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Friday SplatFor Report – Oct. 30, 2015

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Conquistador a vulture sits upon your silver sheath and in your rusty scabbard now, the sand has taken seed. (Procol Harem)

Friday SplatFor Report - Oct. 30, 2015

Prepared by B.Love exclusively for SouthFront


As anyone who is able to watch the global-banker-controlled mainstream media knows, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is always ready, willing and able to spend every Euro and dollar that the tax-paying people of Europe and the United States have to spare. Eternally true to their own “truth” (You’ve got to be true to yourself, right?), NATO just announced that it must protect the security of Europe from the onrushing Russian Bear so it will station another 4000 NATO troops right on the western border of the Russian Federation. Even better, NATO will place those troops under unified NATO (U.S.) command. On behalf of NATO, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to all the working people in Europe. In spite of your crumbling economy and society, you are happy to dig ever deeper into your pockets to pay for expanding NATO’s mission of peace.


Thanks to the hard work of American diplomat and lawyer Allen Dulles, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was forged out of the ashes of the Second World War (WW2) and has grown like an octopus to become the most powerful, deep-state “intelligence” (spy) business on the planet. Even American Presidents can’t control the CIA as former President John F. Kennedy (JFK) discovered suddenly at 12:30 PM on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. In his new book, “The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government”, author Richard Talbot explores the role Allen Dulles played to build the CIA into the all-powerful, global spy business that it is today. After the outbreak of the Second World War, Dulles was recruited to work as Director of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in Bern, Switzerland. According to mainstream media, Dulles worked to defeat Germany but author Talbot explains that Dulles and his brother, John Foster Dulles, actually had long-standing business ties to German industrial giants such as I. G. Farben and Krupp Steel and that Allen Dulles’ OSS work in Bern was not really about supporting President Roosevelt’s wartime policies but was more about supporting the interests of the Dulles’ business clients in Germany. After the war, Dulles rescued many of the Nazi war criminals and helped them return to power in post-war West Germany. Dulles then turned his attention to destabilizing Eastern Europe. He seemed to possess an uncanny ability to determine how he could “use” people. His sister later admitted that Dulles had “at least 100” extramarital affairs. In 1950, Dulles was appointed the CIA’s Deputy Director for Plans, overseeing covert operations. The same year, he was appointed CIA Deputy Director of Central Intelligence. In 1952 he became the first non-military CIA Director of Central Intelligence. From this point on, according to Talbot, “the CIA would become a vast kingdom, the most powerful and least supervised agency in government … More in keeping with an expanding empire than with a vibrant democracy” and “an effective killing machine.” Well, we all know the end of this story. The “effective killing machine” is no more. Nobel Peace Prize-winning President Barack Obama, has, by Executive Order, finally abolished the CIA. Thank God for Mr. Obama’s brave, courageous act. We just hope the President and his family will remember to stay away from Dallas, Texas.


Everyone knows it’s a natural human tendency to take the easiest path to reach a goal. Hey – why work hard if you can get what you want by doing it the easy way? Here at the SplatFor Report, we try to “work smart” so we don’t have to work hard… you know, we grab for the low-hanging fruit. The same principle also works when it comes to making (or taking) money. Hit the poor guy, the little guy, the person who can’t fight back. In the United States, the national government is bankrupt which just means it spends and owes more money than it can ever take in. Only constant Federal Reserve “money printing” keeps the whole system from crashing down. Unfortunately, some state, county and city governments are also bankrupt but they can’t print their own money. Thankfully, some of these state and local governments have now discovered a sure-fire way to stay in business. Just pick (the pockets of) the low-hanging fruit. Hit the poor people because it’s hard for them to hit back. Brian Platt, an aerospace machinist, explains how governments in Ferguson, Missouri (yeah – the same “Ferguson” where all the rioting happened in 2014 ); Biloxi, Mississippi; New Orleans, Louisiana; Alexander City, Alabama; Benton County, Washington and many other locations are able to stay in business. You see, first we’ll have our police department target all our poor people for breaking some little rule like crossing the street in the middle of the block. Then we’ll charge those poor schmucks (the people, not the police) a big old fine. Then, when they can’t pay the fine, we’ll add more fines and penalties and fees and late charges. When all those charges aren’t paid, we’ll take all of these new criminals to court, find them guilty and charge them “court costs” and “attorney’s fees”. When they still can’t pay, we’ll throw the scummy bastards in jail for failure to pay their legal debts. While they’re locked up, we’ll charge these filthy terrorists even more money for “room and board” and, of course, more penalties and more interest on all that money that they still owe us. Our plan can’t miss. Every day there are more and more poor people in America so every day we’ll be dragging in more and more money to save the American system of government. So always remember. Grab the low-hanging fruit!


A housing “bubble” is a run-up in home prices fueled by demand, speculation, low-interest-rate money for loans and the belief that home prices will keep rising forever. Eventually however, all economic bubbles burst, prices collapse and many speculators, banks and investors lose their money. Homeowners lose their homes. The U.S. experienced a housing bubble that burst in 2008. There was plenty of blame to go around. The collapse was blamed on homeowners who bought expensive houses that they couldn’t afford, mortgage companies who made home loans (so-called “sub-prime” loans) without verifying the creditworthiness (the ability to pay back the loan) of the buyers, and banks who bought the sub-prime loans, repackaged them as high-quality mortgage-backed securities and sold them for far more than they were worth. When the bubble burst, the value of these securities collapsed because most of the securities were fraudulent. Instead of “investment grade”, the securities were more like “junk bonds”. So what does all this have to do with Iceland’s bankers going to jail while U.S. and other bankers around the world are still free and still using public money to speculate and gamble? Iceland let its guilty banks fail and sent the criminal bankers to jail. Bank depositors lost their money but the Iceland government’s social welfare policies took care of them. In the U.S., Eric Holder, the former U.S. Attorney General (head of the so-called “Justice” Department but formerly a lawyer for the big banks) decided the criminal banks were “too big to fail” so the banks would be supported (bailed out) with a continual stream of taxpayer money and no banker would face criminal charges. To this day and for the indefinite future, the Federal Reserve will continue to “print” more and more money and keep giving it to the bankers so they can continue their speculation. And what happened to Eric Holder? Well, he resigned as Attorney General and went back to Covington and Burling, his former law firm. Covington and Burling represents many of the big banks that Holder decided not to prosecute as Attorney General. Ain’t honest government great?


Today, the only reason government agencies exist is to make our lives more convenient. For example, our deep-state intelligence agencies only exist to make our security more convenient. They do not exist to overthrow governments or to make money from black market guns, drugs or securities. They certainly would never collect our personal information and then use it to threaten, bribe, blackmail, torture or kill us. Like our friendly government intelligence agencies, our friendly neighborhood banks also exist to make our lives more convenient. Now, they want to make it more convenient for us to withdraw our money at their automatic teller machines (ATMs). Mark Slavo explains how easy it will be for us to withdraw our money in the future. We won’t need any inconvenient bankcards or passwords; just our convenient mobile phones and our eyes. Using our phone, we’ll schedule our withdrawal ahead of time. Then we’ll go to the bank and wave our phone at the ATM machine. Finally, we’ll step up real close and let the ATM scan the iris(s) of our eyes. That’s it. We take our cash and go. What could possibly be more convenient? There are no real disadvantages to this procedure. Carrying my cell phone with me all the time so I can be tracked and located by the government at any time isn’t really inconvenient. Having my own unique iris patterns scanned into private (and likely also government) databases isn’t inconvenient either. And since I’m not a criminal and have nothing to hide then what do I have to worry about anyway?

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