at grips with their own history and I pity you. The was the last minute of my time I will ever spent talking with you.

Maybe one day you’ll miraculously learn that the fact that war wasn’t centered around slavery doesn’t make slavery and the black people’s plight any less legitimate at the time all the way to our days, nor does it justify the associated ideologies and groups that persist in upholding its long-dead and worn principles in our time.

The only deep indoctrination I see is the alt-right neo-apologism mouvement that seems to have eaten every bit of viable intelligence away from you, and I feel sorry to witness such a downfall in an era where information is so easily accessible to everyone at least in the western world, and fact-checking has become pretty much child’s play.

Speaking of Hollywood’s influence, I must say you’re actually one perfect example of their efficiency along with the MSM. Indeed you might have a very short memory but mine isn’t, and I recall our previous exchanges on Iran and Syria as well, there your mindset and pseudo-opinions on issues were nothing more than verbatim copy-pastes of worn narratives taken straight from the US propaganda playbook without an ounce of nuance or added value whatsoever, and it was laughable. I’ve seen it time and again on these pages, you are completely oblivious as to the real goals and agendas of US policies , hang onto binary and Manichean rationales to explain decades of illegal wars and aggression while you think you can lecture people on mass manipulation. That only makes you more of a fool, I’m afraid.


Blah blah blah. You ramble on with assumptions based on your inability to cognate. If you can’t see the connection don’t blame me for your ignorance. And then you start making straw man arguments and expect me to answer to them. Just another sign of your intellectual dishonesty.

Oh, and then try to label me as Hollywood indoctrinated when it is YOU who continue to echo the exaggerated propaganda they spew.

And your claims of my supposed supportive views on U.S. wars proves you are a liar as well. Or it is just another sign of your inability to comprehend what you read. Or it’s just another straw man you have pulled out of your arse.

I am sick of people expecting me to answer to their own thoughts and lies instead of what I say.

The facts remain the same. Only 5% of Americans ever owned slaves, blacks also owned slaves, the main reason for the war between the states was not to free slaves, northerners also owned slaves and all the slaves were NOT black. But even so the blacks have been WELL COMPENSATED since then. People like you only keep pushing it because you are looking for a handout or something. And in doing so you only perpetuate division and the systemic racism against whites today.

But fact don’t matter to you. You just want to jump to conclusions about what I think and paint a picture of my beliefs from the straw man visions you conjure up from your own mind.


“WELL COMPENSATED” he proudly shouts in capital letters ! Africa should actually feel grateful for its fate past and present,let alone priviledged black American citizens enjoying the high life over dead confederate bodies. For Christ’s sake what a complete clown. Such level of utter ignorance doubled with outright indignant dishonesty is beyond appalling. That one alone is enough to seal whatever might have remained somewhere of your intellectual credibility or culture in any way whatsoever. Gosh you really never stop digging,I was damn right not pushing the discussion any further. Stay in your own distant planet ,I’ll stick to hard realities.


Again. I said no such thing. Idiot.


Not my problem if you do not even comprehend the value, meaning and ideological consequences of your own postures and talking points and what they actually contribute to, you stupid moron. So passionately saying that these people have been well compensated is as verbatim statement,and as much of an unquestionnably invalid one,historically and factually. There’s no getting around that, this take is plain wrong,technically untrue and void of moral value and telling of its core ideological component,a typical shamefully phallacious argument of the modern revisionist crowd that you are part of. Ditto the KKK being defensive in nature in its inception or otherwise. Or slavery being not “that bad because only 5% and unrelated to the Secession War.” You cannot even comprehend my simplest thoughts and points at a philosophical level,but you can keep talking to yourself if you like.


Not my problem if you don’t understand your own stupid straw man accusations.
You are the one who concludes that slavery isn’t bad because only 5% owned slaves. And in your stupid head you think that all should pay for the sins of the minority. Racist P.O.S.
Keep talking so everyone can see your cognitive dissonance.
The “Secession War” was about economics. As far as slavery is concerned it was more about enslaving all Americans than it was about freeing the blacks. But I doubt you understand the scope and meaning of slavery. Not to mention that you think only blacks were slaves.


No blacks ever owned whites in the USA you lying piece of revisionist scum, and the very few instances of free blacks owning other blacks are few and far and anyway don’t change the hard and even your deared statistical realities in its human anf ecpnomic consequences. And denying the very scope of slavery like you do doesn”t make you smart one bit but rather a shameless putrid neo-racist disguised as a wannabee historian bent on narrative inversions. And once again I do NOT care whether Northerners owned slaves,I never said or implied otherwise , slavery was ONE component of that war indeed but what you consistently fail to understand in that weak mind of yours is that it NEVER WAS MY POINT TO BEGIN WITH. And you keep taking words out or my mouth, I condemend slavery as a practice in the USA with 99% of its impact being on blacks, and no amount of lies ,propaganda or distorsions will veer change that reality an iota. Your defense of the KKK pushing the insult as far as granting it the moral high ground over a reactive black mouvement that spawned off of generations-long abuse and mistreatment speaks for itself on top of the other dirty ideological layers of your wicked mindset.


Again you show your stupidity. I didn’t say blacks owned whites. What an idiot. And now you acknowledge the “few instances” of blacks owning slaves but you refuse to acknowledge that 5% slave ownership are exactly that. Instead you want to blame all whites and try to justify the atrocities committed against southerners after the war.
And you keep saying “their people” which only serves to keep division which proves you are a racist P.O.S. It’s all about demonizing whites with you. How about the black tribes that sold them into slavery? I don’t hear you lamenting that or looking for restitution from them.
Regardless of the overblown extent of “abuse and mistreatment” in the past, there is NO SUCH THING TODAY. And NO ONE today is responsible for the past.
Just take your racist crap somewhere else. Moron.


Putting words out of my mouth again I see. Is that all you’re gonna do from now on, genius ?

First off, when exactly did I say that those tribes didn’t sell their own, what do you even know of my take on the larger issue ? I was simply busy debunking your cheapest fallacious claims on basic realities pertaining to American slavery in the US itself, nothing more, nothing less. That was the initial scope of the argument, you’re trying to digress whenever you’re angry and back to the wall on a given aspect. And yes, I call them “a people” as they weren’t technically either European colonists or Native Americans initially. They were free labor transported against their will without any status from their native continent to the US mainland, there is no other way to refer to them if we talk in relation to this context. And I certainly didn’t do that to sow some supposed discord within the US racial fabric, I let that to your racist apologist crowds and their attempts at rewriting history and whitewashing their own crimes and doing victim-blaming all the time.

Agree or not, the fact is that I keep on stating that I blame American society for NOT having let their black citizen to become dignified individuals and a true part of the nation until very recently in their history, that’s the core of my take you brainless clown so stop trying to painfully invert the narrative and make me a source for division when you’re precisely what’s wrong in the discussion. That alt-right strategy was short-lived and gained momentum on the heels of the victorious Trump admin, it is now pretty much dead in the water. Oh, and before you say otherwise : I hate democrats, and even more so Hilary for being the sickest and filthiest representative of the decades-old Establishment. So no “Dem bullshit” with me either. I don’t pick sides in that freak show.

Second : when did I “demonize whites” in general ? I’m white myself, nothing even brown in my heritage, and you’re probably going to call me a self-hater now for this. I simply called you out on the question of proportions between black slavery and white slavery by simply reminding hard historical facts that absolutely tear up your arguments. Not my fault if you obsessively persisted on that route, you chose to resort to outright lies and distorsions pathetically trying to make a norm out of a few marginal occurrences and reach some sort of paradigm shift that won’t ever stand the test of facts. Go figure why you tirelessly hung to that dreaded 5% that doesn’t even give any meaning , relevance, or weight to your points, positive or negative and you consistently failed to realize it uselessness and repeated like a darn broken record, it’s crazy man, I mean it, it’s scary.

That very exchange started with you making a patently wrong qualification of the KKK as some sort of poor oppressed people that bore the brunt of the post-war period, while their own abuses were widespread as well during the same period and continued on for decades. You blame me for playing some sort of “favorite” with the blacks while all you do is to belittle every aspect of what they endured, first as deported people and then as discriminated US citizens, forgiving even the most extreme fringes of white supremacist groups by explaining they had to “defend themselves”. And then call me racist because I denounced your take. You are a joke. You’ve locked yourself so far away from reason and reality and entrenched instead in your sick ideology that there’s no going back imaginable no matter how implacable and unquestionable a given truth.

Likewise I NEVER even implied that every penny should be paid back by every white to every black man today, it doesn’t even make sense FFS ! history is history and going down that rabbit hole will trigger a series of never-ending feuds between 90% of countries/peoples in the world. That’s also why I oppose Israeli Zionism using the Holocaust to justify their every abuse against Palestinians today. The same way that I staunchly oppose the many cases of deadly retributions perpetrated by armed black-African militant groups attacking white families in the post-Apartheid era in South Africa. And you couldn’t possibly comprehend such shades of gray about me and it’s actually quite normal, I don’t expect you to, considering your apparent (lack of) intellectual qualities quite aptly demonstrated here.

Nonetheless, despite the above, I can’t but notice you calling the damage “overblown” when it comes to blacks, which again shows the true nature of your ideology disguised as a quest for decency, justice and equity for all, and the sad endgame that you actually seek, which is basically denying the biggest chunk possible of this crime as if most of it never happened, and discrediting the very idea that one group of people within the American state fabric suffered tremendously for generations before finally settling, at least legally, as normal citizens, after countless uprisings and civic struggles to end lingering systemic discriminations, while also denying them the right to complain for anything to this day as if they should feel grateful for merely acquiring more rights as US citizens over the course of the country’s recent history.

Now crawl back to your racist hole playing victim 2.0 while withholding actual ones from that right, stop staining places with your stupidity and go spit your bullshit where people are dumb enough to believe your every cheap lie.


You can type a book and you will still be wrong. All you do is falsely accuse me and then go on rants based on those falsehoods. You are obviously a lying racist who hates whites and only believe the Hollywood version of history.
What I have said is truth. Your biased disagreement doesn’t change that fact. And your inability to answer me directly without straw man shows just how inept and deviant you are.
Now type some more lies and rant about your straw man arguments some more. I rarely get past your first lying sentences.


Oh, I answered you directly at every turn little man, you must be blind or should have read the said posts before raging again, now instead you look even more like an imbecile… While you just copy-pasted and trolled on from you little racist notebook, I called out its every bit in detailed lengths and explained my every response, precisely to take down its many, many fallacies. It’s easy and fast just to lie, harder and longer to debunk. Too bad it’s all over the place and you can’t question that fact. I respect myself in any debate. You don’t respect anyone or even yourself. Again you are a joke, a sad one with that.

You basically said it yourself “I don’t care what you say, I just parrot my take and cover my eyes and ears you lie you lie you lie you white-hating Hollywood follower, what about that 5%” => this was a testament to your worst failure, and from your own mouth. Bravo.

But that’s right, call me a liar about who I am now, if that helps you crawl out of that bottomless pit of misery, go as far as refusing my whiteness itself if that allows you to sleep comfortably in that sad fantasy world of yours, that last one was the greatest and betrays your pathological ineptitude at understanding even the simplest concepts and angles that resonates all over. You’re a hopeless case of hateful ignorance stumbling between concepts you can’t handle, falling flat of any meaningful resilience to the slightest counter-point. A textbook useful idiot.

You miserably failed in defending your pseudo-thesis, and you insulted yourself by admitting you’ve quit trying to read me while copy-pasting instead congratulations for that too. I said everything I could possibly say on the topic itself, I dedicated that one on denouncing your weakness as a person, job also done.

I pity your every bit. Now just go and get some sleep.


Until you make a real argument I will not take you seriously. What I have said is truth and I just keep getting the same straw man racist crap from you. If you have a question about what I SAY then simply ask it. But I will not read your Hollywood induced, self righteous diatribes. You just sound like a droning idiot.
Got Straw Man????


“Self-righteous” huh, coming from some moronic retard bent on calling me a white-hating racist and doubting my very skin color just because I committed the unspeakable crime of stating that slavery was real, hurt blacks immensely more than anyone else in the US, was perpetrated by whites coming to deport them from their native land, aka the simplest, crudest historical facts ever that you simply cannot take ? Angry because I retorted that a few blacks also doing it in the States isn’t even related to my point and changes nothing of its scope and moral value ? that black American citizen descendants of salves have nowhere near reached a true “compensation” let alone “large” as you seem so eager to lie about based on thin air and against every bit of available data as to their abysmal estimated loss during so many decades of free labor and exploitation, that their suffering wasn’t that “overblown” and that you should feel ashamed of stating such insulting bullshit ? what is SO HARD to comprehend or accept in all that ?

Making a real argument are you serious ? while all you did yourself was a bunch of copy-pastes ignoring most of my replies by your own admission ? if you don’t read you cannot qualify what is real or not, you can’t have it both ways kids, you struggle even with basic logic, you’re a waste of my time, and you aren’t worth further effort, I don’t feel obliged to drill so hard past your stubborn ignorance, I’ve done WAY too much already in that regard and you proved deaf-blind to the most basic facts and concepts several times over. Now go back to your alt-right fantasy land where you feel secure and let people with a brain actually use their time for better purposes.


There you go again. I never questioned your skin color.
Now take your hype and Hollywood induced stupidity somewhere else. I can’t argue with your stupidity and I am not going to answer to your straw man arguments.


Ok then, ad hominem answering machine. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt even though it is exactly what you did quite verbatim above. You “only” implied I’m a self-hater being racist to my own kind just for quoting history with a wording you didn’t understand, and of which you didn’t bother read the explanation either. This is so much better and makes so much more sense,you are right to correct me.

As for you being able to actually process entire posts rather than cherry picking unitary one-liners that you mistakenly think can help your case on a given corner. And then call me a straw man again. Really , go play elsewhere and let adults do the talking,you are simply not good at intelligent analysis and interpretation. Cognitive dissonance all the way.


Like I said, when you stop making straw man arguments I will answer. I have answered any pertinent comments you have made.
Now let me tell the truth once more.
Only 5% of Americans ever owned slaves and NONE of those slave owners are alive today AND neither are any of those slaves alive today.
There were blacks who owned slaves.
Not all slaves were black.
The “Civil” war was started because of slavery.
The blacks in America have been compensated over and over with socialist benefits and at the expense of white people.
All of these facts are ignored because it does not fit into your racist mantra that demonizes all whites and threatens the special treatment given to blacks today. They have more than equal opportunity because of it.
Every thing I say is TRUE. Now make up some more straw man accusations in your feeble head if you wish but that doesn’t change the truth.
BTW. See how simple and short the truth is.


You mean you just repeated all the points you have already made and either previously answered by my lenghty posts that you said won’t read once more ? Every single points you wrote here again were adressed or irrelevant to the discussion,you just proved you are a liar and still haven’t bothered reading my replies, thank you. I said that a few blacks owning other black (and not white)slaves changes nothing of the scope and moral value of whites deporting and enslaving blacks. The fact that none of them is alove doesn”t justify you calling their suffering “overblown’ or compensation “largely paid” which is bullocks and plain lies. Except maybe the so-called “Socialist benefit” which is another terrible and laughable caricature typical of your alt-right racist crowd that is utter nonsense as it is minuscule in scope and cannot be decently called welfare for anyone , and by all means anyway applies to every US citizen regardless of color, and you make a special case of them black Americans here as well,going against one of the core points you thought smart to make against me to qualify me as a racist. I told you it is a vain effort to try and look solid now,you failed before already.


There suffering WAS overblown. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t different degrees of suffering but the idea that white people sat around sipping lemon aid with their whips in hand gleefully using them is B.S. Just like Hollywood you focus on the extreme to make it seem normal. They suffered when they were captured and sold by their opposing tribes, they suffered on the boats that hauled them. The fact is that most were treated humanely under the men who owned them after they got here.

And the fact remains that Blacks DID own slaves and to lay all blame on white people is disingenuous. And again you fail to understand that most of them were captured and sold by black people.

If you are not for continuous reparations then why do you keep the victim mentality alive. And if not for your straw man attack perhaps I would have taken you serious enough to read your rant in total.

They WERE “sub” citizens. Like it or not. And if you look at many of their actions even today you can see that many are still of the same reprobate mentality.Yet every effort has been made to elevate them.

And as a byproduct of their slavery they actually came out better than their African counterparts. Ask any black person if they want to move to Zimbabwe. Not that the ends justify the means but it is a truth. As incidental as it is.

Apparently you are not familiar with the social engineering legislation called affirmative action which is anti white, pro black and is detrimental to our society since if prefers color over substance. Not to mention the fact that their are many black only institutions in this country but not ONE SINGLE white only institution that is recognized by our government. So racism has come full circle and that is what needs to be addressed, NOT what happened 200 years ago.

Now I have answered all your charges and assertions. I have answered them truthfully. And you have proven yourself to be the racist, hollywood indoctrinated, leftist snowflake I assumed you were. So now take your own advise and “Kiss my arse you dumb circus freak, I told you it is a vain effort to try and look solid now,you failed before time and again miserably to demonstrate or support anything, even by your own standards. Your pseudo “rationale” has been an embarrassment from the start and I wouldn’t want to have you as an ally had I been in your “camp”.”
Speaking the truth does not make me racist but denying the truth just to further a racist agenda does make a racist.


“There suffering WAS overblown.”

Saying this is exactly what makes you a revisionist, and I will not dignify that falsehood by trying to go against it, as it would amount to arguing over whether the Earth is round, as I said before. Way before the age of Hollywood an immense quantity of evidence was gathered from the four corners of the US and Africa by many researchers and historians both from coming from the entirety of the mainstream political spectrum to attest with certainty to the vast majority of slaves being mistreated and not only through forced labor. I will not provide you with dedicated research, ample date is basically all over the place for anyone willing to find them. I’ve done it half my life and I’m fine with that.

Again, you are trying to distort the most basic historical realities by disingenuously trying to make a dominant norm out of a fringe minority of slave owners choosing to behave humanly with their human property while nothing obliging them by law to do so, and that still didn’t make those people’s lives something to envy, let alone anything remotely close to a dominant trend, as you’re desperately trying to imply in your vain and completely ideological insistence. It won’t ever stand the test of facts no matter the amount of propaganda the alt-right and other neo-racists movements will try to disseminate in the 21st century trollfarms.

The fact that some blacks owned slaves makes those blacks accomplices of a crime against humanity, and so what? What point are you so relentlessly trying to make here? I’m completely ok with underlining that white American slave owners and traffickers weren’t the only guilty party in the whole transatlantic chain, and I said it verbatim before, parts that you didn’t read or simply didn’t comprehend, as I now question your literacy. Indeed being a criminal is not exclusive to any given race. Unlike you I never tried to draw lines between ethnic groups, talking about all of them simply wasn’t my point on that particular topic, where I focused on white American salve ownership on the US mainland over a piece of its infamous history coming back to haunt it through periodic waves of violence. That’s called relevancy, a notion you struggle big time to integrate. As for black tribes selling their own, you will also forever fail to understand that it doesn’t absolve white opportunists one bit of their own crimes, it only adds more people to the list of criminals in this sad industry.

We could switch to that topic and blame those tribes all day for facilitating slave trade, be my guest. But it would still be a different discussion. Africans have been committing genocide against one another in parts of central Africa to this very era, some as recently as the 90s and 2000s, and I’ve been the first to yell everywhere I could that UN-affiliated bodies should do everything to drag those filthy African warlords and corrupt government officials alike to the Hague, from Rwanda to Somalia or Sudan, to name only the most infamous cases.
My point is precisely that blacks are human beings, and that’s exactly what DOES NOT make them immune from doing ANY kind of evil themselves. But you aren’t wired the way you should to ever get it I’m afraid.

You alt-right dumb-asses are the only folks constantly tripping on that grotesque “victim mentality” thing in people seeking mere justice against crude and unquestionable abuse. It was never about victim “mentality”, it’s about victim “recognition”, which is still something that parts of the American society is at grips with, and something you will never be able to accept or comprehend, from the looks of your take. You are a prime example of what is wrong and preventing this country from moving forward and be at one day finally at peace with its own dark history, as you barely even recognize that slaves actually suffered a great deal, and outright refuse the idea of inherited damage, with or without compensation. What is absolutely striking is that you abhor the very idea that even in pure theory, black Americans *could* expect some form of reparation. You withhold any right pertaining to them getting their suffering merely recognized in an institutional way or even at philosophical level, and that systematic denial is telling of the core component of your ideology that is quite simple to identity and qualify. Your opposition to the black people being vindicated even in purely moral, immaterial terms in such a viscerally implacable way is one fantastically virulent form of racism worthy of study. It would explain the backwardness of a whole spectrum of American politics namely in Southern and Central states. You really do hate those people as your ancestor did in their time. That clownish “eating our welfare” parallel aligns with that perfectly as well, I see a trend here, very interesting.
I also made clear several times what I thought of “reparations” as a concept, and made references going beyond the US to support that. Had you actually respected me as a person of ideas beyond our disagreements instead of resorting to kindergarten ad hominem attacks past a couple exchanges, you might have understood why. I will not repeat myself and you are free to read in full, or not, I simply won’t care. What I oppose is someone denying the very notion that reparation are due.

“Yet every effort has been made to elevate them”

That statement is patently wrong and criminally hypocritical, and I will not dignify it either in lengths. The whole world all the way to the UN Rights bodies (that you probably do not recognize either in your little alt-right shithole of a world) know full well that every piece of juridical institutions, the prison system, the war on drugs and even voting legislation was geared at keeping minorities (and not only black people for that matter) as poor and alienated as possible away from their rights. Systemic racism has been a norm to this very day on those grounds and explains a LOT of cyclic events like the ones started by the Rodney King affair or Floyd’s, but other examples are plenty if we go back to the 50s to 70s when these people sit couldn’t go to the same restaurants, buses and bathrooms as their white counterparts. 20th century America for you.

Now being in denial about all of these elementary realities combined is yet another pillar of modern racism. Denying both the existence of the root cause, and also the current social and legal parameters possibly explaining injustice and its expected explosive reactions is also part of the alt-right playbook and exactly what will seal their rapid demise away from the political field. And by keeping in such conscious denial, the only thing you’ll get is more and more uprisings, more violence and deeper fractures within your state fabric possibly one day reaching a point of no return.

Your pseudo-nuances don’t fool anyone, we’re past your web of distortions that only lasted a couple years benefitting from a fresh Trumpian parenthesis.
People like you opposed abolishing slavery in its time, as it could supposedly be perceived by some as some form of welfare where a “negro” wouldn’t need actual rights to live a good life. Then a few generations later, the very same kind of people asked why the black man should be given equal rights and live as a fully-fledged citizen of the US, since being allowed to live as a free individual should be enough dignity to live with, gallantly granted by the state in its utmost generosity they should already be so grateful for.

“And as a byproduct of their slavery they actually came out better than their African counterparts. Ask any black person if they want to move to Zimbabwe. Not that the ends justify the means but it is a truth. As incidental as it is.”

Well that was one page taken straight from the colonialism recipe book my friend, your outstanding mediocrity is growing brighter and brighter by the minute, please continue, you are truly getting fascinating.I know the chorus by heart:

“We disembarked, we wreaked havoc on your land, destroyed your culture and livelihoods and killed millions of you, stole your people and resources to enjoy the high-life on your land and shipped countless riches back home, but in the end whatever remained of you people lived with some of the benefits of our civilization and technology.”

Again you aren’t some kind of creative member of the revisionist club, in case you though your take was any smarter than the rest of your crowd.
Indeed every colonist in history as justified its barbaric behavior in places they colonized with the “advancement” argument. The Belgian king said that after 10 million Africans died at the hands of his army. The French said the same of theirs in Central Africa where countless suffered and died here as well through forced labor and massive illegal oil extraction. The Dutch said the same of Apartheid South-Africa where native blacks were sub-citizens on their own soil BUUUUT yey enjoyed a piece of the Dutch-made infrastructure every once in a while. Wow, the wonderful privilege.

Most black American descendants of Zimbabweans and elsewhere in black Africa actually say they want equal rights to their white counterparts, and will forever commemorate the memory of injustice that brought their forefathers here in the first place. That’s what they ACTUALLY say and do regular trips to the African homeland for remembrance for those who can afford it. You don’t seem like you’ve actually talked with many, if any of them. I did, and that’s why I can tell you that today. Wake the fuck up from your alt-right wonderland. Most of them only ask to love their country. Of course more extreme groups will want revenge and vindication will be their creed, like the Black Panthers and that kind of paramilitaries on this article, they will remain on the fringes and never become the norm. Just like with Luther King or Nelson Mandela, pacifist, inclusive movements are always the ones that will prevail.

“Apparently you are not familiar with the social engineering legislation called affirmative action which is anti white, pro black and is detrimental to our society since if prefers color over substance. “

I actually opposed affirmative action from day one, and any kind of “positive discrimination” in general, and you probably didn’t expect that, as in my book you don’t answer discrimination with a new form of opposite discrimination, that is a bullshit rationale too, absolutely agreed.

“Not to mention the fact that their are many black only institutions in this country but not ONE SINGLE white only institution that is recognized by our government. So racism has come full circle and that is what needs to be addressed, NOT what happened 200 years ago.”

Another alt-right victim-blaming and narrative inversion lunacy. That notion does not stand one second from any angle or approach, since by definition US institutions were white only from their inception, made by whites for the whites, and for whole chunk of the country’s history from its birth all the way to the late 20th century they barred black men from their grounds and law, with the latter having to fight all the way away from slavery and then to civil rights by their own means to achieve recognition. No institutions would have ever come to them willingly and peacefully grant them any of those rights and opportunities, had they accepted their fate the way it was imposed on them by US history, they would be slaves to this very day, and you racist revisionist would have been fine that and probably would be busy Foxplaining why they should feel so grateful for their superb condition.

“Now I have answered all your charges and assertions.”

You mean now that you have miserably stumbled again in trying to convey any part of your broken, weak ideology and proven that you also delve in neocolonialism absurdities on top of being an intellectually lazy alt-right racist reactionary, using 360° denial as a shield against any basic and recognized historical reality ? fit reality a bit more.

It feels like the moment for those lips to meet my lefty-whatever arse and its Hollywoodesque flavor. If in need for more, ask again, you know where to find me. And put some heart into it, dumbo. Been a pleasure.



“Saying this kind of stuff is exactly what makes you a revisionist, and I will not dignify that falsehood by trying to go against it”
Typical of your responses. That’s because what I say is true and all you can do is opinionate based on your racist indoctrination. Why should I read any further.
You are a perfect example of why this country is degenerating. It is made clear by your feel good responses and denial of the reality and facts. But then again the way our liberal constitution is written it is no wonder this country is degenerating.
EVERYTHING I SAID IS UNDENIABLY TRUE. And yet all you want to do is spout opinion. You have no high ground. You are a typical deviant liberal. There is no edification in discussing with you. Lies and indoctrinated opinions, over and over and over is all I get from you.


Look who’s back ! Again a whole post to perform ad hominen attacks, you are so equal to yourself in failure. Nice rant, I missed those.At least they make your posts look better than when you try to think and defend an argument.

I did not opinionate. I simply qualified your verbatim opinion exactly as it was expressed, hurting your denial about who you think you are and represent, so I understand that bursting your reactionary bubble hurts your feelings so much as to trigger yet another wall of personal attacks. Typical of intellectual bankruptcy and emotional weakness.

That colonialist accolade about how grateful should Africans be to have been deported from their homeland wih all its unsung hero generous slavers was gorgeously telling, on top of the rest of your baseless ignorant nonsense and lies. So history is basically what you claim from the heights of your unique alt-right armchair warrior wisdom while all us blind liberal sheep have missed for centuries. Your mere revisionist words must be considered arbitrarily true, against a whole history of factual evidence going completely against it. And you call me indoctrinated. Saying that “blacks eat while benefits” and “ARE sub-citizens” and still expecting people to take you seriously on any mature topic. Belittling the documented horrors of slavery and depicting it like some sort of summer camp that big bad liberal Hollywood tries to stain and believing that makes you a alternative thinker.

Your intellect has been rotting six feet under for a long , long time and I am glad you finally showed your true face once again here. I addressed your point with historical references and comparative approach and you could have at least retorted on those instead of painting a target on me to spray your frustration and hate all over like a damn teenager.

“Everything you say is undeniably true” ? really, that’s the way it works in your little world ? like your president ? then why did I pulverize it so easily at every turn made you nuts and offer nothing more than a litany of insults in response time and again ? I took your rationale from its every dimension and opposed mine, you then consistently failed at challenging it in any other way than racist clichés and revisionist tales with absolutely no recognized basis or evidence anywhere, and then some more insults. Not my fault if you are simply weak at debates AND culture in general.

I did nothing but to challenge you by responding to you in full, everywhere, literally by the line and letter. You exposed yourself as an amateurish clown and then raged on and on every time you felt it hard to consolidate your thesis in the face of opposition, little man. Had you any fragment of dignity left, you would have opted for a silence rather than the most indignant posts of all that you granted me today. That too, shows your fragile, sad nature, you don’t even know when to quit, and obsessively seeking the last word against all odds in any given situation or discussion is another childish characteristic of your persona I’m afraid.


I think you need to look up the phrase ad hominem.

And again everything I said is truth. You cannot opinionate the truth away and that is exactly what you are trying to do. The truth does not require such lengthy explanation. There is no debate. Why debate someone’s willful stupidity? And like I said their is no edification is conversing with a liar.

I have made my point and no amount of your rambling is going to change the truth. Why can’t you get that through your head.

Only 5% of people owned slaves and none of those people are alive today nor any of the slaves they owned. FACT! You cannot argue against that. PERIOD!

Black people have been well compensated through government welfare and special consideration, EVEN though none of them today are slaves. FACT! You cannot argue against that. PERIOD!

Black people owned slaves and black people sold slaves too. But all we hear is about how evil white people are for owning slaves by racists like you. FACT! You cannot argue against that. PERIOD!

Today black people have more rights and freedoms than white people. FACT! You cannot argue against that. PERIOD!

White people are TEN TIMES more likely to suffer violence from blacks than blacks are from whites. Fact! You cannot argue against that. PERIOD!

Going back a few years it is revealed that whites are twice as likely to die by Cop than blacks. Even though blacks commit more crimes. FACT! You cannot argue against that. PERIOD!

I could go on and on.

You only keep the slavery issue alive for personal gain and division among people. You are a racists who cannot handle the truth. Why would I sit and read your lengthy denials of truth. Why would I continue to argue with a liar who only makes straw man arguments. You will just continue to lie some more like when you say that I say that blacks ARE sub citizens or blacks eat white benefits. YOU EVEN PUT QUOTATIONS AROUND YOUR LIES!!!!
Grow up and stop looking for handouts for people who don’t deserve them and stop bowing before people.


“I think you need to look up the phrase ad hominem.”

You’re struggling harder than I thought and on unexpected aspects of the discussion. Your mere suggestion means that you definitely should take your own advice. Maybe you aren’t even able to make a logical connection between figure and act, which in turn, isn’t surprising one bit considering the rest of your character.

“And again everything I said is truth.”

You still haven’t understood the basic definition of truth. Truth means objective reality supported by indisputable facts, not one-liners merely pretending/declaring to be right, that’s the very difference between propaganda and augmented analysis. Or simply a child yelling that he is God almighty in his own fantasy world. Your choice.

“The truth does not require such lengthy explanation”

In case you haven’t realized, that’s actually the textbook definition of a lie. And in your case, laced with ignorant and/or willful intellectual hypocrisy. That’s why propaganda can fit in leaflets, but history and science both need books to be heard. A lie is easy and fast to pronounce, devoid of any need to further support or justify. The complete opposite to the concept of Truth, scientific or historical. This is textbook tyrannical thinking. That is why every dictatorship settles first by burning libraries and making the free press illegal, there’s a reason for it, you’re living proof shining all over the place. Destroy empirical data, wipe away historical evidence, and you’re set to simply “claim” and be right. Erase the notion of dissidence, and call out the very notion of debates, precisely as you do. One more piece of your infamy is put under light here, I absolutely love this. You would make a brilliant useful idiot mate, I stand by my previous assessment of your tiny brain.

“There is no debate.”

In that case I can also do the same as you systematically do, and simply claim that you are wrong, and I right, period, like children do in kindergartens while arguing endlessly. As I said before, you have an absolute lunacy of a mindset. You are right, what’s the point in debating with a liar after all on that one, we agree. I guess that would be me practicing against retards. You are questioning a universe of documented history and expect people to just acknowledge that outright, questioning every norm without bringing ANY solid data or even intellectual construction to the table, one cannot even make correct sense of the way you’re being racist, really your stuff is all over the place, all mixed up and unintelligible. That’s the biggest and most basic difference between you and me. In my world, humans are intelligent and free beings whom base their assertions on facts, scientific proof, study, and hard data that can be researched. Not hearsay or unsupported, truncated figures and “facts” dropped in some analytical vacuum and used completely out of context , and anyway only bound to pre-conceived ideas, political bias or simply candid ignorance.

“Why debate someone’s willful stupidity? And like I said their is no edification is conversing with a liar.”

Well I’m sorry, what am I supposed to say here ? I’ve been going in lengths neurologically incomprehensible to you in order to demonstrate the bankruptcy of your baseless positions, while all you’ve been able to do is to drop troll pieces of pseudo-rationales based on exactly nothing, or truncated realities conveniently brought forward as dominant fact, confusing norm and exception. What you blame me for is your definition exactly here, except that in my case, whether you agree or not with my opinions, there is at least ample evidence at real efforts to elaborate on my thesis in a structured and carefully articulated way, contrary to you empty rhetoric specialist, dropping sensational phrases here and there that I then arbitrarily call facts and any opponent a “liar”. That’s the fundamental definition of an ideologue, which you are, and a cheap and unconvincing one with that , in your particular case.

“I have made my point and no amount of your rambling is going to change the truth. Why can’t you get that through your head.”

Again the typical kind of statements that disqualify you from any serious discussion. See above for details.

“Only 5% of people owned slaves and none of those people are alive today nor any of the slaves they owned. FACT! You cannot argue against that. PERIOD!”
I never questioned that petty figure you call “FACT” that you went on and on obsessively and desperately dragging everywhere you crawled in a losing effort to connect it to any of my answers. You have basic literacy issues on top of your cognitive dissonance and I should not have to dumb it down any further to explain why I simply… Do. Not. Care. Anymore.
5% or 0.1% is the SAME, morally and philosophically speaking for any country that merely practices it. For the 4th time now with your hopeless thick skull and its undoubtedly retarded mind, I am discussing slavery as a “concept”, a massive historical fact that occurred with a lot of specific characteristics and modern-day implications, everything is written here for anyone willing or with the aptitude to read and understand, neither of which you possess, argue or refuse, hence your total inability to even comprehend it or argue, that’s crazy. My efforts proved time and again totally fruitless sin the face of an unbelievably limited and stubborn mind. I will never once again dignify that level of stupidity with yet another justification or explanation whatsoever. It’s all there, in long posts too hard to read for dummies.

“Black people have been well compensated through government welfare and special consideration, EVEN though none of them today are slaves. FACT! You cannot argue against that. PERIOD!”

A reprise of your most laughable absurdities. I see that you rewound that tape and pressed play again. My answer, rewound and played again in kind: “same with whites, with whom they share citizenship after having fought hard for it, not without having lived first as sub-human slaves and then as sub-citizens for generations before.” And you making a special case of black American shows your true motives and racist background ever clearer by the post, keep going with that one, you help my case, moron.
“Black people owned slaves and black people sold slaves too. But all we hear is about how evil white people are for owning slaves by racists like you. FACT! You cannot argue against that. PERIOD!”

Shameless and weak propaganda.

*Some*, isolated and well-known blacks owned black slaves only, and it makes them accomplices of a crime that I condemn that was practiced otherwise massively more and with more prejudice by white Americans against exclusively black people deported from abroad. With or without local complicity is a moot point, black tribesmen deserved punishment in Africa, I’m talking about systemic tremors emanating from that history in America, not Africa that has its own obvious problem, as I also mentioned.

And as I said quite verbatim before at least three times already, I never pretended that blacks are immunes to crimes, and reminded that their present-day genocides against one another is a proof that they can absolutely be blood-thirsty criminal as well. It was, simply, not my point to discuss it. IN scope and prejudice, WASPS win hands down on all counts in that sad affair on their own soil.

“Today black people have more rights and freedoms than white people. FACT! You cannot argue against that. PERIOD!”

Plain lie with zero intellectual or statistical value. Arbitrary and baseless claim unsupported by any concrete piece of legal, administrative or even simply factual evidence in the US. Dismissed.
Black people are poorer, enjoy less opportunities, have less access to healthcare, higher education and proper housing and are mostly handicapped by merely being born in impoverished, alienated suburbs everywhere they live, de-facto stuck further away from usual opportunities.

“White people are TEN TIMES more likely to suffer violence from blacks than blacks are from whites. Fact! You cannot argue against that. PERIOD!”

“Going back a few years it is revealed that whites are twice as likely to die by Cop than blacks. Even though blacks commit more crimes. FACT! You cannot argue against that. PERIOD!”

You wanna play figures , let’s play your little game : Despite the fact that more white people have been killed by police, Black and Hispanic people are disproportionately impacted. While white people make up a little over 60% of the population, they only make up about 41% of fatal police shootings. Black people make up 13.4% of the population, but make up 22% of fatal police shootings.
5% of illicit drug users are African American, yet African Americans represent 29% of those arrested and 33% of those incarcerated for drug offenses.
In the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 17 million white people and 4 million African Americans reported having used an illicit drug within the last month.
African Americans and whites use drugs at similar rates, but the imprisonment rate of African Americans for drug charges is almost 6 times that of whites.

Now probably none of that data will ever make blacks any worse-off than whites per se in your qualified opinion, but anyway, rhetorically and in principle, it pretty much kills your tentative one-liner statistic that falls pathetically short in supposedly demonstrating some black privilege, let alone debunking tens of thousands of pieces of video evidence dating back to the 90s showing the complete opposite reality day by day.

“I could go on and on.”

You’ve went on and on with enough bullocks already, but there’s no bottom to that pit. Ignorance is bliss, be my guest.

“You only keep the slavery issue alive for personal gain and division among people.”

I’d rather say that the only thing keeping it alive is people like you questioning it ever existed and actually impacted its victims that you consider the privileged of today’s society, which is unspeakable false and plain unfair, for countless reasons among which the ones that I brought up in ways that proved too hard for your weak intellect to handle.

“You are a racists who cannot handle the truth.”

Look who’s talking. “Blacks didn’t suffer that much, they’re actually well-off with MORE rights and benefits that whites”. It is beyond commenting when you look at 70 years of 20th century American history alone, I don’t even need to go back earlier in time to destroy that one.

“Why would I sit and read your lengthy denials of truth.”

Indeed, no reason other than to get your bubble of ignorance burst and feel the pain of being an intellectual recluse, I understand.

“Why would I continue to argue with a liar who only makes straw man arguments. You will just continue to lie some more like when you say that I say that blacks ARE sub citizens or blacks eat white benefits. YOU EVEN PUT QUOTATIONS AROUND YOUR LIES!!!!
Grow up and stop looking for handouts for people who don’t deserve them and stop bowing before people.”

I feel your anger and sorrow mate, the past days have been hard on your racist wonderland and pathological taste for unconditional denial. Playing ostrich for so long has rendered you immune to the very need of literally “reading or thinking too long” to support anything you claim. Your repeated teenage shouting in capital letters all over the place along with your copy-pasted idiocies, the whole package reminds me of what kind of clown I’m actually “talking” to.

Again, I feel sorry for you. Now crawl back to your victim whole blaming the whole world but the culprits for the sorry upcoming fate of your country at grips with a terrible history it fails to even acknowledge when it bites it head-on.


More bullshit to try and cover your lies. Do you really expect me to waste my time reading all that drivel. You don’t even know what the proper meaning of ad hominem is.
The only thing you have proven is that you are a liar. That is to be expected from someone who can’t make a valid argument.
You said I said they “ARE sub citizens” and that is a flat out lie. You said that I was complaining that blacks are eating “white benefits”. What a pathetic liar.
Me calling you a lair for lying is NOT as hominem. What an idiot liar.
You do nor any of your black bros deserve anything due to past slavery. Fact. Stop trying to milk a dead cow. Got some more straw man???


“ARE sub citizens”

Dude, you wrote it verbatim two posts up, word for word, letter by letter, I litterally copy-pasted it. Early Alzheimer appears to be another of your mental health issues.

“Blacks eating white benefits”

Same here. This must be some kind of joke,and you need to book a seat at the nearest mental hospital,I mean it. You said it three posts above again verbatim, and then even stood by this crazy idea by quoting yourself TWICE while responding to me along with the same looping copy-pasted racist bullshit you called facts,and that I methodically destroyed again.

All in all, first you lied flatly,presented false figures and unbelievable falsehoods that I debunked roundly and drove you mad. Then, once busted and cornered on every front you resorted to insults and personal ad hominem attacks , while proving completely unable to address ANYTHING I said and supported. Would it be concepts, facts , figures.or even basic logic and common sense.

And finally, once depleted of every rethorical alternative, you simply yelled your hate, gesticulating in plain insanity, pushing it as far as stating that your fallacies were somehow self-evident enough not to even need any justification. And this my non-friend, closed the coffin of your dignity as an individual and man of (non)ideas for good,beyond any debate of opinions,this showed your utter,absolute mediocrity as a human at all,and this goes beyond any ideological tangling.

You are a miserable person, and you don’t need me to demonstrate it at every level, and in this regard, this time I’m done with you, though I loved wiping my arse with your universe of criminally ignorant misconceptions and idiocies for almost a week straight.

Thank you for proving so inept and weak in defending even your own absurdities. I hope your camp enjoy hordes of people like you to support their many fake thesis and put them forward is such clumsy,childish and clownish ways rather than anything intelligent. No wonder you’ve been on the loosing end at evey key historical juncture.


LIAR! I did not say they “are” sub citizens. And I did NOT say they are eating “white benefits”.
Talk about as hominem? That, straw man and lies is all you have.
I have said the truth. And like I said, you and your bros do not deserve anything. You are just looking for a handout because you are too inept to make your own way so you must keep the poor abused negro LIE going.
Why don’t you get a life instead of leeching off of others?


Yeah yeah sure mate, “me and my bros”, whatever that means in your little brain.

Oh, and you *did* say all that, and it’s still up here. Endless denial will never change facts, there’s a reason why ostriches aren’t human. Humans are supposed to know that hiding from a stone cold fact won’t change that fact. Well at least the normally intelligent ones. But since it’s the basis of propaganda reprised by the alt-right crowd, I guess it’s become part of your reflexes. Grow up and be up to what you say kid, failure isn’t an end in itself. Too bad you live in the internet era, where anything that is spoken once is written forever, so I suggest you try to move on from the denial mantra, it’s too obsolete to make you look like anything other than a complete fool, with this conversation being a spectacular example.
I let you with these little souvenirs, along with what you’ll remind me the most.

Taken from this very thread :
comment image

comment imagecomment image


A clearer view of your first piece of bullshit. comment image


And this one. Some beautiful nonsense indeed. comment image


If you can’t challenge the truth then make up straw man lies. What I’ve typed is still there just as I have typed it. And it proves you are a liar. No matter what I say, you will just make up straw man lies and expect me to defend against it. I don’t play that game boy.
You are a perfect example of a sub citizen. Brainless and ignorant.


Fair enough mate, you win.

Indeed, I gather your disconnect with reality is clinical and not simply the fruit of plain stupidity. I mean you’re deeply ignorant and of limited intellect for sure, but this is something else. You realize that visual, vivid, indisputable material evidence presented to a patient of his own work and/or words resulting in even more denial from the latter IS actually part of standard testing protocols in psych wards to determine pathologies right ? I know because I worked there.

I let you copy-paste your “liar” thing a thousand times around if that helps you consolidate those mental walls you’ve erected all around you. If they can keep you from becoming a public danger and simply remaining a retarded keyboard warrior wannabee, it is fine with me.

A good life to you, useful idiot.


And finally, THE souvenir, looping man. Looping endlessly in blissful ignorance and oblivious to the outside universe. IMHO, you might a truly funny man, but NOT because you want it :)comment image


Why don’t you just admit you are a liar. You obviously can’t make an argument without the lies.


I did, I presented screencaps of your petty hateful rants with the relevant pieces highlighted in yellow saying EXACTLY what you claimed you never said, blind retarded fool. But this isn’t important, you’ve been drowning for a looong time anyway.


NO you didn’t you just keep lying. I never said “they ARE sub citizens” or that they “eat white benefits” You didn’t cut and paste those from my comments. YOU are a LIAR to the core.
From your very first comment you have done nothing but lie and make straw man arguments.
You must be are real intellectual genius in your own head, winning all those arguments. But in the real world you are just a straw man liar who can’t even comprehend what you read much less have the ability to cognate on it.


As I said, I won’t do as you do and loop on and on and on like a stuck answering machine. Responding to you would mean repeating myself yet again, which I don’t have the time nor interest to do anymore even for fun. Any person with a sane mind would fight a loosing battle with your insanity,proof being your latest attempt at denying even written,visual proof of your intellectual bankrupcy, that from the very onset on that exchange explained time and again your total inability at defending ,explaining or supporting any of your claims whatsoever. You struggle with basic common sense and logic,beyond even ideas,issues don’t lie in your opinions,but your mere intellectual capacity to even construct them. You are a league away from holding a complex discussion at all.

At some point you fell as far down as to make ridiculously idiotic and self-hurting statements like “the truth does not need lenghty explanations” (which is the definition of lies and propagand but you didn’t even realize) and “I know i’m right” (that one goes without commenting in the adult world) without ever being remotely close to address anything I brought forward.
Your core “points” torn and your petty “facts” shattered one by one by mine,and you know it full well. It’s all there for everyone to witness,I’m not worried one bit and glad I spent some timr disqualifying every bit of your laughable psoudo-thesis with historical parallels and contemprary facts and figures, and I loved beating you down and pushing you past the fringes pf absurdity several times over.

You ridiculed yourself more times than I can count and keep on obsessively trying to get the last word,you are beyond pathetic and it shows. An infant would know where to stop,but your desperations knows no bound.

Au revoir, magnétoscope humain :-)


Well I guess we can add confirmed visual impairment to the rest of your notable qualitie then,as I cannot fight harder than providing visually verifiable , unquestionnal proof when it comes to written text. Are you daltonian and cannot see some colors, like the yellow highlights in the screencaps I made of your own posts ? I’m asking seriously. Either it’s that or an unspeakable level of idiocy. Again, you choose. Anyway, who even cares whether you said “ARE” OR “WERE and continue to be?”,are you that solidly walled-off away in insanity as to grasp at such semantic straws in utter desperation and then call ME a straw man ? ahah I again witness some priceless magic right there , the show goes on xD

Oh and mate, it doesn’t take anything remotely close to a “genius”to destroy your various retarded takes on reality,don’t get ahead of yourself , trust me you’re giving yourself wayyyy too much credit.. Indeed a pretty average person (which i consider being, unlike you self-proclaimed professor of the new order) with basic education and general culture on historical matters is overkill already to take on your unsupported tales, as I said I remaind out of fun and sport,otherwise I would have quit a week ago already. You’re childlike and nothing else, intellectually speaking,keep that in mind.

DC Hunter

Dear Sir, I find the exchange here interesting and entertaining. As you know, presenting an articulate and intelligent arguement is an art. To the contrary, imagine someone placing marbles in their mouth, stepping to a podium, and then disjointedly rambling about as if they were playing some kind of verbal game of “Scrabble”, where sentence structure and readability didn’t matter, but points could be scored for “big” words. Or…. imagine an ex-convict who painstakingly learned the entire dictionary while incarcerated, but never took the time to learn to write. Unfortunately, you are like the last wo examples. As evidence, you have one sentence that ranges approx. 95 words, and another at 75 words. – Please, stop the madness. No offense meant, I simply wanted to raise your awareness so you knew people’s eyes were bleeding as they try to read your posts. Good day.


Well I will give you an A in metaphorical text mining. And a B+ in pedantry. Sir.

And next time, wear your protective glasses, eye-bleeding is dangerous. Plus, you never know with strangers, as their writing style might not always suit your personal taste and tolerance.

Man, such a harsh world, and its many, many hazards.


While it’s true the first and second Klan were democrats, both groups have changed so drastically – particularly the democrats – they shouldnt even be compared to their forebears.

The socially-conservative ‘blue dog democrats’ are now practically all gone, replaced by modern democrats who are now basically communists and cultural marxists.

The “Klan” today probably consists of less than 200 members across the whole USA and probably a third of those are federal agents. The only thing noteworthy about them today is how they’re used as a boogeyman by so-called “civil rights” groups for fundraising and propaganda purposes.

AM Hants

Same with National Socialists (German) Worker’s Party, back in the first half of the 20th century. We are meant to forget the National Socialist Part.

Reminds me, I must revisit ‘Hilary’ s America, History of the Democratic Party’. A documentary well worth watching.

Wayne Nicholson

The NSA were socialist as in state control of just about everything but it was about as far from what we would consider socialism today as anything.

They weren’t anti-capitalist …. they just demanded capitalists toe the party line. The first order of business when they came to power was to round up all the trade unionists, communists and social democrat leaders and throw them in concentration camps.

There was also a difference then between capitalists and industrialists. Industrialists made a shit ton of money off the NSA. Capitalism as in usuary was considered decadent and something jews would get up to however german banks continued to make loans and charge interest so it mattered more who the capitalists were rather than capitalism itself.

The Nazi’s were pragmatic socialists …. socialists when it’s convenient for them depending on just who they were socializing, The NSA were populists and nationalists first and foremost. The whole socialist thing gave them a foothold with the working class who were leaning heavily toward communism in the 1920’s …. sort of like how Trump pretends to be a man of the people when in fact he’s the biggest elitest the USA has ever elected.

AM Hants

Have you listened to or read Hitler’s Speech on 1 May 1927, at Nuremberg, talking about socialism to the National Socialists?

Ironically, the leader of the UK Fascist Party at the time, Oswald Mosely, was also a member of the Fabian Society, for elite socialists.

Where does the far right end and the far left begin?

What is the difference between the ideology of fascists and the ideology of national communists or national socialists? Besides class and race, didn’t they all aim for totalitarian control?

Wayne Nicholson

“Where does the far right end and the far left begin?”

The similarities begin and end with political tactics. They use similar tactics which makes them appear similar however they are ideological opposites.

In a nutshell communists believe in equality of all men above nationhood, race or creed while fascists believe in nationalism and rule by the corporate and political elite.

There are only so many ways you can force a population into ideological conformity just like the weapons of war and tactics between two opposing armies are going to be similar. It’s easy to argue communism and fascism are the same if all you look at is the tools they rule but the difference lies in their ideological objectives.

AM Hants

What do they both want? Is it not totalitarian control, just one goes from Z – A to achieve it and the other goes from A – Z.

Who created National Socialists, National Communists and the Fascist Parties?

In Exile

I thought the KKK were freedom fighters created during the brutal occupation by Yankees, I mean they were more freedom fighting than Mugabe’s thugs who killed and burned thousands.


How is it black KKK? They are against rednecks, not just white people. KKK are against a whole race, you see the difference? You need to think.

Lone Ranger

Maybe you missed the part when they said they want to create an ethnostate, aka only for blacks.
Same as the KKK, only in bkack…


Time for us to watch them on TV. Ohhh how times can change


How times change,don’t think those KKK assholes will be lynching any black people anytime soon.

Harry Smith

Come on! Nobody lynching blacks because CIA/FBI are protecting them. Couple of sniper teams in front of this crowd could make those “black panthers” shit their pants. Do not want to say blacks can’t fight but these particular crowd of black dressed clowns has no real combat experience. All how they march or hold their weapons shows some of them has basic military training. But even the organization of the march says they never been under the fire.


Start shooting then bruh

Harry Smith

If I were American vet living in USA I would consider this option. But not because they are black but because the looters are rising the situation on the next level.
Do you know that most of arrested rioters are whites? This shit must be stopped.
BTW, biggest cal I have observed is 5.56 and they have no telescopic sights, so effective range is about 300 meters. That means you can use 7.62 even on 1000 meters and won’t miss the target in a such high density crowd. If you would use semi auto you can shoot several times before sound will hit the crowd. This crowd is perfect target for several sniping teams or for machine gun team. And super perfect for artillery and aviation.


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Young Nancy, this is a military site, civilians should stay home


The KKK is as much a threat to anyone today as the Soviet Union, Augusto Pinochet, or Maggie Thatcher…

The “NFAC” is more of a threat to other black people than to the Klan, which basically doesnt exist anymore.

Rhodium 10

US Deep State linked to Jews Globalist doctrine promoted Colour revolution in east Europe, Unbrella uprising in HK and Islamic Arab spring…now even in its own country they will support BLM revolution which can cause a civil war!…the purpose is “a change of face” that enable the recovery of the lost influence of USA on Africa, South America,Arabs countries and some Asian countries.


Black monkez should get out of the US if they don’t like it.We Indian Hindus will help the Americans to defend their country if the time comes.

Swift Laggard II

why issue cheap useless threats? how many Indians live in Africa?


Bahahahaha…u got fkt by china! That was truly funny. You gonna fire bottle rockets and claim you shot down migs again?

Anthony Papagallo

The effects of decades of American women taking oestrogen and p/ssing it into the drinking water has finally come home to roost.
Huge gangs of gay americans fighting over bumming rights of each others kids.
Its the Bears versus the Twinks.
A truly sad day in American history.

Tommy Jensen

We blacks build America up from the bottom of the cotton fields. We are going to take OUR country back that YOU white shits stole from us. No more bs from whites.


Wasn’t it stolen from the native americans?


There is no such thing as a “stolen” country, because there is no global government to codify and enforce such a concept.

If one country is stolen, then all of them are, because they’ve all been taken by force of arms. In many cases, by people of a very different race…

Swift Laggard II

it wa stolen. stop trying to white wash reality


How long must a people take over a geographical area area to be considered as belonging, 72, 100, 150, … ?


Go cry about it to the UN


Mainly euro trash tho

Tommy Jensen

Some were forced and kicked out of their country to another.

Criminal Brits landed in Australia.
Jews were kicked around to other countries because of their usury clause in Torah.
Many misery and weird Europeans were forced to America.
Danes were kicked out from Sweden to some islands today called Denmark.
Blacks were forced from Africa to America.

If you force someone into your home and keep them as forced workforce, I think you must admit their rights to stay and count your home as their home when you cant manage yourself.


Remember the Buffalo Soldiers.

Tommy Jensen

A country belongs to those who seed, construct and harvest the soil.

So yes, white trash from Europe stole from the Sioux Natives.
Then blacks from Africa came and build everything with their own hands, cotton fields, houses, roads while the white shit were sitting in their offices doing paperwork.

Without blacks there wouldnt be any America!


Stole from you? You wanna go back to Africa and have a talk with the descendants of the kings that sold “your people” to the Portugese?


Go ahead and try you bubble lipped retard.

Grand Mastar Flesh and the fur

Haw haw, an army of monkey against the eternal white genius. So fun. Future easy targets.


All former military? Doubtful.

Maybe the “white militia” are in the bush, watching?


The HGNIC says all his “troops” are military veterans and “ready for war”…

I’ll let you all decide if he’s telling da troof

comment image

Harry Smith

Eff! .22 LR. This guy is seriously trained assassin. ROFL
Some times .22 LR with a good zeroed sight is perfect tool in urban environment. But the assassin has stock sight. He is the absolute weapon by himself!

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Is this an obesity parade?

Fat Guys Matter, lol.


He also supports the FGM movement I suspect (female genital mutilation).

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Hard to tell who are the females tbh.

They all look the same, size. lol




“We’ll take Texas” Grand Master Jay

Get in line behind Mexico and people of Mexican ancestry. Hmm, how many Pakistanis and Indians (dot) are there in Texas nowadays? What about the Apache; Bidai; Coahuiltecan and Carrizo; Caddo; Comanche; Jumano, Suma, Piro, and other eastern Pueblos; Karankawa; Kiowa,Kitsai; Tawakoni; Tonkawa, Wichita tribes tribes? Later tribes driven into Texas.

Except for these NFAC blocking the road, which they should not do regardless of who the protestors are, they did stayed with the law. Did not bother me.


Well if they would kill some Nazis then I’m cool with it, you see that Greeko? that’s what we are going to do to your sorry loser Greeko ass.


This article is dumb and I think SouthFront needs to stop commenting on American internal affairs which they apparently do not understand.
These bubble lipped retards didn’t “Challenge” anyone. They stood out there and ran their mouths with absolutely no opposition around.

ronnie lintz

I know TPTB want us in a civil war, but these folks will not leave us be until we bow a knee and kiss their boots or shed a lot of blood on both sides. This time we will not stand shoulder to shoulder and use each other for target practice as in 1861-1865. We will be Quantrill, Mosby, and Morgan


Must admit the Seattle ‘chop’ ‘caliphate’ and these guys look connected ( likely backed by the same money ) seem intent on starting a civil war.

Harry Smith

They don’t want civil war but black tyranny controlled by zionists, as I see the situation. If Trump will be wise enough and won’t start pan American witch hunt but will control the chaos – conservative Americans will have couple of years more to prepare for the Empire fall. If Trump will lose control and there will be mass killing of blacks – Joe Biden is POTUS and the horror circus gonna start to sell tickets for the last big bloody show.


How does one win a war?

Control both ( or all ) parties at war. Including its financing.

Harry Smith

You are right. These guys use such kind of methods since war for the Spanish legacy. Also if you will look at the ex Britain colonies, these guys prefer to put in the power some ethnic or religious minorities so they have to assure good relations with ex metropole to keep the power. If we take as basis that idea of the Pax Judeica dominates in political and financial clans which control USA, then the situation in USA became perfectly logic. They need controlled USA society which won’t vote for MAGA anymore to allow them peacefully and not in hurry transfer their wealth in the financial center of the new Empire uprising.

Peter Moy

This demonstration walk of black armed power is impressive to the uninformed and the ignorant. A lot of tough, angry talk but I seriously doubt there will be any shootouts between this group and another equally armed group or the police. They did have a nice collection of weapons. Now back to a firing range to vent out your frustrations. (They should be addressing the black on black crime madness in the US. For example, from January 1 until today, Chicago has had more than 350 killings – 77 % were black, and New York City has had 185 people exterminated, most of whom were black. They are just numbers so most of the media doesn’t give a damn. They are more interested in a degenerate sex trafficker tied to Jeffrey Epstein arrested while hiding in New Hampshire.)

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

What so many fails to realise is that racism goes both ways; defining racism as white against black is de facto racist by itself.

Black only militias/bunch of weekend warriors with no sense of reality is actually a racist army if they dont allow white among them.

This…. situation…. is by itself pathetic and the core of shortsightness and hypocrisy and a lack of understanding of ones actions.


This is Man. Poke and prod him and he reacts emotionally.

They are against REDNECKS, racists, do you see them shouting racist slogans to white people?This is the cause of reaction, they are reacting to violence, think think think. You are being shortsighted here.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

“They are against REDNECKS…”
So they are racists themselves?

“…they are reacting to violence…”
By creating an armed, uniformed and masked militia….
What a great example to follow….


What IDIOTS!  First of all, the War Between the States was NOT about-face slavery.  If it was, then why: 

  1. is there NO mention of slavery at all in any of the major newspapers, North or South, during the period 1860 through 1862?, 

  2. were four of the Union States slave States (Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri),

3. Slavery was already a dying institution and the issue was settled by the Missouri Compromise (public sale of slaves was already illegal in EVERY State, the importation of slaves was already illegal in most States, and children born to slaves had to be emancipated when they turned 21), and 

  4. Less than 11% of the Southern population owned slaves (why would poor Southerners fight a total war just so that the very rich could own slaves?).

  The war began because the Southern States seceeded from the Union (which the Federal Government said that they couldn’t do).  The Southern States united into a confederation to counter the threat posed by the Union.  When South Carolina evicted Union troops from their territory the fighting began.

  The Southern States seceeded from the Union because 2/3rds of Federal revenue came from the South, but 3/4ths of Federal revenue was spent in the North.  

  The Emancipation Proclamation was made by Lincoln after the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 because he feared that France and Great Britain were about to recognize the Confederate States as an independent country.  The French and British had freed their slaves by 1830, and since the Union still had slaves, they saw no reason why they should favor the Union over the Confederacy.  By his Proclamation, Lincoln gave them a reason.  But the fact is that the Emancipation Proclamation did NOT in reality free a single slave (read it – the ONLY slaves “freed” were the ones in those territories “still in rebellion”.  Lincoln had NO authority or control in those territories.  Slaves under Union control remained slaves and some were forced to work for the Union army).  By 1865, BOTH sides offered freedom to those slaves that would enlist in their army!

  As a foot note, the term “civil war” was not used to describe the “War Between the States” until the 1960s (I used to collect old high school level history texts).  A “civil war” is where two or more factions attempt to seize control of a single country.  The “War Between the States” was a failed war of independence by the South (which is why poor Southerners fought).


Matching down the street and making stupid threats to no one is not impressive, and all they’re doing is creating more racial hatred in the US. Which ironically only hurts the so called BLM mantra.

If some sort of war ever broke out, these idiots wouldn’t stand a chance in the country side. Half of them are overweight and would be out of their element. Modern black Americans are overwhelmingly inner city dewlers with no wilderness skills. They would just sit in their ghettos, which no one wants to take from them anyway.

The very concept of this reminds me of Rhodesia and South Africa sucessfully fighting against large hordes of Marxist black militias back in the 70s and 80s. It’s not how many soldiers you have, but how well you use them.

As for a so called black ethnostate, I’d be all for it since it would attract all the racial supremacist elements into a single, contained area. At least until it initivably collapsed like Liberia, Hahti and every other black state in history.


This is a video of a black man killing a white female protester recently. Clicking on the gear icon shows settings that allows the playback speed to be slowed down.


My view is that I’ve driven this stretch of highway and the surrounding streets hundreds if not thousands of times. I’ve also driven almost 2 million miles on American highways, roads and streets almost every day for 46 years.

What I see is that the car entered on the Stewart street off ramp that probably wasn’t blocked off. About 1 mile up the highway from this location. Whether it was on purpose or a mistake I don’t know. Seattle has one of the worst most confusing poorly laid out and set up street grids in the US. It would be easy for the motorist to have entered by mistake. It happens on a regular basis.

The car then evidently turned south onto the south bound lane and accelerated up to normal highway speed. Went under signs spanning the highway and an overpass, both of which obstruct and impair vision. There’s also probably a grade change. Because almost none of that stretch of highway is level for any length. It proceeded around a right hand bend and encountered a protester roadblock at the Yale street off ramp that shouldn’t have been there.

His view of the roadway was entirely obstructed by 3 vehicles, including a high van blocking the entire roadway except for the right shoulder. You can see the front end of the car drop as he gets on the brakes and starts to go into what looks like a 4 wheel drift as he steers right. By that time the protesters are in view on the shoulder and behind the roadblock. And the driver corrects to steer left in an attempt to miss the protesters. But there are too many of them and he hits two of them. And then steers right to avoid colliding with the meridian.

He brings the car almost to a stop and activates the vehicle’s emergency lights. And then evidently proceeded down the highway further where he surrendered to police. Whether he was in fear of the protesters and was trying to get away from them at that point is an issue under the circumstances. These protesters are known to carry guns and shoot up vehicles approaching their roadblocks. One 16 year old black youth was shot and killed and another 14 year old black youth seriously injured in a protester roadblock shooting 1 mile from this incident a few days earlier at the CHOP zone a night that I was there, probably by affiliated protesters.

This is another example of a fatality directly brought about by grossly negligent and irresponsible government mismanagement of public safety responsibilities. It questionable if the motorist even deliberately broke the law under the circumstances. Though the protesters clearly did and have been for every night for weeks.


This is the mayor who has cheered on this criminal activity and obstructed justice by allowing I5 to be shut down nightly by illegal protester roadblocks for 19 straight nights prior to this accident. That occurred a few nights after a fatal shooting at another protester roadblock 1 mile from this incident. That was almost certainly carried out by protesters. comment image

– Mayor Durkan backs a protest on freeway –



And now the city council has unanimously outlawed police use of crowd control equipment effective July 26, 2020. Which is only going to exacerbate these types and many other types of public safety incidents.

“According to the ordinance, “no City department shall own, purchase, rent, store or use crowd control weapons,” including “kinetic impact projectiles, chemical irritants, acoustic weapons, directed energy weapons, water cannons, disorientation devices, ultrasonic cannons, or any other device . . . to cause pain or discomfort.” …

When given the opportunity to veto the bill and send it back to the council, Durkan choose not to do so. Instead, she sent it back to the council unsigned with a letter that explained why it’s a bad idea.

By sending the bill back unsigned, Durkan essentially said she disagreed with the ban but will allow it to go forward anyway.”

– Seattle City Council’s ban on crowd control methods to become law, raising many questions –



the situation in US is a total mess. The Democrats want to sieze the opportunity and seize the government as well. By tolarating and sponsoring the riots they have harmed the nation so bad it will never recover, all that just for power. there are 1000s of videos circulating the social media (since MSM just focus on black children peacefully protesting holding flowers) of brutal beatings of peopleo of all ages, genders even children ,just because they are white. this is pure hate that opens a vicious cirlce of violence. the all mighty US in crumbling , deteriorating from the inside. seems it didnt take a mighty enemy to bring it down just its own image in the mirror.


Yes, I can see how this would defuse a problem. “Calling out White Militias”? WOW, Black rednecks….who would have thought? Openly challenging White Militias is quite dumb as they outnumber, by far, the Black with man power and much more with weapons. BLM will eventually disappear as people are already getting quite tired of it.


BLM doesn’t even call for correcting the laws allowing killer cops to get away with murdering twice as many whites as blacks. BLM and the Seattle City Council did nothing about getting the police who’ve killed Seattle blacks prosecuted. It wasn’t even one of the CHOP zone demands.


I hate the fact that they hate White people but then, they are, after all, more racists than Whites to begin with and will use the racist card every time they can. They blame the system for not sending their kids to school as it’s not free but then, it’s not free for Whites but that doesn’t matter. They keep on bringing up slavery while not a single one of them actually lived through it. Jews were the main merchants of slaves but not a single Black person brings it up.

All that mess was never against cops being violent with Blacks as they are just as much with Whites. It was just the excuse they needed to create havoc and rob stores. It’s about power, retribution for what happened to the slaves which most are not even related to them hence a joke. It’s about money!

Tommy Jensen

Its about money yes! Many blacks use the racist card to hide their laziness, lack of discipline and petty crimes and thereby following poverty.


BLM isn’t representative of blacks overall, just a subset. And in a lot of places blacks are a minority in the BLM protests. There are more far left dem whites than blacks. Who are just looking for an excuse to protest and riot. I see mostly white people in this BLM riot.


This is what we’re dealing with here. It’s frequently mostly white criminal protesters.


This was the same types of idiots two years ago on a completely different issue.

Tommy Jensen

Blacks managed to kick the white trash out of Rhodesia and S. Africa. In Kenya they won several battles against the British faggots. comment image


And most now are asking back the white farmers they chased away. What does that tell you, little man?

Tommy Jensen

Its about money. Bank of England, IMF and World Bank the last 100-200 years.
Empire is backed by Bank Finance money. This is the way African States is kept down in poverty.


So it’s pretty much done, the elites have moved east to Asia?

Bankrupt the super-power, now destroy it from within. Reintroduce new form of economic system of which they’re already 10 steps ahead.


Hire them and have them police their own streets.

Aleks Noir

There may be 20-30 capable fighters in this bunch of fat diabetics. The rest of these people would run away immediately if the national guard moved in on them. As a matter of principle, Trump should hang the talkative one by his balls, for all to see, right of the mount Rushmore.

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