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From Hiding, Pashinyan Issues More Excuses Through Facebook, Doesn’t Mention Resignation

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From Hiding, Pashinyan Issues More Excuses Through Facebook, Doesn't Mention Resignation

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On November 12th, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan and the President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian met and discussed the current situation in the country.

Prior to that, Artsakh Justice Minister Siran Avetisyan presented a letter of resignation to the President of Artsakh Araik Harutyunyan explaining the decision as coming down to differing political views.

Around midday on November 12th, Prime Minister, again through Facebook, issued an address to the Armenian people.

The statement, in its entirety can be read below:

“Having signed this sad document, I knew that I was under threat not only politically, but also physically, but it was more important for me to save the lives of 25 thousand of our soldiers.

Why didn’t you resign in order not to sign this document? This would be desertion and an attempt to leave a difficult situation to another leader.

This document does not imply a meaningful solution to the Karabakh conflict. This document is about ending the war in Karabakh. The Karabakh conflict was not resolved then, and it is not resolved now.

I and the President of Karabakh did not provide full information about the deplorable situation, so as not to cause panic.

We have done everything to preserve every inch of Karabakh.

We fought against three armies. But, unfortunately, we were not able to fully support our army.

Yes, the signed document is very bad for Armenia, but we should not make it worse.

The document provides for the unblocking of all regional roads and provides for a railway between Iran and Armenia.

Russian peacekeepers will ensure the security of the residents of Karabakh throughout the territory. They will ensure the stability of the road connection between Stepanakert and Yerevan. Our task is to ensure stability in the country.

We will not allow representatives of the former government to create chaos in the country. We have a future. We must draw conclusions and understand the mistakes.

The problem is that the most important function of the commander is to solve the problem for the soldier. But when a soldier cannot influence further events in any way, it is no longer the soldier who must die, but the Motherland must make sacrifices for the sake of the soldier’s life.

That’s why I signed this infamous contract. I chose the lives of 25,000 soldiers over my career and my life.

Why didn’t I consult with the people before signing the document? For a very simple reason. In the course of communicating with the people, I had to publicly and honestly present an objective situation, and this meant providing detailed information to the enemy as well, informing a detailed plan for the encirclement of our soldiers in the amount of 25 thousand people in a matter of hours.

They talk about the surrender of Meghri. This is absolutely ridiculous. We are just talking about opening regional transport links. In this case, the roads from Azerbaijan to Nakhichevan are opened, but at the same time the road from Yerevan to Syunik region via Nakhichevan is also unblocked.”

What becomes apparent is this: Pashinyan refuses to resign and clings to power, he says he “ended his career” but he plans on continuing to lead the country.

He will “not allow” people from the previous government to “ruin the country” and this explains the witch hunt against them, and the political arrests. Quite democratic.

Pashinyan and the Artsakh president Araik Harutyunyan hid most of the information, because they didn’t want to cause panic.

They also didn’t admit how badly the Artsakh and few Armenian soldiers were dealing with the situation, so as not to “reveal any information to the enemy.”

In short, Pashinyan presumably plans to remain Prime Minister, he plans to continue dealing with the opposition with arrests, and everybody who is against him is a traitor.

He is attempting to create a sense of guilt that “we [the Armenian people] were not able to fully support our army.”

Pashinyan also suggests that the issue isn’t resolved.

“This document does not imply a meaningful solution to the Karabakh conflict. This document is about ending the war in Karabakh. The Karabakh conflict was not resolved then, and it is not resolved now.”

Finally, he’s saying that the roads are simply open and nothing else has been surrendered than what has been lost.

Time will tell if that’s actually true.

It is unlikely that the chaos in Armenia will subside, it is more likely that the protests will ramp up.


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This clown is done for. He say no place to hide, just like the motto in MGS5.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Pashinyan looks to be more enthusiastic in killing Armenians in opposition to him than Turkish backed Islamists in Karabakh.

Harry Smith

He is poodle of globalists. And globalists need another war close to Russia or Iran or Turkey. Pashinyan will be trying to start military conflict until last Armenian alive.


With traitors like this, who needs enemies?comment image


comment image
“Now it is clear why Iran is cautious with the current leadership of Azerbaijan.”


comment image

John Brown

Look how fast Nikol Pashinyan and the President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian are to send regular soldiers against Armenians but did not send 1 Armenian soldier to try to save NK.

Like I said this war was lost by Armenia before it started because the Soros leaders of Armenia are traitors and the biggest threat to the continued existance of Armenia.


That’s why the Pashinyan government needs to go and be replaced by nationalists like the ones who won the first N-K war and created the Artsahk governate.

John Brown

A nationalist government is always good but they also have to be realists..Armenia should have made deal years ago to give back all Azer territory and shared admin of NK.

The economic blockade would have ended.

Armenia should have strengthened relations with Russia, sign trade deals with Russia, China, Iran Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, crack down on rampant corruption, developed the Armenian economy and built up the countries wealth and moved on.


Armenia should have made deal years ago to give back all Azer territory and shared admin of NK.

Except that from the Armenian pov it is all Armenian territory originally/ideally, Russia helped to gain it back from the Azeris, and “shared admin of NK” less the surrounding districts is hardly a ‘win’ for Armenia, which is supposed to ‘move on’ by giving up most of its last hope of some land back from the Turks, who still deny the genocide? You really seem to favor the Turks over the Armenians, not just recently, but overall.

John Brown

Now you can see I was telling the truth all along. Tellng the truth is not taking sides.

All Goyims all of humanity must unite against the racist supremacist global Jewish Satanic slave empire dictatorship. If they don’t the Zio empire will exterminate 95% of the global population and enslave what is left. It will be hell on earth for those who are enslaved


It hasn’t been two weeks. But we can do your Armenian/Artsahk total and complete loss assessment. Which was obviously way off. 70% of N-K and 80% of Artsahk is still in the Artsahk’s possession.

A Russian armored division with air support has stopped the IDF, Azeri, Turk advance dead in it’s tracks. With next to zero chance that it will resume.

And the Madrid Principles that I’ve been the only one writing about for weeks. That several here, including you, critized me for. Are being implemented.
comment image

John Brown

Wow you are brain dead and hopeless. They use to say it took 2 Jews to fool 1 Armenian. Now it looks like 1 Jew can fool 10 million Armenians.


lmao he is a lost case
Losing his sanity day by day


You were wrong, I wasn’t.

Maciej Sopyło
John Brown

Don’t you understand Armenia lost because they did not grasp reality which made it easy for Soros to fool them all?
and lead them to ruin.

You are still in a dream world. Therefore Soros will send another traitor to promise you the world again and you will believe it again, and this time Armenia will cease to exist.

What is it “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”

How many times do you have to be fooled before you get it???

Soros just did it to Armenians. Now it looks like it will happen again.

Have you been in a coma the past months?

Do you think it never happnnend?

Armenia lost, its over move on.

Neither Russia nor any country on the planet will give an ally a blank check to do what they want.

If Armenia goes back on their word the war will immediately resume and

If Armenia does not fulfill the terms they agreed to, the capital of NK will be lost then Agdam etc.until Armenia loses it all. The terms say Azer keeps what ti takes. How much more do you want them to take??

Do you want Armenia to cease to exist as an independent state in a month?

Russia is not going to fight all Armenia’s battles pay all Armenia’s bills, especially when Armenia starts it, no blank checks.



A Turk couldn’t have put it better, from a Turk pov.

John Brown

You are a traitor to Armenia!


You were wrong. –

John Brown

You are having a mental breakdown.


That’s a false accusation. If you disagree. Then copy and paste what I’ve written and explain and prove your accusations. You can’t, so you won’t.

John Brown

Just did.


You didn’t explain how your post about refugees proves your accusation. Which it doesn’t.

John Brown

Azer will be getting all Azer territories in less then 2 weeks. For NK Azer gets about half now. Runs the other half with Russia for 5 years. Then they get the other half of NK
Armenia gets a corridor to NK for 5 years with Russia running it.

Azer gets a corridor to Nichevan with Russia running it.

Best case for Armenia is they get half of NK run by Russia and Azer.


You obviously got your 2 week projection wrong. Which makes your false accusation clear. Your 1 month projection from yesterday will also show that you’re peddling stupidity. I’m not going to waste time with this one.

John Brown

Armenians flee homes as Azerbaijan takeover looms

Issued on: 13/11/2020 – 15:24Modified: 13/11/2020 – 15:23
The district of Kalbajar is being handed over to Azerbaijan by Armenian separatists as part of a peace deal Alexander EMENOV AFP
Kalbajar (Azerbaijan) (AFP)
Villagers in the mountainous hamlet of Nor Getashen in disputed territory in Azerbaijan pile sofas, washing machines and suitcases outside their homes as they prepare to flee.
The settlement is part of the Kalbajar district that is being handed over to Azerbaijan by Armenian separatists on Sunday as part of a Russian-brokered peace agreement that ended weeks of fierce fighting between the longstanding rivals.
Clashes broke out at the end of September between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region that broke away from Baku’s control in the 1990s. More than 1,400 people have died.

Residents of Nor Getashen worry they will face retaliatory attacks by Azerbaijan if they remain in their homes in the rugged region after the handover deadline Sunday.
“I cried all night when I heard the news,” says 68-year-old Hayastan Yeghiazaryan, wearing a worn tracksuit.
She hastily sifts through belongings in the home heated by a wood burning stove to decide what to leave behind.
Next to her, a jar of pickled red peppers sits on a bed without a mattress and enamel crockery, chipped from old age, is lying among pairs of boots and books in Cyrillic.
In front of a workbench, Yeghiazaryan’s 82-year-old husband Zohrab, who is struggling to decide what to take, says he is not even sure where they will go.
– ‘We were happy here’ –
“With the help of the children, we’ll try to rent a small apartment in Yerevan,” he says, referring to the capital of Armenia, which has been rocked by political unrest since the country’s leadership agreed to the peace accord that cedes swathes of territory in Karabakh to Azerbaijan.
“We might be able to come back, don’t you think?” he says with a hopeful look.
Kalbajar’s residents were encouraged to settle in this region of Azerbaijan by separatist leaders who had grabbed control of the area.
No one has ordered them to leave their homes, Yeghiazaryan says, “but we quickly understood that there is no choice”.
Her two sons came from Yerevan to help her pack up the home and sell off the cattle before Sunday.
“The house is not very luxurious, but we were happy here,” Zohrab says sadly.
Media reported that residents of Kalbajar were setting alight their homes, preferring to destroy their dwellings than leave them to Azerbaijan.
But in Nor Getashen most of the abandoned homes were left standing.
“We will not burn down the house. But we will take Mickey, he’s a good dog,” Zohrab adds.
On the edge of the village, which already resembles a ghost town, a couple in their sixties is busy filling a large truck.
“We are going to leave the cows. We didn’t find anyone in time to buy them,” says a mother of seven, letting out a sob.
They will leave the house intact, she added, “but those who will come to take it do not deserve it”.
© 2020 AFP


Try to get your facts straight. A total and complete Armenian surrender means just that, the Artsahks surrender to Azeri custody and the Azeris take N-K and the rest of the Artsahk lands in Artsahk possession at the time of the surrender. You were wrong. That didn’t happen and isn’t going to happen as long as the Russians are there.
comment image


Check back with me in a month with an update.


Is it me, or does Pashinyan look incredibility slimy?

Harry Smith

Hey Richard. Vk.com is made by the same person as Telegram. ;)


My concern is that they’re Jews that Putin kicked out of Russia like all the rest.

Harry Smith

If Durov was a dangerous person then such people like Ramzan Kadyrov or Margarita Simonyan would never register in Telegram. BTW even Kremlin has official TG channel. It just irrational to use vk.com and be afraid of Telegram, at my point.


I don’t use either and am not planning to.


If he wasn’t he wouldn’t have got kicked out.

Антон С

Pashinya-a-an, come out, you coward!
comment image


Pashinyan can’t survive. He lied too much for Armenian people. All the propaganda was fake.

Ishyrion Av

what’s in this for you, turk? have you forgot there is a burden of a genocide against Armenians on your shoulders?

catalin zt

Mongolian, muslim, jihadi,gypsy, monkey!!! What do u expect???

catalin zt

Look at his “face” !!! Armenian GYPSY HE IS!!! TRAITOR he is! Western PUPPET he is!

The Farney Fontenoy

He still refuses to resign! What will it take for Armenians to grow a spine?! He has actually committed TREASON!!

Does Erdogan have to come to Yerevan to annouce the annexation of Armenia?!? Will Armenians finally do more than ask nicely?? Democracy is a farce.

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